King of the Ring

Jun 3, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, June 23rd in Columbus, OH

Opening video: Montage of past winners and preview of the four finalists.

Match #1 – King of the Ring Semifinal – Chris Jericho vs. RVD

Jericho and RVD engage in chain wrestling early on. Jericho runs back and forth and the two get busy! Both men drop kick and each other! RVD stops to pose. Jericho slaps, RVD kicks. This results in a nearfall for RVD. Jericho gets on top and uses his right hand on RVD. Jericho knocks RVD down but RVD nails Jericho and knocks him to the floor. RVD launches himself into a somersault onto Jericho and both men are down on the outside. Back inside, RVD comes off the top with a kick to Jericho. The two end up on the top turnbuckle, and they both come down with a double arm superplex. Rob seems to take the worst of it. The crowd launches into a “Jericho sucks” chant. RVD uses a sledge after getting out of the corner and gets RVD down. Jericho gets a nearfall and then Jericho goes to uncover a turnbuckle. RVD goes for the roll-up, but only gets a two count. The ref was distracted by the turnbuckle. Jericho gets a two count. Jericho uses tape on his hand to choke RVD and continues to play hard and nasty. Jericho goes to jump on RVD, but misses. Jericho uses a submission to wear down RVD as he pulls both arms behind RVD’s torso. RVD gets out of the way, but Jericho ends up going into a ring pole with a shoulder block at full speed. RVD uses a springboard kick to take down Jericho, Jericho gets up and RVD knocks him down with another kick. RVD lands a moonsault but only gets a moonsault. The match continues and Jericho gets a kick in and earns a two count. Jericho pulls a release German suplex and still RVD is able to recover. RVD pulls a perfect split leg moonsault and still only earns a two count. RVD is now beyond frustrated. Jericho goes for the walls. RVD reverses it and the men continue. The two continue to spar, Jericho uses the ropes and still cannot get a two count. RVD goes for the frog splash but Jericho is gone Jericho goes for his lionsault, but only gets a two count. Jericho is able to maneuver Rob into the walls, but Rob is able to grasp the ropes. RVD knocks Jericho to a straddle. Jericho rolls to the middle of the mat. RVD meets his with a frog splash and it is over Jericho continues to be a poor sport and beats on RVD, then puts him on the walls to injure Rob’s chances in his next match.


In the locker room: Paul compares Brock to Godzilla but says Brock is real. Paul insists he is the next big thing and it is time to prove it.

Match 2 – SEMIFINAL – Test vs. Brock Lesnar

Brock wastes no time working on Test, but Test fights back and is able to knock Lesnar out of the ring. Lesnar returns after a pep talk from Paul and Test is ready. He nails Lesnar with rights and then stomps him down in the corner. Lesnar executes a powerful spinebuster and follows it up with multiple elbow drops. Brock knocks Test down with one right and then Brock continues to be dominant. Lesnar performs a great back breaker but Test recovers. Test gives Brock an atomic drop, but Brock returns with a power slam. Test is able to kick out. Test gives Brock a sidewalk slam. Test executes a full nelson slam and Brock gets up. Test continues to attempt a pump handle slam. He gets it, but Brock gets out of it, barely. The fight continues. Test gave him the big boot the face, but Brock took it and then returned to offer the helicopter and it is over.


Interview: Coach asks Bubba his thoughts – Bubba says it will be Brock.
Interview: Lance and Christian are asked. Lance says he wanted it to be all Canadian and now it is all American. Christian says everyone is prejudiced. The entire world hates America. Lance says that they need to rise above the American attitude and think about civility, intelligence, and peace. Review: Nidia stalks Hurricane and helps her boyfriend Jamie Noble.

Match #3 – Cruiserweight Championship – Jamie Noble with Nidia vs. Hurricane

The two lock up and Hurricane seems to get the better of Noble, but Noble complains to the ref. The two show some interesting mat work as the match continues. Hurricane gets in a nice shot to the head and then adds another shot as he gets a near fall. Nidia gets involved and Hurricane ends up fallen on the outside with a clothesline from Noble. Jamie rolls Hurricane back in and gets a nearfall. Jamie now seems in control with an abdominal stretch. Noble gets a two count. The match continues though Hurricane takes a hard fall he be still is able to kick out of a pin in time. Hurricane counters and is able to defend himself from Noble and end up dominant. Hurricane gets a two count and shows he is ready to end the match. Noble pulls off a bridge suplex but cannot make it stick. Hurricane again goes for the cover, but Noble won’t stay put. Hurricane takes his cape. Nidia takes it away. Hurricane flips Jamie out of the ring and then jumps onto Noble. Noble gets up and knocks him down; Nidia also gets in for a taunting kiss. Hurricane takes he and Noble off the top to the mat. Hurricane pins, but Nidia distracts the ref. Finally, Noble pins, and Nidia knocks the Hurricane’s foot off the rope. One, two, three and it is all over.


