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Sunday, December 9th in San Diego, CA

. Vince McMahon and Ric Flair Confrontation.

– World Wrestling Federation co-owner Vince McMahon sauntered to the ring as Vengeance kicked off, and he didn’t seem to be a happy man. Vince said that for the record, last Thursday on SmackDown! he wasn’t about to kiss anyone’s rear. He said there was no one big enough or bad enough to make him kiss rear. He said he was going to take care of business, but Stone Cold Steve Austin had showed up on the TitanTron and beat the heck out of Kurt Angle, and threaten to beat him if he left the ring! He said his partner, Ric Flair, had come to the stage and said no one could interfere, under fear of suspension. Mr. McMahon said that Rock then took advantage of him, shoving his face into Rikishi’s posterior! Mr. McMahon called it the most humiliating experience of his life. He said the people had laughed at him, as if watching a cartoon or a comedy skit. He couldn’t believe the fans had laughed at Vince McMahon. He said it was wrong to laugh at the misfortunes of billionaires. He said the fan would laugh when he told them to laugh, and if they remember nothing else for the rest of the night, they should remember this: He who laughs last, laughs loudest. Suddenly, out came Vince’s partner — Ric Flair — to a huge ovation! The Nature Boy said he hoped he had seen the last of Vince tonight, because the people wanted to see Vengeance! Flair said the show would be starting right now! Flair then left, and Scotty 2 Hotty’s music hit — with Vince still standing in the ring! Scotty and Albert headed to the ring and danced as Vince stomped out of the ring!

. Test/Christian vs. Scotty 2 Hotty/Albert

– Scotty and Albert attacked Test and Christian before the latter even had a chance to make it to the ring. Scotty dominated in the early-going, and was soon face to face with Test — only to tag out to Albert! The former T&A partners went back and forth in a show of size and strength. Scotty & Albert double-teamed Test, until Christian hung Scotty up on the top rope. Test and Christian isolated the innovator of the Worm, assaulting him and preventing him from tagging in Albert. But Scotty fought his way back, and finally got the tag to Albert! The Hip Hop Hippo was a house afire, taking on both of his opponents with reckless abandon. He set Christian up for the Baldobomb, but Test grabbed Albert’s legs and pulled him out of the ring. Scotty then bulldogged Christian and was going for the Worm, but Christian caught him and knocked him down. Then Christian went for the Worm! But Albert caught him and was setting him up for a big slam, only to get the big boot from Test for a near fall! Scotty bulldogged Test and then nailed the Worm! Christian went for the Unprettier on Scotty, but Albert nailed the Baldobomb on Christian and pinned him for the win!

– WINNERS: Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert by pinfall

. Jonathan Coachman Interview: William Regal

– Coach interviewed William Regal about his IC Title match with Edge, and his questionable methods for winning matches as of late. Regal said that questions like that disgusted him, and that his methods were not questionable, but successful. Regal said that he has fought the toughest men in the world and survived. He said Edge should have never incurred his wrath — and Edge would have been safer selling his soul to the devil. He promised to take Edge’s title. Regal then called Coach a “pillock!”

. Intercontinental Championship: Edge vs. William Regal

– Edge got the early advantage in the bout, using his speed and agility to his advantage. But Regal lured him outside the ring and knocked him against the ring and the barricade. Back in the ring, Regal nailed Edge with a series of uppercuts, and reversed a sunset flip into a brutal kneedrop. Edge scored a near-fall with an inside cradle, but Regal continued to maintain the advantage. And the crowd continued to stay all over Regal, blasting him with boos and chants of “Regal sucks!” Edge soon took Regal down and scored a few near-falls of his own. He positioned Regal up top and delivered a stunning hurricanrana from the top rope for a two-count! A Northern Lights Suplex scored another two for Edge, and Regal soon took him down with another forearm, before Edge kicked Regal to the outside. Edge went for a spear from the ring apron to the floor, but Regal moved, and Edge speared the steel steps! Regal was now firmly in control, and with the referee distracted, he reached under the ring and pulled out a pair of brass knuckles, stuffing them into his tights! Back in the ring, Regal went for the pin, but Edge got his feet on the ropes. Regal powerbombed Edge for another near fall. A frustrated Regal kept up his assault, but Edge hit an Ghetto Blaster and both men were down. Edge scored a series of near-falls, but Regal wouldn’t stay down. Regal taunted the champion, and hit two double-arm underhook suplexes, but Edge kicked out of the pin! Regal brutalized Edge with kicks, and when the ref turned around, he took out his knucks! But Edge speared Regal and pinned him to retain his championship!


