May 25, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

SummerSlam 99

Sunday, August 22nd in Minneapolis, MN

The 1999 SummerSlam began with a montage of the careers of both Steve Austin and Jesse “The Body” Ventura.

In the backstage area, Jesse Ventura is shown telling Triple H and Chyna that a pinfall will take place in the ring and that Chyna can be at ringside. He explained that if Chyna interfeers then she will deal with him.

Earlier today, Chris Jericho is shown asking Howard Finkel if he believes in Y2J. He explains that he needs to be punctual and he keeps calling him Harold. Finkel then corrects him as the WWF cuts to the ring.

Jeff Jarrett pinned D’Lo Brown *Intercontinental and European Championships*

– After both Jeff Jarrett and Debra entered the ring, Jarrett shooed her to the backstage becasue he did not want her interfering in his match. Jarrett began the attack after the bell sounded in his new blue and silver trunks. D’Lo quickly took the advantage, however Jarrett did counter many of his maneuvers. Both competitors traveled to the outside where they fought for a while with Debra trying to help D’Lo. Brown then hit a ‘lo down on Jarrett as both stayed down on the canvas for a while. Brown then traveled to the top rope, however he missed a moonsault-type maneuver as Jarrett picked up his guitar. He began to threaten Debra with his guitar as Mark Henry ran into the ring and stole it from him. Henry then clocked D’Lo Brown on the back with it as Jeff Jarrett covered him for the pin. Debra and Henry then joined Jarrett in the ring as all three celebrated.

Edge/Christian Interview.

– Earlier today, Michael Cole was shown speaking with Edge and Christian who were explaining that even though they drew number two, they will come out on top later tonight.


[This is a gauntlet-type match in which a new team comes out after every defeat.]

Edge/Christian pinned The Hardy Boyz

– Along with Gangrel, the Hardy Boyz came down to the ring and immediately began to attack Edge and Christian. Matt Hardy then hit a springboard from the top rope along with a double body-press on Christian to knock him down. Both teams continued to destroy the others with high-flying maneuvers as Edge hit a spear from the top of the guard rail. As Gangrel got knocked out by Christian, Jeff Hardy lept fro the top rope to knock out both Edge and Christian. Edge then drove Jeff Hardy face-first into the canvas as Christian hit a press from the top rope for the pin.

Edge/Christian pinned Mideon/Viscera

– Mideon and Viscera quickly attacked both Edge and Christian as Edge tried to fight back. Viscera quickly whipped Edge into a turnbuckle as he moved out of the way for Viscera to squash Mideon. Edge then hit a spear on Mideon as Droz and Prince Albert made their way out.

Edge/Christian pinned Droz/Prince Albert

– Edge and Christian quickly knocked Prince Albert out of the ring as Droz began on the offensive. Droz was quickly taken care of as Albert entered the ring and hit a neckbreaker on Edge. Droz then went for a football-like tackle as he missed and got thrown over the top rope. As Prince Albert was about to press-slam Edge, Christian took his knee out for Edge to cover him. After two tries, Edge and Christian won by pin.

The Acolytes pinned Edge/Christian

– The Acolytes quickly ran into the ring and began to dominate both Edge and Christian. Edge quickly hit a missle dropkick, however Bradshaw was able to recover from it and bring Faarooq in. After a while of being dominated, Edge and Christian began to take the advantage as they took care of Faarooq on the outside of the ring. As Christian was about to hit a high-risk maneuver, Faarooq threw him down. Christian then hit a tornado-DDT for a very close pin as Edge used a sling-shot-type maneuver. The Hardcore Hollys then entered ringside as Bradshaw hit the clothesline from hell for the pin.

The Acolytes pinned The Hardcore Hollys *Tag Team Turmoil Finals*

– The Hollys quickly attacked The Acolytes as Crash was given the dominator. The Acolytes man-handled both Hollys as many pin attempts were made. As the Hollys argued about who would pin Bradshaw, The Acolytes picked Crash up from behind and used their finisher on him. Both cousins then began to verbally attack each other after the match.

