Wrestlemania 18

Jun 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, March 17th in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Intercontinental Championship: William Regal vs. Rob Van Dam

– A jam-packed SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario, Canada illuminated with the flash and blast of fireworks as WrestleMania X8 kicked off! The first match of the evening featured William Regal defending his Intercontinental Championship against Rob Van Dam. The two came to blows immediately. RVD took down Regal with a clothesline followed by several shots to the head. When the two separated, Wregal reached into his tights and pulled out brass knux! He cocked his wrist to strike RVD, but Mr. Pay-Per-View kicked them out of Regal’s hand and outside the ring! RVD then kicked Regal to the mat and mounted the top turnbuckle and let loose a Five-Star Frog Splash! Regal dodged RVD’s finisher at the last possible second, though. The match continued with Regal suplexing Van Dam and getting a two-count. Regal locked Van Dam in a choke shortly after but RVD squirmed out of the maneuver and went for the Rolling Thunder. Regal put his knees up, causing RVD to painfully fall on his back. Regal , bleeding from the mouth at this point, was thrown in to the corner and smacked with a drop kick then flung down to the center of the mat. Shortly after, Regal caught RVD in a full nelson slam that dropped the challenger directly on his head. RVD rolled outside the ring in intense pain, and Regal used the opportunity to pick up the bass knux. Once again, RVD kicked them out of the ring, then dropped Regal with another boot, limbed the top rope and launched a Five-Star Frog Splash! This time, the finisher connected and RVD covered Regal to become the new Intercontinental Champion!

– WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Rob Van Dam by pinfall

Lillian Garcia Interview: Christian

– Backstage, Lilian Garcia asked a grinning Christian why he had turned on DDP. Christian said that he didn’t need anyone’s help. He also said that when he became a winner, he ditched his hometown of Toronto in favor of Florida. He said that he would retake the European Championship from DDP that night. He then flashed another smile and headed to the ring.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Christian

– DDP entered the ring and was immediately smacked to the canvas by Christian, who took the European Championship from his opponent and held it over his head. DDP rose from the canvas and threw Christian from the ring. When the men returned to the squared circle, Christian slammed DDP face-first into the turnbuckle then knocked him from the ring apron to the hard ground below. Christian continued to control the reigning champion. He stretched DDP in a submission hold in the ring. Shortly after, Christian climbed to the top turnbuckle to unleash an aerial maneuver on the prone DDP. But Page got up and powerslammed Christian to the mat! DDP continued to build momentum with a monstrous powerbomb on Christian. Christian went for the Un-Prettier, but Page attempted to turn it into the Diamond Cutter. Christian blocked it and took DDP down with a neckbreaker and got a two-count. Christian nearly went into a temper tantrum, but took several deep breaths and composed himself. But it didn’t help. DDP nailed the Diamond Cutter and retained the title. DDP then took the mic and said he was proud of Christian. Even though he had lost in front of 67,000 fans at SkyDome and millions more at home, he hadn’t lost his temper. And that’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing. DDP turned to leave through the crowd, Christian exploded into a frustrated tantrum.

– WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION: Diamond Dallas Page by pinfall

Johnathan Coachman Interview: The Rock

– Backstage, Coach met up with The Rock. He began talking about the Great One’s match with Hogan, but Rock cut him off and said that finally, The Rock has come back to Toronto. The Rock said that the match would decide who is the best ever. The Rock said he wants Hulkamania to run wild on him that night. He then looked at Coach and asked if he took his vitamins. Coach said he did. Rock asked if he said his prayers. Coach said that he was busy. The Rock then asked if the people would like to see Coach see his prayers. The crowd roared in response. The Rock then ordd Coach to get on his knees and pray like he never prayed before. Coach got on his knees and said, “What up J?” Rock cut off Coach and told Coach to beat it. Rock issued a question to Hogan, “What’cha gonna do when The Rock runs wild on you?” The Rock said Hollywood Hulk Hogan would hear 70,000 people chanting for both The Rock and Hogan. He also said that he will see the People’s Elbow come crashing down on him and he would smell what The Rock is cooking!

