Royal Rumble

Jun 4, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, January 30th in Fresno, CA

– The WWE promo hits followed by a video package showing what is at stake during the Royal Rumble tonight.
– They pyro goes off in Fresno. We are greeted by JR & The King, Michael Cole & Tazz and the spanish announce team.

Shawn Michaels vs. Edge
The match starts with HBK knocking out Edge right away followed by giving him a big back body drop. HBK dumps Edge over the top rope quickly. A big “HBK” chant starts up. The referee starts the count and Edge gets back in the ring. Both lock up, HBK backs Edge in the corner and gives him a few chops. Edge fights back with a swinging neckbreaker off the ropes. Edge takes out HBK a few more times as he gets back up. HBK responds with a big right hand. HBK hits a lou thesz press on Edge, lands a few hard rights and then throws Edge over the top rope. HBK follows Edge to the outside. Edge gives HBK a reverse neckbreaker on the floor and then gets back in the ring. Edge goes off the ropes and connects with a baseball slide. Both get back in the ring and Edge lands a few kicks and punches in the corner on HBK. Edge irish whips HBK with impact into the turnbuckle and HBK bounces off. Edge lands an elbow to HBK’s back, but HBK fights back with a few chops. Edge counters a dropkick attempt from HBK into a sitdown powerbomb for a two count.

Edge wraps himself around HBK and applies a headlock. HBK tries to fight out of it, but Edge keeps it locked on. HBK then gets on his feet, landing a few elbows to Edge’s gut, tries to go off the ropes, but Edge pulls him down by his hair. Edge mocks HBK doing his pose to the crowd who boo him loudly. Edge nails HBK’s head off the turnbuckle, irish whips him to the other corner, HBK counters by lifting Edge to the ring apron, but Edge grabs HBK by the hair and nails his neck off the top rope. Edge goes up to the top, jumps, but HBK moves out of the way. HBK gets a quick roll-up for a two count. Edge comes back with a big boot on HBK for a two count. Edge attempts a suplex, but HBK counters and lands on Edge’s chest for a two count. Edge quickly applies another headlock to stop any momentum from HBK. HBK fights back, getting in a few chops and punches. HBK gives Edge an inverted atomic drop, right hand, another inverted atomic drop and a big elbow to the face. HBK lands a chop in the corner, climbs up to the second rope and gives Edge 5 punches. Edge lifts HBK up, starts to talk, HBK counters into a pin for a two count. HBK catapults Edge into the corner, rolls him up, but only gets a two count. Edge leaves the ring and starts to walk up the ramp when HBK catches up with him and hits a big chop.

When HBK gets in the face of the referee who started to count both out, Edge moves to the other side of the ring. HBK turns the corner and Edge takes him out with a big Spear. Edge gets back in the ring as the referee starts the count. HBK gets back in at the count of 9. HBK gets back on his feet in the ring, Edge charges and connects with the Spear. Edge covers – 1…2…HBK kicks out and Edge can’t believe it. Edge pulls out some of his hair in frustration. Edge throws HBK up onto the top turnbuckle, climbs up, both exchange punches, HBK hits a few slaps and a headbutt to knock Edge off. HBK jumps and connects with a big elbow. HBK pulls himself off the mat with help from the ropes. HBK tunes up the band in the corner. Edge gets up, HBK attempts the Sweet Chin Music, Edge counters and lifts HBK on his shoulders and falls back with the electric chair. Edge covers – 1…2…kick out. HBK chops Edge and Edge responds with an elbow. Edge applies a modified Sharpshooter, HBK screams in pain reaching for the ropes, Edge pulls HBK back to the middle of the ring keeping it locked on, HBK continues to reach and somehow gets the bottom rope. Edge tries to apply the modified Sharpshooter again, but HBK counters into a roll-up for a two count. HBK rolls up Edge again quickly, Edge counters into a roll-up of his own and holds onto the ropes for the pinfall.

Winner: Edge

After the match, Edge leaves the ring quickly celebrating as HBK looks on with a shocked look on his face.

