Jun 3, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, April 21st in Kansas City, MO

Cruiserweight Championship: Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri (Smackdown!)

– Backlash opened live from Kansas City with Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler calling the action above the roaring crowd in the Kemper Arena! Tajiri got things rolling by attempting to take the Cruiserweight Championship out of Billy Kidman’s hands. Tajiri was accompanied to the ring by Torrie Wilson, dressed in her customary geisha outfit. The match got off to a quick start with some high-flying maneuvers. Tajiri took the early advantage, by stunning Kidman with a kick to the temple. Kidman mounted a come back by launching a drop kick as Tajiri tried to hit an elbow after a back handspring off the ropes. Soon after, Tajiri struck Kidman with a kick to the jaw that produced a two-count. Kidman regained control and tried for the Shooting Star Press, but Tajiri rolled to safety and scored another boot to the head. Kidman kicked out and nearly won the bout with a huge powerbomb, but Tajiri wouldn’t be pinned either. Moment’s later, Kidman hoisted Tajiri to his shoulders, but Tajiri spewed red mist into the champion’s face! Tajiri got the pinfall and became the new Cruiserweight Champion! After climbing out of the ring, Michael Cole asked for an interview, but he only got a stream of angry Japanese from the new champ, who hurried off with Torrie.

– WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Tajiri by pinfall

Backstage: Faarooq and Bradshaw Reunite.

– Faarooq found Bradshaw and the two caught up on things. The reunion was cut short, though because Scott Hall’s entrance music hit and Bradshaw ran off for his match.

Scott Hall versus Bradshaw (RAW)

– Bradshaw arrived at the ring to find himself outnumbered, as Scott Hall was joined at ringside by X-Pac. But following Bradshaw to the ring was his old APA partner Faarooq to even the score! Scott Hall took control early on, thanks to some help from X-Pac. X-Pac punched Bradshaw in the face when Scott was arguing with the ref. Then, X-Pac tried to distract Bradshaw, but Faarooq put a stop to that by ramming X-Pac into the steel ring post! The distraction did the job, though, as Hall rolled up Bradshaw with the schoolboy and pinned his surprised opponent!

– WINNER: Scott Hall by pinfall

Backstage Confrontation: Vince McMahon and Ric Flair.

– Backstage, Vince McMahon walked into Ric Flair’s office and said he thinks he’s starting to like the RAW owner’s style. No matter what an owner does for his employees, Vince said it would never be enough. He stated how distrustful of owners employees are and said that Flair was either a fool or brilliant for putting Austin and Undertaker in a No. 1 contender’s match. Vince said he was starting to understand Flair. Flair said he could never understand him, and said that he would never become like Vince McMahon.

Women’s Championship: Jazz vs. Trish Stratus

– Trish Stratus came to the ring attempting to retake the Women’s Championship. Trish stood in anticipation in the ring, but instead of seeing Jazz coming down the entrance ramp, out strolled Molly Holly. Molly took the microphone and said that the people didn’t want to see the Women’s Champion strut around looking trashy. They wanted someone pure and wholesome, like herself. With that, Molly attacked Trish as Jazz began walking to the ring. Trish already had a tough tussle with Molly by the time her match began, but she put up a great fight. She wouldn’t even be pinned after a stiff powerbomb from Jazz slammed her to the canvas! Jazz continued to beat Trish around the ring. But Jazz mistimed a body press and smacked into the turnbuckle. Trish rolled up the champ but only produced a two count. Soon after, Jazz grabbed Trish and put her in a Boston Crab. Trish managed to reach the ropes, but Jazz dragged her back to the center and locked on a crossface. Trish was unable to slither away and had to tap out! After the match, Marc Loyd asked Jazz about Molly Holly’s interference, but Jazz simply scowled and strolled up the entrance ramp with her championship in tow.

– WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION: Jazz by submission

Backstage: Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar.

– Backstage, Paul Heyman tried to psych up Brock Lesnar. He said he wanted to see how rough he could play and to show the world that the next big thing is Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar vs. Jeff Hardy (RAW)

– Jeff Hardy made his way to the ring with Lita. Brock jumped into the ring and promptly slugged Jeff Hardy. Jeff retaliated with a strike to the face and then hit Brock with a crossbody! But Brock regained his strength and hit Jeff with a belly to back suplex. Brock inflicted tons of pain on Jeff with his brute strength. Jeff stayed in the game by taking Brock down with the Whisper in the Wind and following with a double leg drop onto Brock’s midsection. With the monster on the ground, Jeff hit the Swanton Bomb but Brock threw him off like rag! Frustrated, Jeff grabbed a steel chair but was disarmed upon reentering the ring. Brock picked Jeff up and whirled him into a spinning face buster. Brock continued the annihilation until referee Teddy Long stopped the match after a crushing powerbomb! Lita could only stare angrily while Heyman and Lesnar celebrated in the ring before medical personnel attended to Jeff.

