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Sunday, August 27th in Raleigh, NC

Hosted by: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

The World Wrestling Federation’s 2000 SummerSlam began with a special film by Freddie Blassie entitled “Crimes of Passion” detailing the situation between Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

Interview: Steven Richards

– Steven Richards wondered why, in the bible belt, they weren’t applauding and supporting the Right to Censor. Richards got cut off in mid sentence as Too Cool and Rikishi made their way to the ring with two hos.

Right to Censor versus Rikishi Phatu/Too Cool

– The RTC attacked their opponents from behind, but they got thrown out of the ring quickly. Too Cool was too fast for the RTC and soon had The Goodfather on the outside of the ring. The hos went to slap him, but he pushed them away and took control in the ring. Richards finally entered the ring and hit a powerbomb before climbing to the top and getting knocked down. Rikishi was then tagged in and had at it with Richards; he took the RTC out himself before grabbing Richards and throwing him outside. He tried to run away, but the ho threw him back in and Rikishi threw all three men into one corner. Scotty, Grandmaster, and Rikishi then ran into them with Richards ending up down on the floor. Rikishi hit a Samoan drop, but Buchanan hit him with a scissor kick before being placed into Scotty’s worm. Richards stopped the worm with a Stevenkick for the pinfall.

– Winners: Right to Censor by pinfall

Interview: Shane McMahon

– Shane explained that he loved Stephanie and supports her no matter what, but soon saw Steve Blackman coming and ran away from the interview area.

X-Pac versus Road Dogg

– Both men tried to embarrass each other early on, but soon the action got underway. Road Dogg dodged a bronco buster and X-Pac luckily stopped himself before continuing with a sleeper hold and a heel kick. The Dogg hit his shake, rattle, and knee drop and went for his pumphandle slam finisher; X-Pac countered that into an X-factor attempt, but Dogg turned that into a powerbomb. X-Pac reversed another pumphandle slam into an X-factor and finally hit it for the win. Following the match, X-Pac grabbed the microphone and said “no hard feelings” while putting his hand out. Road Dogg shook it, but took his revenge with a pumphandle slam and a few DX chops.

– Winner: X-Pac by pinfall

Backstage: Eddie Guerrero told Chyna that he didn’t care who became Intercontinental Champion, as long as they stayed in love and everything was OK. Trish then asked Val Venis who he would rather see in a centerfold, Chyna or her. Venis told her to shut up and concentrate on the match because it was his title.

Intercontinental Championship Mixed Tag Match: Val Venis/Trish Stratus versus Eddie Guerrero/Chyna

* If the team of Guerrero/Chyna win the match, whomever scores the pinfall will be the new Intercontinental Champion.

– Eddie Guerrero was too fast for Val Venis and was able to work out of many of his maneuvers; Venis eventually got him down with his strength. Chyna tagged herself in with a major clothesline and she and Guerrero hit a flapjack. Chyna got a few great shots in as well as another clothesline, but Venis eventually took the advantage with a suplex and missed an elbow. Chyna hit a low blow and Venis reversed a powerbomb into a backdrop. Chyna added a DDT and tagged Guerrero in to pounce on Venis and chase Trish away. Guerrero hit a huricanrana as Venis threw him into a turnbuckle and hit a sitdown powerbomb. Both Trish and Chyna wanted a tagg, but Trish ran in for a two count on Guerrero and kicked him in the stomach a few times before being tripped up. Chyna was let in for a clothesline or two and a scoop slam. Venis took her down as Guerrero was thrown over the rope and Trish was called into the ring. Chyna stood still as Trish tried to hit her and fell down only to be military press slammed onto the canvas for the pinfall. Chyna, therefore, became the new Intercontinental Champion and celebrated with Guerrero. Venis became increasingly mad at Trish as he yelled at her all the way backstage.

– Winner and New Champion: Chyna by pinfall

Backstage: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and Janet the make-up lady were shown discussing what happened on SmackDown! Stephanie said that Kurt kissed her, and she didn’t kiss him and asked why Janet cared. Janet said the girls thought Kurt was a hunk.