– Backstage, Eric Bischoff and Teddy Long are talking. Bischoff puts over the RAW superstars and Long says a SmackDown superstar will win the Royal Rumble tonight. Torrie Wilson & Christy Hemme are nearby with cages with numbers inside as Ric Flair and Eddie Guerrero come in. Ric Flair takes out a ball with a number inside followed by Guerrero. Flair looks happy at the number he drew while Guerrero seems to be a bit mad. Guerrero congratulates Flair and leaves the room. Flair shows off his number to Bischoff and Long. Long tells him to look at the number again. Flair checks and realizes Guerrero stole his number when they shook hands.
– Backstage, Heidenreich is alone saying how much he hates caskets. Gene Snitsky walks up and says he hears he doesn’t like caskets. Heidenreich says he hates them. Snitsky says he knows and doesn’t like them either. He says he likes Heidenreich. Heidenreich says he likes Snitsky too. Snitsky tells him that he has an idea for tonight.
– Before the match, Druids bring a Casket to the ring.

Casket Match
The Undertaker vs. Heidenreich
The match starts with both locking up and Undertaker applying a side-headlock. Taker tries to pull Heidenreich over towards the Casket at ringside. Heidenreich breaks out of it, but Taker takes him out with a few arm drags and a shoulder block. Heidenreich takes out Taker with a shoulder block of his own. Heidenreich applies a headlock, Taker breaks out of it, Heidenreich takes him down, but Taker gets right back upagain. Taker applies a boston crab, but Heidenreich inches his way towards the bottom rope, breaks the hold and rolls out of the ring. Undertaker chases him down and tries to irish whip him into the Casket, but Heidenreich counters and sends Taker into the Casket with force. Heidenreich nails Taker’s head off the Casket a few times. Heidenreich gets in a few rights and lefts on Taker in the corner. Taker wraps his legs around Heidenreich and applies a triangle choke.

Gene Snitsky then hits the ring and starts to stomp away at Undertaker. Snitsky then takes out Taker with a big clothesline. Both Snitsky and Heidenreich give Taker a double vertical suplex. Both drop a few elbows to Taker’s chest. They start to pull Taker towards the Casket and ask for it to be opened. The referee’s open it and Kane sits up. Kane hits the ring and takes out both. Kane clotheslines Snitsky over the top rope and then throws him over the guard railing. Kane and Snitsky brawl into the crowd. Back in the ring area, Heidenreich tries to push the Casket away from the ringside area. Taker takes out Heidenreich from behind, but Heidenreich fights back launching Taker into the steel steps. Heidenreich hits a few right hands on Taker. Heidenreich takes the Casket and rolls it into Taker who is on the ground against the ring. The Casket smacks Taker with impact. Heidenreich puts Taker back in the ring and applies a headlock.

Heidenreich rolls Taker into the Casket. Heidenreich goes to shut it, but Taker gets an arm out and stops it. Taker grabs Heidenreich and puts his body half-way in the Casket. Taker gets a running start on the ring apron and hits a big leg drop on the top of the Casket. Taker then pulls Heidenreich out, goes for a Chokeslam, but Heidenreich counters into a headbutt. Heidenreich hits a modified sidewalk slam on Taker, covers, but the referee tells him he can’t win that way. Heidenreich drags Taker and rolls him back inside the Casket. Heidenreich tries to shut the top, but Taker gets an arm out and chokes Heidenreich. Both get back in the ring and exchange right hands. Taker hits a modified DDT on Heidenreich and signals for the Chokeslam. Heidenreich gets up, slaps his hand around Heidenreich’s neck and connects with the Chokeslam. Taker then puts Heidenreich up on his shoulders and then drops him down hard with the Tombstone Piledriver. Taker rolls Heidenreich into the Casket and slams the top down to win the match.

Winner: The Undertaker

After the match, the ring lights turn blue and Undertaker gets down on one knee doing his classic pose.