– WINNER: Brock Lesnar by default

Kurt Angle vs. Edge (SmackDown!)

– Edge and Kurt Angle locked up in the ring next. The Kansas City crowd chanted “Angle sucks” early one, which angered the Olympic Hero. Edge took Angle down with a dropkick to the face and a flapjack, then clotheslined Angle out of the ring! Kurt recovered and pulled Edge outside the ropes, but was smacked into the ring post and taken back between the ropes. Soon after, Angle gathered momentum by smacking Edge to the mat. Angle took control, locking Edge in a sleeper hold. Edge nearly lapsed into unconsciousness, but kept his bearings and managed to hit a belly to belly suplex. Edge took over by smashing Kurt face first into the canvas and getting a two count. Edge mounted the top rope, but Angle dashed up and suplexed Edge down. Angle fired up several more suplexes in succession, but Edge wouldn’t stay down. He got to his his feet and returned a suplex that dropped Angle on his head. Two two men got back up and Edge flipped Angle over the top rope to the outside. Edge climbed to the top turnbuckle and nailed Angle with a crossbody. Back in the ring, Edge went to the top rope again and struck Angle with a dropkick. But still, Angle wouldn’t stay down for the pin. Soon after, Angle blocked a neckbreaker and hit the Angle Slam! Edge kicked out, but found himself caught in the ankle lock! He screamed in pain, but reversed and wound up on top of Angle, who kicked out after two. Angle stormed out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair, but hit the rope when he swung at Edge and wound up with the steel planted on his own skull. Edge tried to capitalize with a spear, but met a boot to the face. Following an Angle Slam, the Olympic Hero pinned Edge for the win.

– WINNER: Kurt Angle by pinfall

Interview: Chris Jericho.

– Chris Jericho made an unexpected trip to the ring. Y2J entered the ring and said that 30 days ago he headlined WrestleMania as the first Undisputed Champion. But there he stood at Backlash without a match. He said he was nothing more than a common spectator, and that was unacceptable to him. But the fact is, Y2J said, that he was still better than anyone in the Federation. Jericho mocked Hulk Hogan and said that all the Hulkamaniacs would be very disappointed. He promised that Hogan would not win the title that night. If Jericho couldn’t get a match, he would just leave. His music hit and he began walking up the ramp.

Backstage Confrontation: Ric Flair and The Undertaker.

– Backstage, Ric Flair donned a ref’s uniform and readied for the Austin vs. Undertaker match. The Dead Man walked in and eyeballed Flair, leaving after shaking a finger in Flair’s face, but not saying a word.

Intercontinental Championship: Rob Van Dam vs. Eddy Guerrero (RAW)

– Eddie Guerrero challenged Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Championship next. RVD stared the match with a spinning heel kick that flattened Eddie. He continued to control the pace of the match with his unorthodox fighting style. Eddie fought back and tried to suplex RVD, but RVD landed in a pinfall attempt. Eddie kicked out and the action continued. Outside the ring, RVD slung Guerrero over the ringside barrier and launched a guillotine kick from the ring apron. Back between, the ropes, Guerrero mounted some offense by bending RVD into a stretching submission maneuver. From there, Eddie continued to impress by launching onto RVD from the ring apron. A series of suplexes continued to weaken Van Dam, but not quite enough. Guerrero signaled for the Frog Splash and climbed the top rope, but was kicked in the head by RVD! Guerrero then smashed RVD hard to he mat with a sunset flip from the second rope. RVD struck back with a spinning heel kick to the face soon after. Guerrero grabbed the IC title from ringside, but RVD kicked it out of his arms. The ref got in the way and was temporarily disabled, allowing Guerrero to hit a neckbreaker onto the title. He followed with a Five Star Frog Splash and became the new champion!

– WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Eddy Guerrero by pinfall

No. 1 Contender’s Match: Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker (RAW)

