Wrestlemania 17

May 31, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, April 1st in Houston, TX
Hosted by Jim Ross and Paul Heyman

WWF WrestleMania X-Seven began with the promotional commercial and an unbelievable fireworks display as Jim Ross and Paul Heyman welcomed us to the program with Limp Bizkit’s ‘My Way’ playing in the background.

Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho versus William Regal

– After Regal entered the ring, the two competitors exchanged moves back and forth. Jericho set Regal up for the Jerichosault, but Regal put his legs up and hurt Jericho. He exposed the turnbuckle in the corner and threw Jericho into it repeated times. Finally, he hit the Regal Stretch and, as Jericho was about to tap out, he reached the rope. Jericho was able to come back with a front facebuster, a supelx, and finally his Jerichosault for the win.

– Winner and Still Champion: Chris Jericho by pinfall

Backstage: Bradshaw went on a rant with Faarooq and Jackie on how important WrestleMania actually was, especially in his home state of Texas. Eventually, they got so fired up that they left the APA office and made their way to the ring.

APA/Tazz versus Right to Censor

– A brawl began outside the ring before the match as Tazz suplexed Bull Buchanan. Tazz was then manhandled by the RTC before making a tag to Bradshaw. Bradshaw suplexed Val Venis off the top rope as The Goodfather and Buchanan double powerbombed Faarooq. Bradshaw then hit the lariat to win the match in his home state of Texas.

– Winners: APA and Tazz by pinfall

Backsatge: Linda McMahon was shown being rolled through the halls by Trish Stratus as her daughter stopped her and said that she was the only child that turned out OK. Stephanie then showed her “Daddy’s Girl” shirt and asked Trish to get strawberries and champagne for her father’s victory. She then gave Trish instructions on how to crush the ice.

Hardcore Championship: Raven vs. Kane vs. Big Show

– Raven attacked Kane before the Big Show entered the ring. Kane then threw Raven over the ropes to the Show as he caught him. Kane went to the top for his flying clothesline, hit it, and then took the other competitors through the crowd and backstage. Big Show took Raven and threw him into a caged room and locked the door. Kane soon ripped the locked door open as all three men continued to fight. Raven was then thrown through a glass window as Show threw Kane through a metal door and fought with him. The two behemoths then busted through a balsa wood wall connecting rooms as Raven got in a golf cart and tried to drive away. Wight stopped him as Kane got on another golf cart with the referee and partially ran over Raven. The continued fighting and even went upstairs and out of the backstage area and onto the stage. Show then picked up Raven to throw him over, but Kane kicked Show and both men fell into a box. Kane then jumped off the stage onto them for the pin and win.

– Winner and New Champion: Kane by pinfall

Backstage: Kurt Angle was shown watching some tape on Chris Benoit as Edge & Christian entered trying to cheer him up. Angle tried to make sense of him never officially tapping out to Benoit as Edge & Christian left.

The WWF went to WWF New York and showed Jimmy Snuka standing on a ledge in the crowd. Earlier tonight, Freddie Blassie, Afa, and Captain Lou Albano were at the restaurant doing some commentary for Heat.

European Championship: Test versus Eddie Guerrero

– Eddie Guerrero went for a huricanrana from the top rope, but Test kept his legs down and stayed up top for a flying, spinning elbow. Test’s right leg then got stuck in the ropes as Guerrero took advantage for a good portion of the match. Test then caught Guerrero for a spinning powerbomb and took the advantage. Guerrero distracted the referee so Saturn could get a shot in, but Test hit the pumphandle slam and knocked Saturn off the apron for only a two count. Test hit a kick for a pinfall, but Dean Malenko ran in and pulled hisl eg off. Finally, Guerrero hit Test with the belt for the pinfall.

– Winner and New Champion: Eddie Guerrero

Michael Cole Interview: Mick Foley

– Mick Foley explained that he would not be bias even though Vince McMahon hated him and tried to get rid of him. Foley then took a cheap pop saying he would do what he needed to in Houston, Texas.

