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Sunday, August 25th in Nassau, NY

Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio

Rey started immediately with a hurracanrana and monkey flip. Angle regained control and unsuccessfully attempted to apply his ankle lock. Mysterio then attempted the 619, but Angle escaped. Angle then slowed down the pace and started to wear the young Mexican down. Mysterio attempted a few comebacks, but Angle used his superior strength to wear down his foe. Eventually, Angle applied a half crab which Mysterio countered by rolling up the Olympic hero. Angle escaped at 2 and continued to wear down Mysterio while the sold out crowd chanted “Angle Sucks!” over and over again. An irate Angle attempted and Angle Slam, but Rey slid off his shoulders and started to get some offense in, including a vicious leg drop off the top rope, a 619 and a Huracanrana. Angle withstood Mysterio’s assault, and a minute later applied the ankle lock. A few seconds later Mysterio tapped out.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Ric Flair vs Chris Jericho

Ric Flair started the match with a few “whooos” and a couple of slaps to Jericho’s face. Jericho countered with some vicious punches and a suplex. A few chops by Flair had little effect on Fozzy’s lead singer, and Jericho continued his assault, eventually clotheslining Flair outside the ring and slamming Flair into the security wall. Jericho then tossed Flair back in the ring and continued to pound the 16 time World Champion. Somehow the legendary Flair gathered some strength and hit Jericho with his trademark knife edge chops. After being initially stunned, Jericho gathered himself and once again started to beat down on Flair. Jericho then charged Flair in the corner, but missed. Flair took control with some more chops and an assault on Jericho’s lower back. Slowly Jericho fought his way back though, and both men exchanged offense for a few minutes. Jericho managed to get Flair in the Figure Four. Flair reached down deep and made it to the ropes before Jericho could break his leg. A distracted Charles Robinson missed Flair hit Jericho below the belt. Flair applied the Figure Four, and Jericho submitted.

Winner: Ric Flair

Edge vs Eddie Guerrero

Edge took early control of the match, but Eddie fought back quickly with a series of kicks and elbows. Edge fought back with a power slam and went for the first cover but only managed a two count. Eddie then took the action outside the ring and attacked the young Canadian like a rabid dog. Edge’s shoulder appeared injured and Eddie went after it like a savage sensing the final kill. Edge remained on the defensive for several minutes, his shoulder being continuously wrenched by the hyper aggressive Latino Heat. Several times, Edge fought back, but each time Guerrero had an answer. Eddie finally attempted the 5 star frog splash, but Edge got his knees up. Edge then Edgecuted Eddie, but Eddie kicked out. Eddie then hit the 5 Star on Edge’s shoulder, but Edge kicked out. Edge then hit spear with everything he had and pinned Latino Heat.

Winner: Edge

Tag Team Championship – Booker T and Goldust vs Christian and Lance Storm

The Un-Americans came to the ring disrespecting the U.S. by carrying an upside down American flag. JR and the King voiced their disgust. Goldust and Booker T gained an early advantage over the Un- Americans and it appeared that they might make short work of their opponents. Storm and Christian battled back, though, and after a series of cheap shots gained control of the match. Goldust was being hammered by the American haters and could not make the tag to his partner. After several near falls, Goldust finally made the tag, but referee Nick Patrick missed the tag and Storm and Christian continued to wear out Goldust. With everything he had left, Goldust fought back and he and Christian clotheslined each other at the same time, knocking each other out. Christian was the first to get up and Storm and Christian tried a concerto as a helpless Booker T looked on. Goldust ducked and made the tag to Booker T who proceeded to clean house on both Un-Americans. Lance Storm, trying to help Christian, Mistakenly knocked out Patrick. Booker T then hit Christian with a superkick and went for the cover. Patrick was still out though and no count was made. Test then interfered by big booting Booker T. Patrick by this time was revived and counted one, two, three.

Winners: Christian and Lance Storm

Intercontinental Championship – Rob Van Dam vs Chris Benoit

RVD sent an early message with a bunch of hard kicks to the Rabid Wolverine who was forced to regroup outside the ring. And regroup he did, driving RVD to the mat and using a series of holds to wear down RVD. After a vicious suplex by Benoit, referee Earl Hebner asked RVD if he could continue. RVD said, “yes” and suffered for a few more minutes at the hands of the reigning champ. An inside cradle by RVD seemed to inspire him for a moment, but just as soon, Benoit took control with a few knife edge chops. A split legged moonsault then went awry for the SoCal high-flyer, and Benoit attempted the high-risk flying head butt off the top rope and missed. Van Dam countered with the 5-Star, but Benoit rolled away and applied the Crippler Crossface to a hurt RVD. RVD managed to find the ropes, and the match continued with Benoit in control. Several minutes later, Benoit cinched in the Crossface again., RVD, broke free! Nevertheless, Benoit continued his relentless assault including three German Suplexes and another Crossface which RVD escaped from. Finally, RVD got some offense in with a springboard, near fall, Rolling Thunder, and another near fall. Benoit fought back and went for a suplex off the top rope and RVD countered in the air and turned it into a body slam. With Benoit prone on the mat RVD went for the 5 Star and hit it. One-two- three. RVD is the new Intercontinental Champion.