– Ric Flair strutted down the entrance ramp to signify the No. 1 contender’s match between the Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The RAW owner served as the referee for this very important match. The pro-Austin Kansas City crowd chanted “What?” as Taker and Austin stared each other down with mere centimeters separating them. Taker used his size advantage to knock Austin down with a shoulder block early on. Later, Austin tried to goad Taker into some Indian-style wrestling, but when Taker reached for his hand, the Rattlesnake flipped him the bird! Before long, Taker pulled out an old school maneuver by walking on the rope and launching his weight onto Austin’s arm. Austin came back and clotheslined Taker over the top rope. Outside the ring a short while after, Austin smashed Taker’s head into the announce table several times. He tossed Taker back into the ring, but the Dead Man booted Austin in the face. Taker, though, was beaten by Austin outside the ring once again. But Taker backdropped Austin onto the hard ground to take over control of the match. While Taker and Austin continued to battle, the nWo suddenly began walking down the entrance ramp with X-Pac wearing Kane’s mask. The action returned to the ring, where Taker attacked Austin’s left knee. Shortly after regaining his feet, Austin tried for the Stunner, but Taker blocked. Soon after, Flair tended to Austin while Taker removed a turnbuckle cover. But the plan backfired as Austin Irish Whipped Taker into steel turnbuckle. Austin pushed Taker into Flair, putting the ref down while Taker took a Stunner! The crowd counted to 10 while Austin covered up Taker, but Flair was unable to make the count. That allowed Taker to chokeslam Austin, but Flair could only count to two before Austin kicked out of the pin attempt! Taker grabbed a steel chair, but Flair took it away and Austin hit a low blow on Taker. Austin scored a spinebuster, but Taker kicked out. Austin went for another Stunner, but Taker pushed him away and the Rattlesnake collided with Flair! With the ref down, Taker hit Austin with the steel chair and covered his opponent. Flair struggled over but only counted to two before Austin broke the pin attempt. Austin picked up the steel chair after stomping Taker in the corner, but Taker kicked it into Austin’s face! Taker covered Austin and Flair counted to three, apparently not seeing Austin’s foot on the rope! Undertaker become the No. 1 contender for the Undisputed Championship! Austin managed to get a little payback in by giving Taker a Stunner after the match. Backstage, Flair told Coach he didn’t see Austin’s foot on the rope. Coach showed Flair the replay and Flair swore at missing the scene.

– WINNER AND NO. 1 CONTENDER: The Undertaker by pinfall

Tag Team Championship: Billy/Chuck vs. Al Snow/Maven (SmackDown!)

– Billy, Chuck and Rico arrived at the ring for the tag match against Tough Enough trainer Al Snow and Maven. The match got started in a hurry, as Billy and Chuck met stiff clotheslines from their opponents. But from their, the champs beat up on Maven. Billy and Chuck maintained control of the match. But a drop toe hold from Al Snow caused Chuck to fall between his partner’s legs. Rico tried to help out, but his spinning heel kick took down Billy. Maven caught Chuck with a crossbody but couldn’t get the pin. But it wouldn’t be enough as Chuck kicked Maven square on the jaw and Billy covered the young superstar for the win.

– WINNERS AND STILL CHAMPIONS: Billy and Chuck by pinfall

Undisputed Heavyweight Championship: Triple H vs. Hulk Hogan

– The evening came down to Hulk Hogan stepping into the ring to attempt to take the Undisputed Championship away from Triple H. The two superstars glared each other down and locked up in the ring. The Game tossed Hogan into the corner and stared down the icon. Moments later, Hogan returned the favor and flexed his pythons while Triple H regained his feet. The match worked to a virtual stalemate early on. Hogan took the edge by flipping The Game over the top rope to the outside. Hogan delivered a crushing suplex onto the hard ground. Hogan maintained control from there, until Triple H zeroed in on a weakness to exploit. The Cerebral Assassin directed his blows to Hogan’s left knee, which wore a knee brace. The Hulkster tried to get some offense going, but each time Triple H stopped the rally with a shot to the knee. Triple H applied a leg lock and used the ropes to get some leverage. Hogan screamed in pain, and after several moments he was able to squirm out of the hold. Triple H put Hogan in a sleeper hold, but the Hulkster used all his energy to get out of it and began to get things rolling. He hit Triple H with a boot to the face and followed with a leg drop! Hogan covered Triple H, but the ref was busy fending off Chris Jericho, who ran to ringside with a steel chair! Y2J shoved the ref down then clocked Hogan in the skull with the chair! Triple H came over and planted a facebuster on Y2J, forcing him from the ring! Hogan got back up and took down The Game with a boot once again. But Triple H got up and subdued Hogan and landed a Pedigree! The ref came over to make the count, but the Undertaker raced down and clocked the ref! Taker than smashed The Game with the steel chair! Hogan got to his feet and punched Taker out of the ring. The Hulkster bounced off the ropes, hit Triple H with the leg drop and covered him for the win! The Hulkster captured his sixth World Wrestling Federation Championship! After a short celebration, a bloody Triple H faced Hogan with a menacing look. Finally, The Game extended his right hand and congratulated Hogan on the win. The Game then turned toward the entrance ramp and directed his hatred toward the locker room. Meanwhile, Hogan celebrated with his new championship as Backlash drew to a close!

– Winner and new champion: Hulk Hogan by pinfall

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