Survivor Series

May 31, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, November 18th in Greensboro, NC

. European Championship: Christian vs. Al Snow

– Paul Heyman and Jim Ross called the action from ringside as Christian started things off with a European Championship match against Al Snow. Christian took the mic from the center of the ring and said the Federation would die that night in Greensboro. Al Snow came down to the ring before Christian finished his speech, and the two clashed. Christian took control early, taking the Tough Enough trainer down with a Russian Leg Sweep that put Al’s shoulders to the mat for a two count. Soon after, Snow evened the score with a series of shots to the face and several headbutts.. The match looked to be all wrapped up after Al nailed Christian with the Snowplow, but the European Champion got his foot on the rope. Christian then hit the “I’m Prettier,” and pinned his challenger.

– WINNER: Christian by pinfall

. Backstage, Stone Cold and Debra arrived in the locker room to find an angered Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, Shane McMahon, Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle. Stephanie demanded to know if Austin was jumping to the Federation because that’s what it looked like when Austin and Vince exchanged smiles at the end of SmackDown! last Thursday night. Stone Cold emphatically stated that he was loyal to the Alliance and that it was time to get behind the leader so they could triumph and keep their jobs.

. Cameras caught up with Mr. and Mrs. McMahon talking backstage. Linda was concerned about the possibility of someone getting seriously hurt that evening because the stakes were so high. Mr. McMahon said she should prepare herself because, “s*** happens.” A nervous Michael Cole broke in to get Mr. McMahon’s thoughts on the evening. Vince said Cole shouldn’t worry because he had built an empire by taking calculated risk. Vince said that anytime your on his side, you can count on him having an ace in the hotel. William Regal tapped Vince on the shoulder and said he would take great pleasure in helping the Alliance topple the Federation’s empire.

. William Regal vs. Tajiri

– The Alliance Commissioner took on Tajiri next. Tajiri scored a number of stiff kicks to his former ally, then locked Regal in the Tarantula! Once the hold broke, Tajiri hit an elbow to Regal after springing off the ropes. But Regal picked himself off and threw his former sidekick into the ropes, causing Tajiri’s neck to become entangled in them. Regal pounded on Tajiri then finished things off with a powerbomb that gave the Alliance its second win of the evening. After the match officially ended, Regal bashed Tajiri with another stiff powerbomb while blood streamed down the commissioner’s nose. Torrie Wilson raced to aid Tajiri, who still lay in pain on the mat. Upon seeing Torrie race past him, Regal turned and gave the defenseless blonde a powerbomb that knocked her out!

– WINNER: William Regal by pinfall

. Intercontinental/U.S. Championship Unification Match: Edge vs. Test

– The first unification match of the evening came up next with Test pitting his Federation Intercontinental Championship up against Edge and his WCW United States Championship. Test gained hit title weeks earlier by using the ropes for leverage in pinning Edge. Test prepared for the match backstage with a woman rubbing oil on his body as he primped in front of a mirror. Stacy arrived and Test said that maybe later, the two of them could go out. Stacy said that might be a possibility, and she emphasized that fact by stroking her hand across Test’s waist after he turned back to the mirror. Edge told Coach that he wasn’t worried about getting the Big Boot from Test. Instead, all he would hear would be Test moaning, “I lost. What’s that all a-boot?” The unification match began with Test and Edge in a stare down before Edge caught Test with a cross-body. Test responded with a clothesline that leveled Edge on the canvas. The fight spread outside the ring with Test picking Edge up and slamming him face-first onto the ring barrier twice. Test threw his opponent back inside the ring where Edge threw the Intercontinental Champ from the ring and crashed into him with a baseball slide. Once inside the ring again, Test tossed Edge in the air and caused his neck to snap into the ring rope. Now in control, Test locked Edge into a chokehold. Edge painfully gasped for air but he would not submit. A couple of knees to the skill forced Test to release his grip. Edge gained momentum by climbing to the second turnbuckle and forcing Test to crumple from a drop kick! After a few shots to the face, Edge attempted to hit a cross-body from the second turnbuckle. Test moved out of the way just in time, then picked up his foe and placed him on the top turnbuckle. Test threw Edge to the mat then climbed to the top rope and leapt at Edge, but he met a stiff dropkick that put both men down. Edge stormed back moments later with a bulldog and expressed frustration at only scoring a two count. Edge had to dodge a pumphandle slam and then kicked out of a pin attempt after taking a vicious spear in order to stay alive. Not even a pumphandle slam could knock Edge out for good. Edge took Test down with his own spear, but it took a crafty rollup seconds later for Edge to pin his opponent and become the holder of the Intercontinental Championship and the WCW US Title!