IN THE BACK: The Rock arrives at the arena
Interview: Terri interviews Eddie about his attack with Benoit on Flair. Eddie chooses instead to say hello to all of his family. Finally, he says he is not at all concerned about Ric Flair.

Match #4 – Eddie Guerrero vs. Ric Flair

The match starts out with Eddie like a jumping bean and Ric acting cool and calculated. Eddie mocks Flair and Flair goes into action. The match gets better as Ric goes for his famous chop which sends Eddie out of the ring. Eddie comes back in but is almost sorry he does as he receives a low blow and further punishment from Flair. Flair backs him to the corner with rights and lefts and then gives him a chop that knocks him to the mat. Again Guerrero goes outside to regroup. Eddie returns and gets facelock on Flair, but Flair gets him up to a standing suplex and drops him to the mat. Eddie scores with a nasty shot to the knee and Flair is in pain. Eddie continues to work on the leg without mercy. Eddie has the figure four locked in and he punishes Ric until Ric gets to the ropes. Unbelievably, Ric continues and is able to continue the fight. Eddie pulls a snapmare and uses submission. Both men get up and it becomes a chop fest. Finally, after Eddie rakes Ric’s eyes, Ric knocks Eddie to the floor. Back in the ring, the two continue. Flair seems to have the upper hand, as Chris Benoit comes to the ring. Flair puts the figure four on Guerrero. Benoit walks around the ring. Guererro gets out and the chopping begins. Eddie takes Ric down with an elbow. Eddie continues his attack and gets a pin on Flair, but Flair gets a leg up on the ropes. Benoit pulls Flair out of the ring and applies the cross face. The ref does not see it until the damage is done. While the ref shoos Chris up the ramp, Bubba sneaks in the ring and gives Eddie the Bubba bomb. Flair gets to the ring and covers Eddie for the win.


At the World: Regal and Chris Nowinski abuse a waitress.

Match #5 – Trish vs. Molly – Women’s Championship

Molly wastes no time in attacking the champion. Molly gets down to the mat and uses a submission to hold Trish. Trish gets away only to be attacked by Molly again. Trish rolls up Molly but cannot get it to stick. Trish does score a nearfall. With Molly’s drop toe hold, Trish gets choked on the ropes but the match continues. On the outside, Molly continues to abuse Trish, both knocking her into the crowd, and then knocking her back over the barrier. Trish gets Molly off the turnbuckle with a somersault. Trish goes for a chop and takes Molly down. Trish continues to use great kicks to Molly’s head. Molly has a belly to belly but gets only a two count. The fight continues and as the two continues to roll each other up, Molly holds Trish’s tights to get the win to keep Trish stuck on the mat.


Backstage: Angle states his confusion about why people think Hogan is a real American hero. He says he is the real American hero.

Match #6 – Kurt Angle vs. Hulk Hogan

Kurt immediately tries to take a more amateur wrestling stance and Hogan uses an elbow to break the first hold. Angle seems to be putting the most into the ring and spending the most time out of the ring. The size differential seems to be making a difference for Angle. The second time Angle is out, Hogan brings Angle in and repeatedly slams him headfirst into the turnbuckle. As Hogan continues his assault, Angle stops it with a mule kick. Angle stomps Hogan while he is down on the mat. Angle uses chops to weaken Hogan as he is in the corner. Angle unloads with his right hands. Hogan fights back with rights. Angle begins a few suplexes on Hogan Hogan is able to counter and offer a suplex of his own, Hogan then gives a scoop slam. Angle goes for a sleeper to take some more of the fight out of Hogan. The two continue. Angle and Hogan seem to be hurting in the lower back areas. Angle gets an Olympic slam, but he only gets a two count. Hogan starts shaking and knocks down Angle with a big boot. He takes Angle’s wig off. Angle gets out of the ring. Angle brings in a chair but hits himself. Finally, Angle locks in the ankle lock. Hogan grasps the ropes, but Angle pulls him back and Hogan cannot keep it for long. Hogan shakes and tries to get out, but Angle holds on and on and on until he makes Hogan tap out.


