May 31, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

Sunday, December 2nd in Sheffield, England

Mick Foley and Debra came out and talked about the card for the show. They added a no disqualification/count out rule into the main event. Kurt Angle came out and complained about the new ruling but Foley made his decision FINAL.

T&A w/Trish vs Edge/Christian vs The Dudley Boys

3 team table elimination match

The match started with T&A bringing a table into a ring but D-Von (accidentally) broke it (the match continued). A lot of tags were made between the teams. Test came off the ropes but was derailed by Buh Buh Ray. The 3D was used on Albert which then set him up to go through a table by Edge and Buh Buh. This leaves Edge/Christian and the Dudleys remaining in the match. D-Von was then double teamed for a while before making the tag to Buh Buh. He cleared house before Edge hit him with a spear. E&C then tried to make fun of the Dudleys but this was countered. Buh Buh gave the call “GET THE TABLES” and after a 3D to Christian it was all over.

Winners: The Dudleys

Ivory(c) w/Steven vs Lita

WWF Women’s Title

Lita started quick but things evened out. Steven tried to interfere but Lita took care of him. Quite a few near falls and quite a few impressive moves. Lita hit the twist of fate then jumped out on Steven. Once back in Ivory got the pin while holding the ropes.

Winner: Ivory

Steve Blackman (c) vs. Perry Saturn

WWF Hardcore Title

This match didn`t really leave ringside but Blackman did take advantage of the hardcore rules and did what he usually does and how he usually does it. Perry gave just what he got and almost got the win. Saturn used a chair on Blackman but he countered and used his “sticks”, did that suplex which makes you squeal then delivered the jump kick for the win.

Winner: Steve Blackman

William Regal (c) vs. Crash

WWF European Title

Before the match Regal made comments about Prince Nasseem? Crash jumped William but he then turned it about and punished Crash. A lot of 2 counts for William. William used mainly holds where as Crash used moves. William got the three count but Crash had his legs on the ropes so the referee started again. Molly hit William with a dropkick behind the ref’s back and Crash got the pin. NEW CHAMP!

Winner: Crash

Chyna and Billy Gunn vs. Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero

Eddie and Billy started off. Eddie tried to shake Billy’s hand but Billy just decked him. Then it went to Chyna and Dean. She dominated him and almost got the three count. She did her cart wheels then got caught with a clothesline from Eddie. Eddie laid into her in his corner where she was quite badly double teamed. Chyna got the tag but the ref didn’t see it so it wasn’t allowed. She delivered a desperate DDT to Dean and got the tag. Billy was like a steam train and killed the Radicalz. Billy hit the jackhammer followed by the famouser then that new thing of his and 3 seconds later he and Chyna were announced as the winners.

Winners: Billy Gunn and Chyna

Chris Jericho vs. Kane

This match was in and out of the ring with each guy practically killing the other. Y2J went up the ropes but was caught by Kane who delivered a press slam. Kane then tried to rip Jericho’s face off which ended up with Y2J getting a roll up and a 2 count. Kane took control again, then Chris, then Kane, then Chris, and it went like this for a while until Kane hit a side slam then climbed the ropes to deliver the clothesline but Y2J caught him with a dropkick. A lot of the finishers were attempted but countered until Kane hit the chockslam for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Kane

Jericho then attacked Kane from behind with a chair and delivered the Walls of Jericho on the ramp.

Lita beat into Trish backstage.

Right to Censor vs. The Hardy Boyz

WWF Tag Titles

As usual RTC used power and the Hardys used high flying and speed. Goodfather accidentally hit Bull with the belt, Matt went for the pin and Val pulled the ref out. Matt hit GF with a DDT then made the tag to Jeff. Jeff almost killed himself with some of his own moves. Poetry in Motion was used, then the Twist of Fate by Matt, then the swanton but Val hit the money shot on Jeff’s back (while Jeff was making the cover) behind the ref’s back and RTC got the win.

Winners: Right to Censor

The Undertaker vs. Chris Benoit

All the Radicalz beat into Taker before the match and attacked the knee… In the ring Benoit dominated the knee of UT. UT then got the advantage, throwing Chris about like a ragdoll. Then UT went to “old school”, ie the rope walk. It then spilled to the outside. The match was pretty slow but affective. Several moves were used and countered until Benoit went after Taker’s knee again. Then out of nowhere Taker got a roll up and a pin.

Winner: The Undertaker

Kurt Angle vs. The Rock vs. Steve Austin vs. Rikishi

WWF Title

Austin and Rock played with Rikishi the “stomp a mud hole and walk it dry” game. Angle tried to leave but Rock wouldn’t let him. Lou Thesz Press to Rikishi but only a 2 count. Then another to Angle. Austin went on to choke Angle with cables outside and inside The Rock received a stinkface. Then Rock came out with a spinebuster on Rikishi and went for a People’s Elbow but Angle stopped the count and went for it himself but Austin stopped his count and went for it himself but only got 2. Rikishi and Angle got chucked out and Rock and Austin went at it. Stunner to Rock, 1-2- and Angle made the save. Then Rikishi dropped the leg and got two. Rock hit Austin with a Rock Bottom but on 2 and 15/16th the ref was pulled out. Olympic Slam to Rock but only 2. Edge and Christian interfered. Rock Bottom to Rikishi but on 2 and 31/32ths the ref was pulled out again. Radicalz came out and saved Rikishi from the three count after Austin nailed him with the stunner. Kurt Angle then delivered the Olympic Slam to Rikishi (with Austin and Rock both preoccupied by interference) and 1-2-3 we had a winner. It’s True, It’s True.

Rock and Stone Cold then were left with the Radicalz but they demolished the group. Rock and Stone Cold then stared each other down. Then they both drank beer and celebrated together.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Source: Jimmy Van

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