. Backstage, Kurt Angle asked Stephanie why she was so stressed out. Stephanie expressed nervousness that everything she had was on the line. If the Alliance lost that evening, Stephanie worried that she’d become a “regular person” and would have to shop for her own groceries and clean her bathroom! “I cannot be a regular person!” she screamed. Kurt touched her shoulder and told the ECW owner that she was not a regular person. Angle told her not to worry because he would make sure that Stone Cold didn’t screw the Alliance. Stephanie smiled warmly and thanked Kurt for his efforts.

. In the locker room, Lita asked Jeff if he thought that Matt was acting strange lately. Jeff attributed it to the pressure Team Xtreme was under. Matt walked in and asked what they were talking about. He said he was upset because his dream of holding a career as a Federation Superstar was on the line that evening. Matt and Jeff turned and left, and Lita bumped into Trish Stratus who was passing through. Both women wished each other luck in the six-woman match later that evening that would result in a new Federation Women’s Champion being crowned.

. Tag Team Championship Unification Cage Match: Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz

– The Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz met in a steel cage in a historic match that would unify the WCW and Federation Tag Team Championships. WCW referee Nick Patrick chained the cage door shut and the match got underway. With the Duchess of Dudleyville, Stacy Keibler, watching from outside the steel cage, the WCW Tag Team Champions picked Matt apart. Matt bailed himself out with a neckbreaker and tagged in his brother. Jeff Took down both Dudleys with dropkicks, then teamed with Matt for a Poetry in Motion on both opponents! With the Dudleys trying to catch their breath, Matt and Jeff began climbing the cage. But D-Von took Matt down with a Russian Leg Sweep and Bubba Ray powerbombed Jeff off the top rope! “Would somebody please pick Jeff Hardy’s spleen up off the canvas?” asked Paul Heyman from ringside. The Dudleys teamed up and tossed Matt face first into the cage. They tried to do the same thing with Jeff, but the plan backfired as Jeff grabbed onto the steel mesh and began crawling to the top! The Dudleys caught him, though, and began stomping on both Hardys. Bubba-Ray tried to pin Jeff, but couldn’t keep him down. Matt began climbing the cage, but Bubba sprinted from across the ring and launched his body into the Hardy’s back, which caused Matt’s face to be squashed into the steel! The tide turned soon after with Matt tossing Bubba Ray’s nose into the cage. With the Dudleys down on the canvas, Matt and Jeff crawled up opposing turnbuckles and simultaneously leapt onto Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray avoided a pin attempt and D-Von smacked Matt with a flying headbutt to the groin! Bubba Ray got a wild look in his eye and screamed, “Stacy! Get the tables!” The Duchess of Dudleyville did what she was told, then persuaded Nick Patrick to open the cage and slip the table in. The Dudleys tried to put Matt through the table with a 3-D, but Matt countered. He then crept up the cage, climbed over and fell to the ground! Now, it was up to Jeff to get out of the cage. Jeff climbed to the top and could have worked his way to safety, but he turned and launched himself in a Swanton Bomb toward D-Von! D-Von moved and Jeff crashed right through the table! Bubba Ray easily crawled over Jeff and took the pin to unify the tag team titles! After the Dudleys celebrated, a concerned Lita raced to the ring and watched anxiously as medical staff loaded Jeff onto a stretcher and carted him away with the crowd roaring in appreciation for the spectacle they observed.


. At WWF New York, Federation Commissioner Mick Foley said that he would rather be in Greensboro, but he had to answer to Vince McMahon and the Federation Chairman ordered Foley to be in Times Square. Mick said he was pulling for the Federation, and he said he would be in Charlotte tomorrow for RAW!

. Back in Greensboro, Test asked Scotty 2 Hotty if he was in the battle royal later that evening. The winner of the battle royal would avoid being fired for one year, no matter which side triumphs in the “Winner Take All” match. Scotty said he was, but kept walking. Test jumped Scotty and pounded him to a pulp. “Now you’re not,” said Test while standing over Scotty’s battered body.