– A promo hits hyping WrestleMania 21 which is 63 days away.
– Backstage, Teddy Long confronts Eddie Guerrero. He said he knows he has Ric Flair’s number. Ric Flair, Triple H and Batista come in. Long stops them from doing anything and then gets the number from Guerrero. Long tells Guerrero that isn’t it and he hands over Flair’s wallet. Long and Guerrero leave as Triple H yells at them that tonight is Evolution’s night. Triple H tells Flair and Batista they need to go over the World Title Match with Randy Orton tonight. Batista says he would be right back as he has to go get his number. Triple H says no, right now. Batista gets mad, but Flair cools them down.
– Backstage, Christian & Tyson Tomko are with Eric Bischoff. Long comes in and says everything has been taken care of with Flair and Guerrero. Christian greets Long, saying he just signed a petition to get him off SmackDown. Christian draws a number and looks excited. John Cena walks in and shakes hands with everyone. Christian mocks him, saying “John Cena is in the house.” He tells Cena he can beat him in a rap competition any day. Cena tells him to freestyle. Christian asks Tomko to give him a beat. Tomko refuses. “My name is Christian, the king of Crunk, I’m talking you to school Cena and you are gonna flunk. I’m Captain Chrisma, read’em in weeps, I’m throwing you out for all my peeps.” Cena comes back with a rap of his own saying Christian and Tomko share a bed and that he can pick his number for him since he likes balls so much.

WWE Championship – Triple Threat Match
JBL (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Big Show
The match starts with JBL and Big Show in the ring as Kurt Angle looks on from the outside. Big Show takes out JBL with a big shoulder block followed by a headbutt. Big Show gives JBL a big slap to the chest in the corner followed by another headbutt. Big Show gives JBL another big slap to the chest. JBL gets up on the turnbuckle, jumps, Big Show catches him and hits a powerslam. Big Show gives JBL a leg drop, covers, but Kurt Angle comes in and breaks it up. Big Show takes out Angle with a headbutt followed by a big slap to the chest. Big Show irish whips Angle with impact into the corner. JBL gives Big Show a few chops and punches, attempts a suplex, but Big Show counters into a big suplex of his own. Big Show takes out Angle with a big boot as he came at him off the ropes. Both Angle and JBL get on their feet. Big Show clotheslines both over the top rope. Big Show goes to the outside and knocks out JBL with a big right hand. Big Show nails Angle’s head off the steel steps and then sends JBL head first into the ring post. Angle attempts a german suplex, but Big Show bounces Angle back. Big Show moves the steel steps next to the announcers table. JBL tries to punch him from behind, but Big Show knocks him out. Big Show starts to clear off the top of the announcers table. Big Show walks up the steps, chokes JBL, but Angle comes from behind and gives him a low blow. Angle grabs a TV monitor and nails Big Show in the head with it. Big Show falls back and smashes the announcers table.

Angle goes after JBL right away and throws him up against the guard railing. Angle throws JBL in the ring and JBL hits a few forearms to Angle’s back. Angle sends JBL into the ropes and hits a quick arm drag. JBL attempts a big boot, but Angle counters and takes JBL off his feet. JBL fights back with a stiff right hand followed by a big clothesline in the corner. JBL misses a charge in the corner, nailing his face off the turnbuckle. Angle hits a big german suplex. Angle attempts a second, but JBL prevents it. JBL goes off the ropes, swings trying to give Angle the Clothesline from Hell, but Angle ducks and hits another big german suplex. JBL gets back on his feet, Angle attempts another german suplex, JBL counters and gives Angle a big boot. Big Show gets back in the ring and gives both JBL and Angle a double clothesline. Big Show takes out both with two headbutts. Big Show powerslams Angle on top of JBL. Angle gets up in the corner, Big Show grabs JBL and launches him into Angle in the corner. Big Show gives both a double clothesline and signals the end is near. Big Show attempts a double Chokeslam, but both Angle and JBL break out of it. Angle takes out Big Show’s knee as JBL gives Big Show a Chokeslam from Hell as well. Angle covers Big Show, but only gets a two count. Angle then gives Big Show an Angle Slam, favors his back and JBL takes out Angle with a big boot. JBL covers Big Show for a two count.