. Ric Flair and Kurt Angle Confrontation.

– Ric Flair was on the phone, telling the person on the other end that he couldn’t believe there would finally be an undisputed champion. Kurt Angle then entered his locker room and mocked Flair’s accomplishments, saying that there was one thing Flair would never win — gold medals! He also said Flair was never Undisputed Champion, something that he promised he would do tonight! Flair said Angle definitely had the ability to. Angle said that he would beat up everyone en route to becoming champion! Angle said he would do it, and Flair said that was awesome!

. Lita and Matt Hardy Confrontation.

– Lita was stretching backstage when Matt Hardy entered her locker room and said he knew this had been a tough time for her, and he knew she knew how much this meant to him. He said tonight was his opportunity to show he was the brains of the Hardy Boyz. Lita told Matt that as his girlfriend, she was always on his side. But as a WWF referee, she wouldn’t take sides. Matt said that was fine, because Jeff wouldn’t get the opportunity to pin his shoulders to the mat. Matt said after he won his match, maybe they should make it a Matt & Lita night, and put this all behind them.

. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

* Lita was the special guest referee.

– As emotional as this battle of brothers was set to be, it was made all-the-more intense by Lita’s role as guest referee. Jeff looked a bit hesitant at first, as did Lita. But Matt looked confident and focused. The two men traded several reversals and lock-ups in the early going, with Matt mocking his brother. Matt took control in the early-going, but Jeff battled his way back. Jeff moved out of the way of Matt’s second-rope legdrop, and then hit a falling headbutt and a clothesline on his brother. Jeff then mocked his brother, hitting a second-rope legdrop of his own! Lita counted the two-count on that one. Jeff went up top, but Matt tripped his brother and tied him to the Tree of Woe. Lita then made Matt back up as she untied Jeff and let him get out of the corner! Matt scored a roll-up for two, and went for a sunset flip to the outside which was countered by Jeff, leaving both men lying outside the ring! Back in the ring moments later, Jeff looked to have hurt his left knee, and Lita checked on him. Matt went right to work on Jeff’s injured knee, assaulting his brother with a chop block and a series of moves. Matt went for a powerbomb, but Jeff reversed it into a Russian leg sweep, which earned him a two-count. Matt went right back to work, assaulting Jeff with a half Boston crab. Lita screamed at Matt to break the hold once Jeff made it to the ropes. Matt wrenched Jeff’s leg again, and went for a spinning toe hold, but Jeff kicked Matt to the outside. Jeff then ran across the ring and kicked Matt right in the face with a baseball slide! Jeff went to leap over the top, but his knee was hurting so bad that he collapsed. Matt grabbed the leg, but Jeff kicked Matt with a mule kick! The brothers slugged it out, and Matt went for the Twist of Fate. But Jeff countered into a legdrop. Jeff suplexed Matt and went up top for the Swanton. But his knee was hurting so much that Matt caught him up top and crotched him on the top rope. Matt tossed his brother from the top and went for the Twist of Fate, but Jeff reversed and went for one of his own! Matt went for a backslide, but Jeff kicked out. Matt went for a pin, but held onto the ropes for leverage, and Lita made him break it up! Jeff tried for a roll-up, but Matt kicked out. Matt continued the attack on his brother, but Jeff was soon up top again. But again Matt caught his brother, and went for the Twist of Fate from the top! But Jeff shoved Matt down and hit a stunning Swanton Bomb! Matt tried to get his foot on the ropes, but Jeff pulled it off, and Lita counted the pinfall, giving Jeff the win! Matt screamed at his girlfriend after the bout!

– WINNER: Jeff Hardy by pinfall

. Trish Stratus and The Rock Confrontation.

