King of the Ring

May 31, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, June 25th from the Fleet Center (Boston, MA)

Announcers: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

We opened up by seeing video footage recapping the history of the King of the Ring including a spot with the birth of Austin 3:16.

Match 1: KOTR Quarterfinal: Rikishi vs. Chris Benoit

Benoit opened up with hard kicks then Rikishi came back with stiff right hands sending Benoit to the outside. Rikishi sent Benoit into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Benoit took Rikishi down to the mat with a belly to back suplex. Benoit slapped on a modified camel clutch then took Rikishi to the corner where he landed some chops. Benoit slapped on the Crippler Crossface. The fans rallied behind Rikishi as he finally reached the ropes breaking the hold. Benoit got a steel chair from the outside then clocked Rikishi square in the face causing a DQ.

Winner: Rikishi by DQ

After the match, Benoit berated Rikishi with the chair then slapped on the Crossface wearing out Rikishi.

Match 2: KOTR Quarterfinal: Eddy Guerrero w/Chyna vs. Val Venis w/Trish Stratus

Venis took the early control by grounding Guerrero into the mat. Guerrero reversed a whip to the corner and hit a dropkick on Venis. They took it to the outside where Guerrero was slammed into the guardrail. They went back into the ring where Guerrero hit a top rope superplex and made a cover for a two. Guerrero slapped on a submission hold of sorts. Venis powered out then Guerrero landed a dropkick sending him to the mat. Guerrero made a cover and scored a two. Guerrero scored a suplex then went up top. Guerrero missed a top rope move and Venis dropped Guerrero with a spinebuster. Venis went up top for the Money Shot, but Guerrero got his knees up in time to block the move. Venis nearly scored a three count by use of the ropes. Guerrero took Venis up top and scored a huricanrana. Stratus got on the apron so Chyna got in Stratus’s face. Venis got involved then Eddy rolled him up from behind and scored a two. Venis came back with a Fisherman Suplex for the three count and the win.

Winner: Venis by pinfall

Match 3: KOTR Quarterfinal: Crash Holly vs. Bull Buchanan

Crash bounced to the outside then went back in to aggravate Buchanan. Buchanan grabbed Holly then dropped him to the mat with a big suplex. Buchanan dropped Crash with a back breaker then hit another suplex for a two count. Holly fought hard to gain some momentum, then pulled out an inside cradle for a two count. Buchanan popped back up and clotheslined Holly into the mat. Buchanan went for a scissors kick but missed and Holly hit a Half Nelson Slam followed by a three count to win.

Winner: Crash Holly by pinfall

Match 4:KOTR Quarterfinal: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho

Angle grabbed the mic and said that tonight is a special night for himself. Angle said that he will do something in Boston that is practically unheard of: he will bring home the big one.

Jericho came to the ring with mic and hand and told Kirk Angel not to sell himself short because in the mind of all the Jerichoholics, he’s already a King. The King of goofy ring attire and of all the nerds. Jericho told Angle that he is a royal pain.

Jericho hit the ring and the match was on. Jericho landed hard right chops then Angle sent him over the top. Jericho landed on the apron then hit a hard missile dropkick and scored a two count. Jericho hit the Lionsault then scored a two count only as Angle’s foot reached the bottom rope breaking the hold. Angle recovered and sent Jericho to the concrete floor. Angle sent Jericho into the ring steps then sent him into the ring. Angle hit a suplex then floated over for a pin attempt, but only scored a two. Angle grapevined Jericho’s legs to try to make him submit. Jericho fought out then hit a double underhook slam into backbreaker. Jericho covered Angle but Angle reached the ropes stopping the pin attempt. Angle catapulted Jericho into the corner then knocked him down to the mat and scored a two count on a pin attempt. Angle choked Jericho in the corner. Angle hit a German Suplex with bridge and scored a two count. Angle landed right hands then kicked him down to the corner. Angle argued with the ref allowing Jericho to get back up and land some hard chops. Jericho tried a corner splash but Angle got a boot up smashing Jericho’s face. Jericho came back with a dropkick to the gut then took him up top where he connected with a huricanrana. Jericho and Angle came to their feet where Jericho landed a back elbow followed by a few more chops. Jericho hit a spinning heel kick then covered Angle and scored a two count only. Angle took control and went for the Olympic Slam, but Jericho reversed it and slapped on the Walls of Jericho. Stephanie McMahon hit the ring and distracted the ref as Angle tapped out. Jericho broke the hold then knocked out the ref. Stephanie tried to hit Jericho with the Women’s Title but hit Angle instead. Jericho kicked Stephanie then turned around and Angle hit the Olympic Slam and scored a three count for the win.

