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Jun 4, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, June 13th in Columbus, OH

1 — LA RESISTANCE vs. EDGE & CHRIS BENOIT — World Tag Team Title match

Benoit and Edge took control early, but at 3:30 Grenier rammed Edge into the security railing back-first. Back in the ring, Conway continues to work over Edge’s back with a knee to the lower back while lifting up on his chin. Benoit led the crowd in encouraging claps for Edge. Edge hot-tagged Benoit at 8:30 and he tossed both La Resistance members around with suplexes. He then put Conway into a sharpshooter, but Grenier broke it up. As Benoit and Grenier exchanged chops, Edge went for a spear, but when Grenier moved, Edge almost hit Benoit, but stopped in time. Benoit then put Grenier into a Crippler Crossface. Just as it appeared he might tap, Kane’s fireworks went off. He came to the ring and attacked Edge and Benoit with big boots and chokeslams. Kane then walked away as Benoit was tended to at ringside as he moaned in agony.

WINNER: Edge & Benoit via DQ at 10:08.

-Eric Bischoff told Coach that William Regal would not be allowed at ringside. When Bischoff said mean things about Eugene, he discovered Eugene was listening from a few feet away. Eugene was very sad. Bischoff told Eugene he misunderstood him and he was just looking out for him. Bischoff tried to talk Eugene into going home and telling all his friends that he was in WWE, or he can go out there and wrestle but he might end up with a broken neck like Benoit once got. Bischoff asked Eugene what he wanted. Eugene said he wanted to wrestle. He got happy, hugged Bischoff, and ran away.

2 — CHRIS JERICHO vs. TYSON TOMKO (w/Trish Stratus)

After some back and forth exchanges including a top rope dropkick by Jericho, Tomko went into a bearhug. Jericho came back with a forearm off the ropes at 4:15 followed by a bulldog. When he went for the Lionsault, Tomko moved. Tomko then lifted Jericho into a edge position and then dropped down, ramming Jericho’s shoulder over his knee. When Trish stepped onto the ring apron, of course Tomko ended up knocking her to the floor mistakenly. Jericho then hit Tomko with an enzuigiri for the pin.

WINNER: Jericho at 5:59.

-Todd Grisham interviewed Randy Orton backstage. Orton said he’s held the IC Title longer than anyone in the last seven years. He said there is something he has that Shelton will never have: “greatness.” When Orton heard boos, he lashed out at them from backstage. He said at 24 years old he’s accomplished more than anyone in the arena put together. He said he will come out there if they keep talking smack. He asked the cameraman to follow him into the arena. He held his belt in the air and said they are now looking at greatness. He mocked the fans for working hard at their jobs and trying to become Employee of the Month, and that’s fine, but it’s not greatness. “Randy Orton is one in a million,” said Orton about himself. He entered the ring and told the crowd the could bow at will. He demanded the respect he deserves from each of the fans. He climbed the ropes and slipped, an old Sean Waltman move when he was a heel on the indy scene to get laughs from the crowd after an arrogant ring entrance.

3 — RANDY ORTON vs. SHELTON BENJAMIN — Intercontinental Title match

Shelton Benjamin arrived at the ring and asked: “Do you ever shut up? There’s not a person in this arena who gives a damn about what you say.” Benjamin suggested to Orton that they wrestle right away rather than later as scheduled. The ref called for the bell, despite immediate protests from Orton. Benjamin schoolboyed Orton for a near fall in the opening seconds. When Orton bailed to ringside, Benjamin followed. Back in the ring at :030, Orton took control with a rake of the eyes. They ended up at ringside again at 2:00 where Benjamin dumped Orton into the crowd. Benjamin got a sunset flip for a two count at 3:15, broken by Orton grabbing the bottom rope. He then clotheslined Orton over the top rope to the floor. Ric Flair came to ringside at 4:30. Ross sarcastically said Flair came to ringside just because he is such good friends with Orton. Orton took control of the match and went to a cool headlock with a leg wrapped around Benjamin’s body. Benjamin rose into the air and dropped Orton back to the mat. There’s a perfect example of how much more interesting a mat hold is when it’s not an ordinary headlock or chinlock or armbar. Orton did move to a basic chinlock a minute later, but Benjamin escaped quickly and ended up suplexing Orton into a bridge for a near fall at 10:00. They got into a slugfest at 10:30. Orton took control with a knee lift, but Benjamin elbowed a charging Orton. Orton elbowed a charging Shelton, but Shelton followed up with a flying tackle and then a big back bodydrop. He went to the second rope and hit Orton with a flying side clothesline/bodyblock combo for a near fall. He followed up with a Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Orton went for an RKO out of nowhere, but Benjamin escaped and hit Orton with a jump spin wheel kick to the side of his face. Benjamin took Orton down hard with a back suplex. When he made the cover, Flair put Orton’s leg over the bottom rope. Benjamin chased down Flair and brought him into the ring. Benjamin backdropped Flair and then Stinger splashed him in the corner. He followed up by splashing Orton in the corner, too. Benjamin then put Flair in a figure-four in mid-ring at 14:00. Orton went after Benjamin, but while Benjamin had Flair in the figure-four, he also small packaged Orton for a small package in a cool spot. Benjamin then rammed Orton into Flair, knocking him off the ring apron and then rolling him up for a near fall. Benjamin then hit Orton with a flying bodypress, but Orton rolled through and yanked on his tights to score the win.

