Victory Road

May 20, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, July 13th in Houston, TX

– The TNA “Cross The Line” promo hits.
– A video package runs focusing on Samoa Joe vs. Booker T with a NASA/Houston theme. The package also looks at Taylor Wilde become the new TNA Knockouts Women’s Champion and Kurt Angle & Team 3D vs. AJ Styles, Christian Cage & Rhino.
– A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to Victory Road. We then go live to the Reliant Arena in Houston, Texas. A series of pyro then go off in the entrance area as Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to the show.
– We go outside the Reliant Arena where Jeremy Borash is standing by with TNA fans. Borash plugs the vote online on picking Falls Count Anywhere, Tables Match or Full Metal Mayhem for Kurt Angle & Team 3D vs. AJ Styles, Christian Cage & Rhino.
– Back in the arena, BG James (making his TNA broadcasting debut) is with Lauren. Lauren plugs the vote again and then passes the mic to BG. BG previews what is in store tonight. Nice job by BG to get the crowd pumped up for tonight.
– We open with the 12 Man Elimination World X Cup Tournament Match. Team Mexico and Team TNA are in the lead with 3 points, while Team International and Team Japan are tied with 2 points each. Out first is Team Japan.

12 Man Elimination – World X Cup Tournament Match

Team Japan vs. Team Mexico vs. Team International vs. Team TNA

Shelley and Sabin were rocking some new gear tonight. We start with Curry Man and Masato Yoshino. Some quick offense from Curry Man on Yoshino and The Motor City Machineguns get involved. Sabin has the tag and Tyson Dux is now in with Doug Williams. Dux and Williams takes out Sabin with lots of double-team moves. More double-team moves on Sabin until Rey Bucanero and Ultimo Guerrero get the tag. Bucanero and Guerrero take out Dux and Williams in the ring. Bucanero with his sick face driver on Dux and gets the pinfall.
Tyson Dux (Team International) is eliminated.
Puma and Milano Collection AT are in taking out Bucanero. Puma with a slingshot diving headbutt over the top rope to Bucanero. This is just a giant spotfest as expected. Averno gets the tag and takes out Puma and Milano Collection AT. Averno with a Tiger Driver on Puma and gets the pinfall.
Puma (Team Japan) is eliminated.
Milano Collection AT with a big dropkick to Averno’s face. He follows that with a superkick and the pinfall gets broken up by Bucanero. Sabin with the tag, misses a diving clothesline and Milano Collection AT does his Matrix backwards dodge. Milano Collection AT has a double Boston Crab on The Machineguns when Curry Man comes in to break it up. Milano Collection AT fakes a low blow from Sabin. He fires back with a kick to the head on Sabin, but Sabin comes back with a few of his own. Sabin with a Cradle Shock on Milano Collection AT and gets the pinfall.
Milano Collection AT (Team Japan) is eliminated.
Masato Yoshino is in and goes after Sabin. Shelley with a huge kick to Yoshino’s face. Shelley gets the tag and chops Yoshino a few times. Big clotheslines in the corner on Yoshino. Shelley puts Yoshino in the tree of woe, backs up, dropkick to the face and Sabin follows with his hesitation dropkick. Pinfall by Shelley and Yoshino somehow kicks out. Yoshino counters a Tornado DDT by Shelley and applies an octopus submission. Shelley with a superkick on Yoshino. Averno tags himself in as Yoshino hits Shelley with an inverted DDT. Averno is all over the place and face plants Yoshino. Averno with a body splash in the corner on Yoshino followed by a big facebuster. Yoshino with a quick pinfall on Averno.
Averno (Team Mexico) is eliminated.
