Royal Rumble

May 24, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

Royal Rumble 1999

Sunday, January 24th, from Anaheim, CA

– The Big Bossman defeated Jesse James with the Sidewalk Slam.
– The Hardcore Title was not on the line and there were no Hardcore Rules. The Big Bossman dominated Jesse James, and Michael Cole noted James was having a hard time since Hardcore Rules was his niche. Bossman started to bleed a bit from the outside of his nose. James came back with his shake, rattling, and roll maneuvers, but Bossman picked up the victory with a Sidewalk Slam.

– Ken Shamrock defeated Billy Gunn by making him submit to the Ankle Lock, to retain the Intercontinental Title.
– Ken Shamrock dominated Billy Gunn the majority of the match. The referee was accidentally knocked out with a clothesline, which brought in Val Venis, who gave Shamrock a DDT. Gunn then attempted to make the pin, but Shamrock kicked out at the last-minute. After Gunn injured his left ankle win missing a top rope maneuver, Shamrock capitalize with the Ankle Lock, to take the win.

– Backstage, Shane McMahon, Gerald Brisco, and Pat Patterson were warming up Vince McMahon for his upcoming participation in the Rumble.

– X-Pac defeated Gangrel with the X-Factor, to retain the European Title.
– X-Pac dominated the match and finished off Gangrel with the X-Factor.

– Backstage, Kevin Kelly interviewed Triple H, Jesse James, X-Pac, and Chyna. Each D-Generation X member said they would win the Rumble and eliminate Stone Cold Steve Austin for the $100,000.

– Strap Match: Sable defeated Luna, to retain the Women’s Title.
– Shane McMahon gave Luna a nice ring introduction. Shane announced Sable could not wrestle the match, because of the back injury she suffered from the hands of Luna on Sunday Night Heat. Shane said that Sable would have to forfeit her Women’s Title, as Sable made her way out. Sable came in the ring and said, “Ring the bell.” Shane did color commentary, while the strap was connected to both ladies. The rules were you had to drag your opponent, and touch each of the four turnbuckles to win the match. Both ladies used the strap to their advantage, by slapping and choking their opponent. Luna began to drag Sable, and touch each turnbuckle, but Sable was touching each one as well as she was being dragged. Shane entered the ring after he got frustrated. He argued with the referee, while the obsessed Sable fan came out no where and nailed Luna, which let Sable touch the fourth turnbuckle for the win.

– Backstage, The Big Bossman explained to Test and Ken Shamrock he would do whatever it took to win the Royal Rumble for the Heavyweight Title shot at WrestleMania XV and eliminate Stone Cold Steve Austin for $100,000.

– Backstage, Dok Hendrix interviewed The Rock. The Rock basically said, in his own words, he would defeat Mankind in their “I Quit” Match for the Heavyweight Title.

– I Quit Match: The Rock defeated Mankind, to become the new Heavyweight Champion.
– The stipulations for the I Quit Match were No Team Corporate members at ringside, No Disqualification, No Countout, No Knockouts, and No stopping the match for excessive blood loss. The microphone was held to each superstar to see if they said “I Quit,” but each would respond negatively in an abrupt way. At one point, The Rock was about to give Mankind the Rock Bottom on the Spanish announcing table, but the table gave way. The Rock and Mankind brawled down the aisle, and a ladder was brought into the fight. The Rock and Mankind battled on top of the balcony. The Rock knocked off Mankind, and Mankind landed on the electrical circuit table, which knocked out the power in the arena. Shane McMahon came out, and wanted the match to stop, but The Rock resisted. Back in the ring, The Rock handcuffed Mankind. The Corporate elbow was executed on a chair, which was on top of Mankind’s head. Mankind started to gush blood out of his forehead, as The Rock kept nailing him with a chair several times. At one point, when asked to quit, Mankind said, “You’ll have to kill me.” Michael Cole was going crazy, and wanted the match to stop. After The Rock kept nailing Mankind with a chair down the aisle, Mankind gave it up, and said, “I Quit.” The Rock went back to the ring to hold his Heavyweight Title. A doctor and officials tended to the bleeding Mankind. He was placed on a stretcher, but wanted to walk out like a man, and did so.

– 30-Man Battle Royal, Winner: Vince McMahon – Receives Heavyweight Title shot at WrestleMania XV

– Order of Entrance: Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vince McMahon, Golga, Droz, Edge, Gillberg, Steve Blackman, Dan Severn, Tiger Ali Singh, The Blue Meanie, Mabel, Jesse James, Gangrel, Kurrgan, Al Snow, Goldust, The Godfather, Kane, Ken Shamrock, Billy Gunn, Test, The Big Bossman, Triple H, Val Venis, X-Pac, Mark Henry, Jeff Jarrett, D-Lo Brown, Owen Hart, and Chyna.

