Survivor Series

Jun 3, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, November 17th in New York, NY

Shawn Michaels delivered Sweet Chin Music to Triple H and won the World Heavyweight Championship Sunday night before a rabid sellous crowd at Madison Square Garden!

HBK, who hadn’t held a title since dropping the WWE Championship to Steve Austin at WrestleMania 14, also pinned Chris Jericho in the Elimination Chamber match to set up his showdown with The Game.

Jericho looked unstoppable upon entering the ring. Y2J sent both Kane and Booker T back to the locker rooms after scoring pinfalls. RVD also looked impressive, starting the match with high-octane offense against the defending champion, Triple H.

After Michaels scored the pinfall, Madison Square Garden erupted with deafening cheers and a shower of streamers and confetti. What will become of HBK’s reign as the World Heavyweight Champion? Tune in to RAW at 9/8 CT Monday night on TNN to hear what the champ has to say!

All month long, one question burned in everyone’s mind: Could Brock Lesnar hit the F-5 on the Big Show? Many felt that the champion’s devastating finisher was the key to a successful title defense. Brock Lesnar gave a resounding answer to that question by picking the 7-foot-2, 500-pound Big Show onto his shoulders and slamming him to the mat without hesitation!

Even Lesnar’s advisor, Paul Heyman, stared in wide-eyed shock after feeling the tremor caused by Show crashing to the canvas. Brock appeared to have locked up the win, but Heyman unexpectedly pulled the referee out of the ring in mid-count! Lesnar’s blood boiled as he stared into Heyman’s terrified face. Brock gave chase but was cut down by a chairshot from his opponent. After a chokeslam onto the steel chair, Big Show got the pinfall and celebrated with Paul Heyman and his newly-won WWE Championship!

Eddie and Chavo Guerrero earned the WWE Tag Team Championship by outlasting Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit and the defending champs, Edge and Rey Mysterio, in an Elimination Match. Angle and Benoit were the first to be ousted after their bickering distracted them both. Eddie finished off an incredible, fast-paced match by making Rey Mysterio tap out to the Lasso from El Paso.

In a brutal mach that featured all sorts of weapons — from ironing boards and brooks to trash cans and fire extinguishers, Victoria pinned Trish Stratus to become the Women’s Champion! The fact that blood gushed from Victoria’s nose through most of the match only seemed to fuel her rage throughout.

Not even Nidia’s interference could help Jamie Noble at Madison Square Garden. Billy Kidman took hold of the Cruiserweight Championship after nailing a perfect Shooting Star Press to end Noble’s five-month title reign.

When the brand extension first took hold, it appeared to signify the end of one of the greatest tag teams of all time. But the Dudley Boyz teamed up to break at least one more table at Survivor Series! Bubba faced a desperate situation. Both his partners had been smashed through tables and eliminated, leaving him to face two opponents by himself. Just as Bubba faced certain elimination, D-Von Dudley raced in and evened the score. The Dudley Boyz put Rico through a table with a 3-D and brought the Madison Square Garden crowd to its feet! Are the Dudley Boyz back together again?

Match results

Spike, Bubba Ray & Jeff Hardy def. 3-Minute Warning & Rico

Billy Kidman def. Jamie Noble for the Cruiserweight Champion

Victoria def. Trish Stratus for the Women’s Championship

The Big Show def. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship

Los Guerreros def. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit and Edge & Rey Mysterio for the WWE Tag Team Championship

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