Judgment Day

May 31, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, May 21st from Freedom Hall (Louisville, KY)

Announcers: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

We opened up in the back by seeing Vince McMahon telling the entire DX Clan about how great tonight is going to be. Brisco came in wearing the Hardcore Title. Vince told Brisco to bring them all coffee. Vince ran down the card for tonight while DX threw in their own commentary.

We went to the backstage area where Brisco was being assaulted by the Headbangers.

Match 1: Too Cool(Grand Masta Sexay/Scotty 2 Hotty/Rikishi) vs. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle

Before the match, Angle gave us a message to stay pure and practice abstinence. Edge told us that it’s great to be here in Louis – Ville. E/C debuted a new pose. E/C/A put on Banjos and Straw Hats and other Kentucky attire. The three mock played a song then Edge showed us his disproportionate teeth.

Too Cool hit the ring next to an enormous pop. All six men got it on then Rikishi whipped Edge into Angle. Rikishi orchestrated a few more corner smashes then E/C/A recovered on the outside. GMS and Edge started things off. GMS conencted with a spinning heel kick catching Edge square in the face. GMS and S2H landed a combo elbow drop then Christian came in to take on Scotty. Scotty and Christian exchanged holds then Scotty landed a suplex. Edge got a tag in and and landed hard chops in the corner. GMS hung up Edge in the corner then kicked him across the chest. Too Cool double clotheslined Edge while E/C/A recovered on the outside. GMS’s pants fell down for a split second revealing his “worm.” Rikishi got a tag in and squashed Angle. Angle took Rikishi to the corner and pounded on his head. Rikishi was triple teamed in the corner then fought out with hard right hands. Scotty came in with a bulldog on Christian. Edge stopped Scotty short then choked him across the middle rope. Angle came in and finished the choke. Scotty came back to life with hard rights, but was instantly sent to the corner where he was smashed in the corner. Edge came in and tried a powerbomb but Scotty slipped out. Both men clotheslined each other then Rikishi came in and cleaned house. Rikishi put all three in the corner then ran in with a bvtt smash. Rikishi put Angle on his seat in the corner then gave him a stinky face! Rikishi was Double DDt’Ed then Edge speared Rikishi. Edge set up for the Worm, but Scotty came in and bulldoged him. Scotty connected with his Worm then he hit the whoosh elbow on Angle. Edge came in with the ring bell and popped Scotty. Edge covered him but there was no ref. GMS went up top and hit the Hip Hop Drop. Scotty roleld over on top of Edge and scored the three for the win.

Winners: Too Cool by pin

In the back, Michael Cole was with Shawn Michaels. Cole asked which way HBk will call it. HBK said that he will do his job here tonight. Cole brought up internet rumors saying that HBK is jealous of The Rock. HBK sarcastically said that if it came from the internet, it must be true.

European Title Match

Eddy Guerrero(c) w/Chyna vs. Saturn vs. Malenko

Malenko anf Saturn teamed up on Guerrero to begin the match. They shook hands as Guerrero laid on the mat then stomped away on him. Malenko whipped Satirn into Guerrero in the corner. They tried a double powerbomb but Eddy slipped out and low kicked both men. Guerrero hit a springboard huricanrana on Malenko then shoved Malenko into Saturn in the corner. Malenko hit a side slam off the top rope. Saturn sent Eddy to the corner and Eddy landed an elbow. Eddy hit a Tornado DDT off the top rope. Malenko dropped Eddy with a butterfly suplex then went for a powerbomb but Eddy slipped out for a suset flip. Malenko slipped out and slapped on the Texas Cloverleaf. Saturn broke up the hold then Malenko knocked him to the side of the ring. Guerrero put Malenko up top then Saturn grabbed Eddy and put him on his shoulders. Saturn dropped Eddy then went up top. Saturn tried a suplex but Malenko shoved him off. Guerrero climbed up for a huricanrana but Malenko stopped Guerrero and hit a top rope gutbuster. Saturn went up top. Saturn hit a super forg splash and had a pin, but Malenko broke it up. Saturn put the Texas Cloverleaf on Malenko then Eddy grabbed Saturn and gave him a brainbuster suplex. Malenko sent Eddy out then Malenko sent Saturn to the outside. In the ring, Malenko suplexed Eddy. Malenko went up top and hit a flying elbow drop. Malenko went for a suplex on Eddy while Saturn suplexed Malenko. Saturn was pulled to the outside by Chyna where she decked him with the Euro Title. Chyna took ger vase of flowers and smashed Malenko with them. Eddy rolled up Malenko and scored the three to win.

