No Mercy

Jun 3, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, October 20th in Little Rock, AR

Backstage: Kane sits down next to the Undertaker and asks “So … how was your week?” (review of Triple H’s accusation that Kane is a murderer and that the Undertaker is an adulterer) A narration from Paul Heyman states that Brock Lesnar is the new Phenom. He says that the Undertaker will Rest in Peace.

Match #1 – Chris Jericho and Christian vs. Booker T. and Goldust

Booker T steps in for action and Christian comes in. Christian hits the mat first. Booker T is aggressive and wants to brawl rather than wrestle. Goldust is in and he also works fast and gets a nearfall on Christian. Jericho is tagged in Goldust is attacked by the two opponents, but knocks the two of them, on top of each other, onto the outside of the ring. Christian gets in a cheap shot. Jericho gets a nearfall. Jericho takes control of the match. Christian is tagged in and keeps Goldust isolated. Goldust tries to crawl to his corner. Christian knocks Booker off the apron to stop that. Again, Goldust is isolated. Goldust again tries to make the tag, Jericho cuts him off. He gives Jericho a neckbreaker and makes the tag. Booker is now in with Jericho. He explodes into action. Goldust gets the Golden Globes. Jericho gets Goldust in the Walls. Booker comes in and solves that. He nails Jericho with the scissors kick. Christian attacks Goldust on the outside. Booker comes off the top rope with a kick to Jericho. Booker spins. Christian runs in with the belt. Booker gets rid of him. Jericho goes for a moonsault and the second rope breaks. The ref checks it out while Booker has Jericho pinned. Jericho pulls a moonsault off the top and pins Goldust for the win.


Funaki reviews the situation with Dawn Marie and Torrie. He then talks with Torrie’s dad who has had more than a few peeks at Dawn Marie. Funaki wants to know why Torrie’s dad was wearing clothes in the shower. Torrie’s dad says that he did have sexual relations with that woman.

Match #2 – Torrie vs. Dawn Marie

Immediately, Torrie knocks Dawn Marie to the floor before she even finishes entering the ring. Torrie is angry and is taking is to Dawn. Dawn Marie seems more focused and is able to turn it into a wrestling match. Dawn Marie takes Dawn Marie to the outside and then after some punishment, puts her back in the ring. Dawn focuses on Torrie’s lower back and goes to work. Dawn slips on a few submission moves and keeps Torrie on her stomach. Dawn Marie gets a pin, but Torrie kicks out. Torrie is more than teed and attacks. The ref ends up rolling around on the floor with them. The match continues. The two are now throwing each other around the ring. Torrie slingshots Dawn Marie into the corner. Torrie is finally able to pin and win.


Backstage: Van Dam makes fun of Flair
Backstage: Tracy insists that Undertaker is a liar and will get what he deserves.

Match #3 – Ric Flair vs. Rob Van Dam

Ric Flair and Rob Van Dam start out on the outside. RVD kicks Flair into the first row. RVD works on his in the barrier. They return to the ring and RVD administers rolling thunder. They continue. Van Dam gets a nearfall. Flair fights back with a low blow. Flair focuses on Rob’s knee to keep him grounded. Flair pushes RVD into the corner and continues to work on the left leg. Flair stomps on RVD. Flair goes for the figure four. Rob is able to the ropes and break it. Rob counters another figure four with a cradle and gets a near fall. Flair goes to the top rope. RVD catches him and throws him to the mat. The crowd goes wild. Rob gives Flair rolling thunder and pins, but Flair grabs the rope. Rob Van Dam nails the 5 star frog splash and wins the match.


Backstage: Big Show is confiding to Steph about something. Eric catches them and demands to know what is going on. Big Show tells Eric that he has not been on a ppv since July and has not headlined a ppv in years. He is not pleased. He blames it on Eric. Eric tells him that he cannot talk to Steph and wants to know who the hell he thinks he is. Giant grabs him and tells threatens him with bodily harm.

Match #4 – Jamie Noble with Nidia vs. Tajiri

Tajiri meets Noble with a baseball slide. He then jumps out onto the floor onto Noble. In the ring, Tajiri remains dominant. Noble uses a submission move, pulling Tajiri’s arms behind his back to gain some control. Noble gets covers, but cannot make it stick. Tajiri remains dominant. Nidia distracts the ref with a kiss when Tajiri has Noble pinned. Nidia continues to help Noble until he is able to fall onto Tajiri for the pin. Tajiri kisses Nidia; she likes it. Nidia kisses Noble. She likes it. Tajiri kicks Noble in the back of the head, he falls on top of Nidia. Tajiri leaves the ring.


Backstage: Benoit tells Eddie that Angle put Chavo in a closet. Eddie refuses to help. It turns out to be Chavo.

