May 27, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


It was said to be 13,500 sell out but there were a few empty seats (no doubt owned by the touts).

Jim Ross and Michael Hayes on commentary.

The show opened with Jeff Jarrett and Miss Kitty. Jarrett brought a vacuum cleaner to the ring. He then said that women are only good for three things including cleaning. he then offered anyone 1000 pounds sterling to hoover up.

A girl came from the crowd. She was hoovering when Jarrett pushed her over and put the figure four on her. Chyna then ran in and broke it up to a HUGE pop. She walloped him a few times then clotheslined him out of the ring to a monstrous pop.

They then tossed the coin and it was heads so Jarrett’s IC title was on the line.

MATCH 1 – IC TITLE MATCH Jeff Jarrett vs. D’Lo Brown

Jarrett tried to leave early but D’Lo brought him back. D’Lo got a number of close 2 counts late in the match. Kitty distracted the ref and Jarrett clocked D’Lo with the vacuum cleaner for the pin at 6:01. Okay match for what it was. After the match Jarrett got on the mic and challenged Chyna for later in the show.

They then showed clips of the Rock and the Big Show on the BIG BREAKFAST.

MATCH 2 – Godfather (w/ 5 bikini clad Hos) vs. Gangrel

Gangrel wanted a Ho but Godfather refused. Gangrel took the advantage early. Rather labored match. Godfather hit the Pimp Drop at 3:40 for the pin. Afterwards the Hos danced with the ref.

Michael Cole interviewed Chyna who accepted Jarrett’s challenge. Chyna asked Cole if he had heard of penis envy and said that Jeff is suffering from Va-Chyna envy. The British Bulldog interrupted and said that he was going to see Vince McMahon to demand a WWF title shot. Chyna said that he looked less like a Bulldog and more like the rear end of one.

MATCH 3 – Val Venis vs. Mark Henry

Val tried to slam Henry early in the match but failed. Venis scored the pin in 2:47 with the money shot after taking Henry’s legs out.

The Bulldog burst in on Vince and Shane. Bulldog threw a trash can across the room and it knocked Stephanie out.

MATCH 4 – WWF WOMEN’S 4 WAY TITLE MATCH – Tori vs. Jacqueline vs. Luna vs. Ivory

All four women were in the ring at the same time. Ivory started taunted the others so Luna took her down. Ivory did a deal with Jacky and left her to take on the other two. They went for a four way sleeper hold and did the old drop down counter. Michael Hayes said “Talk about a Ho train!” LOL. Ivory knocked Jacky out with the belt for the pin at 3:25.

Backstage, Stephanie was being stretchered out, wearing a neck brace. Cole interviewed Bulldog who refused to apologize to the McMahons.

MATCH 5 – Road Dogg vs. Chris Jericho (w/ Curtis Hughes)

Huge pop for the D-O-G-G. Usual mic work from him. Dogg jumped Jericho on the outside and they started brawling in the crowds. They got back in the ring at 1:20. Great crowd heat for this match. Jericho did an excellent springboard dropkick on Jesse went sent him to the outside where Hughes beat on Dogg. Jericho hit a terrific springboard bulldog at 6:15 for a close 2 count. Dogg hit a top rope superplex on Jericho at 8:20. Jesse fought out of the Walls of Jericho (Lion Tamer) and mounted a comeback with his trademark jabs until the he hit the ref by accident. Hughes then hit Dogg with a chair. Dogg kicked out at 2 – just. Finish came when Dogg knocked Hughes off the apron and Jericho hit Dogg with a low blow for the pin at 10:38. These two work really well together and this was a great, well paced match.

They showed clips of the 10,000 fans who were at the Virgin Megastore in London for the Rock and Big Show’s appearance.

MATCH 6 – Chyna vs. Jeff Jarrett. (Non Title match)

Chyna came out to a huge pop. Jarrett jumped Chyna early. Basically the same match as UNFORGIVEN until the Bulldog ran in and hit Chyna from behind at 1:45 giving her the DQ win. to a round of boos. Bulldog then powerslammed Chyna and stomped on her. Jarrett then put the figure four on a prone Chyna.

More clips from London.