Big Show fights back giving JBL a big Chokeslam, covers, but JBL gets his leg on the bottom rope to break the count. JBL rolls out of the ring and tries to recover next to the guard railing. Big Show follows, charges and Spears JBL which breaks the guard railing in the process. Back in the ring, Angle is in the corner hiding a steel chair. Big Show gets in the ring, Angle tries to use the steel chair, but Big Show lifts Angle in the air and slams him back down face first allowing Angle to hit the steel chair. Big Show covers, but Mark Jindrak comes out and pulls the referee out of the ring. Luther Reigns joins him as well and they both beat down Big Show at ringside. JBL’s Cabinet (Orlando Jordan & The Basham’s) come out to attend to JBL. EMT’s try to put him on a stretcher, but they stop it from happening. Reigns & Jindrak continue to beat on Big Show at ringside as well as The Bashams. Jordan rolls JBL back in, he gets on his feet, Angle gets up and JBL gives him a Clothesline from Hell. JBL covers – 1…2…3.

Winner & STILL WWE Champion: John Bradshaw Layfield

After the match, Orlando Jordan & The Bashams grab the WWE Championship and hand it to JBL. They celebrate with JBL as Big Show looks on frustrated.

– Backstage, Batista is shown making his way to Bischoff’s office when Carlito Caribbean Cool stops him. He asks Batista to sign his petition to get Teddy Long kicked off SmackDown. Batista declines and Carlito takes a bite of his apple. He asks Carlito if he saw what he did to La Resistance last week. Carlito says yes and Batista said he could do the same with his petition. Batista slaps his injured shoulder and walks in Bischoff and Long’s office. Batista draws his number and over hears Bischoff announcing that the World Title Match tonight will see Evoluion banned from ringside after what he saw during the previous WWE Title Match. Batista smiles and tells Bischoff he will tell Triple H himself about the new stipulation.
– A commercial for WrestleMania 21 is shown with Eugene playing Forrest Gump. He describes all his favorite WrestleMania moments and accidentally punches out a woman sitting next to him. The are playing up the Hollywood theme big time.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Triple H (c) vs. Randy Orton
A new stipulation was added before the match with all members of Evolution banned from ringside. The match starts with Randy Orton slapping Triple H. Orton gives Triple H a quick backslide pin for a two count. Orton gets in a few rights and lefts followed by a big back body drop on Triple H. Orton goes for the RKO, but Triple H counters and rolls out of the ring. Orton follows Triple H to the outside of the ring and nails his head off the ring apron. Orton puts Triple H back in the ring, Triple H goes off the ropes and Orton takes him out with a big jumping dropkick. Orton sets up Triple H in the corner and hits a few kicks to the gut. Triple H gets up on Orton in the corner, lands five punches, but Orton lifts him up and drops his head off the turnbuckle. Orton attempts another RKO, but Triple H catches him and throws him over the top rope. Triple H goes to the outside and launches Orton into the steel steps. Triple H gets back in the ring and mocks Orton doing his pose. Orton rolls back in the ring and Triple H cuts him off with a few kicks to the back. Triple H chokes out Orton a few times as the referee breaks up each.

Orton fights back with a few lefts and rights. Triple H stops any momentum and clips Orton’s knee. Triple H wraps Orton’s knee around the ring post quickly. Orton gets back on his feet with help from the ropes, but Triple H clips him again. Triple H drops an elbow on Orton’s injured left knee. Triple H picks up Orton’s knee and slams it back down hard on the mat. Orton continues to scream in pain as Triple H drops another elbow on Orton’s knee. Orton rolls up Triple H quickly for a two count (which gets some boo’s from the crowd). Triple H applies the Figure Four on Orton. Orton gets his shoulders off the mat as the referee gets to two. Orton reaches for the ropes, but Triple H slides back into the middle of the ring. Triple H slaps Orton a few times, but Orton refuses to give up. Orton turns himself over, but Triple H gets the bottom rope. Triple H pulls Orton towards the bottom rope and throws his injury knee against the side of the ring. Triple H attempts to do it again when Orton kicks him allowing Triple H to fly over the spanish announce table. Triple H gets back in the ring and Orton gives him a modified backbreaker. Orton gives Triple H some hard lefts and rights in the corner. Orton takes out Triple H with a quick swinging neckbreaker followed by a reverse neckbreaker.

