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Jun 4, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, November 16 in Dallas, TX

Michael Cole introduced the PPV, presumably because John Cena from Smackdown was booked first, but it’s worth keeping on eye on whether senior announcer Jim Ross gets a fair share of “opening introductions” for the dual-brand PPVs. In this case, I think it was purely a result of the match they wanted to lead with not any politics about “who gets to introduce the show.”

Cole said the PPV is backwards because the main event is coming out first. He did some rapping that the crowd wasn’t reacting much to. He said he stands alone and doesn’t need a stable, then said he’d like to trade his four partners in for a night with Sable.


Holly went after Brock just as he made it to the ring. He punched away at Brock at ringside. Benoit and Angle pulled him off, but the ref DQ’d him for his pre-match attack. That’s technically not consistent with how often wrestlers attack each other before the bell, and they just let them fight into the ring before ringing the bell. Bradshaw finished off A-Train at 0:30 after a Clothesline from Hell. Big Show then chokeslammed Bradshaw and scored a clean pin on him at 0:50. Morgan and Jones took some turns on Cena. When Brock tagged in, Cena managed to hot-tag Benoit at 4:00. he threw some hard chops at Lesnar. Cole pointed out a scary stat that three members of Team Angle have had broken necks at times in their careers (Angle, Benoit, Holly). Show tagged in and pressed Benoit above his head for several seconds before dropping him to the mat. Show went for the chokeslam, but Benoit reversed and applied the Crippler Crossface. Show’s partners made the save, breaking the hold. Show then put Benoit in an Abdominal Stretch. At 7:00 everyone brawled at ringside briefly. Benoit hot-tagged Angle in at 8:00 and threw three suplexes on Morgan. Jones tripped after a big boot. Angle went nut son everyone and finally Angleslammed Morgan at 9:00 to eliminate him. Jones held Angle, but Angle ducked and a charging Show hit Jones. Angle showed great fire and connected with the crowd, then applied the Anklelock. Jones tapped. Lesnar then gave Angle a quick finisher for the three count at 9:40. That left Benoit & Cena vs. Show & Lesnar. Benoit applied the Crossface. As Show entered the ring, Cena knocked him to the floor. Lesnar reversed the Crossface into a pin attempt. Benoit kicked out. Benoit reapplied the Crossface and the crowd popped big for it. Lesnar tapped out at 11:50. That left Benoit & Cena vs. Show. Benoit hit Show with a big shoulder block off the top rope. Show came back with a big chokeslam at 13:00. Cena then hit Show with a chain and then gave Show an FU to score the winning pin. Cena struggled to lift and hold Show, which made the move seem all the more impressive.
WINNERS: Team Angle at 13:17.

-Vince McMahon approached Shane McMahon warming up backstage and talked to him about the significance of each having matches against brothers Kane and Undertaker. Shane wasn’t impressed with Vince’s speech. Vince took a deep breath and left. Then he crossed paths with Austin, who laughed in his face. Vince started laughing back for no apparent reason. Pretty funny. Austin then stopped in mid-stream. Vince stopped laughing and gulped. Austin stared him down and then walked away. The chemistry between the two continues to be strong.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler appeared on camera for the first time.

2 — MOLLY HOLLY vs. LITA – WWE Women’s Title match

Molly knocked Lita to the floor early as Lita was going for a headscissors off the top rope. Molly continues to dominate, including a handspring elbow into the corner. Lita came back at 5:00 and scored her first near fall after powerbombing Molly to the mat after Molly had been pounding her head in the corner of the ring while standing on the top rope. Lita followed with a Russian leg sweep and then went to the top rope and came off with a Litasault. Molly moved, so Lita hit the mat hard. Molly came off the top rope with her Molly-Go-Round for a near fall. Ross called it “over,” but Lita kicked out at the last possible second. Molly complained to the ref. Molly removed the middle turnbuckle. Lita then rolled her up from behind for a near fall. Molly rammed Lita into the exposed turnbuckle and scored the pin.
WINNER: Molly ta 6:51 to retain the Women’s Title.

-A vignette aired recapping the Shane-Kane feud.