– Trish Stratus knocked on The Rock’s door, and said it was amazing how he stood up to Vince on Thursday. Rock said thanks, and Trish said she wanted to wish him luck in his match. She then kissed him on the cheek. She went to leave, and he asked where she was going. He told her to be quiet, and said that just so they were on the same page, the only thing on Rock’s mind was walking out of San Diego as undisputed champion. But after that, he said there would be plenty of time for her to smell what he was cookin’!

. Tag Team Championship: Dudley Boyz vs. Big Show/Kane

– Stacy Keibler accompanied the Dudleys to ringside for this title defense against two giants! Kane dominated the Dudleys in the early-going, and then tagged in Big Show, who was just as dominant. Show was set to go for the chokeslam, but Bubba held onto the ropes, raked Show’s eyes, and tagged in D-Von. Show hit a sidewalk slam on D-Von for a near fall. Show nailed D-Von with a series of butt-butts (sorta like a headbutt, but with Show using his posterior), and the Show and Kane continued their sheer domination in the ring, knocking the Dudleys from pillar to post. The 500-pound Show soon squashed both Dudleys in the corner! Bubba and D-Von then fell to the outside. Kane went up top and flew to the outside, knocking down both Dudleys! Back in the ring, Stacy tried to rally the troops, but Show snuck up and pulled down her skirt, spanking the Duchess of Dudleyville! The Dudleys hit Kane with a double-suplex, and went to work at isolating the Big Red Machine. They hit the “wassap!” headbutt and a series of double-team maneuvers. They then set Kane up for the 3-D, but Kane kicked D-Von in the head and clotheslined Bubba. Kane then tagged in Show, who cleaned house! He went for the chokeslam on D-Von, but Bubba nailed him with a chop block. Kane went for a top-rope clothesline on D-Von, but accidentally hit the Show. Bubba went for the cover, but Kane broke it up. The Dudleys fell to the outside, and Show asked why Kane had hit him — clear miscommunication between the challengers. But the Dudleys broke up the argument, and moments later, Show accidentally hit Kane! Bubba Ray took the turnbuckle pad off one of the corners, and the Dudleys launched Show into the air, where Show’s head hit the exposed turnbuckle! He was then pinned as the Dudleys retained their titles!

– WINNERS AND STILL CHAMPIONS: Dudley Boyz by pinfall

. Lita and Matt Hardy Confrontation II.

– Lita went to apologize to Matt Hardy, saying she was terribly sorry about what had happened. He simply gave her a dirty look and left his locker room.

. Hardcore Championship: Rob Van Dam vs. The Undertaker

– The Undertaker rode his motorcycle to the ring, where he would face Rob Van Dam for the Hardcore Championship. Shortly into the bout, RVD scored a near-fall on a top-rope somersault. Taker soon crotched RVD on the top rope and knocked him to the outside. On the outside, Taker went to drive RVD into the ringpost, but RVD reversed and knocked Taker into the post. RVD brutalized Taker with kicks, and knocked him over the barricade and into the people — perfectly legal in the hardcore environment. He went for a bodypress, but Taker hit him with a punch and RVD was down. The fight made its way through the people, and both men seemed to relish the no-DQ stipulation. Van Dam hit a springboard moonsault for a two-count. Taker soon tossed RVD over a railing onto a concrete floor, and then used it to choke the Hardcore Champion. The fight soon moved into a technical area, where Taker grabbed a steel chair from a stagehand. But when he went to hit RVD, Van Dam hit Taker with a fire extinguisher, following up with a series of kicks. RVD grabbed a trash can and hit Taker over the head. Van Dam climbed up to the cheap seats, and hit a huge cross body from 20 feet in the air for a two-count! RVD continued to lay into the Taker, as the two fought up the staging. RVD scored a near-fall right behind the TitanTron, and out on the stage, RVD hit Taker with a trash-can lid, and then nailed a spinning legdrop. Taker then took advantage, driving Van Dam’s head into the staging with a sickening thud! The Undertaker then went for the Last Ride on the stage, but Van Dam held onto the stage and kicked Taker away! With Van Dam down on the stage, Taker went backstage and came back with a chair, which RVD kicked away. RVD gave Taker rolling thunder right on the stage for a two-count! RVD grabbed the chair and dropkicked it right into Taker’s face, again for a two-count. RVD went for the Van Daminator but missed, and Taker connected with a brutal chairshot. After a series of reversals on the stage, Taker chokeslammed RVD off the stage and through a number of tables! Three seconds later, Taker was Hardcore Champion!

– WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: The Undertaker by pinfall

. Ric Flair and Chris Jericho Confrontation.

– Ric Flair was in his locker room when he was approached by Chris Jericho. Y2J said the one thing Flair didn’t have confidence in was Chris Jericho. He said that no one thought he could be Undisputed Champion. Y2J said he had beaten Rock twice, and tonight he would beat him for a third time, and then walk out as Undisputed Champion. Flair said if he could pull it off, he would be the man. He said that tomorrow on RAW, if he won, Flair could come in the ring and present him with the one thing Flair never had — the Undisputed Championship. Flair said he would indeed walk the aisle and crown someone the Undisputed Champion. Y2J said he would see Flair tomorrow.

. Women’s Championship: Trish Stratus vs. Jacqueline

– The Women’s Title was on the line as Trish defended against the rough-and-tumble Jackie, herself a former Women’s Champion. Jackie took the advantage in the early-going, knocking Trish to the mat on numerous occasions. But Trish wouldn’t stay down. Trish took the advantage with a couple of kicks, but Jackie just shoved her away, and knocked her down with punches and kicks. Jackie slammed Trish down twice, and stepped on the champion’s hair. But Trish rebounded with a clothesline for two. Jackie knocked Trish down, but Trish sent Jackie into the corner, and Trish went with a backwards roll for a near-fall. Trish went for the bulldog off the ropes, but Jackie shoved her off, and kicked her in the head for a two-count. Trish then hit a backslide and pinned Jackie to retain her title! The two shook hands after the bout.

– WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION: Trish Stratus by pinfall

. Rikishi at WWF New York.

– Footage of Vince McMahon kissing Rikishi’s rear on last Thursday’s SmackDown! was shown, and then Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcomed Rikishi live from WWF New York! The Phat Man said it was his pleasure. He said a minute, he thought he might have to have Vince’s head surgically removed from his rear! He said that he was back and ready to back that rear up!

. WWF Heavyweight Championship: Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle

– The first of the three matches to determine an Undisputed Champion pitted Stone Cold Steve Austin against Kurt Angle for the World Wrestling Federation Championship! The two superstars — who had legendary matches at SummerSlam, Unforgiven and No Mercy — stared each other down as the crowd cheered of anticipation of the first title unification in the history of professional wrestling. With so much on the line, you could cut the intensity with a knife. The two exchanged several lock-ups in the early-going, with both men making clean breaks. As the “Angle sucks” chants began, Austin gained control and pounded on the gold medalist. Angle soon went to the outside to regroup for a few moments. Back in the ring, Angle took Austin down with a go-behind, but Austin escaped and went to the outside to regroup for himself. Back in the ring, Austin gave Angle the middle finger! The two struggled for position, and Angle went for the ankle lock early. But Austin kicked his way out of it. Austin grabbed Angle’s arm and went to work on it, before hitting the Olympic hero in the eye. The Rattlesnake choked Angle on the ropes, and continued his assault on Angle’s bicep. The Rattlesnake soon launched Angle over the top rope to the outside, and Austin went right out after him, tossing him into the ringpost three times, clearly attacking the left side of Angle’s torso! The Rattlesnake also tossed Angle’s head off the ring steps for good measure. Back in the ring, Austin used an armbar takedown on Angle’s injured left shoulder to score a near-fall. He slapped away on Angle, but Angle soon rolled through a move and locked in the ankle lock! Austin struggled his way to the ropes, but Angle pulled him right to the center of the ring! But eventually, Austin made it to the ropes, and the ref broke up the hold! Austin launched Angle over the top rope to the outside, and Austin knocked Angle’s head into the Spanish announce table, before throwing him back into the ring. But Angle rolled to the outside to get some distance, luring Austin to the ringpost, where he knocked him down and wrapped his leg around the ringpost. Angle slapped away at Stone Cold, and then applied the figure-four leglock on Austin around the ringpost! Back in the ring, Angle again locked on the ankle lock. But Austin rolled through and kicked Angle away. Angle nailed Austin with a belly-to-belly suplex, but Austin pulled himself up. The men slugged it out, and Angle nailed Austin with three successive German suplexes for a two-count. With Austin down, Angle went up top and went for the moonsault — but Austin moved! Austin continued to pound on Angle, and hit the Olympian with the Lou Thesz Press and a spinebuster, again scoring a two-count. Angle raked Austin’s eyes to gain the advantage, but Austin reversed and nailed five successive German suplexes of his own! Still, the Rattlesnake scored just a two-count. As the two skirmished in the ropes, Angle nailed a low blow. He then nailed the Angle slam, but Austin kicked out of the pinfall attempt! Angle was beside himself! Angle went for the Stone Cold Stunner, but Austin reversed into a Stunner of his own! Austin then pinned Angle for a successful title defense!

– WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION: Steve Austin by pinfall

. Trish Stratus and Test Confrontation.

– Trish was getting ready backstage when she was approached by Test. Test said he was doing some thinking, and that last week she had given Rock a thank-you kiss. He said he would come in and give her a congratulations kiss this week. He said Trish was lucky to get to kiss a man like him, and he warned her that once she had Test, you could forget the rest. He told her to pucker up, and she rejected him! He called her a tease! He said she couldn’t do anything to get him fired, and she then threw him out of her locker room!

. World Championship: The Rock vs. Chris Jericho

– These two bitter rivals met one-on-one for The Rock’s World Championship, with the winner going on to meet Stone Cold Steve Austin to crown the first-ever Undisputed Champion! The two exchanged holds and reversals in the early-going, and Rock seemed to be a man on a mission. Y2J soon nailed Rock with a spinning heel kick. He followed up with a top-rope dropkick, knocking Rock to the outside. Y2J drilled Rock’s head into the Spanish announcer’s table, but Rock battled back and knocked Y2J’s head into that same piece of furniture. Jericho drove Rock’s head into the steps, and then tossed Rock back into the ring, following up with a top-rope reverse elbow for two. Y2J suplexed the People’s Champion, and posed over The Rock, mocking his opponent. He choked Rock on the middle rope. Rocky scored with a flying clothesline, but Jericho kicked out of a pin attempt. As the crowd chanted “Rocky,” Y2J went to work on the World Champion, scoring with several near falls. But Rock soon scored with a throw, and a Samoan drop for two. Y2J locked Rock in a sleeper, and the People’s Champion looked like he was nearly unconscious. But the World Champion battled back, and soon got to his feet. But Y2J took The Rock back down and went for the Lionsault. Rock moved, but Jericho landed on his feet. The two slugged it out, but Y2J hit the bulldog and nailed the Lionsault! But Rock kicked out at two! Y2J yelled at referee Earl Hebner, even shoving the ref — and Earl shoved right back! Y2J suplexed Rock, and went up top. But Rock hit the ropes, crotching Jericho up top. Rock smacked Jericho across the chest three times, and went for a superplex, but Y2J threw Rock from the rop and nailed him with a flying bodypress. But Rock rolled through and got a near-fall! Y2J continued his attack on Rock, but Rock moved as Y2J came into the corner, and Jericho fell all the way to the outside! On the outside, Y2J dropped Rock onto the barricade, and slingshotted him into the ringpost. Y2J then took the top off the American announce table, and he and Rock ascended that piece of furniture. He then went to give Rock a Rock Bottom through the table, but Rock reversed it into a DDT right through the table! The referee let the match continue, knowing what was on the line. Rock threw Y2J back into the ring, and set him up for the Rock Bottom. But Y2J battled out of it, and nailed Rock with the Breakdown. Y2J struggled back to his feet and lunged on top of Rock. He then set up Rock for the People’s Elbow! But as he went for the move, Rock caught his leg and locked him in the sharpshooter! But Rock reversed the move into a sharpshooter of his own! Rock screamed in pain as Y2J cinched it in in the middle of the ring! Rock seemed to be fading, but made one last lunge for the ropes — and made it! The ref broke up the hold, but Y2J went for the Walls of Jericho! But Rock rolled him up, and got a two-count! Rock then nailed the Rock Bottom, but was too out of it to make the cover! Down to the ring ran Mr. McMahon, and he distracted Hebner as Rock pinned Jericho. Rock then punched out Vince, and hit Y2J with a spinebuster! Rock went for the People’s Elbow, but Vince got in his way, and Rock brought Vince into the ring! He hit the People’s Elbow on Jericho and laid the smack down on Vince, and as the ref tended to Vince, Y2J hit a low blow on Rock. Y2J then hit the Rock Bottom on Rock and pinned him to become the World Champion!

– WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION: Chris Jericho by pinfall

. Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion: (WWF Heavyweight Champion) Steve Austin vs. (World Champion) Chris Jericho

– Y2J had absolutely NO time to rest, as Stone Cold headed to the ring immediately after Jericho had pinned The Rock! Before the match officially began, Kurt Angle headed to the ring and nailed Austin with a steel chair. Rock responded by giving Jericho a Rock Bottom, and then chasing after Angle! The bell rang, and the first-ever bout for the Undisputed World Championship was underway! Y2J went for a quick pinfall on Austin, but the Rattlesnake kicked out at two. Jericho assaulted Austin, hoping to keep the momentum on his side. Austin soon speared Jericho out of the corner, with a flurry of offense. He drilled Jericho’s head into the top turnbuckle repeatedly and went for the Stunner, but Jericho backed out. Austin then knocked Jericho to the outside. Austin brutalized Y2J on the outside, pounding on the World Champion. He repeatedly dropped Jericho onto the barricade and the ringpost. Austin even tore away the mats on the outside, exposing the concrete floor. Jericho clotheslined Austin onto the concrete as Y2J cleared the stuff off the Spanish announce table. He took Stone Cold on top of the table, where Austin went for the Stunner. But Y2J instead went for the Walls of Jericho, trying to turn Austin over. Instead, Austin flipped Jericho off the table and onto the concrete! Austin then suplexed Y2J onto the concrete and tossed him back into the ring. In the ring, Jericho threw Austin shoulder-first into the ringpost twice, and then chopped away at him. Y2J missed a dropkick, and Austin caught him and slingshotted him into the top turnbuckle. Y2J then wrenched Jericho’s arm into an armbar, even putting his feet on the ropes to increase his leverage. The ref soon saw Y2J’s feet on the ropes and made him break the hold. Y2J continued his assault by suplexing Austin, and Jericho then went up top. But Austin caught him from the top, burying a right hand into Y2J’s gut. Austin was now in control, but Y2J ran through a hold and went for the Walls of Jericho. Y2J locked it in in the center of the ring! The Rattlesnake screamed in pain, and finally made it to the ropes, as the ref broke the hold. Y2J stomped at Stone Cold, but soon went for a flying forearm and instead ran into the ref, knocking him to the outside. With no ref, the fight continued on the inside. In the ring, Y2J hit a low blow, and then hit Austin with the Stone Cold Stunner! Mr. McMahon headed to the ring, calling for Nick Patrick, who was wearing a WWF referee’s shirt! But Ric Flair came down and pulled Patrick out of the ring, slugging him to the ground! But Vince then sucked-punched Flair, knocking Ric into the ringpost! In the ring, Austin hit a low blow, and then went to the outside and assaulted Mr. McMahon! Back in the ring, Austin hit a Thesz Press, and fists and fire. Austin caught Y2J off the ropes and locked Y2J in the Walls of Jericho — and Jericho tapped out, but there was no ref to see it! Suddenly, Booker T ran into the ring and nailed Austin in the back of the head with a title belt! Vince McMahon threw Earl Hebner back into the ring, and Y2J covered Stone Cold for the pinfall! Mr. McMahon did indeed get the last laugh! As confetti poured down from the ceiling, Mr. McMahon and Chris Jericho celebrated — Chris Jericho is the first-ever Undisputed World Champion!



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