Chris Benoit versus Kurt Angle

– The match began with both men putting on a fantastic technical battle. It lasted throughout the match with Benoit getting the crossface partially on a few times, but Angle got to the ropes. Angle then, after a while, leveled Benoit and threw him out of the ring. Angle then hit a great belly-to-belly suplex as Benoit took control once again. Benoit hit his two consecutive suplexes as Angle took him down for the ankle lock. Benoit reached the ropes, but put the ankle lock on Angle himself. Angle got out quickly, but Benoit put him in the Crippler Crossface and Angle reversed it for a pinfall. He only got a two count as Angle put the crossface on Benoit, but he reached the ropes. Angle was then thrown into a referee as Benoit put the Crossface on and he tapped out. The referee, though, didn’t see it and Benoit tried to pick him up. Angle then picked Benoit up from behind and hit the Olympic Slam for a two count. Angle didn’t know what else to do so he went for a moonsault; Benoit picked his legs up and blocked it. Benoit then hit his flying headbut and went for a suplex, but Angle was able to roll him up for the pinfall.

– Winner: Kurt Angle by pinfall

Michael Cole Interview: William Regal

– Regal told Cole that he did not want to talk as he found Kamala dancing atop his desk in his office.

Kevin Kelly Interview: Kurt Angle

– Kelly told Angle he wrestled a great contest and asked if he now respected Benoit. He said he didn’t as Benoit attacked him from behind and put the Crossface on. Angle tapped once again as referees tried to pry Benoit’s hands off of him.

Women’s Championship: Ivory versus Chyna

– Ivory attacked Chyna at the out start of the match, but Chyna soon took over totally dominating Ivory. Chyna then hit the powerbomb and simply laid on top of Ivory with a smug look for the pinfall.

– Winner and New Champion: Chyna by pinfall

Michael Cole Interview: Vince McMahon

– Backstage, Vince McMahon was asking his family (and Trish) if Linda McMahon was given a double dosage. Vince then began to get riled up as Michael Cole entered and asked what Vince thought about the whole situation with Shane and WCW. Vince said he didn’t want to talk about it and left the locker room.

Shane McMahon Interview.

– Shane McMahon gave a shout out to all of his new found friends at WCW. He then pointed to a skybox where wrestlers like Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, etc. were sitting (the WWF gave them a title of “WCW Wrestlers” with the Monday Nitro fire plating. Shane then introduced Mick Foley as the special guest referee of the match.

Street Fight: Vince McMahon versus Shane McMahon
* Special referee: Mick Foley

– As Shane McMahon entered the ring, his name tag was “WCW Chairman.” Vince McMahon began the match punching his son into a corner. Shane came back with a clothesline and a spear as he beat on his father. Shane then dropped about two elbows on Vince as Stephanie ran into the ring and slapped Shane. He then hit a baseball slide on Vince as he hit him many times outside with a steel plate. Shane then went to the top of the railing and hit a flying clothesline before taking a kendo stick and hitting his father repeatedly with it on the back. Shane began to jump up and down like a boxer and hit a few punches and a four punch combo knocking his father out. he then placed his father on the Spanish announce table and went on the top rope to jump on his father. As he lept for the flying elbow, Stephanie pulled Vince off the table; Foley spoke to Shane as he was on the ground as Linda McMahon was wheeled down by Trish. Trish began to pick up Vince and relive him, but she slapped him instead finally getting back at him and began to fight with Stephanie. Trish tackled her into the ring apron and brought her in the ring to smack her and beat the heck out of her. Foley then picked Stephanie up and she slapped him as Trish and Stephanie ran down the aisle way. Vince then looked at Linda and called her a name as he grouped his fists and began to walk towards Linda. Foley made it just in time and told Vince “don’t you dare” and told him to “back it up.” As Foley turned his back to wheel Linda away, Vince smacked Foley with a chair twice and threw the chair in the ring. Vince then picked Linda off the chair and roled her int he ring as he went over, kicked Shane, and finally entered the ring. He then picked Linda up and sat her on a chair in the corner as he rolled Shane in and threw multiple trash cans in the ring. As Vince went to hit Shane with the third trash can, Linda got up, kicked him in the genitals, and Foley entered the ring to beat Vince down into the corner. Linda then walked out of the ring as Foley ran his knee into Vince’s face. Shane then placed Vince into the corner and made him hold a trash can as he hit Rob Van Dam’s Van Terminator on his father for the pinfall and the win.

