May 24, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, April 25th, from Providence, RI

Hosted by Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

– The Ministry of Darkness (The Acolytes and Midian) defeated The Brood with Bradshaw’s Lariat.
– The match was back and forth with a lot of teamwork. As it went on, Viscera entered the ring and bodysplashed Christian. Bradshaw then nailed Christian with the Lariat, to let The Ministry of Darkness take the win.

– Backstage, The Rock was shown walking down the hall, dragging Stone Cold Steve Austin’s custom-made Heavyweight Title belt.

– Hardcore Match: Al Snow defeated Hardcore Holly via Pinfall, to capture the Hardcore Title.
– Both superstars immediately took it to the outside of the ring. Al Snow’s head was busted open in the beginning. Back in the ring, Snow nailed Hardcore Holly several times with a hockey stick. Snow then brought a table into the ring, but Holly caught him with the hockey stick. Snow then nailed Holly with a cookie sheet. The two then fought down the aisle and into the backstage area. A kitchen sink was broken. The two went out in the parking lot, where they repeatedly bumped into cars, to set off their horns. Out by the production truck, Holly pushed Snow right off the stairs into trash. Holly went for a pin, but Snow kicked out. The two then started to fight in the audio truck. Snow went for a pin on top of a car after throwing Holly off the audio truck, but Holly kicked out. Snow and Holly then battled back into the ring. Pots and pans were used. Holly brought Snow down from the top rope onto a table. After recovering, Snow nailed Holly with the Head for the win.

– Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin arrived.

– Backstage, The Undertaker talked about speaking to a higher power to his Ministry of Darkness. He said the tragedy would officially begin.

– The Godfather (w/ho’s) defeated Goldust (w/The Blue Meanie) with the Pimp Drop, to retain the Intercontinental Title.
– The Blue Meanie did his variation of Sable’s grind, saying, “This is for all the men who want to be be, and all the women who came to see me.” The Godfather did his Ho Train and Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy introduction. The Godfather said he wouldn’t offer the ho’s to Goldust, because they didn’t like him. As the match went on, The Blue Meanie handed Goldust some powder. Goldust was about to use it on The Godfather, only to get it thrown into his own eyes. Goldust then put Meanie through the Shattered Dreams Kick. When turning around, The Godfather nailed Goldust with a superkick, but Meanie inadvertently interrupted the pinfall. The Godfather then nailed Goldust with the Pimp Drop for the win. The ho’s and The Godfather celebrated in the end.

– Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Al Snow about capturing the Hardcore Title. Snow said he told everyone he would eventually get the title. Snow then argued with Head over the finish of the match with Hardcore Holly.

– The New Age Outlaws defeated Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett, to earn a shot at the Tag Team Titles.
– The New Age Outlaws did their introduction to a huge response. Road Dogg wanted Debra to show her puppies. Jeff Jarrett wouldn’t allow it. RD told Jarrett to let Debra do what she wants her to do, but Jarrett still wouldn’t allow it. RD then told Billy Gunn to show the crowd his rear. The crowd continued chant “Show those Puppies” as the match went on. As the match went on, Gunn was finally tagged in, and started to dominate. RD nailed his Pumphandle Slam on Jarrett, but there was a kick out. Owen Hart then entered and put RD in the Sharpshooter. Jarrett strapped the figure-four leglock onto Gunn, but Gunn kicked out, and nailed the Famouser on Hart for the pin. RD and Gunn would go onto WWF Smackdown on 4/29 to take on X-Pac and Kane for the Tag Team Titles. Gunn then showed off his rear to the crowd.

– Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Shane McMahon, who would referee the Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock No Holds Barred Heavyweight Title match later in the show. Shane gave his word, in the name of his grandfather, that he would call the match straight down the middle. Cole pointed out that Shane’s father was in the arena. Shane said that Vince wasn’t his dad, but only Vince. Shane told his father to go watch the show from the skybox.

– Backstage, Kevin Kelly interviewed Vince and Stephanie McMahon. Vince said he was just taking care of Stephanie and he hoped Shane didn’t mean all that he said. Stephanie said Shane knew exactly what he was saying when he put his word over his grandfather, because of how much he meant to Vince. Vince said Shane made a very big mistake the previous Monday on Raw is War and he hoped he didn’t make a bigger one later in the show.