. Immunity Battle Royale:

– A total of 22 superstars came to the ring for the battle royal, with Test taking the place of Scotty 2 Hotty. Shaun Stasiak was the first victim to fly over the top rope. On his way backstage, he passed Tazz coming to the ring. Later on, in the middle of the action, Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hugh Morrus rushed in and joined the foray. But the late entry didn’t help much as both men were soon flipped over the top rope and eliminated. After dropping Billy Gunn to the mat, Tazz turned and yelled for Paul Heyman to step into the ring. Billy Gunn got up and hurled Tazz over the rope which caused Heyman to erupt into laughter. After Bradshaw sidewalk slammed Billy Kidman over the top rope, he was left in the ring with Billy Gunn, Test and Lance Storm. Test flung Billy Gunn over the rope, but Billy held on and avoided touching the ground. Test then tossed both Bradshaw and Storm over the rope and raised his arms in triumph, not realizing Billy Gunn was still alive. Billy snuck up and tried to take advantage, but Test hurled him over the top rope and stood as the only person left standing inside the ring. Test’s strategy of jumping Scotty 2 Hotty paid off as he was guaranteed employment for a full year!


. Backstage, Booker T told Shane not to trust Austin. He said he wasn’t about to lose his job. Shane said he understood because this wasn’t just his job, it was his entire life. He urged Booker T to trust him and stay together as a team. Booker T said he hoped Shane was right.

. Women’s Championship: Lita vs. Trish Stratus vs. Jackie vs. Ivory vs. Mighty Molly vs. Mystery Opponent

– A new Federation Women’s Champion was moments away from being crowned as the six pack challenge got underway. Trish Stratus, Jacqueline and Lita made their way to the ring to represent the Federation. Then, the Alliance’s Ivory and Mighty Molly arrived. The final participant was a special guest invited by William Regal. Speculation ran wild all week as to who this person would be. Finally, ECW Superstar Jazz came out and ended the mystery. Jazz and Lita started things off. The rules of this match allowed any person to tag in anyone else. The first person to score a pinfall or submission on another would become the new Women’s Champion. Later, Lita came to Trish’s aid when the four other women began pounding on the 2001 Internet Babe of the Year. Lita nailed a Twist of Fate on Ivory then launched a perfect moonsault that should have ended things. But Mighty Molly and Jazz broke up the pin attempt. The fight came down to Ivory and Trish. Trish hit Ivory with her trademark bulldog and pinned the Alliance diva to become the new Federation Champion!

– WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Trish Stratus by pinfall

. Backstage, Mr. McMahon addressed the members of the team that would line up in the “Winner Take All” match. Mr. McMahon said he had confidence that the team would taste victory that night, but he realized he could be looking at a group of losers. If his superstars were to lose, Vince said that there wasn’t a Federation fan anywhere that would ever forgive them. He also stated that if they were to lose, each one of them would be disgraced and would justifiably be ridiculed for the rest of their lives. He also questioned what a loss would do to great superstars like Billy Graham, Gorilla Monsoon, Andre the Giant, and others who helped build the Federation. Mr. McMahon told the team of Big Show, Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho and The Rock to go get the job done.

. The Alliance team of Shane McMahon, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin arrived at the ring to signify the start of sports-entertainment’s most important and historic event to date: the “Winner Take All” match. The remaining members of the Alliance crowded around a television backstage in eager anticipation of discovering the fate of their organization.

. Winner Take All Elimination Match: Team WWF (The Rock, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, Kane, Big Show) vs. Team Alliance (Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Booker T., Shane McMahon, Rob Van Dam)

– Mr. McMahon’s Federation team sauntered to the squared circle and The Rock and Stone Cold began tearing into each other before referee Earl Hebner could signal for the match to begin. Numerous tags were made as each team tried to gain the upper hand in the main event. Kane tagged in at the same time as Booker T, but Booker looked wide-eyed at the Big Red Machine. Kurt Angle tagged himself in and stepped up to Kane, but was met with a beating. The Olympic Champion regrouped with a solid backdrop on his massive opponent. Kane took back control and launched his body off the top rope and into Angle. The match may have ended right there if Shane McMahon hadn’t broken up the count. The Undertaker stepped in to pick up where Kane left off. Booker T tagged in and was almost pinned, but Shane broke up the count once again. Taker took down Booker T with his old-school walk on the rope maneuver. Taker went for another pin, but Shane came to the Alliance’s rescue again and scurried away before a Federation Superstar could retaliate. Stone Cold stepped in to tangle with Taker and he also fell victim to the Undertaker old-school move. Shane again interrupted the account, which visibly annoyed Taker. Taker was drawn into the Alliance’s corner where he fell victim to punches from all directions. Angle tagged in and got a near fall on Taker but fell victim to a DDT. An exhausted Undertaker dragged himself over and tagged in Big Show. The 7-foot-2, 500-pound superstar tossed Angle around the ring like a dishrag. When RVD came in to help, he was picked up over Show’s head and thrown to the mat. This distraction, though, allowed Angle to heave Big Show with an Angle Slam. Booker T dropped Show with kick, RVD followed with a Five-Star Frog Splash and Shane finished the big man off with a flying elbow from the top rope. Shane pinned Big Show to earn the first elimination of the evening!

