Fully Loaded

May 24, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, July 25th in Buffalo, NY

Fully Loaded began with a montage of the Vince McMahon and Steve Austin continued rivalry. Black and white footage and music was then shown from early-American times as the event began with a train.

Steve Austin/Vince McMahon Backstage Footage.

– The WWF then showed footage of The Undertaker’s attack on Steve Austin from Sunday Night Heat. In the backstage area, a medical team was shown telling Steve Austin that he may need stitches. Austin began to curse as the officials said again that he may need stitches. Michael Cole then went up to the McMahons and asked if they were behind The Undertaker’s attack. Vince and Shane McMahon said that they would never do such as thing as Vince McMahon guaranteed that Steve Austin would never be WWF champion again.

Jeff Jarrett pinned Edge *Intercontinental Championship*
– Pictures were shown from the Skydome in Canada in the match where Edge won the Intercontinental Championship from Jeff Jarrett. Upon entering the ring, Jeff Jarrett explained that no puppies would be shown tonight and that he is the greatest Intercontinental champion of all time. Edge and Jarrett each exchanged maneuvers and nobody had the upper hand for a long period of time. Jeff Jarrett then picked up the IC title and began to leave with it claiming it was his, however he did return to the ring and began to fight again. Jarrett then dominated Edge for quite a while by working on his legs, however after a pin attempt, Edge was thrown through the ropes and into the ring post causing problems with his shoulder. Jarrett then began to work on his shoulder for quite a while with Edge trying many unsuccessful reversals. Edge then hit a tornado-DDT followed by a spear attempt. Instead of hitting the spear, he was thrown to the outside of the ring where he received an attack from Gangrel with the lights off. When the lights turned back on, Gangrel was shown laying on the floor with blood on the other side of him. Back in the ring, Edge delivered a successful spear as Debra distracted both Edge and the referee. Both Edge and Jarrett hit each other at the same time as Debra got thrown off of the ring apron. Gangrel then jumped up and delivered a top rope-stunner to Edge followed by a facebuster by Jarrett for the pin. Following the match, Jarrett gloated on the microphone.

Steve Austin Interview.

– Following the above match, Steve Austin was shown in the backstage area getting a bandage on his forehead. He quickly ran into the ring and stunned Jeff Jarrett while he was trying to put on his new belt. He then picked up the microphone and explained that if he is going into this match with a cut on his head, then The Undertaker will as well.

The Acolytes pinned Hardy Boyz/Michael Hayes *Tag Team Championship, Handicap Match, Acolytes Rules*
– In the backstage area prior to the match, Michael Hayes explained that he lead them here with his knowledge and that now he will lead them by his example. All five men met at the middle of the entrance way and fought on the outside for quite a while. Michael Hayes was attacked with the steel steps as Faarooq ran into the ring with Jeff Hardy. Both Matt and Jeff Hardy lept from the ring onto the waiting Acolytes. More high-flying maneuvers were delivered from the Boyz as The Acolytes took control with their strength. As the three other men were brawling on the outside of the ring, Matt Hardy almost pinned Faarooq with a stunner-like maneuver. Bradshaw then brought Matt to the top rope and delivered a nice suplex, however he was hit by a cane with Jeff Hardy and was seconds away from getting pinned. As Jeff Hardy lept off of his brother, Bradshaw caught him in the air with a powerful clothesline. Faarooq then tossed both Hardyz over the ropes and he, along with Bradshaw, delivered a few cane shots and a double powerbomb to Michael Hayes for the pin to become the new Tag Team Champions.

In the backstage area, Steve Austin is shown going nuts trying to find The Undertaker.

