Survivor Series

May 27, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, November 14th in Detroit

The 1999 Survivor Series began with a montage set against a black, red, white, and silver background of the Triple Threat Heavyweight Championship Match. A great deal of fireworks then began both in and out of the ring as the hexagon shaped entrance way lit up for the first match.

Godfather/D’Lo Brown/Headbangers pinned Acolytes/Dudley Boyz *”Survivor Series” Elimination Match*

– [Order of Elimination: Thrasher, Mosh, Bradshaw, D-Von, Faarooq, Buh Buh Ray Dudley]

– The Godfather made his way to the ring and did his normal promo as D’Lo Brown also come out to his music in usual get up. The Headbangers then made their way to the ring in his usual attire as well, however they were sporting two nice big afros. Buh Buh Ray then made his way to the ring with his partner and asked The Godfather to offer them the hos. The hos shook their heads “no” as The Godfather made fun of Buh Buh’s speech problem. As he got his afro ripped off, Mosh immediately began to destroy Buh Buh Ray; D-Von was quickly tagged in as Mosh worked on him and tagged Thrasher. Bradshaw was then tagged in as Thrasher back body dropped him onto his own afro. Bradshaw then hit the clothesline for a pin. Mosh quickly jumped into the ring as Faarooq was tagged; both men battled for a while as Faarooq tagged D-Von in. Buh Buh then tagged himself in as the 3D put Mosh away; D’Lo Brown quickly took his place as Bradshaw got disqualified for using a chair on him. D-Von then tried to pin D’Lo Brown as Faarooq interrupted because he wanted the pin. D-Von and Faarooq then began to brawl on the outside of the ring as they both got counted out. D’Lo Brown then hit the sky high for a two-count on Buh Buh as both men climbed to the top rope; Buh Buh hit a powerbomb from the top rope for a two-count as The Godfather was tagged in. Buh Buh then went to his corner to tag somebody in, however he was left alone for The Godfather to hit the ho train; D’Lo Brown then hit the ‘lo down from the top rope for the pin.

Kurt Angle pinned Shawn Stasiak

– Howard Finkel introduced Kurt Angle as the “most celebrated real athlete in WWF history” as he hit the ring in red, white, and blue attire and The Patriot’s old music. Both men exchanged amateur wrestling maneuvers as Angle was finally knocked out by a clothesline and some stomps. After Angle retaliated against Stasiak, he ran to the outside of the ring, picked up a microphone, and told the crowd that they shouldn’t “boo” and Olympic Gold Medalist. After a “TKO”, Stasiak climbed to the top rope but missed a cross-body. Kurt Angle then hit a modified slam and a leg hook for the pin.

Val Venis/Mark Henry/Gangrel/Steve Blackman pinned The Bulldog/Mean Street Posse *”Survivor Series” Elimination Match*

– [Order of Elimination: Pete Gas, Rodney, Mark Henry, Steve Blackman, The Bulldog]

– The Bulldog began the match with Val Venis, however he quickly tagged Pete Gas in. Venis, however, would not wrestle Gas as he demanded for the Bulldog to be retagged. The Bulldog then hit a very long vertical suplex as Gas was tagged back in to hit a slingshot and suplex; Gas then recieved a shot into the turnbuckles and a bulldog as Venis tagged Steve Blackman in. Blackman immediately pinned Gas as Rodney ran into the ring to take his place; Gangrel was then tagged in as Joey Abs interrupted a shot into the ropes. He then hit Rodney by accident as Gangrel hit his modified DDT for the pin. Joey Abs then jumped into the ring as he got a near fall on Gangrel; Gangrel then hit a belly-to-belly suplex as Mark Henry got tagged in to taste the ropes. Henry then jumped on top of Abs for the pin as the British Bulldog ran into the ring to get thrown up in the air. Gangrel was then tagged back in as he immediately climbed to the top rope but got suplexed down by the Bulldog for the pin. Steve Blackman then hit a backbreaker and a snap suplex on the Bulldog as he climbed to the top rope and missed a headbut. The Bulldog then hit a fisherman’s suplex for the pin as Venis ran into the ring and, along with Henry, double teamed the Bulldog. Henry then destroyed the Bulldog in the ring as Venis hit the money shot for the pin.

In the backstage area, Michael Cole was shown accidentally walking into the women’s lockerrom as Terri hardly had her top on. All of the heel females then began to rub up against Cole as Ivory invited him back after the match for some fun. She then tapped him on the butt as the WWF went back to the ring.