Alex Kozlov is in and he overpowers Curry Man with a big slam. Kozlov gets leveled with a superkick from Sabin. Doug Williams with a rolling through german suplex on Sabin, but Curry Man breaks up the pinfall. Double clothesline by both Williams and Curry Man. Williams and Curry Man trade chops. Guerrero and Bucanero both hit double cross-bodys on Curry Man and Williams. Guerrero holds himself up on his head over the top rope and then brings his legs back down slamming into Curry Man. Bucanero with a big elevation slam on Williams against the ropes. Curry Man attempts a huracanrana on Guerrero, but Guerrero counters into a powerbomb and gets the pinfall.
Curry Man (Team TNA) is eliminated.
Bucanero and Guerrero double-team Williams with a twisting senton. Cover by Bucanero and Williams is out.
Doug Williams (Team International) is eliminated.
The Machineguns miss dives on the outside to Team Mexico. Sabin is favoring his arm after the missed dive. In the ring, Kozlov and Guerrero go at it. Kozlov with a slap to Guerrero on the top rope. Guerrero counters with a front suplex off the top rope, cover, but Kozlov kicks out. Kozlov with a russian leg sweep into a modified Crossface on Guerrero. Guerrero taps out.
Ultimo Guerrero (Team Mexico) is eliminated.
In the ring, Bucanero with a scoop slam on Sabin. Sabin cuts off Bucanero on the top rope. Huge huracanrana by Sabin on Bucanero from the top rope! Double-superkick from The Machineguns on Bucanero. Pinfall by Sabin and Bucanero is out.
Rey Bucanero (Team Mexico) is eliminated.
Huge double-combo by The Machineguns on Yoshino. Shelley with a jawbreaker on Yoshino. Sabin follows that up with a dropkick to the back of Yoshino and Kozlov. Sabin with a huge dropkick to the chest of Kozlov in mid-air. Sabin with a running stunner on Kozlov followed by a huge clothesline. Sabin with a cover on Kozlov and Kozlov kicks out. Kozlov uses the ropes to pin Sabin after a referee bump.
Chris Sabin (Team TNA) is eliminated.
We are down to Alex Shelley, Alex Kozlov and Masato Yoshino each representing a respective team. Kozlov with a huge flip dive onto Shelley on the outside. Kozlov returns to the ring and catches Yoshino with a huge dropkick. Shelley is back in and he chops Kozlov. Yoshino with slaps and a huge tilt-a-whirl takedown on Kozlov. Yoshino applies an armbar on Kozlov and Kozlov taps out.
Alex Kozlov (Team International) is eliminated.
We are down to Alex Shelley (Team TNA) and Masato Yoshino (Team Japan). The two trade chops. Big takedown by Yoshino on Shelley. Yoshino is up top and takes out Shelley with a huge hesitation dropkick to the chest. Cover by Yoshino and Shelley kicks out. Shelley with a big dropkick on Yoshino followed by a Sliced Bread from the corner. Shelley covers and Yoshino somehow kicks out. Shelley off the top with a frog splash, but Yoshino gets both knees up and drives Shelley back down to the mat. Cover and another kickout by Shelley. More chops from Yoshino. Shelley drives Yoshino face first into the ring and follows with a reverse Tiger Driver that results in a two count. Shelley puts Yoshino up on the top rope, superkick to the head, Shelley is up with Yoshino, Yoshino drops down, shot to the body, springboard and neck tie takedown by Yoshino. Cover and Shelley again kicks out. Shelley with a side driver on Yoshino, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Alex Shelley (Team TNA)

After the match, a tired Alex Shelley soaks in his win. We then see highlights of each elimination during the match leading to the finish. Roughly a thirty minute match to kick off the PPV. Back live, Shelley is holding up the U.S. flag.

– Updated standings: Team TNA with 6 points, Team Japan with 4 points, Team International with 3 points and Team Mexico with 3 points.

– Mike Tenay and Don West rundown the rest of the card tonight.
– Part 1 of Booker T’s homecoming to Houston, Texas is shown. The first part is a tour of Booker T’s home in Houston.
– A video package runs looking at Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love tonight.

Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky

Angelina Love attacked Gail Kim right away during her entrance while Kim was up on the corner. Love with a right hand and Kim returns with one of her own. They exchange right hands until Kim gets in a few elbows. Kim with an elbow to Love and kick to the face from the corner. Kim takes down Love and then chops her. Kim with a clothesline in the corner on Love. Velvet Sky trips up Kim when Kim is on the ring apron. Sky rolls her back in and Love covers for a two count. Love slams Kim down on the ring a few times. Kim tries to fight back with a few shots, but Love grounds her again with a big clothesline. Kim blocks a kick holding Love’s leg. Love flips forward to get out of it. Rake of the eyes by Love on Kim followed by a big kick to the head. Cover by Love, but Kim kicks out after two. Love covers Kim two more times and each time Kim kicks out. Love misses a clothesline in the corner and Kim pulls her out against the steel ring post. Kim channels Bret Hart and looks to apply a Figure Four Leglock against the steel ring post on Kim. Kim then sends Velvet Sky into the ring barricade. Kim heads up to the top rope, but Love hits the bottom rope to trip up Kim. Love goes up and suplexes Kim off the top back to the ring. Both ladies are down as Kim favors her lower back. Love with a cover, but Kim gets a shoulder up after two. Love misses a kick and Kim answers with two big clotheslines and a dropkick. Love with a quick rollup on Kim and Kim barely kicks out. Kim responds with a huge spear on Love. Kim chases Velvet Sky off the ring apron. Love catches Kim in the gut with a big boot. Kim fights back with a codebreaker followed by a handcuff neckbreaker as Don West calls it. Kim hooks the leg of Love and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Gail Kim

After the match, Velvet Sky takes out Gail Kim and starts beating her down. Angelina Love gets to her feet and starts kicking Kim as well. Sky grabs the brown paper bag. Kim dodges an attack from The Beautiful People and heads back up the ramp. Kim stares them down yelling as she heads to the back.

– Backstage, Lauren and BG are with 12 lucky fans that get to take part in tonight’s Fan’s Revenge Match. BG encourages the fans to whip some mannequins dressed like James Storm and Robert Roode.
– A video package runs looking at Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt tonight.

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs. “The Guru” Sonjay Dutt

The match starts with Jay Lethal taking out Sonjay Dutt at ringside who handed SoCal Val a card. The bell officially rings when they return to the ring and Lethal takes out Dutt with numerous takedowns. Lethal catches Dutt with a few elbows followed by a big dropkick to the face. Lethal with some chest chops in the corner on Dutt. Dutt dodges a few shots from Lethal and then drops a leg over the back of Lethal’s neck. Dutt with a springboard splash into Lethal from the top rope. Dutt with a backbreaker and more quick offense on Lethal. Dutt teases a springboard drop, but lands on his feet and simply kicks Lethal in the face. Dutt takes the action to the ground and applies a headlock on Lethal. Dutt with another takedown and standing moonsault on Lethal that results in a two count. Lethal with a huge release german suplex on Dutt! Lethal with a jumping clothesline on Dutt with two more afterwards. Dutt catches Lethal with an elbow in the corner, attempts a Tornado DDT, but Lethal counters out and hits a side kick to the face on Dutt. Lethal covers Dutt and gets a two count. Dutt is back up, Lethal attempts his combo, but Dutt counters and places Lethal up on the top turnbuckle. Dutt is up with Lethal. Lethal has Dutt locked. Dutt drops to the ring apron, springboards back up and hits a huge huracanrana. Dutt covers Lethal and gets a two count. They do a close up of Val trying to avoid watching the action in the ring. Lethal plants Dutt facefirst into the ring, but only gets a two count. The action spills to the outside and Lethal sends Dutt into the ring barricade. Dutt screams “HELP ME” to Val as Lethal slams him face first into the announce table. Back in the ring, Lethal applies a Boston Crab on Dutt. Dutt screams out for help from Val. Val walks up to the ring steps and Lethal tells her to get down. When Lethal turns around Dutt levels him. Dutt grabs Val and tells her he loves her. Lethal grabs Dutt, hits the Lethal Combination and goes up to the top when Val cuts him off. Dutt then rolls up Lethal and uses the ropes for leverage to get the pinfall.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt

After the match, Sonjay Dutt grabs the hand of SoCal Val and kisses it. Lethal heads up the ramp celebrating his win as Val looks on with a confused look on his face.