– Winner: Shane McMahon by pinfall

TLC II Tag Team Championship: Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian

– A brawl began with a chair and ladder already in the ring. Matt was placed in a tree of woe as everyone else continued to brawl. Two ladders were set up as each Hardy hit a splash and guillotine leg drop respectively; D-Von hit a flying headbut as Buh Buh called for the table. Buh Buh then powerbombed Jeff onto Edge who was on a table as the Dudleyz set up four tables in two sets of two. Three ladders were then set up as all six men went for the belts. Two fell onto the ropes on one side as two fell onto the ropes on the other side, and Buh Buh and Edge fell off the sides of the middle ladder. Spike Dudley then ran in and hit the Acid Drop off of a ladder and another one off of the turnbuckles onto a table on the outside of the ring. Rhyno then entered the ring and ran the Dudleyz down with a speer and even ran Matt into a table. Rhyno then set up a table and placed Edge on it as Lita ran in and pulled him down. Lita hit a huricanrana on Rhyno as Spike hit him with a chair into Edge who went into the ropes. The Dudlez then hit a Dudleyville Device on Rhyno and the 3D on Lita as Edge climbed back in and hit both with a chair. Jeff then climbed an extra tall ladder outside and did a swanton bomb onto Rhyno and Spike who were laying on a two tables below. Four ladders (including the extra tall ladder) were set up in the ring as D-Von and Christian hung from the ring and kicked each other just like last year. Christian then fell without getting the title as Jeff walked across two ladders onto a third, but fell down. He set up another ladder and began to hang on the rings as Edge climbed the extra tall ladder in the corner and speared him off of the rings onto the canvas. As Buh Buh and Matt were both on the extra tall ladder, Rhyno pushed them over the ropes and into the four ladders set up outside the ring. As Edge pulled D-Von down from the ladder, Rhyno pushed Christian up to grab both belts and win.

– Winners and New Champions: Edge & Christian

Before the Gimmick Battle Royal began, the special guests at WWF AXXESS, Bobby “The Brian” Heenan and “Mene” Gene Okerlund entered the ringside area to do guest commentating for this match.

Gimmick Battle Royal

– [Order of Elimination: Gobbeldy Gooker, Tugboat, Earthquake, Kimchee, Luke, Jim Cornette, The Goon, Butch, Doink the Clown, Michael Hayes, One Man Gang, Kamala, Brother Love, Sgt. Slaughter, Hillbilly Jim]

– The match began. The match ended. Following the match, Sgt. Slaughter entered and fought the Sheik. Slaughter then knocked the Sheik out and walked out on top.