Tori/Debra/Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young pinned Ivory/Jacqueline/Luna/Terri *One Fall Sudden Death Match*

– Outside the ring, Mae Young immediately attacked Ivory as she started off against Luna on the inside. She was quickly thrown out as Tori tagged herself in and attacked Luna. Jacqueline and Luna then tagged in and out as Ivory got tagged in and received a double clothesline from Tori. The Fabulous Moolah then entered the ring and scoop slammed and jumped on Ivory for the pin. Debra and Terri then began to rip the tops off of each other as the rest of the women left.

Kane defeated X-Pac (Disqualification)

– In the backstage area, X-Pac was shown explaining that he has nothing to prove against Kane even though he will beat him. X-Pac attacked Kane as his pyros were going off, however Kane quickly reversed the flow of the match with a few choke maneuvers. Kane then climbed to the top but got dropkicked onto the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, X-Pac hit three spinning heel kicks on Kane, however Kane blocked X-Pac’s bronco buster in the ropes. Kane then hit the flying clothesline from the top rope followed by his chokeslam, however the Road Dogg pulled on Kane’s foot. Kane then rolled into the ring but threw X-Pac off of him after the X-factor. kane then caught X-Pac in mid air, however as he was about to tombstone him, Triple H hit him in the face with the belt. Kane was then placed in the corner as Tori ran to the ring to stop his bronco buster. She got a tremendous kick to the face as Kane fought off all of the men to rescue her. X-Pac, however, didn’t mean to kick her as his face was in shock when he turned around.

In the backstage area, The Rock was trying to do an interview, however Triple H interrupted and attacked The Rock. Both men had to be separated as the WWF went back to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at the ringside area.

Paul Wight pinned Big Bossman/Prince Albert/Viscera and Mideon *”Survivor Series” Elimination Match*

– [Order of Elimination: Mideon, Prince Albert, Viscera, Big Bossman]

– Paul Wight destroyed his team of Kai en tai and the Blue Meanie during Sunday Night Heat so he was the only man on his team. Paul Wight entered the ring and immediately attacked all four men. He quickly chokeslammed and pinned Mideon as he did the same for Prince Albert. Viscera then entered the ring and got powerslammed and chokeslammed to be eliminated. The Bossman was next to enter the ring, however he could not find a way to get in easily enough. He counted himself out and ran to the backstage area as Paul Wight ran after him.

In the backstage area, Steve Austin was being interviewed as Triple H ran in and broke it up. Austin then chased Triple H throughout the backstage area as a car drove up and hit him at full speed. The camera then cut to Vince McMahon in his locker room who ran out to the parking lot with Stephanie, Test, and Shane and looked at Austin laying down bleeding. Vince McMahon and the rest of the family then stayed with Austin as he began to yell at Triple H, DeGeneration X, and Jim Dotson the head of WWF security. Triple H then yelled that he is not to blame for this and said that he would not take the blame becuase this is something that DX would never do. McMahon, the EMT’s, and the WWF officials then loaded Austin into the ambulance as Vince McMahon yelled for a car.

Chyna pinned Chris Jericho *Intercontinental Championship*

– Chris Jericho and Chyna immediately attacked each other as Jericho shoved Miss Kitty down. Both women then kicked Jericho to the outside of the ring as Chyna jumped out and threw him into the stairs. Chyna hung Jericho on the ropes and then delivered a huricanrana as Jericho threw her outside again tried to hit a low blow (which obviously did not work). Jericho hit a dropkick from the top rope; Chyna kicked out after two and a half but got a few kicks to her face as well. Jericho then shook his body towards Miss Kitty as he hit a spinning heel kick on Chyna. He then clothelined her over the ropes and kissed Miss Kitty full on the mouth. Kitty then jumped on Jericho’s back but got thrown down to the ground. Chyna fought back with a spear and whip into the ring post as Jericho brought her back into the ring and hit a powerbomb. After a two-count he missed a moonsault from the second rope; Chyna began to dominate as she hit a double backflip into the turnbuckles. She then hit a DDT on Jericho and hit the referee by accident as Jericho hit her with the Intercontinental belt for a two and a half count. Jericho then received a pedigree from Chyna however he kicked out after two. Chyna then tried for a huricanrana, however she was placed into the walls of Jericho. Chyna then tried to reach for the ropes twice and finally made it; Jericho got extremely upset and placed Chyna on the top rope. Miss Kitty then distracted the referee as Chyna lowblowed Y2J and hit a pedigree off the top rope for the pin.

In the McMahon family dressing room, Triple H and X-Pac stormed in to explain to the McMahons and the Stooges that they did not do it. They explained that they were setting Austin up by a door, however because he never showed they didn’t know what happened. Shane McMahon then began to believe them, however he was then asked if the match was going to be a two-way match which changed his mind.

