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armageddon 2000

Sunday, December 10th in Birmingham, AL

As Armageddon went on the air live from Birmingham, Ala., Vince McMahon arrived at the arena. Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco told him that Commissioner Foley had the Hell in the Cell hanging above the cage — but Vince said that wouldn’t last long.

Elimination Match: Dean Malenko/Perry Saturn/Eddie Guerrero versus Hardy Boyz/Lita

The story heading into the elimination match was Lita and the Hardyz’ humiliation of Malenko on SmackDown! This elimination match pitted Lita and the Hardy Boyz against Radical members Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero. Moments into the match, Lita hit the Twist of Fate on Eddie Guerrero, and Jeff Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb. Three seconds later, Latino Heat was eliminated. Soon after that, Perry Saturn caught Jeff Hardy as Jeff tried for the Poetry in Motion. After slamming him down, Jeff was pinned and eliminated. Matt then hit the Twist of Fate on Saturn and eliminated him. As Lita got into it with Terri in the ring, Malenko snuck up behind Matt Hardy and knocked him into Lita. As Lita flew from the ring, Malenko rolled up Matt Hardy for the pin. It was now down to Lita and Malenko. Dean had Lita down for the count after a superplex, but Malenko wanted to torture the woman who humiliated him on SmackDown! Finally, he put Lita in the Texas Cloverleaf and won the match. After the match, Lita swore to Michael Cole that she could beat Malenko.

– Survivor: Dean Malenko

Backstage, Kurt Angle told Lilian Garcia that he wasn’t worried about the Hell in the Cell match. Angle called Mick Foley a cold-hearted sadist for making the match, and said he would not allow Hell in the Cell to end his career the way it ended Foley’s.

European Championship: William Regal versus Hardcore Holly

Before the match, Regal addressed the Birmingham crowd. He said he knew they would cheer for Hardcore Holly since he was from Alabama — but Regal said he was the one who cared about the fans. He then educated the crowd about proper hygiene. As Regal continued with his lesson in manners, Hardcore Holly interrupted him and hit the ring! Regal used his extensive wrestling arsenal to stretch out the Mobile, Ala., native. But Hardcore battled back using his intense strength. Hardcore nailed Regal with his “super-powered” forearm, knocking the European Champion out. But as the ref checked on Regal, Raven came to the ring and DDTed Hardcore Holly, allowing Regal to score the pin and keep his title.

Winner and Still Champion: Steven Regal

Backstage, Michael Cole asked Rikishi if he was worried about Triple H turning on him and ending their alliance inside Hell in the Cell. Rikishi said that no matter what happened, he would become Federation Champion, since he had already sacrificed so much to reach that pinnacle.

Val Venis versus Chyna

– After Val Venis knocked her out on RAW, Chyna was out for revenge in this special challenge match. Val was seconded by Women’s Champion Ivory, who kicked away at Chyna whenever given the opportunity. After knocking Chyna down, Val went for his top-rope splash, but Chyna got out of the way. After bodyslamming Val, Chyna went into the ropes for a move. but Ivory tripped Chyna — causing Chyna to chase Ivory around the ring! When Chyna re-entered the ring, Val caught her and locked her in a fisherman’s suplex for the win.

Winner: Val Venis

After the match, Chyna caught Ivory and was about to powerbomb her, but Val saved the Women’s Champion.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley approached her father. Vince thought she wanted to talk about his and Linda’s impending divorce, but Stephanie said she was only concerned with Hell in a Cell for the moment. She told her father that she was petrified thinking about what could happen to her husband inside Hell in the Cell. Vince said he would put a top to things right now.

Kevin Kelly Interview: The Undertaker

– In an interview from earlier in the day, the Undertaker spoke about his three previous Hell in the Cell matches. The Taker said he knew what he would have to do to become Federation Champion — and it scared him to think about it. The Taker promised to make his opponents bleed — just as he had made Shawn Michaels, Mankind and the Big Boss Man bleed before. The Undertaker said that Hell in the Cell was all about doing unto others before they do unto you. He said that the beating he gave to Shawn Michaels was the worst beating in Federation history — until he faced Mick Foley. The Undertaker said that he liked the side of him that could cause such havoc. He said that he had made Mankind and Michaels famous — and then he questioned who he would make famous that night.

Interview: Vince McMahon

– After the Undertaker’s horrifying words, Vince McMahon came to the ring in Birmingham, flanked by Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco. Vince said that he meant every word of what he said on SmackDown!, including his genuine concern for the six superstars inside Hell in the Cell. he said that his heartfelt sympathy had fallen on the deaf ears of Commissioner Mick Foley. Therefore, he said, he came before the fans with his heart in his hand. He said he came before the fans not as Vince McMahon the owner as WWFE or as Vince McMahon the billionaire — he came before the fans as Vince McMahon the concerned and compassionate humanitarian. As a humanitarian, he asked the fans to join him in preventing Foley from presenting the Hell in the Cell match. The crowd booed at such a notion. Still, Vince begged the crowd to send a message to Foley and to the world that they would not encourage the Hell in the Cell match. Again, the crowd booed. Vince then asked the crowd a question. He asked all those who joined him in not supporting the match to take place to stand up. To his dismay, Vince had almost no support in the Birmingham crowd! Vince then said that whatever happened in the match would not only be on Foley’s conscience, but it would also be on the fans’ conscience when their favorite superstars were stretchered out of the arena.

