Fully Loaded

May 23, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

Fully Loaded 1998

Sunday, July 26 from the Selland Arena (Fresno, CA)

Val Venis vs. Jeff Jarrett
Venis takes the mic and says he is going to do something he has always wanted to do, he starts to pull his dick out but is interrupted by Jarrett. Southern Justice is sent back to the locker room and Yamaguchi son comes out to do commentary. Venis takes control in the early match with two near falls. Then Jarrett takes control with a Powerbomb and throws Venis to the outside where Tennessee Lee takes a cheap shot at Val. Venis then hits a belly to back suplex to take back control. Jarrett and the ref hit heads and Venis goes to the top where he is shaken off by Lee. A small scuffle continues and Val wins with a roll up. Val was accidentally split open in this match and it wasn’t a bad beginning match up.

WINNER: Val Venis via roll up

D-Lo vs. X-pac (non Title match)
D-lo starts off in control. Chants begin saying D-lo sucks. X-pac jumps at D-lo but hits himself on the ring post. D-lo really dominates with many moves including an unbelievably powerful Irish whip. D-lo hits the frog splash and only gets a 2 count so he goes for a moonsault which he misses. X-pac takes control for a minute riding D-lo in the corner. D-lo whips X-pac into the ropes where the godfather hits him and D-lo puts him in the sky high for the win. D-lo really dominated this match and his moonsault was one of the highest I have ever seen.

WINNER: D-Lo via sky high

Terry Funk & Bradshaw vs. Scorpio & Faarooq
Early in an interview Funk announces he will take 6 months off and Bradshaw wasn’t happy. Also the Undertaker hadn’t arrived yet. Farooq dominates Funk and Scorpio dominates Bradshaw. Bradshaw then hits a suplex off the top rope and a Powerbomb. Funk takes Scorpio outside and Scorpio meets the railing. Faarooq and Bradshaw battle outside allowing Scorpio to hit the moonsault off the top rope. Bradshaw then bitches out Funk and attacks him. Scorpio comes out to help and gets his butt kicked and then Faarooq gets hit with a chair.

WINNER: No contest

Mark Henry vs. Vader
This match really stunk. Both men went back and forth with control. Vader hit a splash off the second rope but Henry kicked out. Henry then gave Vader a powerslam and a splash to win.

WINNER: Mark Henry via splash

Then it is announced that the taker still hasn’t arrived. Kane, Mankind, and Bearer come out and Bearer trashes the taker and Austin. Then NAO comes out and says that they want a shot at the title because Bearer was so sure that taker wouldn’t show. Next NAO attacks the trio and a rumble erupts.

LOD vs. DOA with Paul Ellering
Control of the match went back and forth. Ellering was very active in the match from the outside helping DOA beat the crap out of Hawk. Hawk was in the ring for a long time until he clotheslined both members of DOA and tagged Animal. Animal cleaned house and LOD executed the Devastation Device, but the other member of DOA interferes and breaks the count. The legal member of DOA is rolled to the outside and the fresh man covers Animal for the win. Both teams showed great teamwork and Ellering is one crazy dude.

WINNER: DOA via pinfall

McMahon, Brisco, Slaughter, and Patterson come to the ring. McMahon says that if the taker is a no show that everyone should blame Austin for everything he has done to the taker. He said that no one should blame him (McMahon). He said that if the undertaker is a no show, that his substitute would be the Brooklyn Brawler. He came out and it was hilarious. To bad it wasn’t the original Brawler, or at least it didn’t look it.

Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock in a Dungeon
These two went back and forth trying to make each other submit. They both smashed each other into walls. Eventually they made their way to the weights and Hart lifted Shamrock up and his head went through the roof. Shamrock went for a kick and missed and knocked out Severn. Hart then hit Shamrock with a dumbbell and knocked him out. Severn woke up and saw Shamrock in a hold knocked out and called the match.

WINNER: Owen Hart via hitting Shamrock in the head with a dumbbell and then putting him in an arm bar.

The Rock vs. HHH for the IC Title (2 out of 3 falls)
This match went back and forth on the outside. Then Henry came down and splashed Hunter and Gunn came down to stop. The Godfather comes out but so does NAO to stop him. The Rock distracts the ref and D-lo comes down with the belt but Hunter takes the belt and hits D-lo. Hunter then turns around and gets hit with the rock bottom and a three count. Fall one to the rock via the Rock Bottom.

D-lo comes back on the apron but Chyna kicks his butt. X-pac comes down and tries to interfere. While Chyna is distracting the ref Hunter gets a chair but the Rock gets it and hits the ref when he went to hit Hunter. The ref is knocked out. Chyna then hits the Rock with a DDT on the chair. Hunter gets the pin. Fall two Hunter via DDT on a chair by Chyna.

For the final fall Hunter hits the pedigree at the end of the match and time runs out. the match is a draw and the rock keeps the belt. After a brawl between the two factions ensues. this was a great match.

WINNER: Draw (Maivia retains IC Title)

Sable vs. Jacqueline in a Bikini Contest


Steve Austin & The Undertaker vs. Kane & Mankind for the WWF Tag Titles
The match went back and forth. Austin tried to stun Kane but he blocked it. Then Kane chokeslammed Taker. Next Austin and Taker exchanged middle fingers. Undertaker was outside the ring fighting Mankind and Mankind threw a chair into the ring but Austin got it and hit Kane. Austin eventually couldn’t get a tag and was getting his butt kicked but he then stunned both Kane and Mankind. Austin went for the tag and Taker was reluctant but Taker tagged and choke slammed Kane and Mankind and gave Kane the tombstone for the pin.

WINNER: Undertaker and Austin via the tombstone on Kane. NEW Champions. Undertaker left the ring with both belts and didn’t give Austin his.

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