Judgment day

May 31, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, May 20th in Sacramento, CA

William Regal pinned Rikishi

William Regal sauntered to the ring as Judgment Day kicked off from the sold-out Arco Arena in Sacramento, Calif.! The commissioner greeted all his friends in Sacramento, and said he had some business to discuss. He warned Rikishi that if the 400-pounder tried to give Regal a Stink Face, the consequences would not only be severe, but would also be permanent.

Regal’s threats did not seem to phase the Samoan monster, who took the fight right to the commissioner — in fact, Rikishi went for the Stink Face just moments after the opening bell, only to be knocked away by Regal.

A few minutes later, Rikishi again had an opportunity — and gave Regal a super-sized Stink Face! Regal looked like he was going to throw up!

An irate Regal then focused on Rikishi’s injured shoulder, throwing the monster into the ringpost shoulder-first and pinning the big man!

Backstage, Edge & Christian talked about how they couldn’t wait to win the Tag Team Turmoil match, so they might become eight-time Tag Team Champions. As they talked, Kurt Angle approached them and asked for advice should his match go to a third fall — a ladder match. E&C said just to make sure he came down with his medals.

Moments later, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley arrived at the arena, and they met up with Vince McMahon. Vince asked what Triple H was thinking messing with the Undertaker’s wife, and the Game said he had the situation under control.

Medals Match: First Fall — pinfall only

Chris Benoit pinned Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle was a man on a mission as he headed to the ring, hoping to regain possession of his gold medals. Prior to the bout, Angle said he was very excited that his medals were coming back home, and he promised to show Chris Benoit who the best technical wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation really was. He also said that Chris Webber had a better chance of returning to the NBA and leading the Sacramento Kings to the championship than did this match of reaching a third fall.

Before the match began, Benoit reached into his tights and pulled out the gold medals, which had been resting comfortably against his genitals. Moments after the bell, a desperate Angle hit three consecutive German suplexes — a move straight out of Benoit’s playbook. Benoit countered moments later with an Olympic Slam, and pinned Angle for the win!

Medals Match: Second Fall — submissions only

Kurt Angle forced Chris Benoit to tap out to the ankle lock

Benoit tried to lock on the Crossface as the second fall began, but Angle managed to get to the ropes. An irate Angle took it to Benoit, bouncing the Wolverine’s head off the announce tables.

As Angle tried to wrench on the ankle lock, Benoit quickly squirmed to the ropes. Moments later, Angle tried again, but Benoit countered into an ankle lock of his own! As Angle escaped, Benoit again tried to apply the Crossface, but Angle got to the ropes!

Angle hit a belly-to-belly suplex, and as he went for another, Benoit countered and again tried for the Crossface. But again, Angle got to the ropes. Moments later, Benoit got to the ropes when Angle went for the ankle lock.

Benoit soon went for the Walls of Jericho, but Angle powered out! Benoit then locked on a figure-four leg lock, but Angle knew his medals were hanging in the balance, so he refused to give in to the pain! The Olympic hero finally got to the ropes, and the ref broke the hold.

Benoit continued to work on Angle’s knee, but Angle gained advantage by tossing the Wolverine to the outside. Back in the ring, Angle hit the Angle slam and then locked on the ankle lock. Benoit soon tapped out, evening the bout at one fall apiece!

Medals Match: Third Fall — Ladder Match

Kurt Angle climbs the ladder and regains his gold medals

The Ladder Match would determine whether Angle would regain possession of his gold medals. The Olympic hero soon grabbed a ladder from under the ring and brought it into the ring. But as Angle was just inches away from regaining the medals, Benoit knocked him from the ladder.

The Wolverine threw Angle into the crowd, and Benoit took advantage, bringing a ladder of his own into the ring. But as Benoit climbed, Angle came up from behind and knocked him down.