Hardcore Championship: Maven vs. Goldust

– The Hardcore Championship was on the line next with Goldust taking on Maven. Goldust immediately pounced on the young champion by smashing him with a sign. Maven recovered and took Goldust down with a dropkick. Goldust stormed back and produced a golden shovel from beneath the ring. He thrust the handle into Maven’s throat. Shortly after, though, Spike Dudley dashed to the ring and covered Maven with Goldust outside the ring. Spike Dudley became the new Hardcore Champion! He didn’t have any time to celebrate, though, as Crash Holly immediately chased the new champion out of the ring and through the crowd!

– WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Spike Dudley by pinfall

Next, Drowning Pool performed the WrestleMania X8 theme song live while a video highlighting the Federation Championship match between Y2J and Triple H flashed on the TitanTron.

Hardcore Championship II: Spike Dudley vs. Crash Holly

– Crash Holly managed to catch Spike Dudley in the back and immediately began pounding on him. Suddenly, Al Snow raced in driving a golf cart with referee Teddy Long in the passenger seat! Snow drove right past the men and crashed through a wall of boxes! Then, The Hurricane swung in on a rope and descended on Spike, pinning him for the Championship! The Hurricane then dashed out of sight!

– WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Crash Holly by pinfall

Kane vs. Kurt Angle

– Kurt Angle came to the ring and took the microphone. The Olympic Hero said that unlike Canada’s so-called gold medallist, he won his gold not by whining and complaining, but the old fashioned way. Angle continued to rant, but was cut off by Kane’s fiery entrance. When Kane entered the ring, Angle began to punch the Big Red Machine and dropped him with a German Suplex. He continued by stomping Kane into the corner. Kane battled back and smashed Angle with his gloved hand then picked him up around the neck and slammed him to the canvas. Angle retaliated with a belly to belly suplex. Angle delivered another suplex and assumed control of the mach. He then resorted to some amateur wrestling, latching on a choke hold. Kane escaped the move but was met with several German Suplexes from Angle. But Kane managed to kick out after a two-count. Angle went to the top rope and launched his body into Kane. Angle began to celebrate over Kane, then climbed the top rope again. This time, he hit Kane awkwardly and both men fell to the mat. When they regained their feet, Kane took over. He delivered a sidewalk slam and got Angle down for a two count. Shortly after, Angle fell victim to a chokeslam! Kane may have gotten the pin if Angle’s hand hadn’t fallen against the rope. Angle recovered and hit his Angle Slam on Kane, but only managed a two fall. Angle applied the ankle lock, which sent Kane screaming in agony. He managed to kick out of the move, but Angle bounced off the ropes and resumed the hold. Somehow, Kane managed to reach the rope to break the move again, and then kicked Angle in the head. The Big Red Machine climbed the top rope and went to fly onto Angle, but the Olympic Hero sprinted to the corner and caught Kane with a belly to belly suplex off the top! Kane managed to grab Angle for a chokeslam, but Angle reversed the move into a suplex then pinned Kane by using the ropes for leverage.

– WINNER: Kurt Angle by pinfall

Backstage: Ladies Dressing Room

– Backstage, The Hurricane slunk around in fear of someone who might attack him. He stumbled into a dressing room where some of the Godfather’s ladies were changing. The Hurricane peered over the curtain at the ladies, who were oblivious to his presence. His shadow gave him away, though, and the ladies began screaming. This brought the Godfather running in and attacking Hurricane, who used his Hurri-speed to make a clean getaway.