– Boiler Room Brawl: Mankind defeated The Big Show.
– The Big Show entered the boiler room. Mankind popped out and the two immediately went at it. The two battled through steel. Mankind was thrown into a refrigerator. Big Show threw Mankind onto wood and pipes. Mankind broke glass over Big Show’s head. A bleeding Mankind went through two tables and then glass. Big Show continued to dominate Mankind in a brutal fight. Steam went right into Big Show’s face. Mankind then low-blowed Big Show with a pipe. Mankind then buried Big Show into a ton of pipes. All Mankind had to do was leave the door to win the fight. He crawled with blood all over and took the victory. The Big Bossman and Test then popped out and attacked Mankind. Big Show recovered and took out Bossman and Test. Mankind pulled out Mr. Socko and shoved it down the throat of Test.

– Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Triple H and Chyna. Chyna talked about getting X-Pac over and said someone needed to put him in his place. Triple H said X-Pac asked for the fight and he would get it. Triple H also said there was a pecking order and he would show X-Pac what it was. He once again said he made X-Pac and he would break him.

– Triple H (w/Chyna) defeated X-Pac with the Pedigree.
– Triple H had new entrance music. At one point during the match, as X-Pac had the advantage, he went for the Bronco Buster, but was distracted by Chyna, causing him to land on the turnbuckle. Triple H then started to destroy X-Pac. Jim Ross wanted X-Pac just to give up and fight it another day. Chyna got in a few cheapshots. X-Pac almost regained the advantage by reversing a sleeper hold, but was unsuccessful. As the match went to the outside of the ring, the referee was knocked out by a baseball slide from X-Pac. X-Pac brought Triple H in the ring and nailed him with the X-Factor, but the referee was knocked out. Chyna got a cheapshot on X-Pac, which brought out Kane. Kane was going to put Chyna through a chokeslam, but Triple H stopped him. Kane then ended up putting Triple H through a chokeslam, and finally, Chyna. Kane placed the two in the corners of the ring and left. X-Pac then delivered Bronco Busters to both Triple H and Chyna. When turning around from the ride on Chyna, Triple H nailed X-Pac with the Pedigree for the win.

– The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) defeated Ken Shamrock with the Tombstone.
– The two immediately went at it. There were many rest and submission holds – some that made The Undertaker scream. The crowd chanted, “Boring.” Shamrock put The Undertaker in the Ankle Lock, but Shamrock was distracted when Bradshaw came down with a baseball bat. Shamrock then knocked out Bradshaw. The Undertaker then caught Shamrock with the Tombstone for the win. Afterward, Bradshaw entered the ring, and attacked Shamrock with the bat.

– Outside of the arena, Vince McMahon kissed his daughter, Stephanie good-bye. She left with security to Hartford, Connecticut for the next day’s Raw is War event. McMahon said he would be in Hartford after the main event was over since he had something to take care of.

– No Holds Barred: Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated The Rock with the Stunner, to retain the Heavyweight Title and capture his own custom-made belt.
– The Rock wore Stone Cold Steve Austin’s custom-made Heavyweight Title belt. Shane McMahon handed a ring crew members Austin’s belt and said to take it to his office. Austin and The Rock took it down the aisle. The Rock nailed Austin with a fire extinguisher. The Rock then threw Austin into the steel set of the entrance-way. The Rock was suplexed onto the floor. The two continued to tear apart the set by throwing each other into it and battled it around the production area. Thus far, Shane had shown no favoritism. Back near the ring, Austin was Rock Bottomed through the Spanish announce table. The Rock then did his commentary skit on the Spanish announcing area. Shane handed The Rock a chair, but Austin fought back. The two then took in the crowd. The Rock took a WWF camera and filmed Austin as he threw out insults. Austin then nailed The Rock with a Stunner on the American announce table, with the camera still on The Rock’s shoulder. In the ring, Austin went in and attempted to give The Rock another Stunner, but The Rock pushed Austin away, into Shane. The Rock then hit Austin with the Rock Bottom, but Austin kicked out. Shane was in disbelief. Shane then nailed The Rock accidentally with the belt. Austin went for the pin, but Shane wouldn’t count the three. Vince McMahon then entered the ring and knocked out Shane with Austin’s custom-made belt. Referee, Earl Hebner then came down to referee the match, as Austin nailed The Rock with the Stunner for the win. McMahon then popped Austin’s belt right to him. McMahon and Austin looked at each other. Meanwhile, outside of the arena, The Undertaker got into Stephanie’s limousine. Stephanie told the limo driver to wait for her dad. The Undertaker then turned around and said, “Where to Stephanie?” and started to evilly laugh, as Stephanie screamed and realized it was The Undertaker. Austin drunk away on beers as the show went off the air.

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