Following the match above, The Undertaker and Paul Wight were shown walking in the backstage area. Al Snow was then shown explaining to Pepper that everything would be OK in his match later tonight and that nothing would happen to him.

Jesse James Interview.

– The Road Dogg made his way to the ring and explained that he was erased from the Hardcore title match tonight. He then issued a challenge to the winner of the Hardcore Championship match tonight for Raw is War as the “Y2J countdown” began.

Chris Jericho Interview.

– After his music began, Chris Jericho was shown standing on top of a platform by the SummerSlam entrance way. He began to explain that it was a monumental night because it was his first pay-per-view appearance and that he was disappointed because he didn’t think it was possible for the WWF to make any program worse than Raw is Snore, but they did it with SummerSham. He said that Jesse James was one of the worst performers that the WWF had and that nobody cared about him because of the crowd’s silence. Jericho then said that both DeGeneration X and the Road Dogg stinks and that he will not let them bore the crowds anymore. The Road Dogg then told Jericho to shut up.

Al Snow pinned Big Bossman *Hardcore Championship*

– The Road Dogg sat down with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler to do commentary, however as the match started he picked up a roaming microphone and began to do commentary for the whole crowd. In the backstage area, Al Snow is shown placing Pepper down because he was scared to go to the ring. Snow then sat on top of the SummerSlam entrance way and attacked the Big Bossman as he walked out. The Bossman then began to deliver right hands to Snow as he picked up Pepper and smacked Snow with him. Pepper was then thrown (in the dog cage) as Al Snow smacked the Bossman with a chalkboard. Both men used steel garage doors, crutches, etc. on each other as they traveled outside the Target Center and across the street. Both men then entered what seemed to be a bar as Al Snow flirted with a woman and shook the hand of a man. Both then hit each other with broom sticks as they entered the Men’s room. Al Snow then began to choke the Bossman with a chain handed to him by a man in the crowd. The Bossman then rolled out of the way of a moonsault as both men continued to fight by the pool tables. Al Snow then hit the Big Bossman with two pool balls into his balls for the pin. As Snow tried to run back to the ring, he was assaulted by the Blue Meanie and Stevie Richards who were doing something to Pepper. Snow then knocked both men out with a crutch as the WWF aired one of their commercials.

In the backstage area, Mankind is shown coming up to Jesse Ventura to talk to him about politics. Ventura quickly began to explain that the pin had to be in the ring and that he would not count it if it was with a chair shot or anything else. Mankind then asked a political question as both men began to speak. A camera then entered the Lion’s Den filled with weapons as Ivory made her way to the ring.

Ivory pinned Tori *Women’s Championship*

– Ivory quickly attacked Tori as she entered the ring as both women exchanged blows. Ivory used Tori’s hair for a good portion of the match and choked her on the second rope. Ivory then used a big-twirl as Tori hit a fantastic spear. Tori then hit a crossbody from the top rope and two possible sunset flip pin combinations. Ivory then jumped on top of Tori for the pin as she pulled down her pants and ripped off her ra in the ring. Luna quickly ran in to save Tori and chased Ivory to the backstage.

The Rock Interview.

– In the backstage area, The Rock took the microphone away from Michael Cole and explained that he will kick the crap out of Billy Gunn in their match later tonight. The crowd then began a “Rocky, Rocky” chant as The Rock ranted in the backstage area. Following the interview, Billy Gunn is shown bringing a shorter person through the kitchen.

