No Mercy

May 27, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, October 17th, from Cleveland

– To kick off No Mercy, the Godfather fought Mideon. Throughout the match, Vicersa helped by taking several cheap shots against the Godfather. After the ho train, the Godfather got the win.

– Ivory defended the Women’s Championship against Moolah in the next match. After a few bumps and bruises, Moolah won the Women’s title following a quick cover!

– The New Age Outlaws fought Hardcore and Crash, the Holly’s. During the match, while the referee was distracted, Hardcore Holly through a chair to Crash, but while Crash was attempting to catch the chair, he received the famasser from Gunn! The official saw the chair and DQed the Outlaws giving the Holly’s the win! Road Dog and Gunn attacked the Holly’s afterwards.

– With household items surrounding the ring, Jeff Jarrett wrestled his last match in the WWF against Chyna in a “good housekeeping match”. Both Jarrett and Chyna, used everything they could including, eggs, pies, pans, and tongs which Chyna grabbed to Jarrett! Later, Miss Kitty got sauce and pie all over her head during the match! Chyna attacked Jarrett with the kitchen sink, but that they keep Jarrett down. Moments later, the referee was knocked out. Jarrett then called Kitty for the belt which he used to strike Chyna with it for the win! Following that, the referee saw the replay and took Jarrett’s Intercontinental Championship and ordered him to continue the match, because he used the title, which is not a household item. Jarrett got in the ring, and was hit by Chyna with a guitar allowing her to become the first women to be the Intercontinental Champion! After that, Miss Kitty left with Chyna!

– The Bulldog fought the Rock. Both fought all over the ring. At one point, the Bulldog used his powerbomb on the Rock, but it didn’t keep him down. Later, the Rock got the rockbottom on the Bulldog giving him the win!

– In the final match to determine who receives the 100,000 dollars and Terri’s managerial services, Edge and Christian fought the Hardy Boyz in a ladder match. The ladder was used mostly throughout the whole match. There was so much to talk about in this match because both teams went crazy in this match! In the end, the Hardy Boyz were able to catch the money and win! This was a great match!

– The Rock came to the ring and challenged the winner of the HHH/Austin title match later. He said he doesn’t care who he’ll face, he just wants to get the WWF title once again. Following the interview, the Rock proceeded to go back until Triple H attacked him with a sledge hammer! After officials got him to stop, EMT’s attended to the Rock.

– Val Venis fought Mankind. Before the match, Mankind told the Rock backstage where he was receiving medical attention, that he’s gonna win it for him! During the match, Mankind got Mr.Rocko from Venis’s shorts and tried to use it on him, but it didn’t him down. Later, Val grabbed Mankind with Mr.Rocko, while Mankind put Mr.Socko down Val’s through! The referee awarded the match to Val for Mankind apparently giving up. After the match, it was apparent that the Rock has refused to go to the hospital!

– In the four corner elimination match, Faarooq, Bradshaw, X-Pac, and Kane fought. The first to be eliminated was Bradshaw, then Kane, by his formal or current partner X-Pac! Later, X-Pac got the win by eliminating Faarooq with the X-Factor!

– In the main event for the World Wrestling Federation Championship, Triple H defended the title against Stone Cold Steve Austin in a no holds barred match, made by Vince McMahon! As Triple H made his way to the ring, he had a sledge hammer in hand. Vince came out quickly and took the hammer away from him, which caused HHH to hit him. Austin then attacked HHH from behind starting the match. Both superstars went all over the arena brawling through the crowd and at the entrance area! They used the announcers table as well, which busted open Triple H! During the match, the referee was knocked out! HHH later covered Austin. Another official ran to the ring and began to count, but Austin got up before the 3! At one point, Austin destroyed Triple H with a bunch of chair shots to the knee! Following that, the Rock came to the ring with the sledge hammer and attempted to strike Triple H with it, but missed and nailed Austin! HHH then pedigreed the Rock to the canvas and covered Austin to retain the WWF Championship! As Triple H left back, Austin continued to beat on him leading to the backstage area! As they brawled backstage, Chyna was seen in a limo calling for HHH! Triple H then got in the limo and left getting away from Austin! Austin laid there as the show went off!

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