Royal Rumble

May 22, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, January 18, 1998 from the San Jose Arena (San Jose, CA)

Vader over The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust (with Luna) with a Vaderbomb. Luna tried to prevent the move and wound up going for a ride.

In a six-man mini match, Max Mini, Mosaic and Nova over Batallion, Tarantula and El Torito. Sunny was the special guest referee.

Rocky Maivia retained the Intercontinental Title by disqualification in a controversial manner over Ken Shamrock. Shamrock had won the title, but earlier in the match Maivia had struck Shamrock with brass knuckles and then planted them in Shamrock’s tights.

Road Warriors by DQ over the New Age Outlaws when Road Dog struck Animal with a chair. Hawk could not prevent the attack because Dog had handcuffed him to the ringpost.

Stone Cold Steve Austin won the Royal Rumble and the title shot at Wrestlemania 14. Order of entry and elimination: Cactus Jack IN; Terry Funk IN; Tom Brandi IN; Tom Brandi OUT by Foley/Funk; Rocky Maivia IN; Mosh IN; Phineas Godwinn IN; 8-Ball IN; Cactus Jack OUT by Funk; Blackjack Bradshaw IN; Owen Hart IN, jumped by Jeff Jarrett; Steve Blackman IN; D-Lo Brown IN; Kurrgan IN; Mosh OUT by Kurrgan; Marc Mero IN; Steve Blackman OUT by Kurrgan; Ken Shamrock IN; Kurrgan OUT by Shamrock, 8-Ball, Phineas, three others; Thrasher IN; Mankind IN; Terry Funk OUT by Mankind; Goldust IN; Mankind OUT by Goldust; Jeff Jarrett IN; Jeff Jarrett OUT by Owen Hart; Honky Tonk Man IN; Ken Shamrock OUT by Maivia; Owen Hart OUT by interference from Hunter & Chyna; Ahmed Johnson IN; Mark Henry IN; Ahmed Johnson OUT by all NOD members present; no one came out for humber #22; Kama Mustafa IN; Steve Austin IN; Marc Mero OUT by Austin; 8-Ball OUT by Austin; Henry Godwinn IN; Savio Vega IN; Faarooq IN; Dude Love IN; Blackjack Bradshaw OUT by Dude Love; Brian Chainz Lee IN; Vader IN; Honky Tonk Man OUT by Austin?; Kama OUT by Austin; Savio Vega OUT by Austin; Vader OUT by Goldust; D-Lo Brown OUT by Austin; Henry Godwinn OUT by Austin; Goldust OUT; Mark Henry OUT by Faarooq and Rocky; Brian Lee OUT by Austin; Dude Love OUT by Faarooq; Faarooq OUT by Rocky; Rocky OUT by Austin.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, CASKET MATCH RULES: Shawn Michaels (c) (with Hunter Hearst Helmsley & Chyna) vs. The Undertaker: Undertaker had planted Shawn in the casket with a flying tombstone piledriver, and was about to shut the lid when Chyna attacked the referee and the New Age Outlaws & Los Boriquas attacked Undertaker. Kane came out and attacked the Outlaws & Boriquas, paused, looked at Shawn (who had been brought out of the casket by Hunter & Chyna) and Undertaker, then chokeslammed Undertaker into the casket. Paul Bearer came out and helped Kane padlock the casket, then they rolled it to the entrance way. Kane went into the back and came out with a pickaxe and a can of gas, began smashing at the casket, then poured gas all over the casket and set it afire with an entire book of matches.

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