Winner:Eddy by pin and still Euro Champ

We went to the bathroom where Brisco was sneaking around. Brisco saw someone in the mirror then punched the mirror. Brisco realized it was himself and shook his hand in pain.

No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match
Big Show vs. Shane McMahon

As Show came to the ring, Shane leaped over the top with a flying cross body. Show caught him and slammed him into the ring post. Show threw him into the ring steps. Show body slammed Shane onto the ring steps. Show stepped on Shane’s leg then tossed him into the stands wiping out a security guard in the process. Show gorilla press slammed Shane into the ring over the top rope. Show kicked Shane in the backside sending Shane flipping across the ring. Show sent Shane to the ropes then dropped him a big boot to the face. Big Boss Nan came into the ring and drove his night stick into Show. Show grabbed Boss man and head butted him. Show picked up Boss Man then powerbombed him into the mat. Test andf Albert hit the ring with chairs in hand. Show punched both men’s chairs into their faces. Trish Stratus hit the ring and low blowed Show. Show turned around, grabbed her, and chokeslammed her over the top and onto T&A. Shane tried to crawl to the back then Show climbed out, followed him, grabbed him, and tossed him into the J-Day Set. Show removed a piece from the set then walked over to Shane. Shane kicked the set part into Show then T&A took Show apart. Shane put the set piece on a wheeling mechanism and wheeled it into Show’s face. Show got up from a pin attempt then dropped T&A and Shane with punches. Show sent Albert into the set then did the same for Test. Shane climbed up the set then Show pulled him down. Bull Buchanan came in with night stick in hand and smashed him. Buchanan put the sound system on top of Show’s leg trapping him. Shane came over with a block and crushed it over Show’s head. Shane covered Shane and scored a three to win.

Winner:Shane by pin

Brisco came into the referee’s office and sat down with them. Brisco started to sleep then two tried to sneak up and attack him, but Brisco woke up just in time and left with his H=Core Title.

Intercontinental Title Match

Submission Match

Chris Benoit(c) vs. Chris Jericho

THe two locked up with Benoit powering Jericho to the corner. The two broke free then locked up again. Benoit landed knees to the gut. Benoit with a hard forearm to the head. Benoit sent Jericho to the ropes then Jericho slid under and bull doged Benoit. Jericho chopped Benoit in the corner. Jericho slapped on an amr bar out of the corner. Benoit rolled away to the ropes. Benoit went for a Tombstone but Jericho reversed it. benoit reversed it and dropped Jericho with a combo Tombstone and Shoulder Breaker, Benoit slapped on a reverse neck/shoulder squeeze. Jericho fought out then clotheslined Benoit. Jericho knocked Benoit off the apron to the outside. Jericho went to the outside and landed forearms and chops. Benoit sent Jericho shoulder first into the ring post. Jericho reversed a smash into the ring post and drove benoit knee first into the ring steps. Jericho landed shots to the head then sent him into the ring steps. Jericho took Benoit into the ring. Jericho set up Benoit for a powerbomb and hit a backbreaker out of a powerbomb. Jericho and Benoit exchanged chops in the corner. Jericho sent Benoit to the corner then ran in and. Benoit moved and Jericho went shoulder first into the ring post. Benoit took Jericho to the bottom of the corner and drove a foot to the face. Benoit sent Jericho shoulder first into the ringpost above the top rope then slapped on a shoulder breaker. Jericho fought back to his feet then hip tossed Benoit. Benoit got up and started another exchange of chops. Benoti connected with a hard snap suplex. Benoit dropped a knee across the face. Benoit picked up Jericho then dropped him to the mat. Benoit slapped on an arm bar using his legs for added pressure. Jericho slid to the ropes then got out with his feet reaching the ropes. Benoit drove knees below the chin then Benoit missed a knee lift. Jericho dropped Benoit to the mat with a knee lift of his own. Benoit came back with kicks then Jericho tackled him and landed punches to the head. Jericho took off Benoit’s knee brace leaving benoit’s knee wide open. Jericho slapped the knee with the brace. Jericho tried to slap on the figure four, but Benoit kicked him away. Jericho hit a Springboard Lionsault then slapped on a Walls of jericho across the top rope and apron! Benoit fought his way back to a sitting position then knocked Jericho into the ring. Benoit hit a belly to belly suplex then Jericho slapped on the Walls of jericho. benoit slapped Jericho with the knee brace then slapped on the Crippler’s Crossface! Jericho desperately reached for the ropes. Jericho got his arm out instead and Benoit puleld Jericho to the ropes where he applied the Crossface again. The ref called for the bell, but Jericho didn’t tap put. The ref ruled that Jericho lost by passing out. Benoit wins the match.