Orton gives Triple H a big powerslam for a two count. Triple H fights back giving Orton an inverted atomic drop in the corner. Triple H gets up on the top, but Orton gets on his feet and throws him back down hard on the mat. Orton goes up to the top, jumps and connects with the cross-body for a two count. Orton sends Triple H into the ropes, but Triple H fights back with a facebuster. Triple H looks to hit the Pedigree when Orton counters, catapulting Triple H into the corner. Triple H counters an RKO attempt and takes out Orton with a jumping knee. Triple H covers, but only gets a two count. Triple H sets Orton up for the Pedigree again, but Orton counters and hits a big clothesline for a two count. Orton sends Triple H to the outside and nails his head off the steel steps. Orton puts Triple H back inside and gives him a few hard punches in the corner followed by an uppercut. Orton goes for a DDT, but Triple H holds on to the ropes and Orton hits the mat hard. Orton rolls out dazed. Referee Earl Hebner tells him to get in the ring or he will count him out. Orton slides in and still looks out of it. Triple H charges and takes out both Orton and the referee at the same time. Triple H kicks Orton on the head with force as he rolls to the outside. Triple H grabs a sledgehammer and tries to hit Orton with it, but Orton grabs Triple H and throws him into the ring post. Both get back in the ring, Orton grabs the sledgehammer, but Triple H takes him out with a big clothesline. Triple H throws the Sledgehammer out of the ring, picks up Orton and hits the Pedigree. Triple H hooks the leg – 1…2…3.

Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H

After the match, Triple H lifts the World Title high in the air in the entrance area. JR posts the question of who Triple H will be facing now at WrestleMania.

– Backstage, Nunzio is walking around with his number in the Rumble. Kurt Angle walks up and takes his number away.
– Backstage, Teddy Long congratulates Bischoff on RAw having a good World Title Match. JBL and his Cabinet come in celebrating. Long informs JBL that at the next SmackDown PPV, No Way Out, JBL will defend the WWE Title against the Big Show in a first ever Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match. JBL has a shocked look on his face.

Royal Rumble Match
15 RAW superstars & 15 SmackDown superstars
The following results will go by entry and the action in between each.

1. Eddie Guerrero (SmackDown)

2. Chris Benoit (RAW)

The bell rings and here we go. Both Benoit and Guerrero lock up and Benoit backs Guerrero into the corner. Guerrero turns it around putting Benoit in the corner. Both back up, circle the ring, lock up and Benoit gives Guerrero a quick arm drag. Guerrero hits a quick snapmare on Benoit. Time expires.

3. Daniel Puder (SmackDown)

Benoit and Guerrero continue to brawl in the corner. Benoit gets in a few kicks. Puder gets on the mic and says the crowd tonight will witness history. He said he will become the first ever Tough Enough champion to win the Royal Rumble. Puder gets in the ring staring down both Benoit and Guerrero. Both Benoit and Guerrero go after Puder in the corner. They give him individual chops followed by a double suplex. Benoit gives Puder a big back suplex. Guerrero picks up Puder and gives him three suplexes. Time expires.

4. Hardcore Holly (SmackDown)

Holly hits the ring and tells both Benoit and Guerrero to hold up. Holly grabs PUder and gives him a few chops in the corner. Benoit picks up Puder and gets in a chop of his own. Benoit and Holly take turns holding Puder as they give him some more chops. The crowd chants “Eddie” as Guerrero gets in a chop of his own. Holly low blows Puder and then gives him the Alabama Slam. Time expires.

5. The Hurricane (RAW)

During the entrance, Hardcore Holly threw out Daniel Puder.

* Daniel Puder has been eliminated.

Both Benoit and Guerrero grab Holly and throw him over the top rope.

* Hardcore Holly has been eliminated.

