May 22, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, December 7th – Civic Center (Springfield, MA)

– Taka Michinoku pinned Brian Christopher to become the first WWF Light Heavyweight Champion

– Miguel, Jose & Jesus of Los Boriquas over Chainz, Eight-Ball and Skull when Jose pinned Chainz.

– Butterbean defeated Marc Mero by disqualification in the fourth round.

– Goldust came out looking like a reject from a John Waters movie, said he was gonna read “something (he) wrote as a youngster”, and proceeded to read “Green Eggs And Ham”… until Luna knocked him on his rear and then dragged him backstage.

– Road Dog & Billy Gunn (c) v. Legion Of Doom ended in a DQ when Henry Goddwinn hit Animal in the face with a bucket. Hawk went crazy and started hitting both Gunn and Dog with it, getting DQed. Drat.

– Hutner Hearst Helmsley over Sgt. Slaughter in a boot camp match when Chyna kicked Slaughter in the balls from behind, allowing Helsmley to powerbomb the Sarge on a steel chair.

– Undertaker vs. Jeff Jarrett was the typical Undertaker match until it ended in a DQ when Kane came in and chokeslammed Jarrett, then stared down Callaway, slapped him in the face, signaled for the flashpots to go off, and left. Callaway had the same “Why am I in this stupid angle?” look as last time. Jarrett, even though the match was over, tried to go for the figure-four only to get chokeslammed again.

– INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs. Rocky Maivia (with the rest of the N.O.D.). Austin drove in in his truck. The N.O.D. pounded on Austin early in this match. D-Lo got backdropped through the windshield and Stunnered on the roof. Faarooq took a hard chairshot. The match went both ways but Austin was a lot faster than last month at Survivor Series. In the confusion Steve accidentally stunnered the ref. Rocky went to hit Austin with brass knuckles but Austin ducked and stunnered The Rock. Another ref took over in time for Austin to get the pin AND claim his belt back.

– It was announced in passing that the truck Austin has been driving in will be given away at The Royal Rumble… after it gets fixed, of course.

– WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Ken Shamrock. Shawn and Co. got HUGE pops when they came out. Pretty good match. Michaels did his usual good work and Shamrock, I think, also proved to be worthy of being in a WWF main event tonight. Lots of everything from them: mat work, brawling, outside interference from Hunter & Chyna. At one point Shamrock did a counter of one of Shawn’s high-flying moves going into a two-count. Shamrock pulled a few surprising moves, including a huracanrana, out. Many two-counts over each other. Shawn went for the chin music only to be countered by Shamrock’s belly-to-belly suplex. When Shamrock locked the ankle submission on, the rest of DX made the save. Out of nowhere, Owen Hart came out and jumped HBK, going through one of the announcer’s tables in the process and causing Shawn to get a broken nose.

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