Winner: Benoit by pin and still IC Champ

Brisco was in the back with Michael Cole. Brisco said that his boys at home, his neighbors, people at the airport are all out to get him. In the background, beer vendors were signalling to each other for the belt. Brisco turend around and knocked the vendors down.

Table Match
DX(Road Dogg, X-Pac) w/Tori vs. Dudley Boyz(Buh Buh Ray/D-Von)

With DX in the ring, Dudleys came to the ring with table in hand. They dropped it off ringside then hit the ring.

D-Von and Road Dogg started things off. D-Von hit a spinning heel kick out of the corner on Road Dogg. X-Pac came in and was dropped with a shoulder block. Buh Buh came in and landed hard right hands to the head of X-Pac. Buh Buh took X-Pac to the outside. Buh Buh sent him back in then dropped him with a boot to the face. Buh Buh held X-Pac’s legs back then D-Von came off the top with a diving headbutt to the crotch. Buh Buh grabbed Road Dogg and they gave him the same treatment. The went to the outside where D-Von went to work on Road Dogg. Buh Buh dropped X-Pac with a right hand then stared down at Tori. In the ring, Road Dogg came back on D-Von. X-Pac came in and hit the Bronco Buster. Road Dogg got a tag in and drove a foot to the neck of D-Von. D-Von got up and tagged in Buh Buh. The ref didn’t see it so he didn’t allow the tag. X-Pac came in with a spinning heel kick to the face. DX tried a double clothesline, but D-Von ducked and hit a clothesline on both. D-Von tagged in Buh Buh who hit a Sidewalk Slam on Road Dogg. X-Pac was dropped with a Samoan Drop. Buh Buh went to the outside and grabbed a table. D-Von did the same. The Dudleys set up the tables in opposite corners. On the outside, Road Dogg sent D-Von head first into the ring steps. Road Dogg set up a table ringside then pump handle slammed him through it off the ring steps. Buh Buh grabbed Road Dogg and delivered a hard right hand. In the ring, X-Pac set up D-Von on one of the tables. X-Pac went fora Bronco Buster but D-Von moved. Buh Buh brought in a table and set it up. X-Pac went for a huricanra put Buh Buh turned it into a powerbomb through the table. Road Dogg and Buh Buh exchanged blows then the ref tried to get in between, so Dogg and Buh Buh grabbed the ref and threw him through a table. Buh Buh and D-Von hit the 3-D on Road Dogg through another table. but there was no ref to call the match. D-Von set up a table in the ring then Buh Buh took Tori up top. Buh Buh had Tori set up for a powerbomb through the table, but Brisco came in and pulled Tori down. X-Pac hit an X-Factor through the table. The ref came alive in time to see it and called for the bell.

Winners:DX by sending the Dudleys through tables

After the matvh, ther Dudleys gravved Brisco and gave him a 3-D through another table.

Main Event

60-Minute Iron Man Match
World Title Match

The Rock(c) vs. Triple H w/Vince, Shane, Stephanie McMahon

Special Referee: Shawn Michaels

Most pins/submissions/count outs/DQ’s after 60 minutes win the match Before The Rock came out, HHH got on the mic and told the McMahons that he’s going to make history tonight and wants to do it alone. HHH told them to go to the back so he can settle it one on one. The McMahons left the ring to the back then out came The Rock to a huge pop. HHH stood on the outside as Rock posed in the ring then climbed in. HBK called for the bell starting the match.