Ross billed it as the final encounter between them. An ambulance pulled up on the stage. Howard Finkle explained the rules – the winner is the first person to put his opponent in the ambulance and lock the door. Shane dove at Kane in the ring to start the match and Kane took a scary looking head-first bump to the floor. They then brawled at ringside. Shane put the stairs over Kane’s head and then hit the stairs with a chair. He followed up by hitting Kane with the monitor at ringside. Then Shane dove off the top rope and landed on Kane on the Spanish announcers’ table at ringside. At 2:00 Shane went into the crowd and encouraged Kane to follow him through the crowd. They went backstage with the cameras and showed Shane running and Kane lumbering behind him in pursuit. Ross said Shane is leading Kane someplace. Shane then came up behind Kane with a kendo stick and bashed him. Shane is quite tricky. Shane backed up an SUV into Kane in a booth backstage, then called for the ambulance. As Shane tried to get the ambulance, Kane recovered and began beating up Shane. He dragged Shane back into the arena bowl. He threw Shane into the ambulance. Shane escaped Kane’s grip as he was about to ram him head-first into the ambulance. Shane then rammed Kane’s head into the ambulance several times. Lawler wondered if the ambulance was going to be able to even make it to the hospital. Kane fought back and threw Shane into the ambulance. Just as Kane was about to close the second door on him, Shane kicked it open and made a Tommy Dreamer Superman Comeback out of nowhere. He gave Kane a tornado DDT on the floor. Shane bashed Kane over the head with a trash can. Shane leaped off the ambulance roof onto a big black box that was pushed up against Kane on the floor. It wasn’t entirely clear how the move was supposed to hurt Kane. Shane loaded Kane’s dead weight into the ambulance. He tried to slam the second door, but Kane blocked it and then he dragged Shane into the ambulance with him. Kane then got his official second wind, shoving Shane out of the ambulance and slammed him into the side of the ambulance. Ross said it was “human carnage.” Kane gave Shane a tombstone piledriver. The camera clearly showed Shane’s head didn’t come anywhere close to the floor. I wonder if that was the camera angle they meant to use. Kane then threw Shane into the ambulance and slammed both doors to win the match.
WINNER: Kane at 13:25.

-Josh Matthews interviewed Brock Lesnar who claimed he didn’t lose. Goldberg interrupted. Brock asked him what he wanted. Goldberg introduced himself as the World Heavyweight Champion. Brock said nothing. Goldberg asked if he was going to wish him luck in his match later, then he walked off. Well done at planting the seed for that likely WrestleMania 20 match.
-The Coach walked to the ring wearing a neck brace. He rambled about nothing, saying he was going to recover and be okay. Then as his music played, Ross said, “We interrupted the show for this?” Then Coach noticed Mark Cuban at ringside. He interviewed him. Cuban said he is excited about seeing Steve Austin’s team win later. When Coach asked him about referees, Cuban said all referees suck. Eric Bischoff entered the ring with a mic. Bischoff asked him to be a man and say what he wants to say to his face. The fans encouraged him. Cuban milked it and then entered the ring. Bischoff told Cuban tonight he rented the arena so it’s his building. Bischoff said he could have him kicked out by security, or “better yet, I could do it myself.” Cuban shoved Bischoff, who bumped to the mat and bailed out. Randy Orton then entered the ring and tag Cuban his finisher from behind. Cuban took a nice bump (Nathan Jones, take notes). Ross said the “Legend Killer” was at it again.

Batista, Triple H, and Ric Flair partied backstage with a bunch of woman who were oogling over Hunter’s bare chest. Orton then entered the room and bragged about what he did to Cuban. Hunter said he would be bringing the World Hvt. Title back to where it belongs.


The Bashams got early advantage, then the Guerreros took over at about 5:00. Shaniqua distracted the ref, giving Danny a chance to switch places with Doug. Chavo then yanked Shaniqua into the ring and held her down for an Eddie Guerrero frogsplash. Chavo then gave Shaniqua a spanking. Chavo mistakenly kicked Eddie. When Chavo turned to tend to Eddie, Danny rolled him up from behind and yanked on his tights to score a pin. Chavo explained to Eddie what happened and, as usual, seemed to be passing off the blame.
WINNERS: The Bashams to retain the tag titles in 9:00.

-A plug aired for the Dec. 14 Armageddon PPV. Ross and Lawler then updated Shane’s condition, saying he was at the hospital and was getting a CAT scan.
-A long video package was followed by long ring introductions for the ten-man tag, including a brief face-off at ringside between Austin and Bischoff.