Angle utilized the ladder, crushing it against Benoit’s ribs. But as Angle pegged for Benoit’s head, Benoit backdropped both Angle and the ladder over the top rope! Outside the ring, Benoit clotheslined Angle with the ladder, right in Angle’s jaw!

Back in the ring, Benoit climbed the ladder, but Angle nailed him from behind with a low blow. Angle then set the ladder up in the corner, and drove Benoit into it. But Benoit soon regained control and sling-shotted Angle right into the ladder, and then dropped the ladder right on top of the Olympian!

Benoit set the ladder up in between the top and middle ropes, but Angle reversed and drove the Wolverine chest-first into the ladder! Angle then suplexed Benoit right onto the ladder!

A woozy Wolverine acted on instinct, and moments later drove the ladder right up into Angle’s mouth! Benoit then trapped Angle under the ladder, but Angle turned the ladder over as Benoit climbed, and the Wolverine got hung up on the top rope!

Moments later, Benoit locked Angle in the Crossface! But Edge & Christian then ran to ringside to attack Benoit! As the Wolverine fought off E&C, Angle climbed the ladder and regained his gold medals!

As William Regal had his head bandaged up backstage, the Undertaker burst into his dressing room and demanded that his Federation Championship match be No Holds Barred! Given the state of mind of the Undertaker, Regal had no choice but to agree!

Speaking live from WWF New York, Light Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lynn complained about not being at Judgment Day to defend his title. He swore that if he was at the Arco Arena, he would give a whole new meaning to the term “Judgment Day.”

Hardcore Championship
Rhyno pinned Big Show to retain his title

Three of the biggest, baddest dudes in the World Wrestling Federation met head-on for the Hardcore Champion as Test, Big Show and Rhyno went to war!

As the match began, Test and Rhyno teamed up to try to eliminate the 7-foot-2, 500-pound Big Show. But the Show roared back.

The fight spilled into the crowd, and then into the backstage area. Test tried to choke out the Show, but Rhyno attacked with a cart to break it up. Big Show soon threw Rhyno into a wall, breaking through it! Rhyno and Test continued to double-team the Show, and the Show soon fell backwards through some pallettes!

Back at the ringside area, Rhyno tossed Test head-first into the ringpost. Rhyno then went under the ring and grabbed some metal garbage cans — but when he went to hit Test with a garbage can lid, Test punched it right into Rhyno’a face!

Big Show gave Rhyno a huge chokeslam, and Test kicked Big Show in the face! Rhyno then went for a gore, but Test ducked and he hit the Big Show! Test then went under the ring for a fire extinguisher and nailed the Big Show with it!

Rhyno hit Test in the face with a garbage can. and then threw the trash can to the Big Show and jumped off the steps, goring the 500-pounder! Rhyno then pinned Big Show to retain his title!

William Regal then entered Stone Cold’s locker room and said that his match against the Undertaker would be No Holds Barred. Surprisingly, the Rattlesnake said that was fine with him!

Women’s Championship
Chyna pinned Lita to retain the Women’s Championship

In perhaps her greatest challenge since winning the Women’s Championship at WrestleMania, Chyna defended against Lita.

Early on, Chyna used her size and strength advantage to overpower Lita. But Lita battled back, using her speed and agility to gain the advantage.

Chyna assaulted Lita with a series of forearms and clotheslines, gaining several near-falls. Lita soon surprised Chyna with a DDT, and nailed the Ninth Wonder of the World with a series of right hands. Lita then hit Chyna with a second-rope clothesline.

Chyna gained the advantage with a swinging neckbreaker and a powerslam, but Lita kicked out at 2. Chyna then military-pressed Lita and sent her crashing down to the canvas. Lita locked Chyna in an armbreaker submission hold, but Chyna roared back with a headscissors.

Suddenly, Eddie Guerrero slowly walked to the stage to watch the action, as the two women exchanged submission holds in the ring. Moments later, Chyna set Lita up for a powerbomb, but Lita reversed it into a hurricanrana, which earned a near-fall.

