Survivor Series

May 31, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, November 19th in Tampa, F

T&A/Trish Stratus versus Crash/Steve Blackman/Molly Holly

– Test and Albert used their power to their advantage, and Test nearly got the win for his team as he went for a pumphandle slam on Crash. However, Crash managed to use his quickness and wiggle his way out. Trish tagged in and went for an elbow on Crash, but he moved and tagged Molly! Molly dominated Trish until Test interfered. Eventually, Blackman and Crash came to Molly’s aid, and all four men battled outside the ring. Meanwhile, in the ring, Molly flew off the top rope and sunset-flipped Trish to get the three count, and the victory for her team!

– Winners: Crash, Steve Blackman, and Molly Holly by pinfall

Survivor Series Elimination Match: Chyna/Billy Gunn/Road Dogg/K-Kwik versus Radicalz

– Chyna was the first to be eliminated after Guerrero bashed her with the Intercontinental Title and pinned her. “The One” avenged her after he eliminated Eddie with a modified sleeper/slam. K-Kwik was the next to be eliminated. After several quick and athletic moves on Benoit, the Wolverine retaliated with a vicious belly-to-back overhead suplex, dropping Kwik right on his head and scoring the pinfall. Gunn was left on his own against three Radicalz after Saturn eliminated Road Dogg with a suplex into a bridge. Referee Tim White did the best he could, but he couldn’t prevent the interference by all three Radicalz on Gunn. Still, Billy finished off Malenko with the move formerly known as the Famouser. But when Gunn tried to suplex Benoit back into the ring, Saturn grabbed his leg and held on while Benoit covered him and the referee executed the three count.

– Winners and Survivors: Perry Saturn and Chris Benoit

Kane versus Chris Jericho

– Y2J used his quickness to try to overcome the power of Kane. In the early going, Jericho hit the Big Red Machine with a baseball slide and a springboard dropkick. However, when Jericho attempted to attack Kane off the top rope, the Big Red Machine caught him and went to work with several high-impact maneuvers. After picking up Jericho face-first and holding him up in the air for several minutes, Kane stripped the turnbuckle off one of the corners and attempted to slam Y2J’s face into it. Jericho blocked the attempt, so Kane tossed Jericho over the top rope with one hand! Then he threw him back into the ring with a military press. Kane climbed to the top rope, but Jericho mustered enough energy to knock him down. Kane eventually got back up and flew at Jericho, but Y2J jumped up and delivered a dropkick in midair! Jericho used his quickness again when Kane had him perched up on one shoulder and seemed to be poised to deliver a Tombstone. Jericho managed to push Kane into the uncovered corner of the ring, slamming Kane’s face into raw steel. But the Big Red Machine managed to kick out on two. Jericho slapped on the Walls of Jericho for several minutes before Kane finally broke out of it. Seconds later, Jericho landed a bulldog, and set up Kane for the Lionsault. But Kane caught Jericho around the neck as Y2J sprung off the second rope. Kane got back on his feet and delivered a chokeslam for the win!

– Winner: Kane by pinfall

European Championship: William Regal versus Hardcore Holly

– The two superstars went at it toe to toe until Regal went after Holly’s injured arm. Holly snapped, clobbered Regal with the European Title right in front of the referee, earning himself a disqualification. But Holly didn’t care, and he continued to pummel Regal after the bell. Holly even shoved the referee a few times when he tried to separate the two men. But eventually, Regal got away, and kept his title.