– Order of Elimination: Golga (by Austin), Gillberg (by Edge), Dan Severn (by Mabel), Steve Blackman (by Mabel), Tiger Ali Singh (by Mabel), The Blue Meanie (by Mabel), Droz (by Mabel), Edge (by Jesse James), Mabel (by Ministry of Darkness), Gangrel (by Jesse James), Al Snow (by Jesse James), Jesse James (by Kane), Kurrgan (by Kane), The Godfather (by Kane), Goldust (by Kane), Kane (by himself), Ken Sharmock (by Stone Cold Steve Austin), Billy Gunn (by Stone Cold Steve Austin), Test (Stone Cold Steve Austin), X-Pac (The Big Bossman), Jeff Jarrett (by Triple H), Mark Henry (by Chyna), Chyna (by Stone Cold Steve Austin), Val Venis (by Triple H), Triple H (by Stone Cold Steve Austin), Owen Hart (by Stone Cold Steve Austin), D-Lo Brown (by Stone Cold Steve Austin), The Big Bossman (by Stone Cold Steve Austin), and Stone Cold Steve Austin (by Vince McMahon).

– Details: The intervals were a minute and a half. Vince McMahon was oiled up and was in tremendous shape. He was completely destroyed by Stone Cold Steve Austin once he entered the ring. Golga entered the ring, but was immediately thrown out by Austin. McMahon tried to escape through the crowd, but Austin caught up with him. Both were brawling through the crowd, and then through the lobby. Both entered the restroom, but it was a set-up, because Team Corporate members popped out and attacked Austin. Meanwhile, Droz was waiting in the ring for his next opponent, which was Edge. Gillberg made his way down, and was blown away by the smoke from a fire extinguisher. The moment he entered the ring, he was thrown out by Edge. Austin was shown backstage in the women’s restroom, laying in the floor. A stretcher was brought into the restroom, and Austin was hauled outside of the arena into an ambulance. Meanwhile, the action continued in the ring. Mosh was supposed to come in as the eleventh participant, but Mabel took his place, after injuring Mosh. Mabel entered and eliminated several superstars. After Edge was eliminated, The Ministry of Darkness made their way down, and captured Mabel for the next sacrifice. Mabel started to become dizzy, after The Undertaker mumbled some words to him, and attempted to hit The Undertaker, but was out-numbered. As the action continued in the ring, The Godfather and his ho’s came down. The Godfather had the ho’s go back with his gear, though. Kane entered the ring and took out everyone that was left. Orderlies came down, to capture Kane with a straight jacket, to take him back to the Insane Asylum. Kane eliminated himself, to escape through the crowd. Ken Shamrock was next, which brought back Vince McMahon. McMahon did color commentary, and was still legally in the Rumble. McMahon said he wanted no part of Shamrock, and claimed Austin was not coming back to the arena. Billy Gunn made his way down, with one shoe on, with his other foot wrapped in bandage because of the ankle injury. Test came down, which left Gunn out-numbered. Backstage, The Ministry of Darkness loaded Mabel in a hearse. Austin returned to the arena in the ambulance, and made his way straight to the ring. Austin went after McMahon, but Team Corporate members took care of him. The action continued, and McMahon, doing color commentary, was eager to have a superstar eliminate Austin. Jeff Jarrett came down with Debra McMichael. D-Lo Brown came down with PMS. Marlena was wearing a see-through shirt. Austin came to the outside of the ring, and poured a pitcher of cold water in McMahon’s face. Chyna came down and went right at Henry. Henry was eliminated, but then Chyna was eliminated by Austin. Austin eliminated the rest that were in the ring, and McMahon and him were the only two left. McMahon begged for Austin not to do anything, but both went at it on the outside of the ring. Austin threw McMahon in the crowd, hit him with a chair, and it was back in the ring. McMahon was helpless and all Austin had to do was throw him out of the ring to win the Rumble for the third consecutive row. McMahon hit a desperate low-blow, but Austin followed with the Stone Cold Stunner and a double axe-handle. The Rock came down and taunted Austin. Austin went after The Rock, and McMahon eliminated him, to become the winner of the Royal Rumble. McMahon would go onto WrestleMania XV to get a Heavyweight Title shot and would earn himself the $100,000 money. Shane McMahon, Gerald Brisco, and Pat Patterson came down to celebrate. Beers were tossed in, and all four toasted, and got on top of the ropes to drink up (ala Austin). After the recap video was shown, Team Corporate continued to celebrate with beer.

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