Ken Shamrock defeated Steve Blackman *Lion’s Den Weapons Match*

– As Shamrock closed the door behind him, Steve Blackman took out his knumbchucks and began to hit Shamrock with them. Shamrock quickly began to hyper-extend Blackman’s knee as he stole the chucks. Blackman then stole them back as he began to choke Shamrock with them. Steve Blackman was then physically taken care of as Ken Shamrock picked up the chucks and threw them out of the Lion’s Den; Shamrock then climbed up the Lion’s Den and picked up a cane to bring in the ring. After knocking Shamrock down, Blackman climbed the Lion’s Den and brought down a pair of short kendo-like sticks which he hit Shamrock with. Finally, Blackman picked up a kendo stick from the top of the cage and began to beat Shamrock with it. Steve Blackman then clocked Ken Shamrock on the head with kendo stick as he decided not to leave the den. After he turned around he received a belly-to-belly suplex from Ken Shamrock who quickly snapped. He began to pound Blackman away with the kendo stick both on his body, and twice on his head. The bell was then rung as Ken Shamrock walked on top of the cage.

Test pinned Shane McMahon *Greenwich Street Fight Love Her or Leave Her Match*

[If Shane McMahon wins, Test can no longer date Stephanie McMahon. If Test wins, Shane has to butt out of his business with Stephanie.]

– Test and Shane McMahon stood nose-to-nose in the ring as the Mean Street Posse’s music appeared over the loud speakers. The Posse then walked to the ring in an arm brace, neck brace, and ankle brace as Shane McMahon gave them seats at ringside. Shane did try a leap from the guard rail, however he was caught and slammed. As champagne was spit in the eyes of Test, he picked up and threw Shane McMahon into the Posse. He then hit all three with a steel pan as Stephanie was shown smiling in the backstage area. The Posse then began to hammer away and attack Test as they threw him back to ringside. Shane then hit him with a steel mailbox, a “do not enter” sign, and a picture of all four men. Test was laid out on the canvas as he rolled out of the way of a corkscrew-moonsault. Test mistakenly kicked the referee as Shane was knocked over the top rope and the Posse attacked him and threw him on the Spanish announcing table. Shane McMahon then climbed to the top rope and delivered a terrific elbow onto Test as both laid sprawled out on the flattened table. After a while, the Posse rolled Test and Shane into the ring as Pete Gas distracted the referee. Shane then climbed on top of Test for the pin, however he kicked out at two and a half. Pete Gas then hit Shane with a steel sign as Test covered him only to get pulled out by Joey Abs. Rodney then hit Test with his cast as Shane was placed over for another kick out. The Stooges then entered the ringside area as they and Test took care of the Mean Street Posse. Shane McMahon then missed an elbow into the steel post as Test hit a pumphandle powerslam. He then climbed the top rope and hit a big elbow for the pin. Following the match, Stephanie ran out to console Test in the ring as the crowd cheered.

The Undertaker/Paul Wight pinned Kane/X-Pac *Tag Team Championship*

– Kane entered the ring with new attire as The Undertaker and Paul Wight came out to a new style of entrance music. X-Pac was quickly tossed outside the ring as The Undertaker and Paul Wight pounded away on Kane in the ring. Kane then began to pound away on Wight and The Taker as X-Pac tried to help as well. As he was gloating, X-Pac was knocked down to the ringside floor. The Undertaker then lifted X-Pac up who was brought back into the ring by Kane. Kane then clotheslined his brother from the top rope as Paul Wight pulled him out of the ring. As Wight got tagged in, he quickly dominated Kane hardly letting him get up off of the canvas. The Undertaker and Kane then exchanged blows as all four men wound up on the outside of the ring. As X-Pac was about to be chokeslamed, Kane ran in and knocked him down as X-Pac delivered a low blow to Paul Wight. The Undertaker then caught X-Pac before he could make a tag, however he was given a low blow too. The Taker then wound up face-first into a ringpost as Kane knocked the Big Show down into a turnbuckle. X-Pac then hit a bronco buster as Wight got up and chokeslamed him. The Undertaker then threw Kane into the steel steps as X-Pac kicked out of a foot-pin. X-Pac was then tombstoned for the pin.