Last Man Standing: Kane versus Chris Jericho

– The feud that seemingly began over a cup of coffee reached a fever pitch in this Last Man Standing Match. Kane attacked Jericho in the entrance way in this match in which the first man unable to answer the 10-count would lose. The two men battled backstage before finally making their way to the ring. Kane was able to choke out Jericho, but Y2J got back to his feet before the 10-count. Moments later, Jericho went for the Lionsault but Kane got his knees up, driving them into Y2J’s abdomen. Kane then went to the top rope and floored Jericho, but again Jericho made it to his feet before the 10-count. After a third close call, Kane chokeslammed Jericho, but Jericho still would not stay down! The Big Red Machine then went outside the ring to get a chair. After nailing Y2J, Kane went for the Tombstone, but Jericho reversed it. Y2J then caught Kane with a low blow and DDTed him onto the chair! Jericho then rocketed the chair across Kane’s skull! After nailing a top-rope dropkick, Jericho bulldogged Kane and place the steel chair on top of him. Y2J then scored the Lionsault onto Kane, with the chair between them! The move took its toll on both men, but again, both men got back to their feet. Jericho then ran full force, right into a clotheseline. Kane then military-pressed Jericho like a rag doll and threw him from the ring down to the floor. The two men then battled to the entrance way! Kane tried a chokeslam onto some TV equipment, but Jericho reversed it into a bulldog onto a table! After a second bulldog through the table, Jericho pushed a huge section of the Armageddon scaffolding — nearly 20 barrels — onto Kane. With Kane stuck under the barrels, the referee counted to 10, and Jericho won the match! Kane tried to reach out through the barrels, but Jericho pushed his arm away, and Y2J was declared the winner!

– Winner: Chris Jericho

Jonathan Coachman asked Commissioner Mick Foley if he had any second thoughts about Hell in a Cell after the brutal Last Man Standing. Foley said that Vince McMahon was right about a lot of things, but he wasn’t right about this. He said that the more he thought about it, the more he couldn’t wait for the match. He did say, however, that he would feel better when the match was over.

Live from WWF New York in Times Square, Shawn Michaels talked about the brutality of the Hell in the Cell match. Shawn was in the first such match in October 1997, and said that every time he thinks about that match, he thinks about the brutality of the Undertaker. He said the match was tailor-made for the Taker.

Four Corners Tag Team Championship: Right to Censor versus Edge/Christian versus Dudley Boyz versus Road Dogg/K-Kwik

– The Dudleys dominated the match, annihilating most of their opponents with 3-D’s, Dudley Devices, and the “Wassap!” headbutt. But Buh Buh Ray and D-Von could not score the pin. Finally, Christian nailed Buh Buh from behind, and Edge covered him for the pin! Edge & Christian are now four-time Tag Team Champions!

– Winners and New Champions: Edge and Christian

Backstage, Stephanie told her husband, Triple H, how worried she was about him in the Hell in the Cell match, especially after what happened to him at the Survivor Series. Intense as always, the Game said that the Federation Championship was the most important thing in the world to him, and he would risk it all to regain his gold. Although he coughed up blood for a week after his last Hell in the Cell match, and although he was in the hospital just three weeks ago after being dropped in the car after Survivor Series, the Game said he would put his health on the line to regain the gold.

Intercontinental Championship: Billy Gunn versus Chris Benoit

– “The One” and the Wolverine battled it out for Gunn’s Intercontinental Title. The self-professed “greatest technical wrestler in World Wrestling Federation history” tried to wear down the champ’s knee, even locking on the figure-four leglock. But Gunn reversed the painful hold. When “The One” missed a high-risk move, Benoit dropped him with three successive German suplexes. The Wolverine tried to follow up with a diving headbutt, but Gunn moved out of the way! Moments later, Gunn nailed a powerslam, which earned a long two-count. Still nursing his sore knee, Gunn scored with a jackhammer and a fameouser, but because of the pain in his knee, “The One” was unable to cover right away, and only earned a two-count. Benoit then took down Gunn and locked on the Crossface, but the Intercontinental Champion got to the ropes. A few moments later, Benoit secured the Crossface in the middle of the ring, and Gunn tapped out. Benoit is the new Intercontinental Champion!

– Winner and New Champion: Chris Benoit

After the match, Billy Gunn promised that Benoit hadn’t seen the last of him.

