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Sunday, December 18, 2005 in Providence, RI

– The WWE promo hits. Following this, a video package airs highlighting Randy Orton’s recent actions against The Undertaker and The Undertaker’s response. This all builds to the Hell in a Cell match tonight.
– A graphic opening airs welcoming us to Armageddon. We then go live to Providence, Rhode Island where a display of pyro goes off in the entrance way. We get shots of the live crowd in Providence and then see the Hell in a Cell hanging above the ring.
– Michael Cole & Tazz talk about the cell hanging above them and then pass it on to the Spanish Announce Team. We hear the music of JBL hit as we kick off the PPV tonight.

JBL w/ Jillian Hall vs. Matt Hardy

Before the match, JBL ran down Matt Hardy and his involvement with the internet. He said tonight, he gets in the ring with JBL, a man who is all over the media and a wrestling god. Matt Hardy’s music cuts off JBL and he doesn’t come down the entrance, getting in the ring behind JBL and sending him to the outside. Hardy gets in a few shots on JBL on the outside and throws him back in. JBL fights back with a few punches and kick to the gut. JBL throws Hardy into the ropes and Hardy gets his head tangled in between the top and second rope. JBL nails Hardy with a big boot to the face. The referee tries to free Hardy as JBL leaves the ring and pulls down on the body of Hardy, applying more pressure. Hardy finally gets free, falls down and JBL taunts at the crowd as they boo back loudly. JBL picks up Hardy on the outside and takes him out with a big clothesline. JBL works on Hardy a bit on the outside and then rolls him back in. JBL picks up Hardy, puts him in the corner and gets in a few stiff rights. Hardy tries to come back with a right, but JBL dodges it, Hardy falls to the mat and JBL drops a few elbows. JBL continues dropping elbows across the chest of Hardy a few more times. JBL picks up Hardy and gets in a stiff forearm shot to the back. JBL puts Hardy on his shoulders, but Hardy counters off and gets in a swinging neckbreaker on JBL. Hardy hooks the leg of JBL and JBL gets a shoulder up at two.

JBL comes back taking out Hardy with a quick shoulder block. JBL takes out Hardy with a big boot to the face followed by a few rights when Hardy tries to stand up again. Hardy gets in a few shots to the ribs, but JBL breaks that up with a thumb to the eye. JBL nails Hardy face first off the corner. JBL continues hitting Hardy with some stiff rights in the corner. JBL picks up Hardy and positions him forward on the corner. JBL comes up with Hardy. Hardy gets in a few elbows and JBL falls back off the corner. Hardy stands up, jumps and connects with a moonsault on JBL. Hardy covers JBL…1…2…JBL kicks out. JBL rolls to the corner and removes the pad off the corner of a turnbuckle. When Hardy comes up, JBL whips him into the exposed turnbuckle. JBL then goes off the ropes and takes out Hardy with a Clothesline From Hell. JBL covers Hardy and gets the pinfall.

Winner: JBL

After the match, JBL celebrates the victory along with Jillian Hall. JBL mocks the fans doing Hardy’s hand symbol. They show a few replays of the final Clothesline From Hell JBL hit Hardy with to get the victory.

– Michael Cole & Tazz remind the fans that still to come tonight, WWE Tag Team Champions Batista & Rey Mysterio will battle World Tag Team Champions Big Show & Kane. A highlight is shown from SmackDown this past Friday night when Melina tried to seduce Batista into not facing MNM for the WWE Tag Team Titles.
– Backstage, we see The Mexicools going up to Melina. They said they would cancel their match tonight against MNM if she does to them what she did with Batista. She pushes them away in disgust and both Psicosis & Super Crazy laugh.

MNM vs. The Mexicools

The match starts with Joey Mercury and Psicosis. Psicosis works on the arm of Mercury. Mercury fights back a bit with a headlock. Mercury gets in a shoulder block on Psicosis and tags in Johnny Nitro. Psicosis gets in a few arm drags on Nitro. Mercury gets the tag and then tags Nitro back in. They argue a bit and Nitro dodges a charge from Psicosis in the corner. Mercury gets the tag and Psicosis takes him out with a heel kick. Nitro attends to Mercury on the outside. Psicosis hits a big corkscrew splash on both Nitro and Mercury on the outside. when Super Crazy goes to splash them over the top rope as well, the referee stops it. The fans boo. The referee gets against the ropes and Super Crazy leaps over him taking out Nitro and Mercury. Both Mexicools double-team Mercury, dropping him on the back of his head. Psicosis goes up to the top, but Melina trips him up and he falls back to the ring. Mercury then hits a snapmare on Psicosis and Nitro follows that up with a leg drop over the top rope. Nitro covers but only gets a two count. Psicosis hits a sunset flip on Nitro, but Mercury gets the sneak tag and breaks it up.