– A video package runs looking at LAX vs. Robert Roode & James Storm tonight for the TNA World Tag Team Titles in a Fan’s Revenge Match.
– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Beer Money (Roode and Storm). Borash mentions the fans beating those dummies earlier tonight. Robert Roode says those “marks” can’t do anything to them that will hurt. Storm said the best thing about coming to Houston is leaving as soon as possible mentioning that the Titans left this town long ago. He said LAX is going to be paying lots of hospital bills and that they will bring home the TNA World Tag Team Titles tonight. Jackie bails on them because of the fans at ringside with belts.

TNA World Tag Team Championship – Fan’s Revenge Match
LAX (c’s) vs. Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm)

All the fans at ringside have LAX t-shirts on. The bell rings and we start with Homicide and Robert Roode. The two exchange shots and then work the arms. Roode gets dumped out first and the fans whip him with the straps. Roode rolls back in and cowers in the corner hugging Storm. Storm tags himself in and tosses Homicide out. The fans leave Homicide alone and he grabs Storm’s beer taking a few drinks. Storm chases after Homicide and the fans whip Storm as he runs by. Storm cowers to Roode in the corner and Roode calls for a timeout. Storm gets tossed over the top rope again. He holds on and flips himself back in. Hector Guerrero trips him up and pulls him out letting the fans whip Storm. Back in the ring, Hernandez gets the tag and levels Storm with a big body splash. Quick tag back to Homicide and Homicide takes out Storm. Roode gets the tag and Homicide catches him with an elbow and tilt-a-whirl head scissors. The fans whip Roode when he slides under the bottom rope and catches himself in the ring banner. Roode goes under the ring, comes out the other side and the fans whip him more. Roode is back in and Homicide gives him the Three Amigos as the fans start a loud “EDDIE” chant. Roode with a big spinebuster on Homicide. Storm has the legal tag as he takes out Homicide with a snapmare takedown. Storm with a modified Tiger Driver on Homicide, tag to Roode and Beer Money levels Homicide with a double suplex. Storm stands up and yells “BEER!” and Roode stands up and yells “MONEY!” Beer Money hits a Heart Attack on Homicide. Homicide fights back with a T-Bone Suplex on Roode. Hernandez gets the tag and he dives in taking out Roode. Hernandez with a crackerjack on Storm. Hernandez with a powerbomb over his shoulder on Storm, but Roode catches him with a big boot in the corner. Hernandez catches Roode when Roode jumps at him and turns that into a sitdown powerbomb that results in a close two count. Storm takes out Hernandez with a big right and a clothesline in the corner. Hernandez with a kick to Roode’s gut and flips himself back up to the top turnbuckle. Beer Money gets thrown off by Hernandez and Hernandez hits a body splash on Roode. Storm breaks up the pinfall attempt. Homicide with a Tornado DDT on Storm. Roode flies over the top rope and gets whipped by the fans. Roode is back in, Hernandez puts him on his shoulders and Homicide jumps off the top rope catching Roode with a huge stunner. Hernandez hooks the leg of Roode and gets the pinfall. Some fairly loud boo’s in Houston for LAX.

Winners & STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: LAX

– Part 2 of Booker T’s homecoming to Houston, Texas is shown. Footage is shown of Booker’s PWA Wrestling school.
– A video package runs highlighting Taylor Wilde defeating Awesome Kong on Impact this past Thursday to become the NEW TNA Knockouts Women’s Champion and the rematch tonight at Victory Road.

