May 23, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, September 27th in Hamilton, ONT, CA

The Undertaker/Kane d. Steve Austin

It’s more a handicap match since Kane and Undertaker can’t fight each other.

It is time for what we all paid for. First to the ring, Kane, (alone), then The Undertaker.

Next, before any introduction, Austin comes out of nowhere, and levels Undertaker with a chair. Man in black is back up with a chair of his own…Austin trying to divide and conquer, STUNNER onto Kane, but Undertaker pulls him off…Austin trying to keep up with 2 guys, Kane on the outside, now all the action’s out there, Undertaker hit Kane by accident, now back inside.

Still trying to fight off both of them as the standard Austin chant starts.Undertaker has Austin beat, but thanks to Kane, the match continues. Kane with the pin, but now Undertaker pills him off….Undertaker nailed Kane from behind, near fall Austin…

Couple minutes, double clothesline Austin, powerslam by Kane, back up, Austin looking for the Stunner, but nothing doing here. DOUBLE CHOKESLAM, and AUSTIN LOSES!!!! I say Austin loses because BOTH men pinned Austin! Vince comes down and takes the title belt, runs away.

DX d. Jeff Jarrett/Southern Justice

X-Pac and the NAO take in the former Godwins in this 6 man match. DX jumps over the rail to start the match.

Tags in and out on both sides… Jarrett and X- Pac get some time together, Near fall by Southern Justice. The next 5 minutes are your basic brawl. Sleeper hold by Jarrett, usual break out by X. Finally a tag into Billy Gunn.. Jarrett with the guitar, BA steals it, but Jeff gets it back, X-Pac gets nailed, Rocker Dropper and BILLY GUNN AND DX WIN.

Val Venis d. Dustin Runnels

Dustin (no entrance) is already in the ring, let us pray…..Hello Ladies, Hello Val. A little mic work before his match, and out comes Terri Runnels! What a return as she is breaking in those Brian Pillman clothes she never got to wear because of what unfortunately happened later.

Jim Ross says “Dustin is a long ways from where he was as a 2 time Intercontinential Champion”, man is he not kidding.

Dustin, through the whole match, really isn’t into it. Everyone, when they can, catches a glimpse of Marle, err, Terri. Val still in control, Dustin, try as he might, can’t follow up on anything he does. Dustin on the top, falls face first. Val pin, Dustin pin, both 2 and 1/2. Terri is completely with Val, the Money Shot, and VENIS WINS by pin.

The Rock d. Mankind and Ken Shamrock

Michael Cole interviewing Ken Shamrock before the 3 way match. Then some time for The Rock, and Mankind.

The cage is lowered….you can win by pin, submission, or standard climb-over-the-cage.

Rocky Chant starts before he comes out…Your typical everyone beat on everyone match, Rocky tries for the door but can’t make it in time…Double team on Shamrock.

5 minutes later (and nothing eventful), People’s Elbow, but nothing big happened because of it, Ankle Lock by Ken onto the Rock, save by Mankind, he tries to get over the top….Rock holding him up by his hair…Mankind now going the wrong way, he’s 15 feet up in the air, Jimmy Snuka-ish move back into the ring, and we’re back to the drawing board.

Chair gets into the cage, double-arm DDT done to Shamrock by Mankind, and another chair shot by him also. Rock going for a cover in the meantime while Mankind tries to get out, and THE ROCK WINS by pinfall over Shamrock while Mankind climbs to the outside.

D-Lo w/ Help From Mark Henry d. Gangrel

Backstage at and we see Jason Sensation. He does some damn good stuff from The Rock and Undertaker. That kid was a find.

Now back residing in Chicago, D-Lo, taking on one of my new favorites, the guy we call Gangrel.

Gangrel with the early start…D-Lo in control and doing some of his usual crowd work, then hits a Running Power (Liger) Bomb. Talk about Gangrel and Edge. December PPV will be Capital Carnage.

Mark Henry at ringside, and while the ref is distracted, he beats in Gangrel. D-LO WINS after that help from Mark. Why they would have Gangrel lose so soon before a big push is beyond me. He then cleans up the Nation guys. Like D-Lo needed that win anyway.

Bradshaw d. Vader

Howard Finkel tells us this is an “Anything Goes” match, and Jim Ross adds that falls count anywhere.

Interview with Bradshaw

Doesn’t take long for them to hit the floor, then the ring bell, then the aisle, finally back into the ring. Vader hits a Vader-bomb, and 2 and 3/4! Poor Vader must still not be liked. That’s confirmed when Bradshaw hits a neckbreaker and BRADSHAW WINS!

Mark Mero d. Droz

Immediately following the last match comes Marvelous Mero accompanied by the Women’s Champion Jacqueline, then Droz.

Mero starts out in control, Droz gets a couple moves in, pinfall, but Jacki with Mero’s foot in the rope…Spiked heel to the head of Droz by Jacki. Mero hits Marvelosity and MERO WINS by pinfall.

Al Snow/Scorpio d. Too Much

Scorpio and Scott Taylor start this fast paced tag match off. Snow comes in, grabs a chair, and uses it as a catapult. Action on the floor…Head comes into play, doesn’t change anything yet. Snow-plow and SNOW AND SCORPIO WIN by pinfall.

Edge d. Owen Hart

Both native Canadians have their spots in this match. Gangrel is mentioned by the King as being seen. Near falls by both men, several times. Owen with a head kick, 2 and 1/2, DDT by Edge, 2 and 1/2… Jim Carrey joke by Jim Ross, and the King teases a Carrey appearance tomorrow on RAW.

Fan jumps over the rail, (a plant) and Edge wins by pinfall. He then chases the “fan” to the back.

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