Mercury takes out Psicosis with a clothesline, covers, but only gets a two count. When Mercury lifts Psicosis up, Psicosis takes out Nitro from the ring apron and Mercury in the ring as well. When Psicosis goes to tag in Super Crazy, Mercury prevents it and Nitro gets the tag hitting another leg drop. Nitro works on Psicosis, applying a head lock. Psicosis tries to push Nitro towards Super Crazy. They get close, but Nitro knocks Super Crazy off the ring apron. Psicosis hits a back body drop on Nitro, but there is no Super Crazy to tag. Nitro hits a back suplex on Psicosis and follows that up with some stiff rights. When Nitro applies a head lock, Psicosis rolls through it, but Nitro keeps it on. Psicosis does this again, but Nitro sends Psicosis with force to the corner and tags in Mercury. Mercury hits a scoop slam on Psicosis, goes up to the top, jumps, Psicosis gets up a boot, Mercury blocks it, slaps Psicosis, but Psicosis takes out Mercury with a kick to the back of the head. Super Crazy finally gets the tag, taking out Nitro and then Mercury. Super Crazy hits two dropkicks on both of Mercury and Nitro. MNM attempt a double-team, but Super Crazy hits an arm drag on Nitro and a tornado DDT on Mercury.

Psicosis hits a big cross-body off the top rope on both memebers of MNM. On the outside, Psicosis gets sent into the barricade by Nitro. In the ring, Super Crazy is on the top rope. Melina tries to interfere, but Super Crazy throws her off. Super Crazy hits a moonsault on Mercury. When Super Crazy covers, Nitro breaks it up. MNM then fight back and hit the Snapshot on Super Crazy and get the pinfall.

Winners: MNM

After the match, Melina comes in the ring and holds up the arms of Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury. We see a shot of MNM heading to the back celebrating the win.

– We see a shot of JBL backstage with Jillian Hall with WWE Instant Access that is currently on
– Backstage, Booker T is coming to the arena along with Sharmell. Sharmell has a boom and is saying “clean sweep.” Krystal interviews Booker. Sharmell appears jealous. Booker said he is looking forward to Match #4 tonight against Chris Benoit. Sharmell adds a few more promising words and Booker said he will walk out the new WWE United States Champion. We also see a shot of Chris Benoit making his way to the ring as well.
– A video package airs highlighting Match #4 of the Best of 7 Series for the WWE United States Title between Chris Benoit and Booker T tonight. Booker T is currently up 3-0.

Match #4 of Best of 7 Series – WWE United States Title
(Booker T is currently up 3-0)
Booker T vs. Chris Benoit

The match starts with both circling around the ring as the fans chant “BENOIT” loudly. Benoit backs Booker up into the corner and the referee breaks it up. Booker then leaves the ring and speaks with Sharmell. Booker gets back in and backs Benoit into the corner. Benoit gets in some chops to Booker and Booker falls to the outside. Benoit takes Booker to the ground. Benoit continues with a few more take downs, rolling around the ring a bit. Booker counters this and takes Benoit down. Booker works on the arm of Benoit a bit. When Benoit gets up, he quickly brings Booker down into the Crossface. Booker grabs the ropes right away and rolls out. Booker consoles with Sharmell a bit and gets back in the ring. Both feel each other out and Booker gets in a swift kick to the gut. Benoit attempts the Sharpshooter, but Booker counters out of it. Benoit then sends Booker into the corner and works on his back a bit. Benoit throws Booker to the round and works on his legs, using the ropes for leverage. Benoit then twists the leg of Booker a bit. Benoit drops his body over the knee, applying more pressure bringing the legs together.