Backstage: Goldust is playing the Rock as he talks to Booker. Unfortunately, the Rock is behind them watching. Rock finally shows Goldust how to do it right. Booker congratulates Rock on his words on Smackdown. Goldust actually scares Rock again and talks about his cannon. Rock calls Goldie a sick freak. But they all agree on one thing — the NWO must be taken out.

Match #7 – KOTR FINAL – Brock Lesnar vs. Rob Van Dam

Both men realize this is the big one and they go into it with all their strength. Rob starts out by trying to kick out Brock’s legs out from under him. Brock repeatedly slams RVD into the posts back-first to soften him up. Brock gets the first nearfall and a two count. Lesnar uses some backbreakers and continues to work on RVD’s back. RVD is trying to break out of the bear hug, but is not making progress. Lesnar goes for a shoulder block, and RVD is out of the way. Brock takes the pain, but RVD is ready and continues to use his kicks and quick moves to keep Brock down. RVD makes progress with a nearfall after rolling thunder. Rob comes off the ropes but Lesnar catches him in midair and flies him around in his finishing move and it is all over. WINNER – KING OF THE RING – BROCK LESNAR Backstage: Triple H is greeted by the NWO. It is a strange tension filled moment. He hugs everyone but Big Show. Nash tells Triple H that is he needs them in his match they will be there.

Match #8 – Undertaker vs. HHH – WWE Championship

The two explode in the middle of the ring. Undertaker takes Triple H to the corner but Triple H lands on top of the Taker, and then knocks him to the outside. Triple H follows him and administers punishment, knocking him into the steel steps. Triple H takes Undertaker into the barrier and gives him some rights. The ref encourages them back into the ring. Undertaker misses with a boot and ends up hooking himself up in the corner. Undertaker gives the Game snake eyes in the corner. Undertaker gets a nearfall and a two count Undertaker gets another nearfall. The Game gets up and Undertaker administers a sidewalk slam and an elbow drop for another two count. Undertaker gives elbow to Triple H from the outside. Back on the inside, Undertaker continues to remain dominant. Back to the outside, and then back in, the Undertaker has control of the Game. The two fight it out on the top of the ring post, but Triple H knocks Undertaker to the mat. Triple H executes a back body drop on the Undertaker. A clothesline by the Undertaker gives him another two count, and he exposes a turnbuckle. He brings Triple H over to it. Undertaker takes Triple H to the diagonal, but Triple H then knocks Undertaker back first into the exposed turnbuckle. As Undertaker is concerned with his back, Triple H seems to be having problems with his left elbow. Undertaker takes Triple H into the exposed turnbuckle. Triple H gives a high knee and gets a near fall. Undertaker gets a near fall. Then Undertaker counters a pedigree, but the two end up knocking out the ref. A double clothesline knocks both men out. Rock comes out to argue with Paul at the booth who has been running his mouth. Undertaker is slowly coming to, as is Triple H who is not close behind him. Undertaker comes out for a chair. Undertaker brings the chair in, but the Game thwarts his plans. He knocks Undertaker out of the ring. The two fight it out in front of the announce table. Undertaker just nails the Rock and gets another chair. Undertaker and Rock start fighting. Rock hits Triple H with a chair by mistake. Undertaker goes into the ring with Triple H. A replacement ref follows. Triple H wont stay down. The Undertaker knocks the replacement ref out. Rock comes in to knock out the Undertaker and again both competitors are on the mat. A bloody Triple H tries to get up Triple H is able to get his arm on top of the Undertaker. He only gets the two count and the Undertaker gets up. The two men struggle. Hunter pulls off a pedigree but the ref is out of it. Finally the ref is pulled over and the Undertaker gets the three count on Triple H in a roll-up with a handful of tights. The Rock comes in. does his signatures moves to Taker. Not to be outdone, Triple H, still bleeding, gives Rock a pedigree. The Undertaker pounces like a panther and chokeslams Triple H. Undertaker walks out, but the heat is on between the Rock and the Dead Man.

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