Tazz versus Jerry Lawler

– Tazz came to the ring with a cowboy hat, glasses, and a cane making believe he was a blind JR. Lawler attacked him and brought him into the ring for a dropkick and clothesline. Lawler eventually missed a right hand and Tazz capitalized with methodical punches, kicks, etc. Tazz eventually began to argue with JR as Lawler attacked him from behind only to get headbut in the groin. Tazz uncharacteristically went to the top and missed a sommersault as Lawler hit the first piledriver on Tazz; he got back up without hesitation and threw Lawler into the referee promising to choke Lawler and Ross out. Lawler got back up and was placed in the Tazzmission as Tazz threatened Ross. Ross eventually made his way to the ring and broke the glass candy bottle over Tazz’s head. Lawler then covered him for the pin as both he and Lawler got a standing ovation. Following the match, Tazz’s head was bleeding badly as Ross gave Lawler a standing ovation and the King stood on the announcing booth. He raised Ross’ hand as the two celebrated.

– Winner: Jerry Lawler by pinfall

Backstage: Shane McMahon was getting warmed up for his match as Lillian Garcia asked about his sister. Shane said he was busy getting ready for his match as Blackman chased him.

Hardcore Championship: Shane McMahon versus Steve Blackman

– Steve Blackman threw the kendo stick to Shane, but he kept throwing it back; eventually Blackman turned his back, but caught the stick and chased Shane away. They went into the crowd for a while, as Blackman brought him back to the ring for some hits with a trashcan lid. Blackman put a trashcan over Shane and hit him with the mini kendo sticks before behind kicked to the face. Blackman then hit his sitdown finisher with the stick before taking a leather strap and putting it around Shane’s neck and throwing him around the ring and off the top rope. Blackman then put a half Boston crab on Shane while pulling the strap over his neck to choke him. Test and Albert entered the ring to save Shane and destroy Blackman. Test hit his big elbow with a trashcan lid as Shane hit some of his own punches. Blackman was then dragged to the sound area where Shane tipped an amp over and barely missed his legs. Albert missed a kendo stick and hit Test as Blackman stole it and hit both men. Blackman and Shane were the only ones left as Shane ran away and climbed the SummerSlam entrance way; Blackman followed swinging his kendo stick and, about 75-50 feet in the air began hitting him. Shane then fell about 75-50 feet into a pile of rubbish in a trash bin as Blackman climbed down only a few feet and followed with a major elbow drop and pinfall!

– Winner and New Champion: Steve Blackman by pinfall

Backstage: Shane McMahon was shown on a stretcher with Test, Albert, and EMTs around him. Stephanie was then shown crying over Shane as Kurt Angle entered the dressing room and tried to talk to her about earlier. Angle said the wind just got knocked out of him as he began to console Stephanie and hug her. Mick Foley then entered for some comedy.

Two Out of Three Falls: Chris Jericho versus Chris Benoit

– The two men attacked each other and Benoit tried for a submission early on. Jericho tried for a walls of Jericho, but after many reversals later he hit a front facebuster and went for the lionsault. Benoit put his knees up and placed Jericho in the crippler crossface for the first fall.

– First Fall: Chris Benoit by submission

– Benoit immediately put it on again, but Jericho resisted and finally made it to the ropes. Jericho was then put in the tree of woe and pulled from underneath as Benoit pulled him outside and threw im into a ringpost. Jericho began to fight like a one-armed man as Benoit hit two belly-to-back suplexes before Jericho reversed his third into a sommersault and finally the walls of Jericho for a submission victory.

– Second Fall: Chris Jericho by submission

– Jericho and Benoit reversed each other’s maneuvers before Benoit hit a full nelson suplex with a bridge for a two count. Benoit went to the top for a flying headbut, but Jericho stopped him and hit a huricanrana only to hurt his own shoulder. Jericho finally hit his lionsault, but Benoit rolled over and Jericho hurt his shoulder again. Jericho then put Benoit in a cradle for a two count as Benoit counted it into a cradle of his own and used the rope for a pinfall win.