D’Lo Brown pinned Mideon *European Championship*
– In the backstage area, D’Lo Brown told Mideon that the European championship is worth more than taking it out of somebody’s bag and that it has been nine months since he has held it. D’Lo quickly began to dominate Mideon with various maneuvers such as a clothesline, a baseball slide, and a head first-dive through the ropes. On the outside, Brown was rammed into the steps and pummeled on the concrete floor. Back in the ring, Mideon dominated D’Lo with a gutwrench-suplex, a sleeper hold, and a neck breaker. D’Lo then took the advantage and delivered a ‘lo down for the pin to become the new European Champion.

In the backstage area, Steve Austin is again shown trying to find The Undertaker as he pushed a camera away.

Big Bossman pinned Al Snow *Hardcore Championship*
– Al Snow told Michael Cole that he couldn’t sleep because of the voices. As the Big Bossman walked down to ringside, Al Snow met him half way and asked him to hit him again. The Bossman began to hit Heat instead which brought pain to Al Snow. Snow then attacked the Bossman but was quickly thrown into a steel trunk which was closed. As the Bossman walked away, Al Snow chased him and hit him with a heavy sandbag. After much fighting in the backstage area, the Big Bossman then stepped into a golf cart and tried to run Snow over, however it would not start. The Big Bossman then threw Al Snow into a long cement hallway and though a door. Both men then traveled outside as the Bossman delivered a bulldog onto the concrete floor and Al Snow hit him with a hubcap and a cone. Al Snow was then thrown into a gate numerous times and handcuffed to it as the Big Bossman hit him with a bottle and a retractable metal pole. Al Snow was then pinned with his shoulders to the gate as the Big Bossman became the new Hardcore Champion.

Paul Wight pinned Kane
[Special guest referee: Hardcore Holly]
– Prior to the match, Hardcore Holly was shown explaining that he will not be partial to either wrestler and that he will beat the heck out of anybody that gets in his face. Wight quickly took the offensive by throwing Kane over the top rope with a military press. Both continued to fight in the ring with the Big Show keeping the upper hand for the majority of the match. As Paul Wight hit a powerslam on Kane and missed a pin, Holly told him to hook the leg. Wight then missed an elbow drop which turned the tide to Kane’s advantage. As Wight stood up and turned around, Kane hit a flying clothesline followed by a chokeslam attempt. As he was about to pick up Paul Wight, Kane’s knee was taken out by Hardcore Holly. Wight then delivered a chokeslam for a quick pin.

As the match ended, X-Pac ran out from the back and took out Hardcore Holly and began to fight with Paul Wight. The Undertaker then ran out and finished X-Pac with a chokeslam as he, along with Wight, pummeled Kane. As The Undertaker entered the backstage area, Steve Austin attacked him and caused a huge gash in The Undertaker’s head. Paul Wight and Hardcore Holly were then shown walking out together.

Ken Shamrock defeated Steve Blackman *Iron Circle Match*
[This match is a non-sanctioned hardcore match with the winner being the man who can get out of a circle made of cars.]
– A circle of parked cars with their lights on was shown outside with many wrestlers (Val Venis, Droz, Prince Albert, Viscera, Test, etc.) and WWF officials sitting on them and banging the hoods and beeping the horns. Both men then entered the circle and began fighting between two cars. Steve Blackman tried to use a chain and a tire iron, however he missed both. Shamrock used a trashcan and the same steel chain wraped around his hand as weapons as the car’s horns sounded. Shamrock then choked out Blackman with the chain to win.

The Undertaker Interview.

– In the backstage area, Terry Taylor asked The Undertaker how he felt about getting cut. The Undertaker responded by yelling at him and throwing him into a concrete wall.