– Shane danced in celebration, but didn’t realize that The Rock had entered the ring. The People’s Champion cracked Shane with repeated blows, then tagged in Kane to deliver a chokeslam. Undertaker decimated Shane with a Tombstone Piledriver and eliminated Shane after landing a Lionsault! Federation superstars watching backstage cheered in approval.

– Kane became the next victim after taking a Five-Star Frog Splash from Rob Van Dam. This put the Federation at a disadvantage. Undertaker stepped forward as the Federation’s leader. He chokeslammed Kurt Angle then kicked a steel chair out of Booker T’s hands. But Stone Cold delivered a Stunner and dragged Angle over the Undertaker to put the Federation at a two-man disadvantage!

– Only The Rock and Chris Jericho, who had battled with each other for weeks, remained to fight for the Federation’s survival. The Rock tried to turn things around, but Booker T dropped the Great One with a kick. The Rock stormed back and twice covered Booker T, but Alliance members stepped in to break things up. Third time’s a charm, though, as The Rock covered Booker T and eliminated the five-time former WCW Champion!

– The Rock looked tired but he held his own when Rob Van Dam took over for the Alliance. Rocky staggered to his corner and tagged in Y2J, who beat down RVD. Jericho took down Van Dam with a Bulldog and followed with a Lionsault that RVD dodged. Jericho landed on his feet but was dropped with a spinning heel kick. It looked like RVD would take the pin, but Jericho kicked out then rolled up the Hardcore Champion and got a three-count!

– Austin and Angle immediately pounced on Y2J. Jericho fell victim to a superplex from Stone Cold, but managed to kick out of the cover. Angle tagged in and went for a suplex, but Jericho turned the tide and put Angle into the Ankle Lock! Angle screamed in pain but slithered out of the move and tagged in Austin. Both Alliance Superstars took turns trampling Y2J, who was thoroughly exhausted at this point. Jericho refused to roll over and die. He traded shots with Austin and with both men laying on the mat, he crawled over and tagged in The Rock! Angle also entered the ring but he was almost immediately caught in the Sharpshooter! Angle howled in agony before he raised his hand and slapped the canvas! Only Austin remained for the Alliance!

– Jericho tagged back in and put Austin down then went for the Lionsault. Austin raised his knees and blocked the move, then propped Y2J up on the top turnbuckle in preparation for a superplex. Y2J pushed Austin down and launched his body into Austin before covering Y2J. Austin kicked out then rolled up Y2J in his own pin attempt and got the fall! Jericho was eliminated! The most important match in history came down to Stone Cold and The Rock! But Y2J wouldn’t go out quietly. He slammed Rocky into the canvas before leaving the ring! Austin crawled over and covered The Rock as the referee counted.but The Rock kicked out! Meanwhile, Y2J backed up the entrance ramp with a smug look on his face. Taker raced down and met Jericho, making sure that Y2J watched the rest of the match backstage.

– Back down at the ring, Austin slung Rocky from the ring and smashed his face into the announce table. The Rock retaliated and threw Austin over the table then began assaulting the Federation Champ! The action crept back inside the ring. Austin, who had his face busted open, locked Rocky in the Sharpshooter! Rocky screamed in pain but slowly crawled toward the rope. He endured the pain and reached the rope which forced Austin to break the hold. With The Rock trying to recover, Austin went and grabbed the Federation Championship belt. He tried to smack it into The Rock’s face, but Austin was quickly tripped up and put in the Sharpshooter! Austin made his way to the rope, but Rock pulled the Rattlesnake back to the center of the ring! Austin refused to tap despite the pain and again made his way to the rope. After getting back up, Austin went to hit Rock with a Stone Cold Stunner! But Rock turned the tables on his rival and Stunnered Austin! He went to pin Austin, but WCW referee Nick Patrick pulled Hebner from the ring and took over officiating! The Great One wrapped Patrick up and was about to land a Rock Bottom when Austin broke it up. He took down Rocky and went to cover him, but The Rock kicked out! Earl Hebner came to his senses and entered the ring but was knocked out when Austin rammed into him. Austin managed to get Rock down for a three-count, but there was no referee to make the count. Suddenly, Kurt Angle ran down to the ring and grabbed the Federation Championship belt while Austin tried to revive Hebner. Angle came into the ring and clocked Austin with the belt! Austin fell into a Rock Bottom and was covered as a groggy Hebner slowly made the count to three! The Federation locker room erupted into a roar while Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley screamed in the in stunned Alliance locker room!



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