Both Benoit and Guerrero take out The Hurricane. Guerrero attempts to throw Benoit out, but Benoit prevents it and starts to punch Guerrero. Hurricane hits a blockbuster off the top rope on Guerrero. Benoit sends Hurricane towards Guerrero and Guerrero lifts Hurricane over the top rope.

* The Hurricane has been eliminated.

6. Kenzo Suzuki (SmackDown)

Suzuki hits the ring and Guerrero holds him from behind as Benoit gets some chops in. Guerrero gives Suzuki a big standing dropkick. Benoit hits a snap suplex on Suzuki. Benoit tries to throw Guerrero out, but Guerrero holds on to the ropes. Time expires.

7. Edge (RAW)

Edge hits the ring right away and takes out Benoit, Guerrero and Suzuki. Edge tries to throw Guerrero over the top rope. Guerrero holds on to Edge’s hair. Guerrero falls to the ring apron as Edge tries to push him out. Edge moves over and goes after Suzuki. Benoit chops Edge and takes him out with a shoulder block. Suzuki chokes out Benoit in the corner. Time expires.

8. Rey Mysterio (SmackDown)

Mysterio hits the ring and goes after Guerrero followed by Benoit and Edge. Mysterio gives Edge a big bulldog. Mysterio head scissors Suzuki out of the ring over the top rope.

* Kenzo Suzuki has been eliminated.

Guerrero gives Benoit a big twilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Edge goes after Guerrero as time expires.

9. Shelton Benjamin (RAW)

Benjamin hits the ring and gives Edge some hard rights. Benjamin takes out Edge with a jumping reverse elbow followed by giving Guerrero a big back body drop. Benoit gets Mysterio over the top as Benjamin knocks out Edge. Guerrero tries to lift both Benoit and Mysterio over the top rope. Benjamin almost has Edge over. Mysterio gets out of the hold with Benoit and chop blocks Benjamin. Mysterio gives Benjamin a big head scissors.

10. Booker T (SmackDown)

Booker takes out Edge right away as Mysterio and Benjamin get tangled up on the other side of the ring. Eric Bischoff comes down to the ringside area and cheers on the RAW superstars. Edge and Booker continue to brawl in the corner as time expires.

11. Chris Jericho (RAW)

Jericho hits the ring and takes out Mysterio, Benoit and Benjamin. Jericho goes after Booker as well followed by Edge. Jericho gives Edge a big back suplex. Jericho gives Guerrero 10 punches in the corner. Benjamin goes after Benoit in the corner with a few right hands. Teddy Long then makes his way to the ringside area cheering on the SmackDown superstars. Time expires.

12. Luther Reigns (SmackDown)

Reigns hits the ring and goes after Jericho. The SmackDown guys then team up to go after the RAW guys. It is now RAW vs. SmackDown as the crowd goes wild. They all brawl as time expires.

13. Muhammad Hassan (RAW)

All the RAW and SmackDown stars in the ring stop brawling as Hassan gets in the ring. They all stare Hassan down as the crowd chants “USA.” Everyone then goes after Hassan, taking him down with kicks and punches. Mysterio gives Hassan a 619 and they all lift Hassan up, throwing him over the top rope. Time then expires.

* Muhammad Hassan has been eliminated.

14. Orlando Jordan (SmackDown)

Jordan hits the ring and goes right after Luther Reigns. Benoit comes from behind and takes out Jordan. Booker T joins in as well, but then moves to the side with Reigns brawling. Benjamin has Jericho over the top rope, but Jericho lands on the ring apron. Benjamin starts to choke out Jericho as time expires.

15. Scotty 2 Hotty (SmackDown)

As Scotty makes his way to the ring, Muhammad Hassan takes him out. Daivari cheers him on as Hassan applies the Camel Clutch. Referee’s check on Scotty as they kick Hassan to the back. Back in the ring, Benjamin hits a big splash on Edge. Benjamin gets Edge over the top rope, but he lands on the ring apron and rolls back in. Time expires.

16. Charlie Haas (SmackDown)

Haas hits the ring and goes after Benoit and Jericho. Booker knocks Haas out with a big side kick. Booker does the same to Jordan. Booker then clothesline Luther Reigns over the top rope as well as Orlando Jordan.