Ross referred to Raw as “the flagship” when talking about getting to see Jericho and RVD every Monday night on Spike TV as those two had some nice early exchanges. Steiner tagged in and suplexed RVD a couple times and then did some pushups. Steiner gave RVD a belly-to-belly off the top rope for a two count at 4:30. They showed Austin looking on concerned. Booker hot-tagged in and went to work on Steiner with great energy. Steiner cut him off with a clothesline. Booker came back and did his Spinaroonie at 5:30 and then hit Steiner with a spinebuster. Ten-way chaos broke out next with most everyone spilling quickly to ringside. Steiner then gave Booker a low-blow, but the ref didn’t see it. He followed with the Steiner Recliner. Stacy stood on the apron and cheered for Booker and distracted the ref. Steiner released Booker and then grabbed Stacy by the hair. That gave the Dudleys a chance to give him the 3D from behind. Booker then followed up with a Bookend for the three count at 7:00. Henry followed up with a quick powerslam to eliminate Booker at 7:30. RVD faced off against Henry next. The Dudleys gave Henry a 3D and RVD followed with a nice Five-Star Frogsplash and Henry was eliminated by a Bubba pin at 9:45. Jericho and RVD faced off next. RVD and Orton squared off. RVD set up for a Five-Star, but Jericho shoved him off the top rope and Orton then hit his finisher for the pin on RVD at 11:30. D-Von then faced off against Orton. Jericho pinned D-Von at 13:30, leaving it Orton & Christian & Jericho vs. Bubba & Michaels. Michaels hadn’t tagged in yet, and Orton and Christian had seen very limited action. Michaels tagged in the first time at 14:00. Both teams tagged in and out for a few minutes. Jericho mistakenly hit Christian at 16:15 and then Bubba set up a Bubbabomb, but Jericho mule kicked him. Christian then finished off Bubba for the win at 16:30, leaving Jericho & Christian & Orton vs. Michaels. Austin looked worried at ringside. Michaels showed nice fire in working over Christian and did a nice kip up. Jericho yanked down the top rope, so when Christian whipped him into the ropes Michaels bumped to the floor. Christian and Michaels had a nice chopfest at 18:00. Jericho yanked Michaels to ringside. Jericho catapulted Michaels into the ringpost, and Michaels (who clearly bladed right before the catapult) came up bleeding very heavily. Michaels caught Christian out of nowhere with a superkick at 20:00 to make it two-on-one. Fans began an “HBK” chant. Ross called for a miracle. Michaels put a sleeper on Orton at 21:30. Orton suplexed out of it seconds later. He tagged right out to Jericho, who scored a near fall. Lawler said he hated to say it, but it wasn’t looking good for Austin’s team. Michaels surprised Jericho with a DDT out of nowhere. Both men were down. Michaels covered Jericho and scored a two count. Orton entered the ring. Michaels tossed him over the top rope right away. Jericho then went for a Lionsault, but Michaels lifted his knees and caught Jericho in the gut. Both men were down on the mat, Michaels a bloody mess and Jericho clutching his stomach. Michaels then got up and went for a superkick, but Jericho ducked it. Michaels then rolled up Jericho into a small package for a “miraculous three count.” Jericho retaliated with a chairshot to Michaels’s skull, then trash-talked Austin. Austin told Jericho he got beat and to return to the back, then he tossed him the middle finger. That left Orton vs. Michaels at 24:00. Orton flew off the top rope toward Michaels, but Michaels moved, so Orton hit the ref. Bischoff attempted to interfere, but Austin entered the ring and gave him a Stunner. He then beat him all the way back to the stage. Michaels covered Orton, but with the ref still down, Batista powerbombed Michaels. The ref began to come to, and there was no sign of Austin or Bischoff, who had fought to the back. Orton draped his arm over Michaels and the ref made a groggy three count. Austin returned from the back and looked dismayed at what just happened.
WINNER: Team Bischoff at 27:04.

-Austin helped Michaels to his feet, talked to him briefly seemingly about how appreciative he was of his effort, and walked him to the back. Austin put his hands on his hips as he returned toward the back. Ross and Lawler talked solemnly about how this was the last time we’d see Steve Austin in WWE. The crowd seemed to be in stunned silence, the energy sucked out of them like a last second winning shot by a visiting team in a big NBA game.
-Austin’s music then began to play. Ross said he didn’t know why. Austin stepped back out. A soft-spoken Austin grabbed the mic and said, “I’ve got some bad news, but first some good news. I just saved a ton of my auto insurance.” Okay, he didn’t say that. He said if his career was going to end, at least it’s ending in Dallas, Tex. where it all started. Austin, in a soft-spoken, emotional voice, said there have been a lot of ups and downs, good times and bad times, but one thing is for sure, “You won’t hear me say this often, but I love the shit out of you guys.” No bleep. Coach then began singing “Na na na na, hey hey hey, good bye.” He walked to the ring flanked by four security guards. Have security guards ever actually helped save a heel from getting his ass kicked? Coach told Austin the security guards were there to escort him out of the arena. Coach said, “But first, how does it feel to know that you are through, you are finished, no longer ever in the WWE.” Austin then punched Coach and took out the security guards. Ross said Austin has nothing to lose because he doesn’t work for WWE anymore. Austin cleared the ring of the guards, then stomped away on Coach in the corner and followed up with a Stunner. Lawler said, “The final Stunner.” Austin’s music played. Austin shoved Coach to the floor, then he drank beer in the ring “for the final time” and saluted the fans in each of the corners. Ross brought up the Dallas Sportatorium as the location where Austin got his start. Ross said there’ll never be another one like Stone Cold. I can’t believe they’d finish the show with three straight major heel wins (Bischoff’s Team, Vince over Taker, and Hunter over Goldberg), so you’d think something has to give in the last two matches.

