Bad Blood

Jun 3, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, June 15th in Houston, TX

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler introduced the program.


Long distracted the Dudleys during the match, but the Dudleys managed to take control and hit the top rope headbutt. Then Bubba asked D-Von to get the table. Long yelled at D-Von, asking him why he, as the black man, is always forced to get the table, following up on a conversation Long had with D-Von on Heat right before the PPV. D-Von paused, then went after Long anyway. The ref was distracted, so Nowinski then surprised Bubba with his mask to KO him for the win.

WINNERS: Nowinski & Mack at 7:10.

Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff had their burping contest, the first of their three triathlon contests. Terri had the privilege of holding the microphone. Austin outburped Bischoff each time. I think Steve Austin was having fun, but if you would have shown this to Bischoff five years ago when he was running WCW, I think he would have jumped off the roof of CNN Center. About as low-brow a segment as wrestling can get. At least it wasn’t on national cable and the PPV audience is more limited.

2 — SCOTT STEINER vs. TEST – Stacy’s managerial services at stake

Test began with a sloppy attack on Steiner at ringside where he came up short on his leap. Steiner took control right away, took Test down in the ring, and then did some push-ups. Test bailed to ringside and then used Stacy as a shield. A moment later Test applied a sleeper, but then Steiner came back with a back suplex that almost dropped Test on his head. Test kept abusing and using Stacy throughout the match. When Test went to grab a chair, Stacy tried to stop him. Test shoved her down and then entered the ring with the chair. When Test when to nail Steiner with a chair, Steiner moved and the chair bounced off the top rope into his own head, enabling Steiner to score the three count. Steiner carried Stacy to the back on his shoulders. Ross said they look good together.

WINNER: Scott Steiner at 6:40.

Backstage, Bischoff told Austin that he had an unfair advantage in the previous contest since Texans are bred to be burpers. Bischoff said he would have the advantage in the pie eating contest. He introduced Austin to four hot women in the back, looking happy and excited to see Austin.

3 — CHRISTIAN vs. BOOKER T – Intercontinental Championship match

Now that Christian is getting the most focused high-level push of his career, there is more scrutiny among peers and critics of his style these days. He also knows he’s being watched more closely since he is in singles money-matches, and his previous strength was thought to be as a tag team wrestler. The opening few minutes were paced in a way that suggested this match would be going at least 12 minutes. Christian slammed Booker with a Book End at 5:20 for a two count. Christian threw a tantrum in the ring when that didn’t lead to a win. That gave Booker a chance to surprise Christian with a near fall. Booker scissors kicked Christian at 6:00 and then climbed to the top rope and came off with a flying dropkick for a near fall. Booker did his Spinarooni at 6:45, but that made Booker look bad because it gave Christian time to bail out of the ring, grab his IC belt, and try to retreat to the back. Ross said Christian was trying to get counted out on purpose to retain the title. The referee grabbed the mic and told Christian if he doesn’t return to the ring, he’ll lose not just the match, but also the belt. Ross called that impromptu rule change by the ref a “judgment call.” Christian ran back to the ring, but then hit Booker with the IC belt. The ref immediately disqualified him.

WINNER: Booker via DQ at 8:01.