Benoit continues to work on Booker’s leg until Booker rakes the eyes of Benoit to break it up. Benoit comes back with a big chop on Booker when he approches him. Booker fights back taking down Benoit with some knees to the gut followed by a big shoulder block in the middle of the ring. Booker gets in a chop of his own. Benoit chops Booker back. Benoit continues the chops, backing Booker up in the process. Booker prevents any more chops from Benoit with a knee to the gut. Booker gives Benoit a vertical suplex that sees both fall a little too close near the ropes. Booker covers Benoit, but Benoit gets his leg on the bottom rope to break up the pinfall attempt. Benoit rolls to the ring apron. Booker tries to suplex Benoit in, but as Benoit comes in he counters, grabbing Booker from behind and hitting a big german suplex. Benoit covers Booker, but only gets a two count. Benoit gives Booker a scoop slam followed by a quick baseball slide to the side of Booker’s body. Benoit favors his elbow a bit as Booker picks him up and gives him a front suplex on the top rope. Booker then kicks Benoit off the ring apron to the outside. On the outside, Booker and Benoit exchange some chops. Booker then knees Benoit in the gut and sends him face first into the steel post with force.

Booker gets back in the ring and brings in Benoit by his head from the outside. Booker gives Benoit a snapmare in the middle of the ring and follows that up with a dropkick to the jaw. Booker covers Benoit that results in a two count. Booker then applies an abdominal stretch on Benoit. Benoit tries to fight out it and does with a quick hip toss. Both Booker and Benoit meet in the middle of the ring with a big double clothesline. Benoit gets up quickly and gives Booker a big german suplex. When Benoit attempts a second, Booker counters, but Benoit fights a way to lock him and hit a big overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Benoit then hits the three amigos suplex combination in a tribute to Eddie Guerrero. Benoit then hits one, two and three german suplexes on Booker. Benoit then signals for the end. Sharmell has the broom in hand distracting Benoit. Booker gets up and trips up Benoit on the top rope. Booker comes up with Benoit. Booker hooks Benoit, filps him up, Benoit tries to counter from behind, but nails the back of his head on the mat. Booker hits Benoit with a shot to the jaw followed by a huge missile dropkick from the top on Benoit. Booker covers Benoit…1…2…Benoit kicks out! Benoit gets in a few chops on Booker, but Booker comes back with a big sidekick.

We then see Booker distract the referee to allow Sharmell to low blow Benoit from the outside of the ring. Booker hits the Scissors Kick on Benoit, hooks the leg…1…2…Benoit kicks out. Booker can’t believe it. Booker picks up Benoit, goes for the Book End, Benoit counters and locks in the Crossface. Booker reaches for the bottom rope, gets close and finally gets it as the referee tells Benoit to break the hold. Benoit then nails Booker with some forearms and three german suplexes. Benoit then goes up to the top, jumps and connects with the flying headbutt. Benoit hooks the leg of Booker…1…2…Booker kicks out! Benoit attempts the Crossface again, getting Booker down in the armbar. Booker blocks it knealing down. Booker rolls out of it and then Benoit takes that and applies the Sharpshooter. Booker is tapping out, but the referee was knocked out when Booker rolled to dodge the original Crossface attempt. Sharmell comes in and nails Benoit across the back with the broom. Benoit breaks the Sharpshooter and approaches Sharmell. Sharmell backs up, but Booker nails Benoit on the back of the head. Booker attempts the Book End again, but Benoit counters that into a DDT! Booker then applies the Crossface and Booker taps out.

Winner of Match #4: Chris Benoit

Best of 7 Series Standings for WWE U.S. Title:
Booker T: 3
Chris Benoit: 1

– Backstage, we see MNM in the WWE Instant Access area for

– SmackDown GM Teddy Long comes to the ring and gets on the mic. He said 2005 has been quite a year for SmackDown moving to Friday night on UPN. Long brings up that SmackDown beat RAW at the Survivor Series, making them the #1 brand. He thanks the fans for making that possible. Some holiday music hits and Santa Claus (Vito) comes out along with Nunzio dressed as an elf. Nunzio’s music is played in the holiday song as well. Nunzio is seen handing out lumps of coal to people in the crowd. Santa gets on the mic and runs down the crowd in Providence. Santa passes the mic to Nunzio who asks for a shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles or WWE Cruiserweight Title. Palmer gets on the mic and agrees they deserve a present, but it won’t be a title shot. The Boogeyman’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. The Boogeyman has a mic, laughing, singing a holiday jingle and sending threats to Vito and Nunzio. Vito sends Nunzio into Boogeyman who takes him out. Boogeyman then gives Nuznio a big Pumphandle Slam. Boogeyman then opens the Christmas bag in the ring and reveals worms inside. Boogeyman tosses a few handfulls out, eats some worms and then puts worms in the mouth of Nunzio.