MATCH 7 – Big Show vs. Kane NO DQ MATCH

A huge pop for Kane. Kane had the advantage early but Big Slow turned it around at 2:00. Show hit Kane with a reverse DDT at 4:10 for a 2 count. Show then put Kane in a Boston crab. Kane tried to slam Show but couldn’t. Show went for a chairshot but he missed and the chair bounced off the ropes and hit Show in the head. Kane then slammed Show for the pin at 8:05.

Cole interviewed HHH. HHH said he didn’t care about Jarrett, Chyna or Bulldog but about the WWF title. He then cut a promo on the Rock and slagged off the UK.

MATCH 8 – X-Pac vs. British Bulldog

Huge pop for X-Pac. Mixed reaction to the Bulldog. Smith opened up with power moves on X-Pac and dominated the early going. Crowd were definitely behind X-Pac at this point. Big “Bulldog sucks” chant broke out as he held X-Pac in a chokehold. X-Pac fought back with a series of spinning heel kicks. X-Pac hit the Bronco buster at 4:36. Bulldog powerslammed X-Pac after gorilla pressing him and crotching him on the top rope at 4:37 for the pin.

The Holly’s were backstage and were arguing over the different weight values between the US and the UK.

MATCH 9 – No 1 Contenders 3 team Elimination match – Edge & Christian vs. Hollys vs. Acolytes

Big pop for Edge and Christian. The Hollys were listed at “over 800 pounds”!! Edge and Hardcore Holly started out. Fast paced match in the early going with everyone getting a shot in the ring. The Hollys were eliminated at 2:50 by Bradshaw’s Clothesline on Crash Holly. Acolytes double teamed Edge for the next few minutes. Tag to Christian at 4:48 who was caught in midair by Bradshaw and then beaten on by Faarooq. Hot tag to Edge at 7:46. Bradshaw went for a superplex on Edge but Edge turned it into a Tornado DDT for the pin at 8:35.

They then recapped HHH winning the title at UNFORGIVEN and the match with the Rock on RAW and the HHH vs. Bulldog

They recapped the actions of the Bulldog including the Stephanie incident, who JR said was being kept in a UK hospital overnight for observations.


MONSTER pop for the Rock. Usual mic work from the Rock standing atop the cage. He said that HHH was living in La La land and Willy Wonka’s factory! (?). HHH came out alone to great heel heat. Typical Rock slugfest opened the match. HHH scaled the cage at 1:16 but the Rock pulled him back. Rock was dropped face first on the top turnbuckle at 4:30 and HHH kept up the advantage. Samoan drop by the Rock at 5:48. HHH went to scale the cage at 6:55 and was nearly over but the Rock caught him and arm dragged him off the top of the cage. Rock climbed the cage but HHH grabbed him and they fought him and they both dropped and crotched themselves on the top rope at 8:53. HHH jumped off the top turnbuckle and the Rock caught him and hit the Rock Bottom to a huge pop. HHH hit the Pedigree at 12:25 but both men were down. HHH tried to leave by the door but the Rock dragged him back as HHH grabbed a chair. Ref Earl Hebner grabbed the chair from HHH who knocked Hebner out and HHH fell backwardsinto the ring and the Rock climbed out of the cage but the ref was out do the decision couldn’t be made. Both men then fought out in the crowd and around the ringside. Rock took the mic and said he had a present for HHH and hit him with a chair shot and HHH juiced big time. Rock then laid HHH on the announce table, climbed the cage and hit HHH with an elbow drop at 17:00. Rock took the fight back into the cage. HHH was bounced from side to side of the cage. As the Rock tried to escape the Bulldog ran in, climbed the cage and knocked the Rock back into the cage. Then Shane McMahon ran in and jumped the Bulldog but was powerslammed for his troubles. The Stooges Patterson and Brisco ran in to help Shane. The Bulldog was now in the cage. Rock hit a Rock Bottom on HHH and went for the door but Chyna ran in and slammed the door on Rock’s head at 20:15. HHH was out of the cage but the Rock caught him. Chyna climbed the cage but Rock knocked her off. The Bulldog grabbed the Rock inside the cage and HHH left the cage at 21:40 for the win to retain the title. Vince McMahon then came down and locked the cage with a chain and the Rock hit the Bulldog with the Rock Bottom and the People’s Elbow, then climbed the cage and left.

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