No Disqualification: The Undertaker vs. Ric Flair

– The Undertaker raced down the entrance ramp on his motorcycle for his no disqualification match against Ric Flair. The Dirtiest Player in the Game stormed right at the Dead Man and unleashed his frustration. The brawl spread outside the ring with both men flying over the announce table. Flair cracked Taker with a series of right hands. Taker managed to come back by picking Flair up and smashing his back into the ring post. When the action returned to the ring, Taker trapped Flair in the corner and beat him with a series of punches. Taker knocked Flair from the ring apron to the ground with a boot to the face. The Dead Man resumed his savage beating on Flair, who was now bleeding from the eyebrow. In the ring, Taker continued to trash Flair. Flair crashed to the mat as a result of a superplex off the top turnbuckle. Flair bled profusely as Taker taunted him and dropped a leg on the back of his head. Taker could have probably pinned Flair, but he instead lifted the Federation co-owner off the mat after a two-count. Taker tried to land another leg drop, but Flair rolled out of the way, got to his feet and chopped the Undertaker across the chest. Taker retook control and went for his old-school walk on the rope maneuver. But Flair grabbed Taker’s wrist and flung him to the mat! The fight again spread outside the mat, with Flair grabbing a lead pipe off Taker’s motorcycle and cracking the Dead Man’s skull with it. He also used a few signs across the Taker’s head. Back in the ring, Flair set Taker up for several punches to the head. Taker almost managed to grab Flair in a chokeslam attempt, but Flair punched him below the belt and latched on the Figure Four! Taker slumped to the mat in pain, but lifted his shoulders after a two count. He countered the Figure Four by grabbing Taker’s throat and chokslamming him! But Flair simply refused to be pinnned. Upset with the referee’s apparently slow counting, he picked Charles Robinson up slammed him in the turnbuckle. Suddenly, Arn Anderson raced in and dropped the Undertaker with a spinebuster! The ref looked over and managed to start counting, but Taker kicked out at two! Taker cast aside Flair and began assaulting Arn. While he had Flair’s friend locked in the Dragon Sleeper, Flair grabbed a steel chair and smacked it over Taker’s back repeatedly. Taker fended off the attack with a big kick to the head. He then tried to finish things with the Last Ride, but he was too fatigued to complete it. He resorted to the Tombstone Piledriver and covered Flair up for the win. The Undertaker improved his WrestleMania record to a perfect 10-0.

– WINNER: The Undertaker by pinfall

Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall

– Stone Cold Steve Austin attempted to take down Scott Hall for good next. The Texas Rattlesnake came to the ring next, followed shortly by the Bad Guy from the nWo with Kevin Nash at his side. Austin took the early advantage by punching Hall both in and out of the ring. Hall fought back with an Irish Whip that cracked Austin’s back on the turnbuckle. The Rattlesnake fell outside the ring where Kevin Nash got in a few licks. Back within the ropes, Scott Hall lifted Austin into a fallaway slam. Austin got himself back in the game with a spinebuster. Shortly after, he surprised Scott Hall with a Stone Cold Stunner! But Nash pulled the ref out of the ring before the pin could be counted. Nash entered the ring and held Austin in a full nelson while Hall got a steel chair. Austin kicked Hall then nailed Nash between the legs with a low blow! Austin then delivered Stunners to both Hall and Nash while the crowd went nuts! Another ref came in and got to a two count before Nash ran in and dropped a crunching elbow to his head. Austin took down Nash, and Hall tried to land the Razor’s Edge, but Austin flipped him over the top rope to the outside. Soon after, Scott Hall came back into the ring and dropped Austin with a Stunner, which the Rattlesnake kicked out off. The sold-out crowd hadn’t seen the last of the Stunners yet. Austin connected on one to Hall, who staggered for a split second and was met with a another Stunner that flipped him high into the air and down hard to the mat! Referee Tim White crawled in and managed to count to three! Austin celebrated with a round of beers while the sullen nWo retreated.

– WINNER: Steve Austin by pinfall

Tag Team Championship: Billy/Chuck vs. APA vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz

– The Dudley Boyz arrived at the ring for the Four Corners Tag Team Elimination match as Saliva played their entrance music live. The Dudleys’ entrance theme is included on their new album Forceable Entry, available in stores on March 26. The APA, Dudley Boyz and Billy & Chuck followed and the match began. The action began in a flurry. Under the rules of the match, anyone could tag in any other competitor at any time. The match began with Bradshaw clashing with Chuck. Faarooq tagged in and continued to pound on Chuck. Billy came in to help once the ref got distracted. Billy went for the Fame-Asser shortly after but met a giant powerslam from Faarooq. Bradshaw slammed Billy Gunn with a monstrous Clothesline From Hell, but he then turned directly into a 3D and was eliminated by D-Von. The Hardy Boyz then get busy in the ring while the Dudleys set up tables outside. Jeff managed to his the Whisper in the wind on D-Von, ten Stacy tried to distract the Hardys with her figure. But Jeff came up behind her, smacked her on the ass, whipped her around for a kiss then shoved her off the ring apron! Bubba Ray controlled Jeff from there. He flipped Jeff several feet in the air, sending him crashing to the mat. The Dudleys took turns beating up Jeff. Bubba stomped the high flyer in the corner, but was knocked out of the ring by Matt. Jeff managed to mount a comeback by reversing a DDT from D-Von and giving the Dudley a neckbreaker. Matt and Bubba Ray tagged in and Matt cleaned house. Bubba tried to land a flying elbow, but Matt avoided the move and landed a leg drop off the middle turnbuckle. D-Von tried to hit the Whassup head butt, but Billy pushed him off the turnbuckle and through the table on the outside! Matt scored a Twist of Fate followed by Jeff’s Swanton Bomb on Bubba Ray and eliminated the Dudleys! Billy came in and the two remaining tag teams brawled. Jeff landed another Swanton on Chuck, but Billy hit the Fame-Ass-er on the Hardy! Chuck rolled over to attempt a pin, but Jeff kicked out! It didn’t matter, though, because Chuck dropped Jeff then rolled up his Hardy and retained the Tag Titles!

– WINNERS AND STILL CHAMPIONS: Billy and Chuck by pinfall

Backstage: New World Order

– Backstage, Scott Hall said that Austin got lucky and that he is better than Austin. He and Nash promised to take out their frustrations on The Rock. Hogan came onto the scene and said that he didn’t want their help that night because he wanted to prove that he is the man. The nWo said that just because Hogan didn’t want their help didn’t mean they wouldn’t be there.

Hardcore Championship III: Mighty Molly vs. Christian

– Backstage, Mighty Molly scurried around nervously, then smacked into a door that suddenly closed. Christian emerged from behind it and pinned her to become the newest Hardcore Champion!

– WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Christian by pinfall

Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock

– Perhaps the biggest match in WrestleMania history came up next as Hollywood Hulk Hogan clashed against The Rock. The People’s Champion stood eye to eye with the man that took the sports-entertainment industry to a new level. The bell rang and the two legends locked up. Hogan threw Rock to the ground then flexed and waved The Rock toward him. They locked up again, and Hogan again tossed Rock down and taunted the Great One some more! The Rock came back and clotheslined Hogan to the mat, then put his hand in Hogan’s face and told him to just bring it. The two exchanged shoves and The Rock smacked a big right hand to Hogan’s face. Rock tried to finish Hogan off with a Rock Bottom, but Hogan countered with an elbow. Hogan dropped several elbows to The Rock’s head. Hogan soon had The Rock screaming in pain from an abdominal stretch. Hogan pulled out all the tricks of the trade in this one, even biting The Rock on the forehead when he had the chance. The Rock battled back with several hard punches, but Hogan countered with a Rock Bottom! The action spread outside of the ring with The Rock bashing Hogan’s head into the announce table several times. The Rock went for a steel chair, but was disarmed by the referee. Hogan resumed beating the Rock in the ring. He threw him into the ropes, causing Rocky to slam hard into the referee and take him down. With nobody to oversee the action, the icons continued the brawl. The Rock latched Hogan in the sharpshooter and held on tightly, causing Hogan to tap out! With no ref to officially recognize the submission, though, the match continued. Hogan rose to his feet and delivered a low blow then a Rock Bottom! The referee managed to start counting, but The Rock kicked out after two! Hogan took of his belt and whipped the Great One’s back while the ref tried to collect himself. Rock turned things around with a DDT, then picked up the belt and whipped Hogan with a taste of his own medicine. Hogan worked to his feet and was promptly dropped with a Rock Bottom and sent to the mat for a two-count. Hogan immediately got himself pumped up and put Rocky down with a big boot and a leg drop! But Rocky managed to kick out of the pinfall somehow! Hogan hit a clothesline and went for another leg drop, but Rock rolled away and executed a Rock Bottom. Rock hit another Rock Bottom, sprang to his feet and let loose a People’s Elbow that put Hogan on the mat for good! The Rock collected the 1-2-3 pin and can now say that he is the greatest sports-entertainment icon of all time. When the smoke cleared, the two legends again stood inches apart in the ring. Hogan extended a hand. The Rock took it and the two congratulated each other on an outstanding match. The Rock exited, and Scott Hall and Kevin Nash came into the ring. Suddenly, Nash knocked Hogan to the ground and Nash started to stomped their friend! Seeing this, The Rock raced in and came to Hogan’s aid! The two disposed of Nash and Hall, who walked back up the ramp with hate in their eyes. Hogan also went to leave, but The Rock waved him back in to the ring. Hogan put his hand to his ear which elicited huge screams from each section of the SkyDome! Hogan posed for several more minutes before Hogan and Rock left together.

