Wrestlemania XX

Jun 4, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, March 14th at Madison Square Garden in NYC

WrestleMania XX kicked off with the Harlem Choir Boys singing the national anthem. During the anthem, video footage was shown of the WWE visiting Iraq during Christmas. It finished with a shot of the New York skyline with the new Trade Towers in the background and streamers shooting down into the crowd. A promo opened the show with Vince McMahon starting the first WrestleMania in Madison Square Garden and so on as the years went by. Video highlights of the past 19 WrestleMania’s were shown.

Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, Brock Lesnar, Mick Foley, The Rock, John Cena, Ric Flair, Triple H, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Big Show, Steve Austin, Randy Orton and many others reflected on the history of WrestleMania. It closed with Vince and Shane McMahon with Shane’s new baby. A giant pyro display kicked off around the ring and the entrance way. There is a ramp this year at MSG and not just the normal walkway entrance way as they have done in the past.

1. Big Show (c) vs. John Cena

Winner & NEW US Champion: John Cena

Before the match started, John Cena came out to get the crowd going. A big “Cena” chant broke out in MSG. Cena made fun of Big Show and got a “Big Show sucks” chant started. The match ended when Cena hit the FU on Big Show, but Show kicked out after two. Cena was shocked and then went to the corner to get his chain. The referee got in his face warning him not to use it. Cena threw it away, the referee turned around to get it and Cena put on one of his brass knuckles. Cena knocked out Big Show with the brass knucks, Show bounced off the ropes, Cena lifted Show up on his shoulders and connected with the FU. Cena hooked the leg and got the 1, 2, 3 to become the NEW WWE United States Champion.

– Backstage, The Coach talked with Eric Bischoff. Bischoff said he got word The Undertaker was in the building. Bischoff informed The Coach that he should convince him to come to the RAW brand and told him to go find The Undertaker.
– Randy Orton with Ric Flair and Batista were shown backstage. Orton said he would establish himself as the new Hardcore Legend tonight. Orton turned around and showed the stairs he kicked Mick Foley down the last time they were in MSG. Orton showed footage of Foley walking out on his match with him in December of 2003 and when he spit in Foley’s face. Orton said Foley’s time has passed, just like Evolution. Orton said since Foley couldn’t beat Evolution by himself, he called Hollywood and brought The Rock in. Orton said Evolution would prove The Rock and Mick Foley were nothing but washed up hasbeens tonight at WrestleMania.

2. Booker T & Rob Van Dam (c’s) vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade vs. La Resistance

Winners & STILL World Tag Team Champions: Booker T & RVD

The match ended when Booker T hit the Scissors Kick on Rob Conway in the middle of the ring followed by a Five Star Frog Splash off the top rope by Rob Van Dam to get the 1, 2, 3 to retain the World Tag Team Titles.

– Backstage, The Coach was walking around and asked where the freakish noises were coming from. The Coach went up to the door and it opened. Mean Gene Okerlund and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan came out with lipstick all over their faces. Mae Young and Moolah came out and started hugging both of them.

3. Chris Jericho vs. Christian

Winner: Christian

The match ended when Trish Stratus came out to the ringside area. Christian hit a big DDT on Jericho, but only got a two count. Christian went to leave the ring when Trish jumped up on the ring apron. Christian pushed her away and she connected with the corner. Jericho dumped Christian over the top rope and he went over to Trish in the corner. Trish threw an elbow behind herself thinking it was Christian grabbing her. Christian came into the ring and rolled up Jericho for the 1, 2, 3. After the match, Trish apologized to Jericho. Christian ran back down to the ring and Trish tried to hold Jericho back. Christian came in the ring, Trish grabbed Jericho and started slapping him. Christian gave Jericho the Unprettier and knocked him out. Christian and Trish left together and kissed at the top of the ramp as Jericho looked on.

– Backstage, Mick Foley was with Lillian Garcia. Lillian asked what was going through his mind since tonight was his first match in 4 years. Foley said he is overcome with emotion as he is at the biggest show of the year. The Rock interrupted and said Foley should let the emotion go. The Rock told Lillian not to look at the “People’s Package.” The Rock took the camera around the corner and said The Hurricane and Rosey knew himself and Foley would kick some ass tonight. Hurricane had a hamburger and gave it to Rosey quickly as The Rock made a joke. The Rock showed Jimmy Snuka and Don Muraco and said they knew they would kick some ass tonight. The Rock took the camera to the arena and said everyone in MSG knew it. The Rock said they would pick up the win tonight if you smell what The Rock…and Sock…is cookin’!

