No Mercy

May 31, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, October 22th in Albany, NY

– Dudley Boyz win the Tag Team Table Elimination

Too Cool and Lo Down started off this unusual table match. A team was eliminated when one of its members was put through a table; at that time, another team would join the match until there was one team remaining. Lo Down was eliminated when both members went through tables simultaneously — Scotty 2 Hotty pushed Chaz off the top rope and through a table; meanwhile, D’Lo attempted a frog splash on Grand Master Sexay, who was lying on the table, but Sexay moved, and D’Lo ended up going through the table. Upon Lo Down’s elimination, Tazz and Raven came to the ring. They eliminated Too Cool when they executed a tandem suplex on Scotty, sending him through a table. The Dudley Boyz came to the ring next, and eliminated Tazz and Raven when D-Von leg dropped Tazz through the table. That brought out the Goodfather and Bull Buchanan. The Dudley Boyz had the match won when Buh Buh Ray Dudley powerbombed Mr. Buchanan through the table, but the referee had been knocked out. Seizing the opportunity, Goodfather clobbered Buh Buh with a steel chair, and positioned him in the middle of the broken table. The referee recovered and assumed Buh Buh had been driven through the table, so he awarded the match to the Right to Censor men. However, another referee came from the back and explained what had happened, and the match continued. Moments later, Goodfather was the victim of a 3D, and the Dudley Boyz won the match!

Six-Person Tag Team Match: Acolytes & Lita vs. T&A & Trish Stratus, no contest

The match never got underway. As the Acolytes made their way to the ring, they were brutally attacked by T&A, leaving Lita alone in the ring. As she went back to check on her partners, she was headed off by T&A, and then attacked from behind by Trish. The Hardy Boyz arrived to even the odds, and T&A and Trish retreated to the locker room.

Steel Cage Match: Chris Jericho defeated X-Pac

After lampooning X-Pac’s “greasy” hair, “outdated” crotch-chop and “interesting” ring attire, Chris Jericho promised that the feud between the two men would end tonight. The match would end when one man either exited the cage by climbing out or going through the door. X-Pac managed to somehow survive two incredible maneuvers. First, Jericho powerbombed him off the top rope, and later, as X-Pac tried to climb over the top of the cage, Jericho climbed up and put him in the Walls of Jericho on top of the cage! But X-Pac managed to recover after both moves. The match ended when X-Pac climbed over the top of the cage and started climbing down. He planted his feet on the top of the cage door. Jericho came over and dropkicked the side of the cage, making X-Pac lose his balance and fall down, crotch first, on the cage. With X-Pac writhing in pain, Y2J climbed out the cage door and won the match!

Val Venis & Steven Richards def. Chyna & Gunn

Commissioner Foley booked this match earlier on HEAT after Eddie Guerrero was deemed unable to competed because of a pulled hamstring. Since Mr. Venis and Mr. Richards seemed to be so supportive of Eddie, Foley ordered them to take on Guerrero’s two archrivals. Near the end of the match, the other Right to Censor members came out, distracting Gunn. Inside the ring, Eddie seemed to come out of nowhere, and he hit Chyna from behind with a loaded bouquet of roses. Chyna was pinned immediately.

No Holds Barred: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Rikishi, no contest

One hour into No Mercy, Stone Cold Steve Austin still had not arrived at the Pepsi Center in Albany, N.Y. Rikishi appeared and claimed that the Rattlesnake was ducking him, and he called out Commissioner Foley, ordering Mick to raise his hand in a forfeit victory. Mick seemed to take his timing getting to the ring, perhaps in an effort to stall for Austin. It worked. All of a sudden the glass broke, and Austin drove in to the Pepsi Center in his battered truck. He continued to drive all the way into the arena and right to the ring, where he got out and the match got underway. Austin took out 11 months of aggression on the Phat Man, beating on him all around the ring area and out into the crowd. The Rattlesnake followed up by taking off his belt and whipping Rikishi repeatedly, and then grabbing a rope from underneath the ring and using it to choke the big Samoan. Even when Rikishi got in some offense, Austin recovered in miraculous time and got back up to dish out more punishment. Stone Cold ducked a steel chair shot from Rikishi, stole the chair away and clobbered Rikishi four times, busting the Phat Man wide open. After attempting to hit Rikishi with a sledgehammer, Austin picked up the chair again and nailed Rikishi, sending him spiraling backwards into the bed of the truck. Austin closed the back of the truck, got in the front, and drove out of the arena. Out in the parking lot, Austin stopped the truck, dragged Rikishi out, pummeled him some more, and then got back in the truck and backed up. Austin accelerated and headed toward Rikishi, but a police car pulled up in the nick of time, and the Rattlesnake hit the car instead. Within seconds, several more police cars appeared, and the officers arrested the Rattlesnake. They drove him away while Rikishi continue to lay unconscious, bleeding profusely. Minutes later, EMTs attended to Rikishi, while the police officer whose car Austin hit had to be taken away in an ambulance.