* Luther Reigns has been eliminated.

* Orlando Jordan has been eliminated.

Mysterio dropkicks Booker to the back and Guerrero pulls the top rope down. Booker goes over the top and lands on the outside with impact.

* Booker T has been eliminated.

Some more brawling in the ring as time expires.

17. Rene Dupree (SmackDown)

Dupree hits the ring and goes after Mysterio. Dupree chokes out Mysterio in the corner, but Haas grabs Dupree and drops him off the top rope. The former tag team of Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin team up and take out Dupree. Haas & Benjamin slap hands. Benjamin misses a charge on Edge in the corner, but lands on the top. Edge pushes him off.

* Shelton Benjamin has been eliminated.

18. Simon Dean (RAW)

Mysterio gives Guerrero a big huricanranna. On the outside of the ring, Dean puts on a weight belt and warms up. Edge then tosses Guerrero over the top rope.

* Eddie Guerrero has been eliminated.

Edge mocks Guerrero doing the Latino Heat dance. Jericho dropkicks Edge quickly. Dean continues to warm up on the outside as time expires.

19. Shawn Michaels (RAW)

HBK hits the ring and goes right after Edge. HBK clotheslines Simon Dean over the top rope quickly.

* Simon Dean has been eliminated.

Haas goes after HBK taking him out with a few right hands. Mysterio rolls around the ring dodging Edge. Mysterio goes under Edge’s legs as Edge corners him. HBK then launches Haas over the top rope.

* Charlie Haas has been eliminated.

20. Kurt Angle

Angle hits the ring and takes out Mysterio, Jericho and Edge. HBK attempts the Sweet Chin Music on Angle, but Angle counters into an Ankle Lock. HBK counters out of it and superkicks Angle who flies over the top rope.

* Kurt Angle has been eliminated.

21. Jonathan Coachman (RAW)

Benoit takes out Mysterio with a big elbow. The Coach gets in the ring and gives Benoit a big forearm. Coach quickly runs to the corner so he can’t get thrown out. Coach hands on to the bottom rope as Benoit gets in a few kicks. Jericho takes out Dupree, bouncing off his back. Jericho puts Mysterio on his shoulders, Mysterio locks his legs around almost putting him over, but Jericho hangs on. Time expires.

22. Mark Jindark (SmackDown)

Kurt Angle then comes back in the ring and lifts HBK out of the ring over the top rope.

* Shawn Michaels is eliminated by Kurt Angle after he returned to the ring after being thrown out earlier.

Angle grabs the steel steps and knocks out HBK with them. HBK is busted open. Angle applies the Ankle Lock on HBK as numerous referee’s try to break it up. Angle is pulled away and taken to the back by WWE officials. HBK is taken to the back. Time expires.

23. Viscera (RAW)

Viscera hits the ring and powerslams Mysterio with impact. Viscera goes after Jindrak as time expires.

24. Paul London (SmackDown)

London slides into the ring and goes after Dupree right away. Dupree throws him back down hard on the mat. Dupree does the french tickler dance, but Jericho grabs him and throws him over the top rope.

* Rene Dupree has been eliminated.

Jericho mocks Dupree doing the french tickler dance. Tazz makes a joke that Jericho can’t dance or sing. Time expires.

25. John Cena (SmackDown)

Cena hits the ring and hands out numerous right hands to all those involved. Viscera grabs Cena, but Cena fights back with a few punches. Viscera charges at Cena, but Cena elevates him over the top rope.

* Viscera has been eliminated.

Cena and Benoit start to exchange lefts and rights as time expires.

26. Gene Snitsky (RAW)

Snitsky hits the ring and takes out Edge. Snitsky takes out Mysterio with a big boot. Snitsky then takes out Benoit with a big shoulder block. London jumps on Snitsky’s back applying a sleeper hold. Snitsky gets London on his shoulders and throws him over the top. London lands on the ring apron, tries to get a running head start, but Snitsky levels him with a huge clothesline.

* Paul London has been eliminated.