Winner: Angle by pinfall

Match 5: Tag Team Title Match

Elimination Match

Too Cool(c) vs. Edge/Christian vs. Hardy Boyz w/Lita vs. Test/Albert w/Trish Stratus

Christian complemented Boston sports teams then Edge decided on a 5 seconds pose highlighting the classic sports moment of Game Six of the ’86 World Series where the Mets defeated the Red Sox when the ball went through Bill Buckner’s legs at first base.

The match started off with small moves and mainly tags. T&A/Trish went at it with the Hardys/Lita on the outside. Back in the ring, Test hit a powerslam then made a cover, but there was no ref, so Jeff hit a Sentaun Bomb on Test and covered him for the three count eliminating T&A.

The Hardys took control on Edge and Christian then Jeff was knocked to the outside. Matt went after Christian while Lita hit a huricanrana on Edge. Matt hit the Twist of Fate on Christian then covered him, but Edge pulled Matt out. Jeff went for a Sentaun Bomb but missed. Matt was dropped face first into the mat then was covered for a three count eliminating the Hardys.

Too Cool finally got involved taking it to Edge with double team maneuvers. Edge and Christian took over for some time after Too Cool’s initial offense. Scotty took the offensive on Edge with a face slam followed by the Worm. Grand Masta went up top and hit the Hip Hop Drop on Edge but there was no ref. Christian came into the ring with the ring bell then clocked Grand Masta laying him out. Edge rolled over onto Grand Masta and scored a three count to win the titles.

Winners: Edge/Christian by pinfall and new Tag Team Champs

Match 6: KOTR Semi-Final: Rikishi vs. Val Venis w/Trish Stratus

Venis went right after Rikishi’s shoulder which Benoit injured in the opening bout. Venis slammed Rikishi’s arm into the ring post and worked on the arm for the remainder of the match until Rikishi hit a belly to belly suplex and covered him for the three to win and advance to the finals.

Winner: Rikishi by pinfall

After the match, Trish Stratus tried to attack Rikishi, but Rikishi threw her down. Venis low blowed Rikishi before Rikishi could attack Trish again. Venis slammed Rikishi’s injured arm into the steel steps then Trish brought a chair into play. Venis slammed Rikishi’s arm/shoulder with the chair leaving him lying.

Match 7: KOTR Semi-Final: Crash Holly vs. Kurt Angle

Angle dominated the match and scored an Olympic Slam followed by the three count to advance to the finals.

Winner: Angle by pinfall

Match 8: Hardcore Title Match

Evening Gown Match

Pat Patterson(c) vs. Gerald Brisco

Brisco brought a 2 X 4 to the ring while Patterson countered with a teddy bear. Patterson told Brisco that he looks like a real Drag Queen. Patterson had a better idea than for them to duke it out. Patterson told Brisco that he would lie down in the middle of the ring, Brisco would cover him, and the ref would count to three. Brisco liked the idea but it didn’t come to pass as Patterson took it to Brisco. Patterson shoved Brisco to the corner then gave him a good view of his backside. Brisco came back with a few left hands then hit a Bronco Buster in the corner. Crash Holly ran to the ring and brought a trash can with him. Crash took it to Brisco then made a cover and scored a three count to win the Hardcore Title.

Winner: Crash Holly by pinfall and new Hardcore Champ

Match 9: Handicap Table and Dumpster Match

Dudley Boyz vs. Road Dogg Jesse James/X-Pac/Tori

Tables surrounded the ring while the DX Dumpster was ready for use. Buh Buh and Road Dogg started things off followed by quick tags to D-Von and X-Pac. X-Pac tagged in Tori who landed some kicks to the gut of D-Von. Tori tagged back out then Buh Buh got a tag in and went to work on X-Pac. Buh Buh hit a Full Nelson slam then Tori came in and tried to go downstairs, but Buh Buh blocked her and slammed her into the mat. The fight spilled to the outside and towards the dumpster where D-Von was slammed head first into the side of the dumpster. The Dudleys were thrown into the dumpster, but they climbed out and smacked everyone in sight with chair shorts. Buh Buh called out for a table. The Dudleys set up a double stack. Road Dogg took the eventual plunge through the double stack then X-Pac hit a spinning heel kick on Buh Buh then knocked D-Von onto a table in the corner. X-Pac went up top then Buh Buh got up and dropped X-Pac onto the top turnbuckle. Buh Buh suplexed X-Pac off the top through the table. Tori ran to the dumpster and tried to hide in there. The Dudleys went after Tori then DX came up from behind with chairs and smacked the Dudleys with them then shoved them into the dumpster with Tori and closed the lids giving DX the win.

