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Sunday, September 24th in Philadelphia, PA

Right to Censor versus The Acolytes/Dudley Boyz

– Steven Richards didn’t even tag in to the match, but he was the main factor in the outcome. When most of the superstars spilled to the outside of the ring, Val Venis was the victim of a “Dudley Device.” However, the Goodfather broke up the pinfall attempt. Moments later, Steven seemed to come out of nowhere to deliver a Steven kick to Buh Buh Ray. Val quickly pinned him for the victory. After the match, the APA and the Dudleys put the beating of a lifetime on Steven, who was eventually put through a table.

– Winners: Right to Censor by pinfall

Leather Strap Match: Tazz versus Jerry Lawler

– According to the rules of the match, the winner of the match was the first superstar to score a pinfall, submission or touch all four corners. Lawler was quite the aggressor in the match, as he delivered three straight piledrivers to the Tazz! But Tazz was barely phased (in fact, he wasn’t phased at all until the third piledriver). Lawler tried to drag Tazz around to all four corners, but before he could get to the fourth, the referee was inadvertently knocked out. As Lawler tried to choke out Tazz, Raven made a shocking World Wrestling Federation appearance and delivered a DDT to Lawler! Tazz seized the opportunity and slapped the Tazzmission! The referee recovered just in time to see Lawler tapping out!

– Winner: Tazz

Backstage, Kevin Kelly was waiting for Stone Cold Steve Austin to arrive. The First Union Center exploded as the Rattlesnake pulled up, and Kelly asked Austin how he felt. But the Rattlesnake said he was in Philadelphia to ask questions, not to answer them. With that, Austin tossed Kevin into the a wall and dropped several steel rods on top of him!

Hardcore Open Invitational: Steve Blackman defends against Perry Saturn, Crash Holly, Funkai, Al Snow, and Test

– In this anything-goes affair, the title would change hands each time the champion was pinned. The superstar who was champion after the 10-minute time limit expired would leave Philadelphia with the title. Four minutes in to the match, Crash pinned Steve Blackman. Crash tried to run a way, but seconds later, Perry Saturn scored a pin to win it. After the Lethal Weapon grabbed a Kendo stick and proceeded to clobber all the other superstars in the match, including Saturn, he pinned Perry to win back the title. With less than one minute left in the match, Blackman tried to retreat to the locker room with his title, but the other superstars chased after him. They ganged up on him, but no one was able to pin him as time expired. So Blackman retain the title — at least until RAW.

– Winner: Steve Blackman retains

Backstage, Kurt Angle was talking with a couple of Federation officials about his Olympic gold medal. He told them he had to go get ready for his match, but as he walked away he ran right in to Stone Cold Steve Austin! Angle introduced himself, but Austin was in no mood to shake hands. Angle even gave Austin an “honorary medal” — even though it was admittedly much smaller than one of his own. He “thanked” Angle with several punches and kicks!

Chris Jericho versus X-Pac

– The two young competitors fought tooth-and-nail, in and out of the ring. At one point, Chris Jericho hit the bronco buster on X-Pac! A few minutes later, Y2J finished him off with the Walls of Jericho. After the match, X-Pac attacked Jericho with a pair of nunchakus!

– Winner: Chris Jericho by pinfall

Backstage, Kurt Angle complained to Commissioner Mick Foley about Austin’s actions. It just angered Foley, who made Angle’s match with Triple H a no-disqualification affair!

Meanwhile, Austin knocked on a door, and it turned out to be The Rock’s locker room! The two superstars glared at each other for several seconds before finally shaking hands, and the People’s Champion welcomed the Rattlesnake back. Austin said that even though he and The Rock are cool, he still wanted to know if The Rock had any idea who may have stolen the keys to the car that ran him down. The Rock said it could have been anyone. Just then, Joe walked in to the locker room and said he had heard some talking backstage that Austin might want to know about. Austin responded that he too had heard some backstage talk — he heard that Joe was going to get his rear whooped by Austin! And Austin did just that!

Steel Cage Tag Team Championship: Edge/Christian versus Hardy Boyz

– Just moments into this brutal affair, Jeff Hardy ended up falling outside the cage. That meant that if Matt could escape or score a pinfall, the Hardy Boyz would win the titles. That also meant that Matt was left alone in the ring with Edge & Christian. Jeff tried to climb the cage to get back in, but Christian knocked him back down. Later, Jeff tried to get the key to the cage door from the referee. When the official refused to give it to him, Jeff threw him in to the cage and took the key away. When Jeff tried to climb back in the ring, the champions clobbered him with the cage door. Edge took the key to the cage and dropped it down his tights. Meanwhile, Matt Hardy was busted open inside the ring as both Edge & Christian picked up steel chairs. But Matt avoided a double chair shot and delivered a double clothesline to the champions. Matt tried to climb out of the cage, but Canadians pulled him back in. Jeff grabbed a ladder and threw it at Christian, knocking him off the cage and out of the ring. Jeff set up the ladder and climbed it, and then jumped on top of the cage. Then he dove backwards and delivered a Swanton bomb off the top of the cage, knocking down both Edge and Matt! Christian tried to climb the ladder, too, but Lita appeared and gave Christian a huricanrana off the top of the ladder! When Edge recovered enough to climb the cage, both Hardys chased after him, and they were carrying steel chairs. On top of the cage, Matt and Jeff delivered a double chair shot to Edge, who went flying back down to the canvas. Matt and Jeff then climbed down outside of the cage, touching the floor simultaneously to win the Tag Team Championship!