The two stood nose to nose in the ring then Rock shoved him. They locked up and then took it to the corner. Rock landed a chop then HHH backed out. Rock slapped on a side head lock . HHH brought Rock up to a standing position then powered him over backwards. Rock powered back and slapped on another side headlock. Rock dropped HHH with a shoulder block then Rock rolled up HHH and scored a two. HHH went to the outside to stall. HHH climbed in slowly then they locked up. HHH with a side headlock. Rock landed a right hand after breaking free and HHH fell to the outside. HHH took even longer time to climb back in then finally did. Rock slapped on another side headlock then took HHH to the corner and drove an elbow to the head. HHH hit a huge clothesline out of nowhere. HHH drove a series of forearms to the head then took him to the corner and slammed his arm across the top rope. HHH slapped on an arm bar. Rock came back with right hands. HHH hit a Single Arm DDT and scored a two count only. HHH slapped on another arm bar. HBK broke the hold when they went to the corner. Rock hit a Rock Bottom out of nowhere and scoreda three count giving the Rock #1. Rock took HHH to the outside and dropped him across the guardrail. Rock grabbed HHH and took him into the guardail. Rock dragged HHH back towards the ring where HHH dropped him across the guardrail. HHH landed right hands then Rock came back with a toss knee first into the guardrail. They went back into the ring whre Rock decked HHH with a right hand. Rock suplexed HHH over the ropes and into the ring. Rock made a cover and scored a two. Rock took HHH spread eagle into the guardrail then smashed HHH’s inner thigh against the ring post. Rock drove the back of the leg across the ring apron. Rock took HHH by the knee and smashed it against the ring steps. Rock grabbed HHH and tossed him into the ring. Rock kicked HHH’s knee some more then clotheslined him to the mat. Rock slapped on a figure four right in the middle of the ring. HHH writhed in pain while Rock held on to the hold with everything he had. HHH tried to reverse the hold and finally did. Rock writhed in pain then rolled over into the ropes breaking the hold. They went to the outside where Rock sent HHH head first into the guardrail. Rock sent HHH into the ring post then HHH reversed a whip and sent Rock into the guardrail. HHH clotheslined Rock hard to the ground. HHH sent Rock into the stands. HHH landed hard right hands then they brawled amongst the crazy fans. HHH back body dropped Rock over the guardrail and to the outside. HHH followed out and sent Rock into the ring.

Now at the 20 minute mark, HHH took Rock and suplexed him to the mat. HHH dropped an elbow to the chest. HHH made a cover and only scored a two. HHH took Rock head first into the corner. HHH landed more right hands then Rock fought out with kicks to the knee. HHH kicked Rock sending him through the ropes to the outside. HHH went out and was whipped knees first into the ring steps. HHH crawled on the floor in pain then Rock grabbed HHH and sent him into the ring. Rock landed right hands to the head then drove a hard knee to the back of the knee of HHH. Rock drove elbows to the knee once again. Rock slapped on a leg grapevine adding more pressure to the knee. HHH grabbed Rock’s head and landed punches. Rock broke the hold and went for a figure four, but HHH kicked him into the top rope turnbuckle. HHH grabbed Rock and Pedigreed him into the mat. HHH with the cover and the three count making it 1 to 1. HHH choked Rock then HBK made him break the hold. HHH took Rock to a standing position then rolled him up in and inside cradle and scored a three making it 2 to 1 in favor of HHH. Rock got back up and landed hard right hands to the head. Rock decked HHH then HHH pulled him through the ropes to the outside. HHH followed out and landed right hands to the head. Rock stumbled down the walkway and to the J-Day set. Rock waited for HHH then whipped him into the set. Rock took HHH and tried a suplex on to the paded walkway but HHH reversed it and suplexed Rock onto the unpadded portion of the walkway. HBK administered a 10 count then both men got to their feet. Rock stumbled to the ring area where he waited for HHH and belly to back suplexed him onto the walkway. Rock whipped HHH into the ring apron then back body dropped him onto the padded walkway. Rock picked up HHH and sent him into the ring. Rock picked HHH up then decked him with a right hand. Rock went for a spinebuster off the ropes but HHH turned it into a knee drop. HHH set up Rock for a Pedigree but turned it into a piledriver. HHH with the cover and the three giving him a 3 to 1 lead. Both men got up where HHH stomped Rock down to size in the corner. Rock ran out of the corner with a forearm blow then sent HHH to the ropes where HHH bounced off with a hard shot. HHH with the cover and a two. HHH went up top where Rock grabbed him and tossed him off. The two got back up and Rock landed a series of hard right hands. Rock with another series in the corner. Rock dropped HHH with an elbow in the opposite corner then rolled up HHH and scored a two. The Rock went off the ropes where HHH dropped him with a high knee. HHH with a pin attempt and only two. HHH and Rock exchanged right hands then HHH slapped on a sleeper hold. HBK checked Rock’s arms then Rock held at two. HHH applied the hold even tigther then HBK checked the arm again. Rock didn’t go down then HBK kicked HHH’s legs off the ropes. HHH tried another sleeper but Rock hit a belly to belly suplex instead.