Jerry Lawler stood in the ring and introduced Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff for the second part of their Redneck Triathlon. Austin asked Bischoff what makes him think he knows how to please a woman. Bischoff said it comes naturally to him. Austin said he should be called Eric Jerkoff, then added, “Can I say that on TV?” They made a big deal out of which of the four women they should choose to “satisfy” live on PPV. Austin said he had a change of plans. He said those four women are not going to have their pie eaten by Bischoff. Bischoff began yelling in protest. Austin then picked Mae Young’s music. Fabulous Moolah had to drag Mae onto the stage. Mae then kinda got into it and began dancing once the crowd cheered for her. Bischoff looked sick and beside himself. Mae ran after Bischoff with her tongue wagging. Bischoff called her a nasty old hag and then forfeited. Austin asked if he was chicken. “Anybody can do the pretty ones,” said Austin. Bischoff refused. Mae touched Bischoff’s butt. He yelled for her to take his hand off her ass. Austin asked Lawler to announce him as the winner of the Redneck Triathlon. Just as Lawler was about to declare Austin the winner, Bischoff interrupted. “There is a saying that anybody can do the pretty ones. Mae, let’s face it. We’re both adults here. Let’s just get this over with, make is painless as possible. They made out. Bischoff pulled back after a few seconds and began gagging and spitting. “There you go Austin, let’s see you top that,” Bischoff said. Austin said, “You kissed her. This is a pie eating contest! Mae gave Bischoff a blow blow, then took off her shoes and her skirt. She then gave Bischoff a face full of crotch while wearing a thong. Her bare white ass was literally hanging out of her thong. Bischoff then recovered and said, “Okay Austin, you bastard. Your turn!” Austin then gave Mae the Stunner. the crowd didn’t pop for that at all. They were a bit appalled that Austin would do that to an 80 year old. It totally cheapened the Stunner by doing it to an 80 year old, unless they write Mae Young out of the script the same way they did Al Wilson. Austin then announced he was forfeiting the pie eating contest, making it 1-1.

A promo aired for Kurt Angle’s return to the ring and for Vengeance next month on PPV.

La Resistance did a promo backstage. They complained about working in the U.S.

4 — KANE & ROB VAN DAM vs. LA RESISTANCE – WWE Tag Team Title match.

RVD took a beating during the opening few minutes. He fought back with an enzuigiri and hot-tagged Kane at 3:00. Kane threw some punches. It wasn’t long before La Resistance took control. Kane came back with a clothesline on both heels at once at 4:45, then tagged in RVD who hit a flying sidekick off the ropes. At ringside, Kane threw Granier into the ringpost. RVD then flipped over the top rope toward La Resistance, but landed on Kane by mistake. Back in the ring La Resistance flapjacked RVD for the win. Ross seemed surprised by the finish and called it a huge upset.

WINNERS: La Resistance at 5:50.

A Gail Kim promo aired.


This should be interesting since Goldberg was hot backstage today when he heard about Linda McMahon saying at the investor’s media conference last Friday that Goldberg has been a disappointment so far. Also, in working out the finish of this match, Goldberg didn’t want to let Jericho kick out of any of his finishers. When Jericho pointed out that Rock did, Goldberg said that Jericho isn’t at Rock’s level. Goldberg charged at Jericho at the start, taking him aggressively to ringside. Jericho retreated inside the ring and hid behind the ref. Goldberg caught Jericho flying at him and powerslammed him. Goldberg then tossed Jericho into the corner like a rag doll and then across the ring onto his back. Lawler mentioned that a lot of people didn’t ant Goldberg in WWE. Ross said there are still some people against his presence. Goldberg pressed Jericho in the air, then crotched him over the top rope, then knocked him to the floor at 2:10. Goldberg then dropped Jericho face-first over the security barrier. Ross rightly pointed out that Goldberg was just manhandling Jericho. Goldberg then went for a Spear at ringside, but Jericho stepped aside. Goldberg knocked a segment of the security railing completely out of position. He got up favoring his shoulder and bleeding from his forehead. Jericho then began to work over Goldberg’s shoulder. Jericho dove off the ropes at Goldberg and Goldberg stopped him with a stiff looking boot to the chest. Goldberg took Jericho down with a shoulder block, but continued to sell his arm injury. Jericho continued to regain advantages by taking advantage of Goldberg’s weakness, but his offensive flurries didn’t last long. Goldberg powered Jericho over with a hiptoss. Jericho hit his Lionsault at 8:00 for the third two count in a short period of time. Ross said Jericho was pushing Goldberg to levels he hadn’t seen before. Jericho then drove Goldberg’s head into the mat, then hit him with a flip off the ropes. Goldberg caught him in mid-air, sort of, and turned it into a slam. Goldberg then gave Jericho a big Spear. He followed with a Jackhammer attempt, but Jericho blocked it, hit the ref, and then low-blowed Goldberg. Fans chanted “Y2J” and he applied the Walls of Jericho. Ross acknowledged the “Y2J” chant. Goldberg powered out, then gave Jericho another Spear, which Jericho sold as well as anyone has. The crowd continued to boo Goldberg. Goldberg then gave Jericho the Jackhammer for the win. There were definitely cheers when he won, but nowhere near what his push and rep would indicate. Goldberg then got in the face of a fan holding a “Jerichoholic” sign. It’s amazing what an absolute mark Goldberg is. He just won a match as a babyface where the crowd was turning on him, and rather than play to the masses and try to earn some extra cheers, he decides to jaw with a Jericho fan at ringside. What a baby.