– A video package airs highlighting the events between Randy Orton and The Undertaker leading up to the Hell in a Cell match tonight.
– Backstage, Krystal is with Randy & Bob Orton. Bob tries to say what Randy will do tonight against The Undertaker. Randy says he can handle it. Randy said tonight is the ultimate mind game and said if anyone knows more about that, it is him since he fooled everyone this past Friday night on SmackDown. He said he proved to everyone he is indeed the Legend Killer and that tonight, The Undertaker will be the one who retires. Randy said Undertaker’s fate and power are in his hands.

2 on 1 Handicap Match
Bobby Lashley vs. William Regal & Paul Burchill

The match starts with Bobby Lashley and Paul Burchill. Lashley quickly downs down Burchill and applies a front facelock. Burchill goes behind Lashley, but Lashley gets in an elbow followed by a big hip toss. Lashley brings William Regal in the ring and then hits a clothesline on Burchill in the corner. Regal gets in a boot to the back when Burchill sends Lashley into the ropes. Burchill sends Lashley outside of the ring and Regal gets in a cheap shot. Regal throws Lashley back in the ring. Burchill gets in a flip senton on Lashley in the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. Burchill applies a half nelson submission on Lashley, but Lashley counters with a hip toss. Regal gets the tag and he gets in a few forearm shots on Lashley. Regal gets in a quick suplex on Lashley. Burchill gets the tag. Regal holds Lashley down, Burchill goes up to the top, jumps and comes down with a knee to the back. Burchill works on the back of Lashley a bit and then tags in Regal. Lashley fires back with a belly-to-belly on Regal. Burchill gets the tag and he exchanges lefts and rights with Lashley. Lashley gets in a high back body drop on Burchill and a running forearm on Regal. Lashley gets a running powerslam on Regal followed by a Dominator on Burchill. Lashley covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

– A graphic hits reminding us about the New Year’s Revolution PPV in January. Michael Cole & Tazz bring up the Elimination Chamber Match.
– Josh Mathews is at the “Friendly Tap” in Providence. Mathews brings up how former WWE referee Tim White owns it. Mathews wishes him Merry Christmas and White takes a shot and then a drink of beer. Mathews brings up that the last match White took part in as a WWE referee was between Triple H & Chris Jericho in a Hell in a Cell match in May of 2002. They show footage of the match and the shoulder injury White sustained. White said the Hell in a Cell left him injured and broken. He said he is still in pain from that. White said his family left him and friends ignored him. He said everything is gone. Mathews then cracks a joke, telling him to have a “white Christmas.” White doesn’t laugh at the joke, pulling a shotgun out and leaving the camera view. Mathews yells out not to do that. We then hear a gun shot go off. Yes, they just did that.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Juventud (c) vs. Kid Kash

The match starts with Juventud charging at Kid Kash. Kash fights back with a few rights. Juventud his a dropkick to the gut on Kash and follows that up with some rights. Juventud chops Kash and then hits a boot to the face. Juventud hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissors on Kash followed by a standing huricanranna that results in a two count. Juventud applies an armbar on Kash. Kash rolls out of it once, but Juventud turns it keep it applied. Kash gets tossed over the top rope by Juventud when he charges. Juventud leaps over the top rope and takes out Kash on the outside. Kash counters Juventud when he tries to send him into the steel post, allowing Kash to do that to Juventud. Kash then throws Juventud’s arm against the steel post from the outside and then comes back in laying down some boots to the back. Kash hits a scoop slam on Juventud, covers, but only gets a two count. Kash kicks Juventud in the gut a few times followed by some stiff forearms to the back. Kash then applies a modifed abdominal stretch, yelling at Juventud to give it up. Juventud yells out no as Kash breaks it up with a kick to the back.