With the match at thr 40 minute mark, Rock rolled over and covered HHH but only scored a two. Rock and HHH exchanged blows then Rock came off the ropes and hit a DDT. Rock with a cover and a three. HHH up 3 to 2. To the outside they went where Rock sent HHH shoulder first into the ring steps. Rock dropped HHH head first across the time keeper’s table then HHH responded with one of his own. HHH grabbed a chair and tried to hit Rock but HBK stole the chair. Rock sent HHH into the ring steps. Rock hit a Swinging Neckbreaker on the outside padding. Rock sent HHH into the ring then climbed in. HHH picked up the aforementioned chair and smacked Rock with it. HBK called for the bell and declared a DQ on HHH. Now we’re even at 3. HHH rolled up Rock and scored a three count giving him the lead again. HBK checked on the Rock who was busted open. HHH picked up Rock and sent him to the ropes. HHH slapped on another sleeper hold. HHH took Rock to the mat and HBK checked his arm again. Rock pulled up on the third drop then fought up. HHH slapped on another sleeper hold. HBK checked the arm again and Rock didn’t pull up on #3. HHH wins the fall giving him a 5 to 3 lead. HHH wouldn’t break the hold so HBK broke it for him and shoved him. HHH shoved him back then HBK shoved him back. HHH cooled off then Rock landed right hands out of nowhere. Rock grabbed HHH and tossed him over the top turnbuckle to the outside, wiping out the camera man in the process. Back in the ring, HHH decked Rock then went up top. HHH took too long going up top and Rock dropped him across the guardrail. Rock climbed up and HHH head butted him off the top. Rock got back up then punched him in the head. Rock climbed up top and super plexed HHH off the top to the ramp! Both men laid on the mat then Rock rolled over and covered HHH but only scored a two. Rock and HHH got to their feet then Rock clotheslined HHH over the top to the outside. Rock climbed out and sent HHH head first into the ring steps. Rock drove a knee to the chest then Rock shoved HHH to the ground. Rock grabbed HHH’s legs then catapulted him head first into the ringpost. Rock got up and HHH followed up. HHH reversed a whip into the ring steps and sent Rock in. With five minutes left, HHH put Rock on the broadcast table. HHH climbed up and went for a Rock Bottom onto the table but Rock reversed it into a Pedigree onto the table. Rock climbed into the ring and HBK counted out HHH making it HHH 5 and Rock 4. The McMahons came to the ring with only three minutes left. HHH slowly staggered to his feet and slid into the ring as HBK was at nine on the ten count. Rock grabbed HHH and clotheslined him to the mat. Rock DDT’ed HHH into the mat then knocked Shane then Vince off the apron. HHH with a Rock Bottom then the People’s Elbow! Rock with the cover and the three! 5 to 5! Shane pulled HBK out then HBK decked Shane then Vince. Road Dogg came in and Rock decked him. HHH sent Rock to the ropes knocking HBK off the ropes. The J-Day promo olayed on the Titantron then the Undertaker appeared in the ringside area on a bike! UT cleaned house on everyone in the ring! UT chokeslammed X-Pac about 15 feet in the air and then grabbed Steph. HHH hit UT from behind then UT chokeslammed him then Tombstoned him as time ran out. HBK ruled that it was a DQ due to outside interference giving HHH his 6th fall and the win making him the WWF World Champ. HHH was helped to the back by the McMahons as UT chased HBK off.

Winner: HHH and new World Champ

The Rock – 5
Triple H – 6

Source: James Caldwell


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