WINNER: Orton at 14:48.

-Backstage Matt Hardy asked Lita if she was ready. She said she was. Then she began kissing Hardy. Security banged on the door and then Bischoff barged in. Hardy complained that it was a private dressing room. Uh, Matt, there’s a camera there showing you making out with your girlfriend on national TV. How private can that be? Bischoff ordered Hardy to leave the arena and he brought security to escort him out. Hardy said he was there to watch his girlfriend wrestle. Bischoff said he could stay, but Lita would be removed from the women’s match. Bischoff gave him 60 seconds to make up his mind. Hardy said he had to leave because he didn’t want to hurt her chances at winning the Women’s Title. That leaves Lita prone to an attack from Kane.


Lita and Victoria beat on Kim to the start the match. Lita then went after Trish at ringside. Victoria flipped onto Kim for a near fall. It looked pretty, but the impact looked feather-light. Lita leaped off of Trish’s back and splashed Kim in the corner. It settled into Trish vs. Lita. Lita rolled up Trish into a bridge, but Tomko yanked on her to break up the count. The ref ordered him to the back. Lita then gave Trish the Twist of Fate for a near fall. Kim applied some cool submissions on Trish. Lita suplexed Victoria at 3:30 and nipped up. Lita and Victoria then collided awkwardly and went down. All four women were knocked groggy and down at 3:45. Lita was the first to stand. She elbowed Kim, and then schoolboyed her for a two count. She followed with two clotheslines. Kim charged at Lita with a flying shoulder tackle, but Lita moved. Lita then gave Kim an implant DDT, but Trish surprised Lita from behind with a roll-up for the three count to win the title. Trish had been lying in the weeds recovering, waiting for the opportunity to sneak back in fresh.

WINNER: Trish Stratus at 4:44 to capture the Women’s Title.


William Regal walked out to the stage, but couldn’t come to ringside with Eugene by orders of Bischoff. A minute into the match, Eugene rolled himself into a ball. Coach was confused. He rolled Eugene around. Eugene reached his arm up. Coach grabbed his hand. Eugene rolled him up into a small package for a two count. When Coach dropped down after whipping Eugene into the ropes, Eugene dropped down next to Coach and waved at him. He then got up and rode him like a cowboy on a horse. Coach came back with a headlock, but Eugene whipped Coach into a crisscross. Eugene left the ring and went to ringside where a blond woman presented Eugene with a stuffed bear. Coach kept running the ropes until he discovered Eugene wasn’t even in the ring. Eugene pet his new toy. Coach went to ringside and hit him from behind. Eugene, though, took control again with leg scissors. He rolled Coach around the ring in a windmill move, dizzying Coach. Eugene then did the JYD running headbutts. Eugene then lifted his leg and pretended to pee on him. Coach rolled out of the ring. Eugene clapped. A woman walked out in a swim suit carrying fresh baked cookies. Coach grabbed one, then offered one to Eugene. Eugene ate one and then began handing them to fans. Coach rammed Eugene’s face into the cookies, then threw him back into the ring. Ross called it subterfuge from the Coach. Eugene, though, came back quickly with an atomic drop and a dropkick. He followed with an airplane spit. He’s using Billy Robinson’s entire repertoire of moves. Garrison Cade then came to ringside and distracted Eugene by tearing apart his stuffed animal. Coach ran at Eugene, but Eugene moved and he bumped into Cade. Eugene then gave Coach the Rock Bottom at 7:15 followed by the People’s Elbow for the win. When Cade went after Eugene afterward, Eugene gave Cade a “Stunner.” Not a “Stone Cold Stunner,” but just a “Stunner.” No reference to Steve Austin made.