Winners: DX

After the match, the Dudleys opened the dumpster and pulled Tori out of the dumpster with them. The Dudleys took her into the ring then DX tried to make the save. X-Pac received a 3-D then Road Dogg received the same fate. D-Von brought a table into the ring and set it up. Buh Buh took Tori up top then dropped her straight through the table with a powerbomb!!!

Match 10: KOTR Final: Kurt Angle vs. Rikishi

Rikishi came to the ring with his arm bandaged from the previous beatings he took. Rikishi took Angle to the corner then had ideas for a Stinky Face, but Angle moved out of the way, saving face. On the outside, Angle sent Rikishi into the ring steps. Angle took Rikishi back into the ring where Rikishi came back with a one arm Samoan Drop. Rikishi landed a neckbreaker then made a cover with his back, but didn’t score a three. Angle was propped up in the corner and Rikishi delivered the Stinky Face. Angle popped up and hit the Olympic Slam out of nowhere. Angle made the cover, but only scored a two! Rikishi came back with a two count after a stiff shot. Rikishi went up top where Angle dropped him crotch first across the top turnbuckle. Angle climbed up top and hit an awesome belly to belly suplex off the top rope. Angle covered Rikishi and scored the three count to become the 2000 King of the Ring!

Winner: Angle by pinfall and new King of the Ring


Match 11:Main Event

World Title Match

Triple H(c)/Shane McMahon/Vince McMahon w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley vs. The Undertaker/The Rock/Kane

If Undertaker, Rock, or Kane pins anyone from the McMahon/Helmsley faction, then that person win the World Title

The McMahon’s and HHH couldn’t decide who should start the match so Shane decided he would start. Kane started things for the babyfaces. Shane delivered a right hand which didn’t phase Kane. Shane tried to escape Kane but Kane caught him in the corner. Kane sent Shane to the ropes then dropped him to the mat after nearly taking his head off. Kane gorilla press slammed Shane to the mat then HHH and Vince tried to help Shane out. Kane knocked them down then The Rock got a tag in. Shane took it to the Rock with hard body shots then mocked the Rock so Rock responded with stiff shots. Undertaker tagged in then went to work on Shane. Undertaker chokeslammed Shane then covered him but the Rock pulled ‘Taker off of Shane. HHH came in without a tag and Undertaker landed hard shots and a back body drop sending HHH crashing to the mat. Undertaker kicked HHH in the face sending him back to the mat. Undertaker landed a DDT then covered him, but Kane pulled Undertaker off HHH. The Rock tagged himself in then pulled Shane into the ring and landed hard right hands. Rock knocked HHH off the apron then the McMahon’s triple teamed Rock until Kane and Undertaker came around to the other side of the ring and knocked the McMahon’s. Back in the ring, the Rock dropped HHH with a neckbreaker. HHH came right back with a Pedigree and made a cover, but Undertaker broke up the count. The McMahon’s were laid out by UT and Kane then waited for a tag, but Rock wouldn’t tag either in. HHH clotheslined Rock to the mat then Vince choked Rock in the corner after recovering. Shane came in and hit a reverse elbow on Rock. Shane landed hard left hands to Rock then Rock came back with right hands. HHH stopped the Rock with a cheap shot allowing Shane to keep control. Vince got a tag in then HHH came in and suplexed Rock. Rock came back with a right hand to the abdomen of HHH then HHH dropped Rock and scored a two count as Kane broke the count. Vince taunted UT and Kane then told HHH to finish off Rock. Rock came back with a Samoan Drop then covered HHH, but Shane broke up the count. Undertaker came in and went after Shane. HHH hit a facebuster on The Rock. Kane laid out Undertaker while in the ring, Rock hit a spinebuster on HHH. Rock was about to go for the People’s Elbow, but Kane smacked Rock then chokeslammed him to the mat. Kane grabbed HHH then Tombstoned him. Kane covered HHH, but Undertaker broke up the pin attempt. Undertaker grabbed chair and smacked Kane with it. Undertaker took Shane up to the top turnbuckle then chokeslammed him off the top through the announce table down below. In the ring, Rock dropped Vince with a Rock Bottom then covered Vince and scored a three to win the World Title.

Winner: The Rock by pinfall and new World Champ

Source: James Caldwell

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