4. The Rock & Mick Foley vs. Evolution (Ric Flair, Randy Orton & Batista)

Winners: Evolution (Ric Flair, Randy Orton & Batista)

The match ended when Mick Foley knocked out all members of Evolution in the ring. Foley reached down and pulled out Mr. Socko. Foley waited for Orton to get on his feet. Orton got up, turned around, but jumped and hooked Foley’s head to connect with the RKO. Orton got the 1, 2, 3 to pick up the win. After the match, Foley had a confused look on his face and The Rock was frustrated in the corner. The crowd in MSG gave both men a round of applause and a “Foley” chant started. The Rock clapped for Foley and both men hugged.

– Video highlights of the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony were shown from last night. Mean Gene Okerlund came out and introduced the Class of 2004 for the WWE Hall of Fame.

Okerlund introduced all members and spoke of their history including: Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, Tito Santana, Big John Studd (his son was introduced in his place), Harley Race, Pete Rose (who got boo’s from the crowd), Don Muraco, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Junkyard Dog (his daughter was introduced in his place), “Superstar” Billy Graham, Sgt. Slaughter and Jesse “The Body” Ventura.

5. Torrie Wilson & Sable vs. Stacy Keibler & Miss Jackie

Winners: Torrie Wilson & Sable

Before the match started, Sable got on the mic and said she knows it is an evening gown match, she is feeling restricted with her clothing. Sable said her and Torrie wanted to start this match with their gown’s off and asked the crowd if they wanted to see that. The crowd popped (not literally, well maybe) and the referee helped Sable remove her dress revealing her bra and panties. Miss Jackie did the same for Stacy Keibler. Torrie Wilson removed her clothing and Sable pulled off Miss Jackie’s as she tried to leave the ring. The match ended when Torrie Wilson rolled up Miss Jackie for the win. It was fun to look at, but the crowd wad surprisingly dead.

– Video footage was shown of those who came to WrestleMania outside of the United States.
– Backstage, WWE superstars were wishing Eddie Guerrero good luck. Guerrero met up with Chris Benoit. Benoit was pacing back and forth. Guerrero brought up how many years Benoit has been in the business and said that he considers himself a family member. Guerrero said win or lose, he is proud of Benoit. Guerrero said no one really believes in Benoit and Benoit got in his face and said he believes in himself. Benoit said tonight is his night. Guerrero said that is the Chris Benoit that needs to tear apart Triple H and HBK tonight. Benoit said he will walk out the World Champion and Guerrero will walk out the WWE Champion.

6. Chavo Guerrero (c) vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Billy Kidman vs. Ultimo Dragon vs. Funaki vs. Nunzio vs. Tajiri vs. Jamie Noble vs. Shannon Moore vs. Akio

Winner & STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero

RULES: Two men start in the ring. When one man is eliminated, the next comes in the ring until one final man is left as the Cruiserweight Champion.

Order of Elimination:
– Ultimo Dragon eliminated Shannon Moore.
– Jamie Noble eliminated Ultimo Dragon.
– Jamie Noble eliminated Funaki (in record time).
– Jamie Noble eliminated Nunzio (via countout).
* Billy Kidman did a big Shooting Star Press off the ropes and almost landed on his head connecting with Jamie Noble and Nunzio on the outside.
– Billy Kidman eliminated Jamie Noble.
– Rey Mysterio eliminated Billy Kidman.
– Rey Mysterio eliminated Tajiri.
* Akio was unable to compete when Tajiri spit his Green Mist in his face when he tried to hit Rey Mysterio instead.
– Chavo Guerrero eliminated Rey Mysterio to retain WWE Cruiserweight Title.

7. Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg

Special Guest Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Winner: Bill Goldberg

Before the match started, a huge “YOU SOLD OUT” chant started. After that, the crowd started singing the “goodbye” song. This still a work folks? During the match, the fans booed many of the spots that took place. It was more of a “who is stronger” type of match between the two. A loud “BORING” chant started up soon after. Goldberg hit a big military press slam on Lesnar followed by a missed Spear in the corner. Lesnar and Goldberg hit their respective finishers, but both kicked out each time. The match ended when Goldberg hit a big Spear followed by the Jackhammer to get the 1, 2, 3 clean. After the match, Austin raised Goldberg’s arm in the air. Lesnar got back on his feet as the fans started the “goodbye” chant again. Lesnar flipped off the crowd and Steve Austin. Austin gave Lesnar the Stunner and kicked him out of the “WWE ring” as noted by Jim Ross. Austin got some beers and celebrated with the fans. Goldberg did the same, but the fans booed him. Austin slapped his beer with Goldberg’s and then gave him the Stunner. Austin drove away on his ATV and gave Goldberg the finger.

– A fireworks display went off outside on the MSG building. It was announced that WrestleMania 21 would be taking place in Los Angeles.
– Vince McMahon came out and gave a speech about WrestleMania 20. He thanked all the fans of the WWE for making WrestleMania possible.

8. Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty vs. The APA vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Basham Brothers

Winners & STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Rikishi & Scotty

The match ended when Bradshaw knocked out one of the Basham Brothers with the Clothesline from Hell. Rikishi got on his feet, Bradshaw went off the ropes and looked to hit the Clothesline from Hell, but Rikishi hit a big samoan drop. Rikishi then did a Banzai Drop on one of the Bashams (Danny I believe) for the 1, 2, 3 to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles.

– A promo showing the return of Edge was shown.
– Jesse “The Body” Ventura came out and said it wouldn’t be a WrestleMania without an interview with The Body. Ventura looked for someone in the crowd to interview and spotted Donald Trump. The Body asked what WrestleMania meant to him. Trump said it meant a lot to him to host WrestleMania and said he had a great relationship with Vince. Trump said he would support Ventura 100% if he got back into politics. The Body said the US needs a wrestler as President in 2008.

9. Victoria (c) vs. Molly Holly

Winner & STILL Women’s Champion: Victoria

The match ended when Molly hit a big powerbomb off the top rope, but only got a two count. Molly picked up Victoria, but Victoria countered into a rollup to get the 1, 2, 3. Molly looked shocked after the pinfall and then ran away. Victoria chased her down, but Molly knocked her out. Molly put Victoria in the chair, but couldn’t get the clippers turned on. Victoria then put Molly in the chair and strapped her in. Victoria started shaving off the top part of her hair as part of the crowd started chanting “Mullet”. Victoria continued shaving her head until a good portion was gone. After a break, they came back and Molly was completely shaved bald.

10. Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Kurt Angle

Winner & STILL WWE Champion: Eddie Guerrero

Very solid back and forth match. Lots of near falls and exchanges of suplexes, german suplexes, etc. At one point Guerrero countered into a big DDT followed by a Frog Splash, with a VERY close two count. Angle locked on the Ankle Lock and Guerrero screamed in pain. Guerrero eventually countered and threw Angle to the outside. Guerrero loosened up his boot to take the pressure off. Angle ran back in and applied the Ankle Lock, but Guerrero’s boot came off and Guerrero rolled up Angle for the 1, 2, 3 to retain the WWE Championship.

11. The Undertaker vs. Kane

Winner: The Undertaker

The entrance for the match saw Paul Bearer come out with Druids. The arena went black and The Undertaker appeared in a leather coat and black hat. The Undertaker slowly walked to the ring, got on the steel steps and turned the lights on to get a big pop from the crowd. The Undertaker came into the ring and took off his hat as Kane reacted shocked, screaming that he buried him. The match started with both men brawling to the outside of the ring. It came in the ring and both men continued to brawl. One spot saw Undertaker attempt his elbow off the ropes, but Kane applied a choke and prevented it. Kane hit a big Chokeslam, but Undertaker sat up quickly. Undertaker hit a Chokeslam of his own as well. Undertaker then signaled the end was near. Undertaker picked up Kane, connected with the Tombstone Piledriver and got the 1, 2, 3 for the win. Undertaker rolled his eyes up into his head and then gave a glare to Paul Bearer. The blue lights filled the arena and Undertaker got down on one knee raising his arm in the air.

12. Triple H (c) vs. Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels

Winner & NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Benoit

The match started with Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels going at it while Triple H looked on. Lots of back and forth between all men. Lots of brawling on the outside. Benoit had the Crossface locked on Shawn Michaels and he was about to tap out when Triple H stopped it from happening by pulling his hand back. One big spot saw Triple H and Michaels give Benoit a big double suplex off one announcers table to another, busting it to pieces. Michaels was really busted open by this point. Back in the ring, Triple H hit a big Pedigree on HBK and only got a two count when Benoit broke it up. Benoit locked the Sharpshooter on Triple H, Triple H reached, but Benoit pulled him back out to the middle. Shawn Michaels broke it up with a big Sweet Chin Music to Benoit. HBK got a close two count on Benoit. HBK went for the Sweet Chin Music, Benoit ducked and threw him over the top rope, Benoit turned around, Triple H got him in the Pedigree, but Benoit countered into the Crossface. Triple H tried to roll out of it, but Benoit kept it locked on. Triple H tried to fight out of it, but tapped out! Chris Benoit is the NEW World Heavyweight Champion!

After the match, Benoit began crying and celebrated with the World Heavyweight Title. Eddie Guerrero came into the ring and congratulated him. Both Benoit and Guerrero hugged and celebrated some more. Confetti fell in Madison Square Garden as Chris Benoit celebrated with the World Heavyweight Title.

A video package highlighting WrestleMania XX was shown.

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