WINNER: Goldberg at 11:00.

They showed pigs running around in a mud pit in the arena. It was one of the potential Redneck competitions.

They went backstage to Eric Bischoff and Steve Austin. They spun the wheel to find out what the third part of the Redneck Triathlon would be. It came up “Singoff.” Bischoff was happy. Austin wasn’t.

A video feature aired on the Shawn Michaels-Ric Flair feud.


Flair showed good confidence early, even letting out a “Whoo!” in the first 30 seconds. Michaels slapped Flair, who bumped backwards, but then popped up and let out another “Whoo!” Good early showmanship. Michaels slapped Flair against at 1:00 after the ref made him break against the ropes. Flair charged at Michaels, but Michaels took Flair down with a drop toe hold. Michaels clotheslined Flair over the top rope, then launched over the top rope with a crossbody onto Flair at ringside. Flair begged off into the corner. They exchanged chops. Flair took control and kneedropped Michaels’s knee at 3:30. Flair applied the figure-four at 4:30. Michaels crawled to the ropes to break it at 5:45. Flair chopped Michaels to the mat, then stomped away at his knee several more times. Ross called it “textbook Ric Flair wrestling.” Michaels came back with an enzuigiri. Flair went to the top rope, but Michaels caught him and pressed him to the mat. Lawler said he doesn’t think he’s ever seen it work for Flair when he goes to the top rope. Michaels went for Sweet Chin Music, but Flair blocked it and went for a figure-four. Michaels blocked it and applied the hold himself at 8:00. Flair thumbed Michaels to the eye right away. They exchanged roll-ups two counts. Flair flipped into the corner upside town, then ran to the other ropes an climbed to the top, although not as fast as 15 years ago. He flew off the top rope, but Michaels caught him and slammed him to the mat. Ross called the pace of the match “very deliberate.” Michaels gave Flair a superplex, then he set up a table at ringside. Lawler said that would disrespectful to Flair to introduce a table. Flair, though, caught Michaels and attempted to suplex him over the ropes onto the table. Michaels blocked it and fought back. He put Flair on the table at ringside. When Randy Orton attempted to interfere, Michaels kicked him in the face. Michaels then climbed to the top rope and splashed Flair through the table. Flair sold it like he was in a plane crash. Michaels was also slow to get up. Michaels got up first and tossed Flair into the ring. When Michaels had Flair in the corner, Flair mule kicked to escape and caught both Michaels and the ref. Flair then did a strut and a “Whoo!” Michaels chopped Flair immediately and then backdropped him and nailed him with a flying forearm. Michaels nipped up. Ross said, “Does he still have it? Damn sure he does.” Michaels dove off the top turnbuckle with a flying elbow. Michaels played to the crowd and got cheers. He really looked like he was feeling good in the ring. He nailed Flair with Sweet Chin Music, but then Orton entered the ring and nailed Michaels with a stiff chairshot. The crowd booed. The ref turned around and counted Flair on top.

WINNER: Flair at 14:07.

