No Way Out

May 22, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

no way out 98

Sunday, February 15, 1998 – Compaq Center (Houston, TX)

+ At the beginning of the Free For All it is announced by Dok Hendrix that the main event 8-man PPV will be a non-sanctioned, no-disqualification match.

+ Marc Mero (w/Sable) & The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust (w/Luna Vachon): vs. The Headbangers The Headbangers won when Sable came out to distract Mero, who has TKOed Thrasher. During the melee, Mosh and Thrasher switched places, allowing Mosh to surprise Mero with a small package pin for the win. Afterward, Mero and Sable argued, and Sable knocked Mero on his rear end.

+ WWF Light Heavyweight Championship: TAKA Michinoku (c) vs. Pantera: While Pantera dominated the match, Taka got the upper hand in the end with the Michinoku Driver for the pin.

+ The Quebecers vs. The Godwinns: The Godwinns won in what was the worst match on the card.

+ NWA North American Championship: Jeff Jarrett (c) (w/Jim Cornette) vs. Blackjack Bradshaw: Bradshaw won by DQ when Jarrett used Cornette’s tennis racket on him and the referee caught it. Barry Windham & The Rock And Roll Express jumped Bradshaw afterward and the Road Warriors made the save.

+ War Of Attrition Match: Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson, Brian Lee (Chains) & The Harris Brothers (8-Ball & Skull) vs. The Nation Of Domination (Faarooq, Rocky Maivia, Mark Henry, Kama Mustafa & D-Lo Brown) — Shamrock got the win by making Maivia submit to the anklelock submission.

+ Kane (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Vader: Vader had used the fire extinguisher on Kane and was about to powerbomb him when Bearer distracted him. Kane then tombstoned Vader, pinned him, grabbed a wrench from a toolbox underneath the ring and hit Vader in the face with it… setting up Vader’s absence for his forthcoming eye surgery.

+ Main Event: Stone Cold Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Mick (Cactus Jack) Foley & Terry (Chainsaw Charlie) Funk vs. The New Age Outlaws, Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Chyna), and Savio Vega (replacing Shawn Michaels): Great match. It started off hardcore, then for some reason everyone was forced to tag in like a normal match. Austin got the win by stunnering Road Dog Jesse James. After the match Chyna tried to get in Austin’s face and he shrugged it off… until Chyna double-flipped him. Austin then walked up behind her and stunnered her to an extremely hug pop!

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