6 — VINCE MCMAHON vs. UNDERTAKER – Buried Alive Match

Vince prayed to a higher power before the match. It didn’t help, as Undertaker beat on Vince from the opening bell and Vince bladed hard right away in the opening seconds. Taker beat on Vince in the ring and at ringside methodically nonstop for eight minutes. There were puddles of blood all over ringside. Taker stiffed Vince over the skull with a shovel, and then rammed his ankle with the stairs. Vince screamed in pain. Taker carried Vince to the pile of dirt. As he tried to drag him up the mound of dirt, Vince fired back with a low blow, his first offense of the match. VInce then grabbed the shovel and swung it into Taker’s chest, knocking him backward into the hole in the ground. When Vince went in after him, Taker came back by punching Vince. Taker went up to the tractor to try to pour dirt on Vince, but an explosion came from the tractor. Kane then showed his face and knocked Taker into the plot. Kane helped Vince out of the hole and sent him away. Kane then stood over Taker in the hole. Tazz pointed out it was no DQ, no countout, so Kane could legally interfere and pour the dirt on Taker. Cole said, “But that’s Undertaker’s brother!” Kane then poured the dirt over Taker, completely filling the hole. The bell rang and Cole said, “Undertaker has been buried alive.”
WINNER: Vince McMahon at 11:47.

Apparently Undertaker signed a No Not Resuscitate statement before the match, because nothing was shown or said that indicated anyone had tried to unearth him. But as always, the show must go on.

7 — GOLDBERG vs. TRIPLE H (w/Ric Flair) – World Hvt. Title match

Goldberg attacked Hunter as soon as he got to the ring, giving him a spear even before the bell rang. The ref was distracted by Flair, thus the excuse for why Goldberg wasn’t DQ’d like Hardcore Holly was at the start of the show. Goldberg clotheslined Flair out of the ring, then the ref ordered the bell to be rung. Goldberg rammed Hunter’s head into the stairs at ringside and then whipped him into the stairs in the opening minute of the match. When Goldberg attempted to press Hunter early in the match, his ankle gave in and he collapsed and reached for it in pain. That Hunter the opening he needed. Hunter threw Goldberg to ringside. Hunter seemed thicker around the midsection than usual, perhaps a result of his honeymoon meals. Flair worked over Goldberg’s leg at ringside, too. Hunter threw Goldberg back into the ring at 3:30. Flair choked Goldberg as Hunter distracted the ref. Hunter applied a half Boston Crab at 6:30. Hunter then wrapped Goldberg’s bad right leg around the ringpost, but he yanked Hunter with his legs face-first into the ringpost. Hunter returned to the ring and KO’d Goldberg with brass knuckles and scored a two count at 9:00. Barely a pop for the kickout for some reason. The ref then went down when Hunter bumped into him. Hunter got the sledge hammer, but Goldberg kicked it into Hunter’s face. Flair climbed to the top rope, but Goldberg pressed him to the mat. Then Goldberg, selling his leg with a limp, grabbed the sledge hammer. He hit Flair in the gut with it, then approached Hunter. Batista entered the ring. Goldberg nailed him with the sledgehammer. Orton ran to the ring. Goldberg fended him off, too. That gave Hunter time to recover and he set up a Pedigree. Goldberg blocked it and backdropped out of it. Goldberg then nailed Hunter with a Spear and played to the crowd. Goldberg then hit the Jackhammer and went for the cover. The crowd counted to three, but the ref was slow to turn around. The ref finally did and counted to three. Ross said, “If you don’t believe the hype, you better start.”
WINNER: Goldberg at 11:45 to retain the World Hvt. Title.

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