Chyna then countered a Twist of Fate into a powerbomb and pinned Lita to retain her championship. After the bout, Chyna helped Lita up, and the two embraced.

Michael Cole asked Kurt Angle if this chapter in his life was over now that he had regained the medals, and Kurt said no way! The Olympic Hero promised a full enactment of the medals ceremony on tomorrow’s RAW!

Intercontinental Championship Chain Match
Kane pinned Triple H to win the Intercontinental Championship

Triple H and Kane were joined at the wrists by a 12-foot steel chain, in a match which promised to set new standards for brutality. Kane’s left arm was still heavily bandaged as a result of the brutal assault by the Two-Man Power Trip last month.

As the match began, the Game pounded on Kane with a steel chair, aiming for Kane’s already broken left arm. Triple H then attached the steel chain to Kane’s broken arm!

Kane nailed the Game in the face with the chain, but the Game retaliated by pulling on the chain, trying to hyperextend Kane’s arm. Outside the ring, Triple H tossed Kane into the ring steps, but Kane knocked the chain into Triple H’s head, busting the Game wide open!

Kane wrapped the chain around Triple H’s bloody head, and the Game was feeling the effects. Kane then threw Triple H to the outside, wrapped the chain around the Game’s neck, and hung the Cerebral Assassin!

Back in the ring, Kane went up top, but Triple H caught him and threw him from the top. The fight soon spilled to the outside, where the two men took it to each other with unmatched fury.

In the ring, Triple H went for the Pedigree, but Kane powered out with a low blow. The Big Red Machine then again nailed Triple H in the head with the chain. Kane went up top and clotheslined Triple H with the chain!

Kane then chokeslammed Triple H, but Stone Cold Steve Austin ran to the ring before Kane could go for the pin! With Kane distracted, Triple H hit a low blow. Austin went to hit Kane with the chair, but he accidentally hit Triple H!

Kane then pinned Triple H to win the Intercontinental Championship!

Moments later, an angered Triple H asked Vince McMahon what had happened to the “all for one and one for all” strategy.

Tag Team Turmoil
Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit win Tag Team Turmoil

Prior to the bout, Chris Jericho promised that his partner was a real party animal, and that he and his partner would eliminate Edge & Christian from the contest.

The APA — Faarooq and Bradshaw — drew No. 1 in this bout, and they faced off with Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko, who drew No. 2. The Radicalz were soon eliminated when Faarooq pinned Saturn following a spinebuster.

Team No. 3 was Bubba Ray and D-Von — the Dudley Boyz. The Dudleyz hit the Dudley Device on Bradshaw, and then hit the “Wassap!” on Faarooq. Bubba Ray then told his brother to get the tables! But as the Dudleyz set up the tables, the Hollys ran to ringside! Hardcore Holly threw D-Von through the table, allowing Bradshaw to pin Bubba Ray after a Clothesline From Hell.

The APA then met Team No. 4 — X-Pac and Justin Credible, the X-Factor. As Bradshaw went to slam X-Pac, Albert grabbed the Texan’s foot, and X-Pac pinned Bradshaw to eliminate the APA from the bout!

Team No. 5 — Matt and Jeff Hardy — headed down next to face X-Factor. X-Pac soon hammered Jeff with a Bronco Buster. But moments later, Matt hit the Twist of Fate on X-Pac, and Jeff hit the Swanton Bomb, but Albert interfered and broke up the pin. Moments later, Justin nailed Matt with a thrust kick, and X-Pac pinned the European Champion to eliminate the Hardys.

Chris Jericho’s music hit next, and he brought out his mystery partner — Chris Benoit! Team No. 6 electrified the crowd at the Arco Arena as they took the fight to X-Factor! The ref was soon knocked out, and X-Factor hit a double thrust kick on Y2J. Another ref ran down, but Jericho kicked out of the pinfall! Moments later, Jericho locked the Walls of Jericho on X-Pac, and Benoit put Justin in the Crossface! Both men tapped out, and Benoit & Jericho moved on!