WINNER: Eugene at 7:37. When William Regal came to the ring to celebrate with Eugene, Coach tried to interfere again, but Eugene gave him a Stunner. Eugene then played around the ring and waved at the crowd and imitated an airplane.

6 — CHRIS BENOIT vs. KANE — World Hvt. Title match

Benoit went after Kane with chops to start the match. Kane cowered in the corner. Benoit trash-talked him. At 0:45 they circled mid-ring. Kane escaped a Benoit wristlock by tossing him across the ring. A fan in the crowd held up a sign: “All Heil JBL.” Kane escaped a back suplex attempt by Benoit, but then Benoit roundhouse kicked Kane to the side of the head. He went to a sharpshooter attempt, but Kane powered out. Benoit then went for a Crossface attempt, but Kane armdragged Benoit over. Kane gave Benoit the snake eye drop over the top turnbuckle to take firm control of the match. He rammed Benoit’s face into the side of the ring. Lawler said most people hate Kane because he’s ugly, adding: “Being ugly isn’t a crime. If it was, you’d be on death row.” Comments like that are so pathetic. It’s safe to say Lawler is fed those lines from Vince McMahon, which really says something about McMahon. Benoit teased a comeback at 6:00, but Kane retained control and went to a head twist. Ross said if Benoit has a weakness, it might be his neck. Kane stuck with the head twist for a while, leading to some scattered “boring” chants from the crowd. After a good first five minutes, the slow got sluggish for the next five. Benoit reversed Kane into a ringpost at 9:30, but Kane retained control. Back in the ring Benoit made a full-fledged comeback to zero crowd heat with a bunch of dropkicks and chopblocks to Kane’s left leg. When Benoit went for a sharpshooter at 12:00, Kane reached up and grabbed Benoit’s throat. Benoit again dropkicked Kane’s left leg. Benoit finally applied the Sharpshooter at 12:45. Kane reached the bottom rope 30 seconds later. Benoit then gave Kane three consecutive unreleased German suplexes. Benoit then did the throat slice signal and signalled for the top rope headbutt. Before he could climb the ropes, Kane sat up. Benoit looked shocked, so he went after Kane again with three more unreleased German suplexes. Benoit blew snot on Kane out of both nostrils, then hit the top rope diving headbutt. Ross references Dynamite Kid, Benoit’s childhood hero. Benoit was slow to get up, but Kane looked completely lifeless. Kane, though, did the Undertaker sit-up and rose just as Benoit did. Benoit immediately put Kane in the Crippler Crossface. Kane fought out of it before it could be fully applied. He then gave Benoit a chokeslam at 16:15. That’s when Ross was instructed by Vince to say, “We’re going to have a new champion here!” thus giving away to discerning fans there was zero chance of Kane winning the title. Benoit, sure enough, kicked out just before three. Kane lifted Benoit for a tombstone, but Benoit escaped. Kane then nailed Benoit with a big boot to the face at 17:00. Benoit fell flat onto his back and didn’t move. Kane then went to the top rope and clew off with a flying clothesline. Benoit sidestepped it and applied the Crippler Crossface. Kane screamed in agony. “Can Benoit make the monster tap?” shouted Ross in full-dramatic voice. Kane fought off the pain. The crowd went nuts. Kane stood up and escaped, but Benoit reapplied it from the other side and then rolled up Kane for a three count.

WINNER: Benoit at 18:20.

-In a nice tough, Grisham interviewed Benoit backstage right after his win. They discussed match strategy and reacted to key clips of turning points in the match. Benoit said he proved himself. It felt very “sports-like” and it came across as if the interviewer in this case actually paid attention to more than the finish of the match. Benoit did a really nice job believably talking about match strategy. I’m not sure if that’s Grisham’s real sports broadcaster coming out or if he was produced by someone else, but it really clicked. A great touch that I’ve never seen before by WWE.