European Title Match: William Regal def. Naked Mideon

The European Champion was so disgusted with the possibility of wrestling a naked man that he went to Commissioner Foley to complain about it. Fortunately for Regal, the Commissioner agreed, and ordered Mideon to wear attire for the match. But after a few minutes, Mideon stripped down, kissed Regal on the lips, and took the offensive advantage. Mideon climbed to the top rope, but Regal knocked him down. The champion was about to go for the Regal Stretch, but he couldn’t bring himself to tie up a naked man. So he finished off Mideon instead with a modified neckbreaker.

Tag Team Title Match: Los Conquistadors def. Hardy Boyz

After politely greeting the men at the Spanish announcers’ table, Los Conquistadors got their big title match against the Hardy Boyz, who tried to pull of Los Conquistadors’ masks just as the match got underway. One of Los Conquistadors had Matt Hardy pinned, but Jeff came flying off the top rope and delivered a Swanton bomb. The other Conquistador tossed Jeff out of the ring. Matt retaliated with the Twist of Fate, and then pulled off his mask to reveal … another mask underneath! While Matt pulled off the mask, the shorter of Los Conquistadors recovered, came from behind and dropped Matt with a move that is identical to Christian’s finishing maneuver. That Conquistador covered Matt, and the high-flying duo, allegedly from Latin America, won the Tag Team Championship!

Triple H def. Chris Benoit

As the match started, Triple H immediately went after Benoit’s left knee. He isolated it for the first several minutes of the match, and just when it appeared that Benoit would be unable to walk, Triple H hurt his left arm, and the Wolverine went to work on that — culminating with a head butt off the top rope, with Benoit diving right in to Triple H’s hurt arm. But Triple H seemed to get a second wind after that, and he went on to superplex Benoit off the top rope. Moments later, Benoit delivered a belly-to-back suplex into a bridge. But neither man was able to get the three count. So Benoit went for a submission, and he locked in the Crossface. Triple H wouldn’t tap out, and he eventually he stood up and got out of the move by delivering a Samoan drop to Benoit. Just then, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley came down to the ring, in spite of the fact that her husband had told her not to. She slapped Benoit, and then, as the Wolverine and Triple H tangled back and forth in the ring, Stephanie distracted the referee, and the Game low-blowed Benoit. That allowed him to deliver the Pedigree and win the match, and Stephanie returned to the locker room satisfied.

Backstage, Edge & Christian (who seemed to be breathing heavily and sweating), congratulated Los Conquistadors on their title victory, and said they looked forward to a title match of their own this Monday on RAW.

World Wrestling Federation Championship: Kurt Angle w/ Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley def. The Rock

As Kurt and his “business partner” Stephanie made their way to the ring, announcer Howard Finkel said that the match would be no disqualification — an announcement that even caught Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler off guard. So Stephanie interfered liberally, choking The Rock over the middle rope at one point — while her husband watched backstage on a monitor. Later, The Rock locked Angle in the Sharpshooter, and the Olympic gold medalist tapped out, but Stephanie was distracting the referee, and a frustrated Rock eventually broke the hold and went after Ms. McMahon-Helmsley. But Stephanie couldn’t stop The Rock from bouncing Angle’s head off the announcers’ table repeatedly and then grabbing J.R.’s water bottle, taking a drink and spitting it in Angle’s face. Stephanie grabbed the Federation Championship and threw it in to the ring. Angle missed his first attempt but, on his second try, clobbered the champion with the belt. But the People’s Champion was somehow able to kick out on two. Moments later, Angle kicked out on two as well, after a suplex by The Rock. At this point, both men were bleeding — Kurt Angle from above his left eye, and The Rock from the forehead, where he was hit with the title belt. After The Rock hit Angle with a spinebuster, he set him up for the People’s Elbow, but Stephanie entered the ring and got right in the champion’s face. Stephanie wouldn’t relent, and so the Great One gave her a Rock Bottom! He went for a People’s Elbow on her, but this time Kurt Angle interrupted. Triple H sprinted from the back, tossed Angle out of the ring and then Pedigreed The Rock before carrying his unconscious wife back to the locker room. Angle eventually climbed back in the ring and covered The Rock, who was miraculously able to kick out on two, as was Angle after a DDT from The Rock a few moments later. As the two superstars tangled outside the ring, Rikishi — still bloodied in spite of the fact that he had a wrap around his head — came down to the ring and attacked Angle in an attempt to help The Rock. Back in the ring, Angle got the Rock Bottom, but he kicked out! Rikishi entered the ring and tried to splash Angle in the corner, but he got The Rock as well! When Rikishi tried a martial arts kick, he inadvertently hit The Rock again! Angle ducked another martial arts kick attempt from Rikishi and then gave the big Samoan an Olympic Slam. Angle then picked up The Rock and gave him an Olympic Slam, and then pinned him to become the new World Wrestling Federation Champion! Angle cried tears of joy as he celebrated — much like at the 1996 Olympic Games — while The Rock looked on in disgust.


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