So Tag Team Turmoil was down to Benoit & Jericho against Edge & Christian, with the winners getting a Tag Team Championship match against Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H. The advantage clearly seemed to lie with E&C — being that E&C are seven-time former Tag Team Champions, and being that Benoit was now competing in his fifth match of the day! E&C went for a couple of chairs outside the ring, but they were met by a double dropkick for their troubles! Moments later, Benoit locked the Crossface on Christian, who soon tapped!

Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho are now the No. 1 Contenders to the Two-Man Power Trip’s Tag Team Championship!

World Wrestling Federation Championship
No Holds Barred
Stone Cold Steve Austin pins Undertaker to retain the Federation Championship

Two longtime rivals then renewed their classic feud when Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker met up for the Rattlesnake’s World Wrestling Federation Championship.

Prior to the bout, Mr. McMahon headed to ringside to provide color commentary alongside Jim Ross and Paul Heyman.

The battle between Austin and the Taker started out on the floor, and the Undertaker was incensed at the Rattlesnake, after the hoax which Austin and Triple H perpetrated last week on RAW IS WAR, tricking the Taker into thinking that his wife had been in a car wreck.

Stone Cold got in virtually no offense in the early-going, as the Taker took it to Austin old-school in the No Holds Barred environment. The Rattlesnake battled back, however, and the two superstars slugged it out in the ring.

The Rattlesnake wrapper the Taker’s leg around the ringpost, trying to eliminate the 7-footer’s vertical base. Austin also used chop blocks and low blows to take the Badass off his feet. Stone Cold tried wrenching the Undertaker’s legs, as the American Badass fought back.

As the crowd chanted “Austin sucks,” Taker battled back and took Austin outside the ring. The Dead Man then chokeslammed Stone Cold through the announce table!

Somehow, the Rattlesnake kicked out of the pinfall attempt when Taker rolled him back into the ring! After a bodyslam, Taker dropped an elbow, but again, Stone Cold kicked out of the pinfall attempt.

The Rattlesnake snuck to the outside of the ring, and then smacked a TV monitor against the Undertaker’s head, busting the Badass wide open. As Taker recovered, Austin took the turnbuckle pad off one of the corners.

On the outside, Austin focused on the Taker’s busted-open forehead, scoring with a series of right hands. Back in the ring, the Badass and the Rattlesnake exchanged a series pf punches, and then Austin hit a Lou Thesz Press to gain the advantage. But the Dead Man kicked out of several consecutive pinfall attempts.

Austin soon hit the Taker with a low blow, but Taker once again kicked out of a pinfall attempt. The Rattlesnake hung the Undertaker over the second rope, and dropped a leg over his neck. Moments later, the Federation Champion locked the Undertaker in a sleeper!

Taker suplexed his way out of the sleeper, and Austin then went for a chair. Stone Cold rocketed the chair off Taker’s head, but instead of covering the Dead Man, he mocked him, challenging the Taker to get up and fight. The Taker did get up — and Stone Cold hit the Stunner! But amazingly, the Undertaker kicked out!

Austin went right for the chair and began to brutalize the Dead Man, hitting him with two chair shots. But when he went for the third, Taker hit Austin with a low blow!

Taker then hit a chokeslam on the Rattlesnake, and repeatedly assaulted Stone Cold with the chair! Down to the ring ran Triple H — but he was met with the steel chair as well! But as Taker went for the pin, Mr. McMahon broke up the pinfall!

Taker pounded on Mr. McMahon, and Stone Cold hit the Federation chairman with the chair by accident! But as Taker went for the Last Ride on Austin, Triple H hit the Dead Man with a sledgehammer.

Suddenly, Kane’s music hit, but it was too late. Austin pinned Taker to retain his title.


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