Kash sends Juventud shoulder first into the corner. Juventud comes back with a big chop. Kash kicks Juventud in the gut and gets in a chop of his own. Juventud counters with a clothesline charge on Kash in the corner. Kash misses a charge of his own when Juventud moves out of the way. Kash fights back kicking Juventud in his bad shoulder and getting in another quick scoop slam that results in a two count. Kash drives his knee into the back of the neck on Juventud, covering twice and getting a two count on each. Juventud comes back with a few right hands on Kash. Kash gets in a boot to Juventud, springboards off the corner flipping back, Juventud moves, Kash knocks him down and attempts a moonsault off the top rope. Juventud gets up his knees when Kash comes down. Kash grabs his ribs in pain. Juventud chops Kash after dodging some rights. Juventud gets in a high elbow on Kash followed by a clothesline. Juventud rolls out of a sunset flip by Kash into a dropkick to the face. Kash fights back with a high elbow in the corner. Kash jumps up to the top rope and Juventud trips him up. Juventud comes up with Kash. Juventud leaps up and hits a big huricanranna from the top rope!

Juventud crawls over to Kash, covers…1…2…Kash kicks out. Juventud slaps the mat trying to pump up the crowd. Juventud measures up Kash as Kash calls for a timeout. Juventud hits a big kick to the back of the head on Kash, covers, but Kash kicks out after two yet again. Juventud hits a northern lights, Kash flips out of the pin attempt, attempts the Brainbuster, but Juventud counters that into the Juvi Driver. Juventud covers…1…2…Kash kicks out yet again. The crowd cheers in amazement. Juventud drags Kash to the corner, goes up to the top, attempts a front flip leg drop, but Kash moves. Kash then picks up Juventud and hits the Brainbuster. Kash covers…1…2…3.

Winner & NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Kid Kash

After the match, Kid Kash holds up the belt and then requests the referee put it around his waist. The referee does so and Kash celebrates his title victory. They show a few replays of what led up to Kash’s title victory.

– Backstage, Bobby Lashley is in the WWE Instant Access area.
– A promo is shown for the Royal Rumble next month.
– A video package building up the big interpromotional tag team match with WWE Tag Team Champions Batista (World Heavyweight Champion) & Rey Mysterio (SmackDown) vs. World Tag Team Champions Big Show & Kane (RAW) tonight airs.

Interpromotional Tag Team Match
WWE Tag Team Champions (World Heavyweight Champion) Batista & Rey Mysterio (SmackDown) vs. World Tag Team Champions Big Show & Kane (RAW)

The match starts with Batista and Big Show. Both lock up and Big Show quickly slams Batista down to the corner. Batista has an angry look on his face. They lock up and again, Big Show throws him down. Batista consoles with Rey Mysterio, smiles and then moves toward Big Show again. Big Show dodges a lockup, goes behind Big Show, but Big Show pushes him away. Batista kicks Big Show in the gut, gets in a few rights, attempts two clotheslines, but Big Show won’t go down. Big Show then grabs Batista and sends him into the corner. Batista gets in a boot to the face on Big Show followed by a big jumping shoulder block that finally takes Big Show down. Big Show grabs Batista by the neck and Batista fights out of it. Big Show comes back with a big boot to the head of Batista. Kane gets the tag and he gets in a few right hands on Batista. Batista comes back with a knee to the gut on Kane followed by a quick suplex that results in a two count. Kane comes back with a side slam on Batista in the middle of the ring. Kane goes up to the top, but Batista jumps up and throws Kane off the top! Rey Mysterio gets the tag, taking out Kane with two quick leg drops. Mysterio then hits a quick moonsault, but Kane kicks out again. Mysterio kicks Kane in the chest and leg. Kane smiles and Mysterio charges at Kane in the corner. Mysterio gets in a few rights, but Kane shoves him off.