– Third Fall and Winner: Chris Beniot by pinfall

Backstage: Triple H finally entered the arena.

TLC (Tables, Ladders, Chairs) Tag Team Championship: Edge/Christian versus Hardy Boyz versus Dudley Boyz

– All six men got into it as chairs were flying everywhere. The Dudleyz capitalized with the ladder and a DDT as the Hardyz quickly knocked Buh Buh off. Christian knocked Jeff Hardy and D-Von off of two ladders with a Russian leg sweep as he climbed one himself and got knocked down by Buh Buh. Ladders began to bounce around the ring as Matt got thrown off of one into two where he and his brother injured themselves. Jeff ducked a double chair shot as Buh Buh threw a ladder into him. Buh Buh got Edge ready as D-Von went halfway up a ladder for a flying headbutt. Buh Buh then called for the tables as D-Von carried one into the middle of the ring. They then hit a 3D on Christian through the table as they opened up to tables and set them up at ringside on top of two other tables — four tables, two on top of each other. As Buh Buh got ready to powerbomb Jeff, Edge hit D-Von and Buh Buh with the chair a few times. Matt then hit the twist of fate and told his brother to get on the ladder with him; Matt hit the guillotine as Jeff jumped and hit one of his own. Edge was squashed in side a ladder as Christian was thrown from the top onto his brother inside the ladder. Jeff climbed another ladder outside the ring and took a swanton bomb into two tables (Buh Buh moved.) Matt threw the same ladder into the ring and set it up as everyone else was brawling. Edge hit Buh Buh with a chair as D-Von, Edge, Christian, and Matt fought on the ladder inside the ring. Christian was able to knock Matt out with the reverse DDT as D-Von and Edge knocked each other out. Buh Buh began to climb the ladder very fast, but as he got to the top Edge and Christian pushed the ladder over, threw him out of the ring, and into four tables! Edge and Christian then climbed up an opposite side of the ladder as Lita ran to the ring and pushed it over and them into the ropes. Matt got up and began to climb with D-Von on the other end. As Matt got to the top, D-Von pushed the ladder over backwards and threw Matt into two tables outside the ring. Edge ran around and speared Lita as D-Von and Jeff began to climb the ladder. Jeff almost got it as both men grabbed the wire the belts were on as the ladder got flipped over. They both fought in the air as Edge and Christian knocked them both off with a ladder. They both then climbed the remaining ladder to grab the belts for the win.

– Winners and Still Champions: Edge and Christian

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie were shown in a room together with Triple H asking for an explanation for the kiss last week on SmackDown! Stephanie boasted that Kurt took advantage of her when she had no idea what was going on. Triple H pointed at her and told her to stay away from Angle so nothing else happened. She told Hunter that he was the only man for her, but he still stormed out.

Thong Stink Face Match: Terri Runnels versus The Kat

– Terri and The Kat fought back and forth with Perry Saturn always trying to cover Terri. The Kat hit a bronco buster on Terri and tried for the stink face but was unsuccessful as Saturn interfered. Terri hit a bulldog and tried to dance around The Kat as she got up and hit her with a powerslam. Terri slapped her, but The Kat kicked her in the butt and hit her with Head thrown in by Al Snow. The Kat then placed her in a corner and gave her a thong “stink” face for the win.

– Winner: The Kat by stink face

The Acolytes were shown at WWF New York toasting Vince McMahon in front of thousands of fans.

