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Saturday, May 6, 2000 in London, England

Too Cool vs. Dean Malenko

– The Radicalz, Saturn and Malenko, double team Too Cool to start off the match. Scotty Too Hotty is able to break free and carried Dean Malenko to the top rope turnbuckle. Scotty then suplexed Malenko from the top rope. Grandmaster Sexay got the tag in and cleaned house for several minutes. Scotty came back in and executed a bulldog on Dean Malenko. After that Scotty used his patented worm to further punish Malenko. All men gather in the ring, Sexay climbed to the top and used his hip hop drop. Sexay covered for the pin and Too Cool is victorious.

Winners: Too Cool

Kane vs. Bull Buchanan

– Kane received a big crowd response for his first match back after suffering a broken hand. Kane entered the ring and opened the match by kicking and punching Bull around the ring. Bull fought back with a well planned DDT. Kane stood right back up and tossed Bull in the corner. Kane grasped Bull’s neck and executed a huge chokeslam, followed by the pin.

Winner: Kane

Road Dogg vs. Bradshaw

– Road Dogg came to the ring with his valet Tori and gave an interesting speech. Bradshaw walked to the ring with fellow APA partner, Faarooq. Faarooq put on a headset and commentated for several minutes. Later in the match, Faarooq took the headset off and went to the ring and attacked Road Dogg. Bradshaw then continued to pummel Road Dogg. After a near fall, Bradshaw locked a headlock on Road Dogg. Road Dogg broke free of Bradshaw’s grasp and used his Shake Rattle and Roll knee drop. Road Dogg then pinned Bradshaw with a pump handle slam.

Winner: Road Dogg

The Kat vs. Terri (Arm Wrestling Match)

– After the ring introductions the two ladies start to get a grip. Terri broke the hold and said the Kat used oil on her hands. They tie back up and Terri almost defeated Kat, but only a 2 count. Terri took off her pants and she is shown in her underwear! Moohlah and Mae started fighting and ran into the table. Kat won and then flashed the crowd! Though no nudity was shown on TV, The Kat once again stripped on PPV.

Winner: The Kat

Dudleys vs. Big Show and Rikishi

– Big Show was once again dressed as Rikishi’s twin. Devon and Show start of the match by brawling. Rikishi and Buh Buh are next to fight, and Buh Buh dominated “Stink Face.” Later in the match, Showkishi got tagged in and Show and Rikishi now have the advantage. Edge and Christian do a run in and spear Buh Buh Dudley. Showkishi got the win when he chokeslammed Devon. After the match Too Cool came down to the ring. All six men lined up in the ring and the music started! Even Devon and Buh Buh know how to “get down.”

Winners : Big Show and Rikishi

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit

– Angle entered the arena first and proceeded to get on the mic. He cut a promo saying that the UK children were weak, uneducated, and unhealthy. Kurt then said that they should learn American because he can’t understand their language. A further insult came when Kurt said that the USA saved the UK in World War II. Benoit came down for his match and Crash came down to do commentary. The match was very fast paced and Benoit almost won the match with his crippler cross face, but the hold was broken because he had his fingers in Kurt’s eyes. After, Benoit tried for his flying headbutt but Angle was able to move out of the way. Once both men were on their feet Angle finished the match with his AnglePlex and pinned Benoit.

Winner: Kurt Angle

British Bulldog vs. Crash Holly

– They start off the match by suplexing each other on the entrance ramp. Both men move into the ring, Choke then tried to choke Bulldog out. Crash took hold of a Kendo Stick and waffled Bulldog several times. Crash then walked to the outside and grabbed a chair. Bulldog used a drop toe hold to send Crash Holly straight into the chair. After several chair shots, Bulldog executed a running powerslam to defeat Crash Holly and become the new Hardcore Champion!

Winner: British Bulldog

Hardy Boyz vs. Edge and Christian

– Edge opened up the match by beating Matt Hardy to the ground. Jeff ran in to break up Edge’s near fall on his brother Matt. The Hardy Boyz began to punish Edge and Christian and controlled them for nearly 10 minutes. Edge went to the outside and grabbed the ring bell and smashed Matt right across the face. The Dudleys rushed to the ring and executed a 3D on Christian. The Dudleys continue to their assault by driving Edge through a wooden table from the top rope.

Winners: Hardy Boyz (DQ)

Chris Jericho vs. Eddy Guerrero

– Eddy cut an in ring promo and told the fans that he hated being “their” champion. This upsets the UK fans beyond belief and they are told champion Eddy G will kick them out of Europe. The fans were delighted to see Jericho and Chris shouted “London Is Jericho!” A coin toss is used to decide which title is on the line, and the European Title is up for grabs. They battle backstage for several minutes before coming back to the ring. Eddy then hit a reverse DDT for a near fall. After fighting for close to 15 minutes, Chyna planted Y2J with a DDT. Eddy grabbed the belt and whacked Jericho with it right between the eyes. Eddy rolled Jericho up and pinned him.

Winner: Eddy Guerrero

The Rock vs. Shane McMahon vs. Triple H

– “Finally The Rock has come back to London!” After the five minute introductions, the match began. The Rock dominated Shane and Vince for nearly two minutes. The Rock ran out of steam and it was Triple H’s turn to beat the Rock down. The Rock fought back and clotheslined Triple H & Shane and executed a double bionic elbow. Triple H recovered and attempted to distract the ref while Vince McMahon choked The Rock. Triple H applied a sleeper hold in the center of the ring and Shane looked on watching. The Rock was able to break free and fought back. Triple H then “accidentally bumped” the ref and executed his Pedigree. The stooges came to the ring as The Rock kicked out of Triple H’s pinfall attempt. Shane took hold of a chair and swung it at The Rock. The Rock ducked and the chairshot hit Triple H right in the head. Vince came in the ring and distracted The Rock and Triple H was able to Pedigree The Rock once more. The Rock is able to kick out and the match continued. Out comes Earl Hebner! The Rock executed a Rock Bottom, followed by the People’s Elbow to retain the WWF World Title!

Winner: The Rock

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