7 — TRIPLE H vs. SHAWN MICHAELS – Hell in a Cell Match

They had a great staredown from across the ring to start the match, then they locked up. They went into a slugfest and chopfest right away. Hunter threw Michaels out of the ring at 2:00. Michaels dove right back into the ring and punched away at Hunter. The match, for what it’s worth, began two minutes before the start of the third hour, so they had at least 50 minutes of satellite time to work with. Hunter was bleeding from the forehead at 4:45. Michaels threw Hunter into the side of the cage at 6:00, then back in the ring punched him five times in the corner. Hunter powered out, but Michaels remained on offense and clotheslined Hunter over the top rope to the floor. Michaels attempted to suplex Hunter into the ring, but couldn’t. Ross said it appeared Michaels might have reaggravated his back. Hunter then whipped Michaels into the corner. Michaels continued to sell his back. Lawler told everyone to remember that Michaels asked for this match. Hunter lifted Michaels for a vertical suplex and held him high for a few seconds before dropping down at 9:00. Hunter brought a chair into the ring. In a nice series, Hunter held Michaels in a bearhug and rammed him into the ringpost, then the side of the cage, then the ringpost, then the side of the cage in rapid-fire fashion. Back in the ring Hunter side-slammed Michaels through a chair set up in mid-ring. Michaels managed to fight back and armdrag Hunter over the top rope to the floor at 15:30, but then collapsed afterward. Michaels and Hunter exchanged punches and chops in mid-ring. Hunter set up Michaels for a Pedigree, but Michaels low-blowed his way out of it. Hunter stumbled around the ring in pain. Michaels reverse atomic dropped Hunter in center-ring twice. Michaels then hit Hunter with a clothesline in the corner and scored a two count at 17:30. Michaels whipped Hunter into the cage at 18:00, then the stairs at 18:15. Hunter came back by backdropping Michaels off the ring stairs to the floor. Back in the ring at 21:00 Michaels nipped up, but Hunter stopped any tease of Michaels’s momentum by bashing him in the head with the top half of the ringside stairs that he had thrown into the ring a couple minutes earlier Michaels came up bleeding heavily from the forehead. Hunter hit Michaels a second time, then threw it back to ringside. Michaels managed to kick out before three much to the amazement of Ross. At 26:00 Michaels escaped a Hunter sleeper by ramming him head-first into the top turnbuckle. Michaels countered another Pedigree attempt into a DDT at 27:30. Michaels KO’d Hunter with a stiff chairshot at 28:00 and again 30 seconds later as soon as Hunter rose. Michaels made the cover, but Hunter kicked out. At 30:00 Michaels pulled ladder out from under the ring. As he grasped it, he let out a sinister smile. He then brought it into the ring and rammed it into Hunter’s face. Michaels rammed Hunter in the stomach a couple of times, then set up the ladder in the corner of the ring. Michaels then whipped Hunter into the ladder in the corner. Michaels could barely stand, but kicked Hunter in the ribs. Hunter was bleeding heavily at this point. Michaels whipped Hunter into the ladder in the corner again. Hunter bumped over the top rope to the floor. Michaels punched away at Hunter. Ross said it’s as if Michaels is possessed. Michaels missed with a top rope elbow at 35:00 when Hunter moved. Hunter crawled over Michaels and made the cover, but Michaels kicked out. Not much of a pop. The crowd was either exhausted or not believing the match would end that way. Probably the latter. They both got up to their knees and punched each other, looking extremely spent. Hunter brought a table into the ring at 38:00. Michaels threw some punches that brought Hunter down to his knees. Michaels then put Hunter on the table, then climbed to the top of the ladder and leaped onto Hunter with an elbow, breaking the table in half. The crowd chanted “HBK.” Hunter barely kicked out of the pin attempt. The ref shoved the table pieces out of the ring. Michaels stomped the mat to signal his Sweet Chin Music. When he went for the kick. Hunter ducked and punched Michaels between the legs. Hunter then gave Michaels a Pedigree at 41:45. Hunter draped his arm over Michaels, but Michaels lifted his shoulder just before three drawing a pop from the crowd. Michaels surprised Hunter with a superkick out of nowhere at 42:45. Michaels draped his arm over Hunter’s chest. Hunter lifted his shoulder at 43:45. “How much more can these men do to each other?” asked Lawler. Ross replied, “A shudder to think of the answer to that question.” Lawler said he was sure they’d think of something. Hunter gave Michaels a Pedigree, but he was unable to capitalize as he fell onto his back after executing the move. They both lay motionless on the mat for over a minute. Ross said this is a match that neither wrestler would ever be able to recover from. They went to a wide angle over the whole cage to take in the scene. Ross, with a double overtime NHL playoff feel to the situation, said someone would eventually score a pin and they’d be there when it happened. Hunter managed to get in one more Pedigree, then slowly draped his arm over Michaels and scored the pin. Neither wrestler moved after the three count. The ref literally lifted Hunter off of Michaels a minute after the pinfall.

WINNER: Hunter at 47:26.

source: Wade Keller

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