Winner: RVD New Intercontinental Champion

Undertaker vs Test

Undertaker began the match with an adulterated assault on the Un-American. He went old School, put Test managed to pull the Deadman off balance and Taker fell on the ropes and suffered the consequences. Test took control and took Taker outside the ring and slammed him into the ring steps before rolling him back in the ring. Test then began to outpower his bigger opponent with a series of kicks and arm locks keeping Undertaker off his vertical base. The two then exchanged punches and Undertaker’s soup bones gave him the advantage. This time he attempted Old School and hit it. Test attempted the Pump Handle Slam, Taker countered, Went for the Chokeslam. Test tried to counter, but Taker nailed it. Test kicked out, however, and Lance Storm and Christian both rushed the ring. They got Chokeslammed for their trouble. But, in the confusion, Test hit Taker with the Big Boot. He went for the cover, but Taker kicked out at two. Undertaker came back with the Tombstone Piledriver and pinned Test. Undertaker celebrated with the crowd by proudly carrying an American flag. Old Glory never looked better.

Winner: Undertaker

Unsanctioned Match – Triple H vs Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels showed little ring rust early and shocked Triple H with a Reverse Plancha early. Michaels maintained control with a clothesline and then went under the ring and brought out some Hardcore artillery. Triple H countered with a knee to the gut, but Michaels withstood the knee and nailed Triple H in the head with a trash can. Michaels went for Sweet Chin Music, but Triple H ducked and responded with a brutal backbreaker. Triple H then dominated his former mentor for the next several minutes, hitting the smaller Michaels with a series of elbows and a hellacious shot to the back. Triple H went for the pin but Michaels somehow managed to not only kick out but attempt a pin of his own. The comeback was short, however, as Triple devastated Michaels with a DDT on a steel chair, before whipping him like a scalded dog with a leather belt. The Cerebral Assassin brought a sledgehammer into the ring. Michaels escaped, But Triple Ha put the former World Champion n an abdomen-able stretch. Another chair shot later and Michaels lay prone on the mat. Triple H then hit a back breaker onto a steel chair, but Michaels refused to be pinned. Triple H went for the Pedigree, but Michaels broke the hold with a shot to the groin. Triple H went for another chair shot, but Michaels countered wit Sweet Chin Music to the chair which blasted Triple H in the face. Triple was busted wide open. Michaels took the offensive and buoyed by the crowd began to repay his former protege with a Jason Giambi like chair shot to Triple H’s bloody face. The Showstopper then brought out a ladder and used like a battering ram on Triple H’s face and abdomen. Finally Michaels tossed him into the ring and went for the pin. He got a two-count before Triple H kicked out. Micheals then hit the Superplex but still couldn’t pin The Game. After some more brutality by both competitors, Michaels brought out a table. With Hunter prone outside the ring, Michaels hit a flying body slam off the top turnbuckle and smashed Triple H through the table. Michaels brought the ladder in the ring and rolled Triple H on to the mat. He then hit an elbow smash off the top of the ladder. A bloodied and battered Triple blocked Sweet Chin Music and went for the Pedigree. Michaels countered with a roll-up and pinned Triple H. A furious Triple H nailed Michaels with a sledgehammer and knocked the winner of this unsanctioned match into oblivion.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Undisputed WWE Championship – Brock Lesnar vs The Rock

The most anticipated World Championship match in recent history began with The Rock sprinting to the ring and getting right down to business with The Next Big Thing. Brock, however, was ready and took early control with a backbreaker and a series of shoulders To The Rock’s ribs. The action quickly spilled outside the ring and Paul Heyman, Brock’s agent, got in a few cheap shots before Brock continued to force the action. The Rock attempted a comeback, but Heyman was there once again to make sure that Lesnar stayed in control. Lesnar maintained control with a simple but brutal attack before The Rock sucked out of a shoulder charge and Lesner went shoulder first into the ring post. The Rock attempted several clotheslines before getting Lesnar off his feet. The Rock then went for the Sharpshooter, but Heyman interfered again. The Rock then got the Sharpshooter on Lesnar, but Lesnar refused to tap. Heyman then was brought in the ring the hard way, but the interference allowed Lesnar to recover and nail The Rock with a steel chair to the ribs. Brock tried to squeeze the life out of The Rock with a bear hug before turning into a suplex. Brock then used his amateur skills and rode The Rock for several minutes. The Rock appeared out of it and referee Mike Chioda counted one, two, but before he could get to three, The Rock fought back and broke Lesnar’s vise grip. The Rock countered with a shot to the groin, but Lesnar then hit two straight shoulder into a prone Rock. On Lesnar’s third attempt, Rock ducked and Lesnar hit the ring post with his exposed shoulder. The Rock then took the offensive and cleared the Spanish announce table of its monitors. Paul Heyman then felt what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a Rock Bottom on the announce table. The Rock then hit the Rock Bottom on Lesnar, but Lesnar kicked out at two. Lesnar countered with a Rock Bottom of his own, bit only managed a two count. The Rock hit a Spinebuster and then went for the People’s Elbow, but Lesnar got up and clotheslined the champion. Lesnar hits the F-5 and wins the Undisputed Champion! Winner and New Undisputed Champion, Brock Lesnar

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