TNA Knockouts Women’s Championship Match\
Taylor Wilde (c) vs. Awesome Kong

Awesome Kong attacked Taylor Wilde right away before the bell even rang. Kong leveled Taylor with a few clotheslines and a huge body splash. Kong covered Taylor, but Taylor somehow got a shoulder up. Taylor tries a few body shots, but Kong shrugs them off and catches Taylor with some big slaps and chops. Kong chokes Taylor up against the second rope. Kong then chokes Taylor with her boot on the mat. Kong applies a camel clutch on Taylor and Taylor screams out in pain. Kong drops her body over the back of Taylor and then goes right back to the camel clutch. Taylor brings the action back to her feet grabbing the hair of Kong. Kong shrugs that off, gets Taylor up for an AWesome Bomb, but Taylor jumps off. Taylor with two big dropkicks to Kong, goes up top and this time levels Kong with a big dropkick. Kong jumps right back up and takes out Taylor with a huge clothesline! Kong is up top when Taylor hits her with a few chest shots. Taylor with an arm drag on Kong off the top rope, cover, but Kong kicks out! Kong goes for a spinning back first, but Taylor ducks and gets a quick pinfall that results in a close two count. Taylor counters a chokeslam attempt into a pinfall and gets the win!

Winner & STILL TNA Knockouts Women’s Champion: Taylor Wilde

After the match, Raisha Saeed attacked Taylor Wilde sending her into the ring barricade. Saeed sent Taylor back into the ring with AWesome Kong who gives Taylor the Implant Buster. Saeed leaves the ring, grabs a steel chair, slides it near Kong and then Abyss’ music hits. Abyss appears and Mike Tenay and Don West bring up how Abyss has been coming to the aide of those in trouble recently in TNA. Abyss gets into the ring and stares down Kong. Raisha Saeed tells Kong to back off from Abyss. Kong isn’t fazed and continues to stare down Abyss. Saeed slaps Abyss and Abyss smiles. Abyss then grabs Saeed and gives her the Black Hole Slam. Abyss then grabs Taylor Wilde and carries her to the back.

– Part 3 of Booker T’s homecoming to Houston, Texas is shown. Footage is shown of Booker’s restaurant. Booker calls himself a brand in Houston.
– A video package runs looking at the history of Ultimate X in TNA Wrestling.
– Back live, we see the Ultimate X structure being put up around the TNA ring.

World X Cup Tournament – Ultimate X Match
Kaz (Team TNA) vs. Naruki Doi (Team Japan) vs. Volador Jr. (Team Mexico) vs. Daivari (Team International)

Just a reminder that the standings right now are Team TNA with 6 points, Team Japan with 4 points and Team International and Team Mexico with 3 points.

The bell rings and all four men begin brawling. Kaz takes out Naruki Doi and then jumps right up on the cables. Daivari pulls him down and Kaz gets in a few rights. Daivari is up top and Kaz sends him into the steel structure holding up Ultimate X. Kaz is back up on the cables and pull Kaz down. Kaz takes out Doi and Volador, Jr. takes out Kaz with a hurcanrana. Doi with a big boot to Volador Jr. Volador Jr. with a head scissors takedown on Doi. Kaz then clotheslines Volador Jr. out goes back up top when Daivari pulls him down. Daivari sends Kaz into the ring barricade and wraps his arm around it to apply more pressure. Volador goes to work on the arm of Kaz. Daivari goes to work on Kaz’s left arm as well and gets an assist from Doi who goes up top, but takes out Daivari with a sledgehammer instead. Kaz fights off the attacks and goes back up to the top. Kaz reaches for the cables, but falls off favoring his left arm. Daivari and Volador Jr. attack Kaz in the corner. Doi goes to do the same when he stops and flips them off. Doi with a big boot on Daivari and a huge flip summersault into Kaz in the corner! Daivari and Doi are both at the top of the Ultimate X structure and Doi gets tossed off to the ground!