Cena and Snitsky stare each other down. Cena attempts the FU, but Snitsky counters and takes out Cena. Time expires.

27. Kane (RAW)

Kane hits the ring and Snitsky goes right after him with some big kicks. Kane fights back with a big clothesline. Kane chokeslams Edge, Benoit, Cena, Jericho, Mysterio and then tosses Jindrak over the top rope.

* Mark Jindrak has been eliminated.

The Coach then gives Kane a forearm to the back. EMT’s are putting Paul London on a stretcher. Back in the ring, Snitsky gives Kane a big elbow followed by a big pump-handle slam. Time expires.

28. Batista (RAW)

Batista, who gets a huge pop, hits the ring and clotheslines Snitsky over the top rope.

* Gene Snitsky has been eliminated.

Kane and Batista then stare each other down. They exchange lefts and rights. Batista grabs Kane and gives him a huge powerbomb! Jericho jumps at Batista, but Batista catches him and throws him over the top rope.

* Chris Jericho has been eliminated.

Edge goes after Batista. Batista throws him over the top in the corner, but Edge holds on to the ropes. Time expires.

29. Christian (RAW)

Christian hits the ring and goes right after Cena. Cena fights back, throwing Christian down and hitting some big kicks. Cena then puts Kane on his shoulders and lifts him over the top rope.

* Kane has been eliminated.

Cena and Mysterio start to talk a bit and help each other out as time expires.

30. Ric Flair

Flair hits the ring and slaps hands with Batista. Flair chops Coach in the corner and then sends Coach into Batista who gives him a big spinebuster. Flair throws Coach over the top rope.

* The Coach has been eliminated.

Batista gives Christian a big spinebuster and then throws him over the top rope. Christian lands on Coach on the outside.

* Christian has been eliminated.

Benoit starts to get some big chops on Flair in the corner. Batista breaks it up with a few forearms. Batista gives Benoit a big spinebuster. Flair then tosses Benoit over the top rope.

* Chris Benoit has been eliminated.

Flair then grabs Batista and tries to eliminate him, but Batista pushes him back. Flair said he didn’t mean to. Edge spears Flair and then throws him over the top rope.

* Ric Flair has been eliminated.

We are down to John Cena, Batista, Edge and Rey Mysterio. Edge hits a big spear on Batista. Edge then spears Cena. Edge charges at Mysterio, but Mysterio jumps over Edge. Mysterio drop toe holds Edge on the second rope and he then hits the 619. Mysterio goes for the West Coast Pop, Edge moves, Edge throws Mysterio over the top, Mysterio lands on the ring apron, but Edge spears him off.

* Rey Mysterio has been eliminated.

Cena and Batista then both give Edge a big back body drop over the top rope.

* Edge has been eliminated.

We are now down to the final two – John Cena and Batista. Batista yells at Cena to bring it on. Cena slaps Batista. Batista slaps Cena. Both exchange a few more lefts and rights. Cena gets Batista up on his shoulders. Cena tries to throw him over, but Batista grabs the rope to stop it. Batista gives Cena a few knees to the gut, lifts him up for a powerbomb, backs up, hits the ropes and both mean go over the top rope. They both hit the ground at the same time. The RAW referee’s say Batista won, while the SmackDown referee’s say Cena won. Vince McMahon then walks out and he is angry. He gets in the ring and Batista throws Cena over. Cena gets back in and throws Batista over. Howard Finkel announces on the mic that the match be restarted.

The bell rings and here we go again. Cena counters another powerbomb attempt by Batista and gets him up on his shoulders attempting the FU. Batista counters off Cena’s shoulders and then gives him a huge spinebuster. Batista grabs Cena and throws him over the top rope. Batista wins & moves on to WrestleMania 21.

Winner of the 2005 Royal Rumble: Batista

Source: Adam Martin,

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Thumbs Up – 63%

Thumbs In the middle – 12%

Thumbs Down – 6%

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Best match at Royal Rumble?

HBK-Edge – 5%

Casket match – 11%

JBL-Angle-Show – 4%

HHH-Orton – 5%

Royal Rumble – 75%

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