– Winner and Still Champion: William Regal by disqualification

The Rock versus Rikishi

– The Rock promised that Rikishi would get the beating of a lifetime, and it seemed that the People’s Champion was intent on following through on his promise. The Rock didn’t wait for introductions, as he sprinted to the ring and immediately delivered a Samoan drop to the 424-pounder. The Great One went outside for a steel chair, and wound up to hit Rikishi, but referee Tim White grabbed the chair and took it away. The Rock turned around to confront the referee, and when he turned back around, Rikishi delivered a superkick to take the offensive advantage. Rikishi was relentless in attacking Rock’s injured chest (the one Rikishi had clobbered with a sledgehammer on RAW). In fact, when the referee was knocked out, Rikishi went underneath the ring and pulled out a sledgehammer! He wound up to hit The Rock, but the Great One turned and clobbered him just in time. He followed up with a Rock Bottom, but by the time the referee climbed back in the ring, Rikishi kicked out. Back up, Rikishi delivered a vertical splash on the People’s Champion, squashing The Rock with all 424 pounds on the chest. Miraculously, The Rock kicked out! In fact, after Rikishi humiliated him with a stink face, The Rock fought back, and sent his cousin flying with a vicious clothesline. He followed up with a Samoan drop — a move with was so painful for him that he ended up screaming in agony — and a People’s Elbow that was just enough to keep Rikishi down for the three count. After the match, Rikishi got back to his feet, superkicked The Rock, and then Banzai dropped him! But that wasn’t enough, and Rikishi proceeded to deliver two more Banzai drops! Two more referees came out to try to stop Rikishi, but he just slugged both of them in the face. Then he turned around and Banzai dropped The Rock again!

– Winner: The Rock by pinfall

Women’s Championship: Ivory versus Lita

– After a right hand by Ivory in the early going, Lita was busted open from the right side of her face and counted to bleed badly throughout the match. Steven Richards came out and interfered on Ivory’s behalf. But when Richards and Ivory consulted outside the ring, Lita bodyblocked both of them off the top rope! Back in the ring, Lita went for a moonsault, but Richards dragged Ivory out of the ring. As the referee yelled at Richards, Ivory grabbed the Women’s Title, but Lita ducked, dropped Ivory with a suplex and went for another moonsault. This time, Ivory used her legs and the Women’s Title to bash Lita, and then quickly covered her for the three count.

– Winner and Still Champion: Ivory by pinfall

Backstage, cameras picked up an irate Chris Jericho attacking Kane. Y2J bashed Kane with various plunder around the backstage area.

Heavyweight Championship: Kurt Angle versus Undertaker

– Kurt Angle made his Federation debut last year at Survivor Series. Undertaker debuted 10 years ago at the same event. At this Survivor Series, the Federation Title was up for grabs. ‘Taker started out the match by grabbing a steel chair and tossing it toward Angle, challenging him to use it. Angle did, and then stomped on the ‘Taker, but the challenger got right back up and pummeled the Olympic hero. Undertaker appeared to be supremely confident. After dropping an elbow and pinning Angle, ‘Taker picked him up after a two count. Then ‘Taker exclaimed “old school” and he grabbed Angle’s arm, walked on the ropes and delivered a flying forearm. After Angle briefly secured the offense advantage and executed an impressed belly-to-back suplex, the action spilled outside the ring. Angle attempted to deliver a double axehandle off the ring apron, but ‘Taker caught him, and slammed his back into the steel ringpost. Undertaker went to work on Angle’s back, so the champion retaliated by going after the American Bad Ass’ leg. When Undertaker slapped on an arm-bar submission move, Angle tapped out. But the referee was distracted by Edge & Christian, who had made their way down to the ring. With a little help from Christian, Angle got back the advantage, and once again went after the challenger’s left leg. Back on his feet, ‘Taker attacked Edge & Christian, who referee Earl Hebner soon ordered back to the locker room. But while the referee attended to Edge & Christian, Undertaker dropped Angle with a chokeslam. By the time Hebner got back in the ring, Angle was able to kick out on two. The champion soon locked ‘Taker in the figure four leglock. Undertaker rolled over, putting the pressure on Angle, who managed to crawl to the ropes. Then Angle kicked out on two after a powerslam, and followed up by locking a figure four on the ‘Taker around the steel ringpost! Back in the ring, ‘Taker picked up Angle and fell backwards, sending Angle flying into the turnbuckle; Angle kicked out on two. The Olympic hero spilled outside the ring and seemed to be running for his life and he crawled underneath the ring. ‘Taker pulled him out and promptly delivered the Last Ride. ‘Taker pinned him, but the referee inexplicably stopped counting on two. ‘Taker got in the referee’s face, and all of a sudden the real Kurt Angle crawled out from under the ring. Apparently, it was all a plan by Angle, and ‘Taker had pulled an Angle look-a-like out from underneath the ring. The referee stopped counting when he realized that Undertaker wasn’t pinning the real Angle. The real Angle, meanwhile, attacked ‘Taker from behind, rolled him up and got the three count with a handful of tights. While the entire Ice Palace in Tampa looked on in confusion, trying to figure out who the “imposter” Kurt Angle was, the real Angle sprinted out of the building and drove away.