In the backstage area, Jesse Ventura is shown explaining to Steve Austin that he can do whatever he wants in the match but that the pin has to occur in the ring. Austin then walked away from Ventura as he pondered where he was going and why he wasn’t listening.

The Rock versus Billy Gunn *Kiss My Ass Match*

[The loser of this match has to kiss the other’s ass.]

– Billy Gunn made his way into the ring as a smaller person in a dark blanket followed him in. Gunn then whispered something to the person as he took the microphone from Howard Finkel. He took the blanket off of a large woman whose ass he explained The Rock would kiss when he lost. Billy Gunn began attacking The Rock in the corner, however The Rock quickly took the advantage with kicks and slaps. Both men traveled to the area by the Lion’s Den with The Rock delivering various clotheslines. The Rock was then thrown into the steel steps twice as Gunn pounded away on him. Billy Gunn continued to dominate The Rock with neckbreakers and bulldogs in the middle of the ring. As Gunn began to gloat, The Rock hit him with a clothesline, DDT, and a neckbreaker. The Rock almost hit a Rock Bottom as Billy Gunn reversed it into a famasser. Gunn’s large woman then rolled into the ring and pulled up her skirt as The Rock threw Billy Gunn’s face into it. He then hit a rock bottom followed by a people’s elbow for the pin.

Mankind pinned Steve Austin vs. Triple H *Triple Threat Heavyweight Championship*

[Jesse “The Body” Ventura will be the special guest referee for this contest.]

– As Jesse Ventura entered the ring he explained to the crowd that he is proud that he is a wrestler, proud that he was a wrestler, and that he is proud to be here tonight, no matter what the news reporters say. As Triple H entered the ring, Jesse Ventura told Chyna not to give him any trouble. After entering the ring, Steve Austin quickly began to brawl with Triple H who was later pulled out of the ring and onto a desk by Mankind. Austin and Foley seemed to be using some team work, however when Mankind hugged Austin he began to get kicked. As Triple H and Steve Austin were fighting on the far side of the ring, Chyna threw Mankind into a steel post behind Jesse Ventura’s back. Triple H then knocked Steve Austin on his knee with a chair as Mankind sat in a corner of the ring. As Steve Austin was trying to get back up on the outside of the ring, Mankind hit the mandible claw on Triple H. Mankind was then given a wishbone into the steel post as Jesse Ventura threw Chyna out. Steve Austin then attacked Triple H from behind as both men fought by the Lion’s Den with Mankind laying in the ring. Austin was then thrown into a ringpost as both Triple H and Mankind decided to double-team him with kicks. Foley then missed a cannonball on Triple H as Steve Austin continued to get his legs beaten on. Both men then began to fight in the crowd as Mick Foley joined them. Back in the ring, Austin began to get his momentum back as he pounded away on both Mankind and Triple H. Triple H then caught him in the pedigree position, however he was catapulted into Mankind who was waiting in the corner. Steve Austin then stunned Mankind as Triple H smacked him on the back with a chair to stop the pin. Jesse Ventura began to explain that he told him about that as Triple H hit Mankind with the same chair. He then covered Mankind as Jesse Ventura would not count the pin because he used a chair. Triple H then threatened to hit Jesse Ventura as Shane McMahon ran into the ring to argue with Ventura. Austin then stunned Shane McMahon from behind as he began to give fingers to everyone. Jesse Ventura then threw Shane over the top rope as he screamed “that’s for your old man you little bastard.” As Triple H and Austin knocked each other out, Mankind placed socko on his hand and stuck it in Austin and Triple H’s mouth. Austin then broke the hold as Triple H got clotheslined while in the pedigree position. Austin then stunned Triple H as Mankind interrupted the count. Mankind was then thrown on a ringpost as Triple H hit the pedigree on Austin. Mankind then knocked Triple H out and hit a double arm-DDT for the pin to become the new WWF champion. Following the match, Triple H hit Steve Austin dozens of times on his knee with a steel chair as Chyna made sure no referees got to him.

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