Jim Ross Interview: Steve Austin

– An interview aired from earlier in the day with Jim Ross and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rattlesnake said he hadn’t slept a wink the night before, and he just wanted the darn match to start. Stone Cold said that Triple H’s and Rikishi’s presence in the match was motivation, but his ultimate motivation was the World Wrestling Federation Championship.

Women’s Championship: Ivory versus Molly Holly versus Trish Stratus

– Both Trish Stratus and Molly Holly challenged Ivory for her Women’s Championship in this Triple Threat match. The three beauties held nothing back in this intense battle. Ivory and Trish reluctantly worked together to suplex Molly, but their alliance lasted just a few seconds. As they fought, Molly caught them both with a bodypress from the top rope. When Trish went for a hurricanrana, Molly floored her. But before Molly could get the pin, Ivory threw her out of the ring. Ivory then pinned Trish to keep her title! T&A then came out to intimidate Molly, but Crash came out to the rescue. Crash challenged T&A to come into the ring, and as they laughed at him, down came the Acolytes! Faarooq and Bradshaw kicked some T&A butt as the crowd cheered!

– Winner and Still Champion: Ivory

Kevin Kelly Interview: The Rock

– Prior to the main event, Kevin Kelly interviewed The Rock. The People’s Champion said he would put his career on the line to regain the Federation Championship. He promised three things — that he would sweat, he would bleed and he would walk into hell and walk out champion.

Hell in the Cell Heavyweight Championship: Kurt Angle versus Steve Austin versus Triple H versus The Rock versus The Undertaker versus Rikishi

– A chill was in the air as Kurt Angle, the Undertaker, Triple H, The Rock, Rikishi and Stone Cold Steve Austin entered Hell in the Cell. Nearly every Federation official and referee was at ringside for the bout, which exploded at the opening bell. All six men battled it out as referee Tim White locked the cage. The match had to be won inside the ring, but the six men battled around the ring in the early moments of the match. Holding nothing back, Stone Cold repeatedly grated Triple H’s face against the steel grating of the cage, busting him open. In fact, the Rattlesnake walked completely around the cage, grating the Game’s face against the steel the whole way, and busting him open wider and wider! Rikishi finally saved the Game from Austin, dropping a big leg on the Rattlesnake. Rikishi then hugged Triple H — who kicked him and gave him a Pedigree! But The Rock broke up the pinfall. That began a series of finishing maneuvers and pinfalls which were broken up in rapid succession — an Olympic slam, a Stunner, a chokeslam, all broken up. On the outside, the Undertaker used Triple H as a human dart, tossing the Game off the sides of the cage. He even propelled Triple H into the steel in a flashback to what Taker did to Shawn Michaels over three years ago.

Vince McMahon and the stooges then came to ringside, backing a truck up to the ring. McMahon told the workers on the truck to tear down the Hell in the Cell! The truck ripped the door off the cell … but as the workers were preparing to take down the rest of the cell, Commissioner Foley came out. Foley knocked out the associates — and then had special forces escort Vince out of the arena! Foley had saved the match, but now, the cage had no door. Bleeding profusely, the Game walked out of the cell, but Austin followed him. Stone Cold bounced Triple H off the cars on the Armageddon set, and also off a camera! The Game recovered, and threw Austin through a car window, busting the Rattlesnake open! The other men soon spilled out of the ring as well. The Rock tried to give Triple H a Rock Bottom on top of a car, but the Game hit a low blow on the Brahma Bull and hit him with a Pedigree on top of the car — causing The Rock to bleed! The men continued to battle among the cars, and ultimately returned to the ringside area. There, Kurt Angle smacked the Undertaker with a chair, busting him open. Triple H and Stone Cold then started to climb the cage! Then, Kurt Angle climbed to the top of the cage to get away from the Taker — but the Undertaker was right behind him! As the crowd buzzed, all four men battled atop the cage, where the Undertaker busted Angle open! Triple H and Austin climbed down the side of the cage as Angle and the Taker fought up top. Shockingly, the 400-pound Rikishi then climbed up the cage! The Undertaker then got a chair on top of the cage and flattened Angle. But Rikishi grabbed the chair, and destroyed the Undertaker. Angle escaped before Rikishi could hit him with the chair, giving Taker time to recover and attack the Samoan giant from behind. The Undertaker then threw Rikishi off the top of the cage, onto the truck! Back in the ring, Stone Cold and The Rock went nose-to-nose. Rock gave Austin a spinebuster as Triple H watched on in the ring. The Brahma Bull then prepared to give Austin the People’s Elbow, but the Game clotheslined The Rock. Rock then threw Triple H from the ring and hit Angle with a Rock Bottom, but the Rattlesnake broke up the pinfall. Moments later, Austin hit the Stunner on The Rock, but the Game broke up the pin. The Game then hit a neckbreaker on Austin, but as he was doing so, Angle covered The Rock and scored the pinfall!

– Winner and Still Champion: Kurt Angle

After the match, Austin gave Angle a Stunner, but it was too late. The Olympic Hero is still the World Wrestling Federation Champion.


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