Final Four

May 22, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

WWF final four

Event: In Your House #13: “The Final Four”
Date: February 16, 1997

1. Marc Mero Def Leif Casadiy Via Pin Fall after a Shooting star Press type of move
2. The Nation Of Domination (Faarooq, Crush, & Savio Vega) Def. Flash Funk, Bart Gunn, & Goldust Via Faarooq Pinning Bart Gunn Following, Crush dropping a Leg on Gunn’s head to break a pin attempt.
3. I.C. Title Rocky Miavia def. HHH Via Pin Fall following a Run In distraction by Goldust, with a German Suplex with Bridge *After Match Goldust and HHH have a stare down, as the then unknown woman (Chyna) grabs Marlena in a Head lock
4. Tag Team Titles Doug Furnas & Philip LaFon Def. Owen Hart & The British Bulldog Via DQ Following Owen hitting LaFon with a Slammy award in the Back Titles stay with Owen Hart and The British Bulldog
5. Main Event World Title Final Four Match *Elimanations can take place via being tossed over the Tope rope and both feet hitting floor, Pin Fall, or Submission. No DQ no Count Out *

– Bret Hart Eliminates Stone Cold Steve Austin by tossing him over the Top Rope.
– The Undertaker Eliminates Vader by getting up before the Vader bomb and pushing him over the top Rope.
– Bret Hart Eliminates The Undertaker by Cloths-lining him over the top rope while he is distracted trying to get Austin.
– Winner of the Final Four Elimination Battle Royal and World Title : Bret Hart

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