– WINNER: The Rock by pinfall

Women’s Championship: Jazz vs. Trish Stratus vs. Lita

– Prior to the next mach, Howard Finkel announced that WrestleMania X8 has set a new SkyDome attendance record with 68,237 fans filling the arena! The Women’s Championship Match was next on the agenda with Jazz defending the title against Lita and Trish Stratus. All three ladies tumbled in the ring. Trish and Lita ganged up on the champ from the get-go. But Jazz is one tough cookie and she maintained control by putting Trish in a submission hold and giving Lita a big suplex. Lita and Trish broke off their alliance before long. Trish mashed Lita’s face into the mat with a bulldog. Having all three women on their own worked mostly in Jazz’ favor. Lita and Trish exchanged heavy blows to the hard while Jazz recovered some energy. Lita went for a Twist of Fate on Trish but instead ended up hitting the move on Jazz. She then took down Trish and followed with a Moonsault. But Trish lifted her knees to block the move! Moments later, Trish went for a bulldog, but Lita threw Trish into the turnbuckle and out of the ring. Jazz then climbed the top turnbuckle and delivered a vicious superplex that allowed her to pin Lita and maintain the title!


Hardcore Championship IV: Christian vs. Maven

– Backstage, Christian exulted over his newly-won Hardcore Championship. He was about to get into a cab and leave, but Maven sneaked up from behind and rolled Christian up into a pin. Maven got the 1-2-3 then ducked into the cab and peeled out of the SkyDome!

– WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Maven by pinfall

Undisputed Heavyweight Championship: Chris Jericho vs. Triple H

– The evening’s main event pitted Triple H against Chris Jericho for the Undisputed World Wrestling Federation Championship. Stephanie McMahon escorted the Undisputed Champion Y2J to the ring and glared at her former husband. Triple H set out to complete his storybook comeback by taking the Championship out of Jericho’s hands. He locked up with the champ, bounced him off the ropes and flipped him hard to the mat. But The Game’s injured leg, which was heavily bandaged for support, slowed him down. Jericho took advantage of that fact when the action went outside the ring. He repeatedly struck Triple H’s injured quad with stiff kicks. Once back inside the squared circle, The Game returned the favor. When Stephanie interfered in the mach, The Game grabbed her by the hair and lifted her to the ring apron. Jericho tried to spear Triple H to break things up, but Triple H moved and Jericho struck Stephanie! Triple H pulled her into the ring and went to give his ex the Pedigree! But Jericho launched off the top rope and crashed into Jericho. When The Game was back outside the ropes, Stephanie kicked him where it counts – right in his injured quad. Jericho continued his game plan of picking on Triple H’s injured leg. The Game valiantly managed to fight back. He set Jericho up on the announce table and readied the Pedigree, but the champ flipped him over his back through the other announce table! Jericho followed with a Lionsault back in the ring but Triple H kicked out after the ref counted to two. The Game recovered again and again tried to land his finisher, but Jericho punched Triple H in the leg and put on the Walls of Jericho! Just as Triple H was about to reach the ropes, Y2J pulled him back to the center of the ring. Triple H managed to claw his way back to the rope and the referee ordered Y2J to break the hold. An angry Jericho grabbed a steel chair from ringside and brought it back to use on his opponent. Triple H avoided the steel by kicking him to the mat then DDTed Jericho on the chair! Stephanie climbed in to the ring to help Jericho, but was grabbed and Pedigreed by Triple H! While the ref tended to Steph, Y2J took the chair and smacked it over Triple H. Somehow, The Game kicked out and rose to his feet! Jericho kicked Triple H and set him up for a Pedigree, but Triple H blocked and soon after, hit his own finisher on Y2J and became the new Undisputed World Wrestling Federation Champion!

– WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Triple H by pinfall

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