Kane gets tripped up near the ropes and Batista brings Kane out, working on him on the outside. Batista throws Kane back in. Mysterio takes out Big Show with a dropkick. Mysterio gives Kane a dropkick and he falls to the ropes again. Big Show grabs Mysterio and throws him into the steel post to stop anything more. Big Show throws Mysterio over the top rope to Kane. Kane picks up Mysterio and starts to work on him with some punches and kicks. Big Show gets the tag and he chops Mysterio in the corner. Big Show picks up Mysterio and brings him near Batista. Batista reaches out his arm and Big Show kicks it away. Big Show throws Mysterio down with force and then tags in Kane. Mysterio gets in a few kicks to Kane. When Mysterio jumps off the top, Kane catches him and attempts a chokeslam that Mysterio counters into a bulldog! Both Mysterio and Kane are down as Big Show runs in and takes out Batista on the ring apron. Batista comes back in and takes out both Kane and Big Show. Batista charges at Big Show in the corner followed by a spear on Kane. Batista swings Mysterio in the air to take out Big Show. Batista hits a spinebuster on Kane. Batista clotheslines Big Show over the top rope and then on top of the announcers table. In the ring, Mysterio hits the 619 on Kane! When Mysterio attempts the West Coast Pop, Kane catches him and then hits the chokeslam. Kane gets the pinfall on Mysterio.

Winners: Big Show & Kane

– A promo airs hyping the “Tribute for the Troops” special that will air tomorrow night on the USA Network.
– We are back live in Providence as the Hell in a Cell begins to lower around the ring.

Hell in a Cell Match
The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton

The bell rings and The Undertaker approaches Randy Orton with fists in the air. Orton dodges Taker and continues moving around. Taker throws a right, Orton dodges it. Orton dodges another right and then applies a headlock. Taker fights back with a quick shoulder block. Orton leaves the ring when Taker jumps back up. Taker prevents Orton from getting in the ring a few times. Orton runs quickly to the other side, slides in and Taker applies a quick side headlock. Taker takes out Orton with a shoulder block, but Orton comes back with a hip toss and standing dropkick. Orton covers Taker, but gets no pinfall in as Taker quickly kicks out. Orton gets in a huge high back body drop on Taker. Taker responds with a big boot when Orton charges. Taker sends Orton over the top rope and Orton hits the outside with force. Taker comes out with Orton and hits a few stiff right hands. Taker gives Orton a headbutt, puts him on his shoulder, charges, but Orton pushes off. Taker stops himself from hitting the side of the cage and comes back in the ring with Orton. Orton gets in some right hands on Taker in the corner. Taker then grabs Orton, lifts him in the air and launches him into the corner. Taker nails Orton off the corner and then adds in a few body charges. Taker kicks Orton in the chest and then chokes Orton using his knee. Taker goes to the outside and pulls Orton chest first into the steel post. Taker follows that up with an elbow drop across the chest of Orton. Taker then kicks Orton in the shoulder with force, causing Orton to fall from the ring apron to the outside.

Orton tries crawling away from Taker, but Taker kicks him in the chest and face. Taker sends Orton into the side of the steel steps/ring post. Taker then pulls a steel chair out from under the ring. When Orton gets up, Taker nails him right on the top of the head with force. Orton is busted open over the eye. Orton tries to get back in the ring, but Taker drives the steel chair into his chest and then another shot to the top of the head. Orton is even more bloody as Taker takes his face and rakes it across the side of the cage. Orton screams out in pain. Orton moves to the other side of the cage and Taker rakes his face across the cage yet again right in front of Bob Orton who is standing at ringside. Taker then grabs Orton by the head and nails him face first off the steel steps. Taker hits Orton with a forearm over the back and then puts him in the ring. Taker grabs a chain that Orton tried to use earlier and chokes Orton with it. Taker puts Orton on his shoulder and throws him face first into the side of the cage. Orton bounces off and grabs his face as blood continues to roll down. Taker pulls off the top of the steel steps as Orton comes back with some stiff right hands. Orton grabs the top part of the steel steps, but Taker kicks them into Orton’s arm. Orton grabs his arm in pain as Taker nails him face first off the remaining part of the steel steps. Taker throws Orton back in the ring. Taker gets up on the ring apron. Orton appears to be down when Orton jumps up and connects with the RKO, allowing Taker to come down jaw first off the top rope.