The Hollys/Too Cool pinned Edge and Christian/Hardy Boyz *”Survivor Series” Elimination Match*

– [Order of Elimination: Edge, Matt Hardy, Scott Taylor, Jeff Hardy, Brian Christopher, Crash Holly, Christian]

– Edge and Scott Taylor began the match with Edge absolutely dominating. Crash Holly and Matt Hardy were then tagged in as Matt got a two-count. Matt then lept on Crash as Brian Christopher sunset flipped Jeff. Christian then lept on all four men as everyone was brawling but Christian and Crash Holly in the ring. The Hollys then tagged in Christopher who hit a bulldog on Christian but later got thrown into the second turnbuckle. Edge and Hardcore Holly then exchanged blows as Edge speared both Hollys and Brian Christopher. Edge then mistakenly speared Matt Hardy as Edge was pinned from behind by Hardcore. Taylor then eliminated Matt with a top rope DDT as he continued to fight with Jeff. Christopher was then tagged in as he threw Jeff by his hair and hit a backwards dropkick from the top rope. The Hollys then began to argue with each other as Terri took a swipe at Christopher. Christian then hit a double low blow and attacked Crash Holly as Jeff hit a double wheel from the top rope for the pin. Brian Christopher then hit a legdrop from the top rope for the pin as Christian hit a reversed-DDT for another pin. Christian then hit a backwards neckbreaker on Crash Holly for the pin as Hardcore threw him out of the ring and hit a victory roll on Christian.

In the backstage area, Shane McMahon was shown explaining that Steve Austin did not loose consciousness but is suffering a great deal of neck and head trauma. Shane said that there will still be a triple threat match, however he is not sure who the third man will actually be.

New Age Outlaws pinned Mankind/Al Snow *Tag Team Championship*

– The New Age Outlaws did their normal opening as Mankind came to the ring with a new “Head”. Mankind then took the microphone and said that Steve Austin was one tough son of a gun and that they would visit him after the match. Mankind and Billy Gunn began exchanging blows both on the inside and outside of the ring. A “Head” chant began as Al Snow entered the ring against the Road Dogg. A great deal of tags were made in and out as the Outlaws concentrated on hurting Al Snow on the outside of the ring. After a great while, Snow began to fight back as he clotheslined James down to the canvas. Both men then tagged their partners as Mankind cleared the house. Gunn then hit Mankind with the famouser while the Road Dogg covered for a two-count. James was about to hit the pumphandle slam as Snow hit the Snow plow and Mankind hit the mandible claw on both Outlaws. Al Snow was then thrown into the steps as Gunn hit a piledriver on Mankind for the pin.

Paul Wight pinned Triple H and The Rock *Triple Threat Heavyweight Championship*

– [Vince McMahon was supposed to be the special guest referee, however he ended up in the hospital with the car wrecked Steve Austin.]

– The Rock and Triple H entered the ring as the crowd awaited in suspense to find out who the third man would be; it turned out to be Paul Wight who made his way to the ring with a great reception from the crowd. Both men worked together to beat down the Big Show, however he hit a double clotheline and knocked both men down with kicks and headbuts. All three men then battled on the outside of the ring as Wight choked Triple H with his boot on the inside. Wight was then knocked down as The Rock hit the people’s elbow only to get interrupted by Triple H. Wight then hit a sidewalk slam on The Rock as he threw Triple H to the outside and fought with him all the way to the entrance way. The Rock then ran down to the entrance way and threw Triple H into a table with coffee as he used the set to his advantage. Wight then got back up as The Rock used a fire extinguisher to knock him down. The Rock then suplexed Triple H onto the concrete as Triple H delivered a low blow to Wight. Back at ringside, Wight threw Triple H into the steel steps twice as The Rock spit water in his face but got thrown into the guard rail. Triple H was dropped on the announcing booth while The Rock hit Wight with a ring bell. Triple H and The Rock then suplexed Paul Wight onto the Spanish announcing table; both men then ended up fighting in the sea of humanity. Back in the ring, The Rock stomped Triple H into a corner as he got thrown into a referee. The Rock then threw Triple H into the top turnbuckle and hit the rock bottom on him, however there was no referee to count. Finally, Shane ran into the ring for a very fast two-count as The Rock hit a second rock bottom and Shane got pulled out by Wight. The Rock was then pummeled on the English announcing booth as Wight returned to the ring and stomped on Triple H. Triple H then pedigreed Shane McMahon in the ring as The Rock rolled in and laid the smack down on him. Wight then hit a big elbow and big leg on Triple H as DeGeneration X stormed to the ring to attack everyone but Triple H. Vince McMahon then ran into the ring with the title belt and hit Triple H with it as Paul Wight hit the chokeslam to become the new World Wrestling Federation Champion! Wight then began to hug the belt and kiss it as he dedicated it to his dearly departed father.

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