– Gimmick Battle Royal Winner: Iron Sheik

Triple H versus Undertaker

– Motorhead played Triple H’s theme song live at WrestleMania X-Seven as The Game made his way to the ring. The match began on the outside of the ring as The Undertaker threw Triple H into the second Spanish announce table. The Undertaker took advantage of Triple H early on and hit him with a flying clothesline and went to the top rope for his infamous maneuver, but Triple H reversed it. Eventually Triple H went outside the ring to get a sledgehammer, but the referee took it away. Triple H then went for a pedigree, but The Undertaker reversed it into a slingshot, knocking the referee out in the corner. The Undertaker then chokeslamed Triple H as the referee counted a two. The Undertaker got upset and attacked the referee. Both men then fought into the crowd and eventually to a technical set up area. With a camera on top, both men fought as Triple H pummeled The Undertaker with a chair more than ten times. As Triple H went for another chair shot, The Undertaker grabbed his neck and threw him over the top and onto the concrete floor (which was actually a huge foam pad.) As an EMT checked on him, The Undertaker jumped off the technical area and onto Triple H with an elbow drop. Both men laid sprawled out on the foam as EMTs checked on them. Eventually they made their way back to the ring as The Undertaker picked up the sledgehammer, but Triple H kicked him in the genitals. Triple H then went for the sledge, but The Undertaker gave him a boot to the fence. Triple H went for a tombstone, but The Undertaker countered it and hit the Tombstone Piledriver for the first time in quite some time. However, the referee was still out and could not count so The Undertaker picked him up for the Last Ride. At the same time, Triple H had the sledgehammer and hit Taker in the back with it for a two count. As Triple H was punching him in the corner, The Undertaker picked him up and hit the Last Ride for the pinfall.

– Winner: The Undertaker by pinfall

No Disqualification Heavyweight Championship: The Rock versus Steve Austin – Both men exchanged hands as Steve Austin went for a belt shot early on; he missed. Austin then pounced on The Rock and punched him as The Rock went for a Rock Bottom, missed, Austin went for a stunner, missed, The Rock went for a stunner, missed, and The Rock was eventually thrown over the top rope. The two superstars then entered the crowd for a short while, but returned to the ring. Austin hit a superplex and took off a turnbuckle pad as The Rock threw him over the top rope. Austin, while on the outside, hit The Rock with a ring bell and threw him on top of the commentating booth. Nothing happened, but as Austin walked away it collapsed and The Rock was busted open. After Austin beat him for a while, The Rock exploded out of the corner with a forearm and threw Austin into the exposed corner. The Rock then used the belt and hit Austin with it as the crowd booed. Austin kicked out after two as The Rock stalked him and punched him repeatedly. Austin then did a slingshot into the ring post as The Rock hit it directly with his head. Austin used a monitor to hit The Rock in the head as he rolled him in the ring for a two count. Austin then gave The Rock two middle fingers as he went for the stunner, but The Rock caught his leg and put him in a Sharpshooter. Austin went for the rope, but got dragged away; he inched back and hit the rope making The Rock release the hold. Austin then took The Rock’s leg out from under him and put him in a Sharpshooter of his own, but The Rock got out. Austin put him in it once again, but The Rock got the rope. The referee told him to release the hold, but Austin gave him the fingers and kept it on a few seconds longer. Austin then went back to his Ringmaster roots and used the Million Dollar Dream on The Rock. The Rock reversed it into a pinning combination as Austin kicked out with almost no time left. The Rock reversed an Irish whip and hit a Stunner on Austin for a two count. As this occurred, Vince McMahon made his way to the ring and Austin gave The Rock a spinebuster for two. The Rock hit a spinebuster of his own and decided to go for a People’s Elbow for another two count because McMahon pulled The Rock’s leg off. The Rock began to chance McMahon around the ring and finally into the ring where Austin hit a Rock Bottom for a two count. As Austin went for a Stunner, The Rock threw him into the referee. Austin then told McMahon to come into the ring with the chair and hit The Rock. He did so as McMahon rolled the referee back into the ring for another two count. As Austin went to hit The Rock with a chair, The Rock reversed it into a Rock Bottom and pulled himself up to bring McMahon into the ring and beat on him. Austin then hit a Stunner as The Rock kicked out and McMahon got up with a chair. Austin took the chair from McMahon and hit The Rock with it for another two count. Austin then pummeled The Rock with the chair over and over with McMahon encouraging him. Finally he got the pinfall to become the new Heavyweight Champion. Following the match he shook hands with McMahon and raised the belt in all his glory. He then called for beers for both himself and McMahon who chugged and celebrated some more. As The Rock got back up, Austin hit him with the title belt and drank another beer with McMahon.

– Winner and New Champion: Steve Austin by pinfall

Source: Adam Silverstein


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