– Winners and New Champions: Hardy Boyz

Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin barged into Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley’s locker room. Stephanie said she had a gift for him, and she gave him the hat he was wearing last year at Survivor Series, when he was run down by the car. Stephanie reiterated that the footage from the incident clearly shows that it couldn’t possibly have been Stephanie or Triple H driving the car. But Stone Cold said that you could only count on three things — death, taxes, and that you can’t trust anybody in the WWF. With that, he barged out of the locker room.

Meanwhile Triple H confronted Commissioner Foley, making sure he planned on calling his match with Kurt Angle down the middle. Foley insisted that he would.

Intercontinental Championship: Eddie Guerrero versus Rikishi Phatu

– When Eddie Guerrero tried to escape to the locker room, Chyna grabbed him and threw him back in to the ring — insisting that her man fight like a man. On the other hand, when Rikishi set up the champion for a Stink Face, Chyna pulled her fiance to safety. Rikishi confronted her, allowing Guerrero to dive from the top rope and splash the Phat Man. Minutes later, Rikishi gave Guerrero a sit-down splash and had the champion covered, but Chyna interfered again. Rikishi was now irate, and he tossed Chyna into the ring, superkicked her, and then splashed her from the second rope. Rikishi won the match by disqualification, but Guerrero kept the title.

– Winner: Rikishi Phatu by disqualification

Jonathan Coachman interviewed the Undertaker, who said he was the Big Dog in the World Wrestling Federation, and he would regain the Federation Championship! Meanwhile, Kurt Angle seemed genuinely concerned about his match with Triple H. As he wondered aloud what he was going to do, Trish Stratus came in to his locker room and said she’d be willing to help if Angle needed it. But Angle suddenly came up with a plan, and he excitedly walked out of the locker room, leaving a confused Trish behind.

No Disqualification: Triple H versus Kurt Angle
* Mick Foley is the special guest referee.

– Commissioner Foley came out to referee the match, which he had announced earlier in the night would be a no-disqualification affair. Kurt Angle followed, and he grabbed a microphone to announce that it was Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley’s birthday. He led the First Union Center crowd in a rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song. The birthday girl came out with her husband, whose ribs were heavily taped after Angle brutally attacked him last Thursday on SmackDown! Both competitors utilized the no-disqualification stipulation to their advantage. Triple H went for the Pedigree on J.R. and the King’s announce table, but Angle low-blowed him, picked him up, and gave him a belly-to-belly suplex, throwing him through the Spanish announcers’ table! Stephanie went over to check on her husband, shoving Angle in the process. Foley checked on Triple H as well, asking him if he wanted to give up. But Triple H said he’d continue. Back in the ring, Angle went to work on the Game’s ribs. Still, Triple H managed to kick out on two after the Olympic gold medalist suplexed him off the top rope. At this point, as Angle slapped on the abdominal stretch, Triple H was bleeding from his mouth, and he appeared to be cut near his right eye as well. After Angle missed a moonsault off the top rope, Triple H recovered enough to go for the Pedigree, however, he could only use one hand, as his left arm was also badly injured. Stephanie entered the ring, and Triple H told her that she needed to choose between him and Angle. Stephanie paused for a moment, and then walked behind Angle and kicked him with a low blow! This time, Triple H ignored the pain and he administered the Pedigree with bold hands. The Game went for the pinfall and won the match! After the match, Stephanie seemed concerned, and she even walked over to check on Angle. Triple H grabbed his wife and kissed her in a forcible manner. He left the ring; Stephanie didn’t follow him initially, but after a few moments she joined him in walking back to the locker room.

– Winner: Triple H by pinfall

In one of the most anticipated moments of the last several months, Shane McMahon appeared, claiming that he knew who hit Stone Cold Steve Austin and he could prove it. Shane said that the man who did it has a history of vehicular assault, and Shane showed a clip from several months ago of Steve Blackman backing in to Ken Shamrock. Blackman came out, apparently to dispute Shane’s claims, but before he could, Stone Cold Steve Austin himself appeared as the crowd at the First Union Center went crazy! Austin got right in to Blackman’s face and stunned him! Shane was ecstatic, and he grabbed a cooler full of beers and shared a few with Austin. But just when it appeared that a new alliance was born, Austin stunned Shane — clearly proving that he doesn’t believe Shane’s claim that Blackman was the culprit. When Shane recovered, Austin stunned him again! In fact, Shane was the victim of a stunner three times, as Austin chugged several beers and the crowd went wild.

Fatal Fourway Heavyweight Championship: The Rock Versus Kane versus Undertaker versus Chris Benoit

– The rules of the match stipulated that all four men would battle in the ring at the same time, and the first superstar to score a pinfall or submission would walk away with the Federation Championship. Because of the rules, The Rock could have very well lost the title without being pinned or submitting. That is exactly what seemed to happen. Chris Benoit clobbered the Undertaker with a steel chair and pinned him. The referee administered the three count, and Benoit was announced as the new champion. However, the Undertaker’s foot was on the bottom rope (the referee didn’t see it) and as Benoit celebrated in the aisle, Commissioner Foley came out, grabbed the title away from Benoit, and ordered the match to continue. All four superstars proceeded to take an incredible amount of punishment. The Rock, for example, was the victim of a Last Ride by the Undertaker, and later he was locked in the Crossface for minutes. Both times, however, The Rock was eventually saved before he was pinned or forced to tap out. After Undertaker kicked Benoit, breaking up the Crossface, he and Kane battled outside the ring. Meanwhile, The Rock somehow mustered enough energy and delivered the Rock Bottom to Benoit. This time, there was nobody in the ring to break up the pin, and The Rock retained his title! After the match, the People’s Champion could barely stand, but he finally got up and celebrated with the crowd in Philadelphia.

– Winner and Still Champion: The Rock by pinfall


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