Bischoff stood in the ring for the Singoff. At first he lip synced to his intro song. Austin called it him on it. Bischoff then sang his theme for real. Austin interrupted and said it was so bad, he was deciding since they both stunk as singers he should respin the wheel. He spin it, but stopped it on Pig Mud Pit. He said he was going to come out to the ring and throw Bischoff into the mud. Bischoff tried to escape through the crowd, but a plant in the crowd grabbed Bischoff before he could escape and threw him back over the barrier. Austin came out and beat up Bischoff and gave him a Stunner. Then he dragged Bischoff to the sage and threw him into the pit with the pigs. The little oinkers were scared of Bischoff. Austin ran back to the ring and saluted the crowd with middle fingers, then opened several beers and poured them into his mouth.

7 — TRIPLE H vs. KEVIN NASH – WWE Title match in Hell in a Cell

This is one of the defining matches of Kevin Nash’s career if he wants to have any high points in the ring to hang his hat on. Hunter and Nash were watching tons of previous Hell in a Cell footage when planning this match and wanted a lot of time for the match. We’ll see if that backfires. Foley was introduced after the two wrestlers. He and Hunter exchanged a few words at the start, but then they went right into Nash vs. Hunter exchanging blows. Nash took early advantage with his elbows in the corner, then beat up Hunter at ringside by throwing him into the side of the cage and backdropping him on the floor. Back in the ring Nash went back to his elbows in the corner, then sideslammed Hunter for a two count. Nash bashed Hunter with a chair, and Hunter sold it Ric Flair style. At 6:30 Hunter fought back with a series of aggressive punches. Then he opened up a metal tool box and empties a bunch of wrenches, hammers, and other weapons. Hunter tried to use the tray from the box as a weapon, but Nash blocked him. Hunter then took a shot to Nash’s knee with a hammer. Foley, who hadn’t been much of a factor to this point, shoved Hunter to the mat because apparently tools are illegal in this match. Nash came up bleeding. Hunter rubbed Nash’s forehead into the cage. Hunter attempted to use a screwdriver against Nash, but Nash blocked it. Nash then hit Hunter with a two-by-four wrapped in barbed wire. Hunter and Nash at this point were both bleeding pretty heavily. Nash hit Hunter with two consecutive running clotheslines in two corners of the ring. He then picked up Hunter and rammed him head-first into the barbed wire board setting in the corner of the ring. A fan in the second row held up a big sign that said “Big Lazy.” Nash brought the ringside stairs into the ring. Hunter rolled out of the ring and then broke a wooden create over the head of Nash as Nash leaned over to grab him. Hunter grabbed a sledgehammer, but Foley wrested it away from Hunter. Hunter then went to drop the stairs onto Nash, but Nash moved so Hunter fell onto the stairs. Nash covered Hunter and scored a near fall which got the first near-fall-pop from the crowd. Hunter’s bleeding was much heavier than Nash at this point. Hunter kicked Nash in the knee then bashed him over the head with a chair. Then Hunter turned and nailed Foley with a chair. Foley then bled from the forehead. “The referee is bleeding, the challenger is bleeding, the champion is bleeding,” said Ross. Foley then pulled out Mr. Socko and applied the Mandible Claw. Hunter kicked Foley between the legs to break the hold. Nash rammed Foley and Hunter both with the steel stairs, although he intended only to hit Hunter. Foley was slow to crawl over to make the count as Nash had Hunter covered. Nash got up to check on Foley, but Hunter then got up and knocked Nash into Foley, and Foley flew off the ring apron onto the floor for the bump of the match. Nash then gave Hunter a Jackknife. Ross declared “new heavyweight champion!” even before Hunter made the cover, so we kinda knew it wouldn’t be a three count (as if there was any doubt anyway). Hunter kicked out at the last split-second. All three were lying on the mat, slow to get up. Hunter crawled to the sledge hammer. Hunter’s blood dripped on the mat as he swung the sledgehammer at Nash, taking Nash down again. Nash struggled to get up. Hunter gave Nash the Pedigree at 20:45, but was slow to make the cover. Foley crawled over and counted three.

WINNER: Triple H at 21:00.

source: Wade Keller

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