Kane versus The Undertaker

– Kane, with a new uniform, attacked his brother in the entrance way before the match began. Kane was the dominant force for quite some time and brought a chair into the ring as The Undertaker began to fight back and rip away at Kane’s mask! It seemed like he ripped a piece off, and Kane fought back with a few punches. he missed a shot with the steel steps and hit the ring post as the Taker picked them up and threw them at him again. Kane began to bleed as both reentered the ring; Kane hit a low blow and began to fight back with some right hands until Taker speared him and went for the mask once again. The mask began to dangle from Kane’s face as Taker hit more rights and Kane grabbed his neck. Taker hit a low kick and threw his brother down and pulled off his mask. The Undertaker then held the mask in the ring as Kane ran backstage and Taker’s music played.

– This match had no official beginning or ending and, therefore, The Undertaker can only be considered a winner by taking off the mask.

Backstage: Kurt Angle had a cellular phone in his hand, began to dial, and stopped. he then dialed again and, in another dressing room, Stephanie’s phone ran. Stephanie tried to play it off like it was her mom, and Triple H asked to talk to her. As Stephanie gave him the phone, “mom” hung up.

Interview: Kurt Angle

– Before the match began, Kurt Angle said that he should have kissed Stephanie much sooner becuase he is a respected Olympic gold medalist. Angle began to rant on and on until, finally, Triple H’s music hit.

No Countout, No DQ, Triple Threat Heavyweight Championship: The Rock versus Triple H versus Kurt Angle

– Triple H and Kurt Angle fought early on and finally entered the ringside area. They both climbed up the Spanish announcing booth as Triple H got ready to pedigree Angle into it. As both stood on top, it crumpled beneath them causing Triple H to jump up and hit the pedigree in mid-air. Triple H then grabbed a sledgehammer as The Rock’s music hit and the match officially began. The Rock hit a quick Samoan drop and a few elbows as Triple H threw him into a table. Angle was being worked on by EMTs as the other two fought in the ring. Angle was still shown knocked out as The Rock got thrown over the top rope. Angle was being wheeled to the back on a stretcher when Triple H grabbed it and wheeled the Olympic hero back to the ring. The Rock attacked him from behind and catapulted him into the steel entrance way before hitting a clothesline. As The Rock pummeled Triple H by the ring apron, Stephanie entered and helped the EMTs bring Angle backstage. Stephanie came back down to the ring and grabbed the title belt to hit The Rock with; instead, she hit Triple H accidentally and The Rock got a two count. Triple H ordered her backstage and she went as he fought with The Rock again. Triple H brought the sledge back into the ring and hit The Rock with it before Earl Hebner pulled it away. He capitalized on this injury with kicks and shoulders for two counts before ramming The Rock into the steel post. The Rock finally came back with a swinging neckbreaker as Triple H climbed to the top and got knocked down for a superplex. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie asked Angle to go back to the ring and help Hunter, and he said he would do it only for her! Back in the ring, The Rock got a two count and hit a great belly-to-belly for another. Angle was brought back to the ring by Stephanie as Triple H began to fight back; Angle tripped The Rock as Triple H hit the pedigree in the center of the ring. Unfortunately for him, Angle pulled him out of the ring and threw him into the steel steps; he then entered for a two count on The Rock. The Rock fought back but got belly-to-bellied for a two as Angle got a belly-to-belly throw of his own. The Rock then hit his DDT for a two. The Rock threw Angle into Triple H on the ring apron and hit a Rock bottom for a two count with Triple H pulling The Rock’s leg out of the ring. All three got back in the ring as Triple H yelled to Stephanie for the hammer; she threw it in as he and Angle fought for it. Stephanie got into the ring as Angle got it, and Triple H struck his wife by accident. Angle then leveled him with a sledge and The Rock interrupted the count by knocking Angle over the ropes. He then set up Triple H for the people’s elbow and hit it for the win to retain his title.

– Winner and Still Champion: The Rock by pinfall

Post-Match Events: Kurt Angle helped to pull Stephanie out of the ring and hug her as The Rock stood on top of one of the SummerSlam entrance way platforms holding his championship in the air. Angle finally revived her a small bit and placed her in his arms to carry her backstage. He took one last look at Triple H and left with his music playing.

Source: Adam Silverstein


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