Match #5 – Triple H vs. Kane

The match starts out as a brawl and continues in this fashion. Kane is unusually vocal as he continues to unload on Hunter. Hunter seems tentative about the match up at first. Kane knocks Hunter out of the ring in the beginning and then they remain in the ring for a while. They end up on the outside again. Then back in the ring. Triple H is now having an advantage as he stomps on Kane and gets in a neckbreaker. Kane tries to counter but Triple H continues to show dominance and gets in a spinebuster. The ref admonishes Triple H for slingshoting Kane’s throat in the ropes, but the match continues. Triple H jumps on piggyback and slaps on a sleeper. Kane misses with one move then he connects with a big boot. Kane gets in a sidewalk slam and comes off the third rope. Flair runs in to help. Kane fights him off. The ref is down. Flair runs in again and Hurricane chases Flair away. Triple H pedigrees Hurricane on the outside. Kane sits up and fights Triple H after he returns to the ring. Triple H comes off the top rope, but Kane catches him in midair. The match continues and they knock each other down. The ref is out. They end up on the outside. Kane chokeslams Triple H through the Spanish announce table. Flair cannot seem to stop Kane. Kane takes Triple H into the ring. Flair tries to nail Kane with a sledge hammer. Kane takes the sledge hammer from Flair. He finally decides to use it on Triple H. Triple H desperately gives Kane a low blow. Kane picks up Triple H in a tombstone, but Triple H nails him in the midsection. Kane recovers and delivers a chokeslam. He pins. Another ref starts the count but is pulled out by Flair. Flair comes in and distracts Kane. Hunter pedigrees Kane and is able to pin and win.


Backstage: Steph finally finds out that Tracy did lie and she really did just want to get him back after all these years. Paul Heyman had contacted her and put her up to it all. Taker walks in and calls her an unflattering name. Steph tells her to leave.

Match #6 – Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit vs. Edge and Rey Mysterio

Angle and Mysterio start it off. Angle wants to mock Mysterio more than anything. Angle wants Edge, but Rey will not back down from the Olympic Champ. Rey is tired of being the butt of Angle’s jock. He steps on Angle’s foot and keeps Angle on the mat and mocks him for a while. Edge is tagged in and then Benoit enters the ring. Benoit is determined to outwrestle Edge. The fight continues as Edge holds his own. Angle is tagged in. Kurt gives Edge a belly to belly. Mysterio comes in. Mysterio gets a nearfall. Angle makes the save. The moves are incredible. Benoit gets the crossface on. Edge breaks it up. Mysterio goes for the 619 and gets caught by Benoit. Angle comes in and gives Mysterio a huge belly to belly. Benoit is in with Mysterio. Angle throws Mysterio into their corner for some punishment. Angle gets the tag and gets a two count. The match gets wilder. Angle flipped into the ring from the top by Mysterio, Benoit comes in with a head butt. Edge is now using his partner as a missile and it works. Benoit will not say die and slams on the crippler cross face on Edge. Mysterio knocks Benoit off with the 619. Mysterio gets the Angle slam. Angle throws on the ankle lock onto Edge. Edge gets out, he rolls up, but Angle kicks out in the nick of time. Benoit and Mysterio end up on the outside. Angle has Edge in an ankle lock in the ring. Edge counters and does it again. Angle switches positions again. Edge taps out.


Backstage: Undertaker insists that the trainer gives him a painkiller shot in the hand that has the cast.

Match #7- Victoria vs. Trish

Victoria comes in with strength and skill and is dominating the match. Trish fights back. The match goes well after that for Trish who is able to pin and win. However, Victoria delivers a devastating kick to Trish’s chin after the match.


Match #8 – Hell in a Cell – Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

Brock is fast and avoids the Undertaker’s attempts. Brock takes the Undertaker and gets a bear hug on immediately. Taker breaks the hold. Brock powerslams Taker and gets a near fall. Undertaker slams his cast into Brock’s stomach. Undertaker goes to work on Lesnar. Lesnar gets out of the ring to avoid a hit from the cast. Brock returns to the ring and starts beating on the Undertaker. He punishes Taker. Taker is yelling in pain. Undertaker finally gets free and Taker slams Lesnar with the cast. Brock is bleeding profusely and yelling as he makes a puddle of blood on the floor from his head wound. Taker continues to attack. Taker is relentless and throws him into the cage repeatedly and also drags his head across the fence. Heyman yells for mercy from the outside. Taker drives his knees into the open wound on Lesnar’s head. Taker gets sick of hearing Heyman and even hurts him through the cage using Heyman’s tie and Brock himself. Heyman is now bleeding from the head. The Undertaker is thrown by Brock into the cage. Heyman hands his belt to Brock. Brock wraps the belt around the cast and hands the belt back to Heyman. Heyman tells Undertaker he is going to die now. Heyman holds the belt and Lesnar slams Taker in the back and the hand with a chair. Lesnar goes to work on removing the cast. Taker fights back with hands and feet. Lesnar continues to work on the cast. Lesnar kicks Undertaker’s cast and the Undertaker is on the mat, on the ground. Lesnar gets the cast off. Lesnar stomps on the foot. Lesnar puts the Undertaker on the top rope. Lesnar swings from the roof and he kicks Taker in the face and chest. Taker gives him a low blow and throws him off the ropes. Taker comes off the ropes with an elbow. Now the Undertaker is even using the broken hand to help him work on Lesnar and keep himself. Brock throws the metal stops onto him and the Undertaker comes up with a thick sheet of blood coming down his face. Lesnar is celebrating. Taker is trying to see through his crimson mask. Lesnar returns to the ring and Lesnar gets a two count twice. Undertaker is using his broken right hand. Now he stomps Brock’s right hand. He wants revenge. Undertaker goes to take a walk on the ropes, Brock pulls an arm drag and throws Undertaker across the mat. Taker counters the F-5 and chokeslams Lesnar for a two count. Taker gets a near fall again, but Lesnar again recovers. Taker makes the signal for the last ride, Lesnar counters and slams Taker into the corner. Lesnar unless on Taker. Taker gets Lesnar the Last Ride. Taker gets the pin, but Lesnar grabs the rope to stop the count. Taker makes the sign for the tombstone. Lesnar counters it and gives Taker the F-5. He pins and wins.


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