– Winner and Still Champion: Kurt Angle by pinfall

Survivor Series Elimination Match: The Goodfather/Bull Buchanan/Edge/Christian versus Hardy Boyz/Dudley Boyz

– Even though he wasn’t in the match, Val Venis brought about the elimination of Matt Hardy. When Matt was going for a move off the top rope, Val tripped him, and then Edge quickly pinned him. Christian finished off D-Von Dudley a few moments later, making the sides 4-on-2. But the sides were evened after Bull Buchanan and Christian were eliminated by Buh Buh Ray Dudley, after a little inadvertent help from Edge. Buh Buh was eliminated after a Goodfather Driver, and Jeff Hardy eliminated Christian after a Swanton bomb. That left Jeff Hardy and Goodfather alone. Val Venis made his presence known once again, but this time he accidentally clotheslined Goodfather, allowing Hardy to score the victory. But after the match, the Right to Censor ganged up on Jeff, and it was four-on-one until Matt and the Dudley Boyz returned. Goodfather took a 3D, and then Val Venis was the victim of the “Waasup” headbutt. After they got the tables, Matt Hardy leg dropped Val Venis through one table, and Buh Buh powerbombed Steven Richards through another.

– Winner and Survivor: Jeff Hardy

Steve Austin versus Triple H

– Earlier in the night, Commissioner Mick Foley announced that this match would be a no disqualification affair. And Foley also insisted that there would be no interference by the Radicalz. Even so, as Triple H made his way to the ring, he told Chris Benoit and the crew, “You know what to do. Do it.” The two superstars took advantage of the no DQ stipulation, as they battled all over the arena. Austin even picked up a huge piece of steel scaffolding and attempted to hit Triple H with it. He didn’t succeed that time, but he connected later with a monitor he picked up off the announce table. Triple H was busted wide open, but the Rattlesnake was relentless, and he continued to stomp away on the Game. Austin got his cooler, took out a beer, and then slammed Triple H with the cooler. Declaring “I’m thirsty,” the Rattlesnake chugged the beer, and then used the can to further pummel Triple H! It seemed like Austin was poised to finish off the Game, and indeed he went for the Stone Cold Stunner. But somehow Triple H countered the move into a neckbreaker. Later, Triple H attempted to Pedigree the Rattlesnake on the steel ring steps, but Austin countered and backdropped Triple H through the announce table, which crumbled under the Game. Back in the ring, Austin delivered the Stunner, but instead of going for the pin, he fetched a steel chair. Austin trapped Triple H’s leg in the chair, but he reconsidered that too. Instead, he put the chair around the Game’s head and thought about breaking Triple H’s neck. The Game managed to roll out of the way and somehow get back to his feet. Amazingly, the two superstars battled to the backstage area, where the Radicalz ignored Foley’s order and attacked Austin. Meanwhile, Triple H escaped out a backdoor and got in a car. Chris Benoit and Austin ended up fighting to the outside. Benoit ran away, trying to get Austin to follow him, but the Rattlesnake didn’t, and Triple H and Benoit furiously tried to figure out where the Rattlesnake went. The Game sent Benoit to find him while he sat in his car and waited. Suddenly, Austin appeared in a forklift, and he picked up the Game’s car! Triple H begged Austin to put the car down, and Austin finally did — dropping the car off the forklift from 30 feet in the air! The car landed on its top with Triple H trapped inside as Survivor Series came to an end!

– This match ended with a decision of a no contest.

Source: Adam Silverstein


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