X-Pac/Jesse James pinned Billy Gunn/Chyna *Legal Rights to DeGeneration X*
– Jesse James did his normal opening as the match began with him and Chyna. As Chyna was gloating about knocking the Dogg down, she got drop kicked into Billy Gunn and thrown into him another time. As Billy Gunn told the crowd to “shut up” the both men began to battle with Chyna minorly interfering. X-Pac got tagged in once the Road Dogg reversed a maneuver from the top rope, however he was quickly thrown into the top rope. As X-Pac hit a tag, the referee missed it and made the Road Dogg go back outside as Chyna and Gunn pummeled him to the canvas. As Chyna made a flashy maneuver towards X-Pac, he reversed it with a clothesline and made a tag. As the Road Dogg threw Billy Gunn out of the ring, he also knocked Chyna down as X-Pac gave her a bronco buster. As Chyna inadvertently pulled X-Pac out of the way of a running clotheline by Billy Gunn, the Road Dogg capitalized with a pump handle-slam on him for the pin and the legal rights to DX.
Triple H pinned The Rock *Strap Match*

[The winner receives a heavyweight championship shot at SummerSlam. Both men will be attacked to a strap by their right hands. The only way to end this match will be by pinfall which will count anywhere.]
– Prior to the match The Rock did a very heated interview in the backstage area. He then ran to the ring, knocked Triple H out of it, and took a picture with a fan’s camera. Both men then battled inside of the ring, outside of the ring, and even into the crowd where they fought for a while. Both The Rock and Triple H threw each other numerous times into steel barriers as Triple H used the leather strap to his advantage. As both men returned to the ring, Chyna made her way down the entrance way and climbed on top of the ring apron to distract the referee. The Rock then hit the rock bottom but did not get a pin attempt as Triple H got back in charge by choking The Rock out; it was countered with a toss and a Samoan drop. Triple H then took the strap off as he grabbed a chair and received strap slaps from The Rock for his trouble. As Chyna distracted the referee again, Billy Gunn ran in and hit The Rock with a club; Triple H did not get a 3-count. The Rock then hit a low blow, took the strap off, and hit a people’s elbow, however Billy Gunn pulled him off for the pin. The Rock then hit the rock bottom on Billy Gunn and as he turned around, Triple H hit the pedigree for the pin.

Steve Austin defeated The Undertaker *First Blood End of an Era Heavyweight Championship*
[Vince McMahon was a guest commentator for this match. If Steve Austin wins, Vince McMahon can never appear on WWF television again, however if The Undertaker wins Steve Austin can never be the WWF champion again.]
– The Undertaker met Steve Austin at the Fully Loaded entrance as both men fought though and over the railings. Both men tried to rip the stitches out of the others’ head throughout the match, however neither was successful. They traveled in and out of the crowd driving each other into railings and announcing booths. The Undertaker then picked up a chair and tried to hit Austin about four times; he missed each shot. The Taker was then thrown into the steel steps and had a fan thrown into his face, however he still did not bleed. The Undertaker then knocked the referee out as he got caught in the ropes. Steve Austin then took a steel chair and hit the charging Shane McMahon with it. He then picked it up to hit The Undertaker, however he kicked him and got out of the ropes. As Austin stunned The Undertaker in the ring, Vince McMahon tried to hit Steve Austin with his crutch. Austin ducked the hit and knocked McMahon down as he grabbed a steel chair and brought it into the ring. The Undertaker also had a chair and smacked Austin on the head with it. The referee was then thrown into a corner as X-Pac ran into the ring and kicked the chair into The Taker’s face. Steve Austin then grabbed a camera and hit The Undertaker in the face with it. The Undertaker then began to bleed and as he was about to tombstone Steve Austin, the referee gave the match to Austin to let him retain the Heavyweight championship.

As the match ended, Triple H ran into the ring and attacked Steve Austin. The Rock then ran in after him and began to fight with him on the outside of the ring. Back at ringside, The Undertaker smacked Austin with a chair and knocked Shane McMahon down to the floor. As referees separated the two superstars, Steve Austin ran though the ring and attacked The Undertaker. Vince McMahon then began to cry in the ring as Steve Austin offered him his hand. They shook hands as Steve Austin stunned him and celebrated with his head gushing blood. The Undertaker then appeared at the Fully Loaded entrance way and began to return to the ring as Fully Loaded went off the air.

Source: Adam Silverstein

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