Orton goes to the outside where Taker is and uses the cage to jump off and then kick Taker in the chest with force. Orton grabs the top of the steel steps that was used earlier. Orton nails the steel steps off the skull of Taker. Taker starts crawling away from Orton. Taker is now busted open at this point. Orton then takes the face of Taker and rakes it across the side of the cage. Orton then nails Taker’s face off the steel steps then grabs the chain, wrapping it around the neck of Taker. Orton starts choking Taker out from inside the ring as Taker tries to break it using the ropes. Orton continues choking Taker as Orton brings him to his feet. Orton headbutts Taker, but falls back as a result. Taker gets back in the ring and hobbles back, appearing to be dazed. Orton then cracks the steel chair over the head of Taker, covers…1…2…Taker kicks out. Taker then somehow comes back, giving Orton some headbutts on the outside and then sending Orton face first off the side of the cage. Orton is standing up, laying against the cage when Taker backs up, jumps off the steel steps and hits a big splash on Orton against the cage with force. Taker puts Orton back in the ring and gives him a scoop slam. Taker then goes up to the top rope and scales the ropes. Taker jumps attempting an elbow drop, but Orton moves out of the way. Orton then leaves the ring and pulls out a table from under the ring. A bloody Orton smiles as he puts the table inside the ring. Orton sets up both legs on the table and gets in a few uppercuts on Taker.

Orton gets in a boot on Taker and Taker falls against the cage on the outside. Bob Orton pulls the hair of Taker from the outside. Taker then kicks Randy away when he comes out. Taker pulls the arm of Bob Orton through a hole in the cage. When Orton charges at Taker, Taker moves and Randy runs into Bob. Bob is now busted open at this point when Orton connects with a powerslam on Taker against the side of the cage. Both are back in the ring. Orton gets in a kick and uppercut on Taker. Taker fights back with a flying clothesline off the ropes. Taker grabs Orton by the air, scales the top rope and connects with the Old School elbow drop. Taker then plants Orton face first onto the mat, covers, but only gets a two count. Taker puts Orton on his shoulder and drops him face first on the corner with a snake eyes. Taker follows that up with a big boot and leg drop. Taker covers Orton, but once again gets a two count. when Orton gets back up, Taker plants him with a big chokeslam. Taker covers…1…2…Orton gets his boot on the bottom rope. Taker backs up as Orton stands up in the corner. Taker connects with a charge. When Taker attempts the same on Orton again, Orton dodges it and gives Taker a low blow with the steel chain. Orton nails Taker with some hard rights on the mat. Orton gives Taker some forearms to the back and then puts him on top of the table. Orton goes up to the top rope, jumps and connects with a splash on Taker smashing the table. Orton throws the table out of the ring and he works on Taker in the corner with some hard rights.

When Orton appears to be in control in the corner on Taker, Taker lifts him up looking to hit the Last Ride. Orton fights his way out of it and Taker takes out the referee with a right hand by accident. Taker then goes for a chokeslam, but Orton counters it coming down into a modified RKO! Orton covers, but the referee is knocked out. Another referee comes in and checks on the knocked out referee. A third referee comes in, counts the pinfall, but Taker kicks out after two. We see Bob Orton come in with an urn in his hand with the cage door now open. In the ring, Taker gets in a few kicks on Orton and then connects with the Last Ride! Taker covers Orton…1…2…Bob Orton pulls the referee out and nails him with an elbow. Taker sees this and goes after Bob. Taker nails him with a right hand and throws him into the side of the cage. Taker comes back in the ring looking down on Orton, signaling for the end. Taker picks up Orton, puts him on his shoulders, Orton flips back and gives Taker the Tombstone! Orton covers Taker…1…2…Taker sits up. Orton throws Taker down. Taker sits up. Orton punches Taker. Taker sits up again. Orton gives Taker some hard rights, Taker tries to sit up, but can’t. Orton smiles, but Taker slaps his hand around his neck. Bob Orton comes in and Taker hits him with a big boot. Orton attempts an RKO, but Taker pushes out of it. Taker nails Bob Orton with the urn and does the same to Randy. Taker then nails Bob with a Tombstone Piledriver. Randy gets up and Taker nails him with a Tombstone Piledriver. Taker covers Orton…1…2…3.

Winner: The Undertaker

After the match, The Undertaker sits up with a relieved look on his face. Undertaker throws the urn on the top of the cell. Undertaker climbs up the cell and stands at the top with the urn in hand. The blue lights fill the arena as Undertaker drops to one knee and does his usual pose. The Undertaker gets back up and raises his arm in the air as the PPV goes off the air…

credit: Adam Martin,

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Kid Kash/Juvi – 12%
JBL/Hardy – 2%
Handicap match – 2%
Big Show/Kane-Rey/Batista – 5%
Hell in the Cell – 61%

Gerweck Poll

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