Daivari is up on the cables, but Volador Jr. pulls him down. Big arm drag by Volador Jr. on Daivari and then he goes up top. Volador Jr. is on the cables, gets near the X and Doi takes him out when he was launched up in the air by Kaz. Doi positions Kaz against the ropes and hits a huge dropkick to the chest. Doi is now up on the cables going backwards towards the X. Kaz is up and he puts his legs above the head of Doi. Doi gets kicked off the cables by Kaz. Kaz and Volador Jr. are near the X. Kaz knocks Volador Jr. down. Kaz is down. Daivari is up near the middle and Volador Jr. powerbombs him off! All four men are down as the crowd starts a loud “TNA” chant. Doi and Volador Jr. catch themselves with a double cross-body. Doi is up on the cables climbing to the middle. Volador Jr. then dropkicks Doi off the ropes. Volador Jr. with a huge moonsault off the top turnbuckle taking out Doi on the outside! Kaz and Daivari are climbing up the Ultimate X structure. They are both at the top exchanging elbows and teasing they will fall off. Kaz gets tied up at the top with his arm. Daivari slides down and climbs across the cable. Kaz stands up on the top of the Ultimate X structure, jumps and connects with a HUGE leg drop on Daivari off the cables!

After this takes place, Volador Jr. jumps up on the cables and climbs across to the middle to grab the “X” and get the victory for Team Mexico. Team Mexico has won the 2008 World X Cup Tournament.

Winner: Volador Jr. (Team Mexico)

Winners of the 2008 World X Cup Tournament: Team Mexico

In the ring, Mike Tenay presents the 2008 World X Cup Tournament trophy to Team Mexico. Willie Urbina does translations for all members of Team Mexico.

– Part 4 of Booker T’s homecoming to Houston, Texas is shown. Footage is shown of Booker on a golf course.
– Frank Trigg is on commentary with Mike Tenay and Don West at ringside.
– A video package runs hyping tonight’s Six Man War featuring AJ Styles, Christian Cage & Rhino vs. Kurt Angle & Team 3D.
– Jeremy Borash announces that Full Metal Mayhem (Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Chains) will be the stipulation tonight as a result of the fan vote on earlier tonight.

Full Metal Mayhem Match

Kurt Angle & Team 3D vs. AJ Styles, Christian Cage & Rhino

Kurt Angle caught AJ Styles with a big right hand as Styles was walking down the ramp for his entrance. Christian Cage then goes after Brother Ray and chokes him on the announce table. Brother Devon goes after Rhino against the ring barricade. Styles with a huge summersault flip over the top rope taking out Angle and Brother Devon! In the ring, Styles levels Devon with a big dropkick. Styles then takes out Devon over the top rope. Angle is in the ring with Rhino and Rhino plants Angle with a huge spinebuster. Brother Ray hits the ring and takes out Rhino with a big clothesline. Cage brings in a trash can and nails Ray with it two times. Ray with a huge back body drop on Cage. Styles with a springboard elbow taking out Ray. Styles hits Ray with a few rights when Devon takes him out with force. 3D plants Styles face first into the ring after Styles had dodged an initial attack with an impressive springboard flip. 3D is taken out with a ladder. Angle brings a steel chair in and levels Rhino with it. Angle puts a ladder against the bottom rope. Angle with a overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Cage right on top of the ladder! 3D sandwich Rhino with a double-ladder shot.

Styles sets up a ladder, jumps off the top and catches Ray with a huge cross-body! Cover by Styles, but the referee gets pulled out by Devon. Devon grabs Styles and takes him out with a big right. Angle hits Styles with a big right as well. Devon holds Styles and Angle gets in a few rights. Cage is up on the top of the Ultimate X structure and takes out Angle and 3D with a huge triple-cross-body! Cage grabs a ladder and Ray uses a steel chair to hit the ladder taking out Cage. Ray cracks the steel chair over the back of Styles. Rhino with three huge Gore’s on Ray, Angle and Devon! Rhino has Devon up on the top turnbuckle after setting up a table nearby. Ray hits Rhino over the back to interfere. Ray puts Rhino on his shoulders. Devon is up, jumps and sends Rhino right through the table! Frank Trigg laughs loudly after this takes place. It looks like Devon may have rolled his ankle during the impressive spot. Cage with a double clotheslines on 3D. Angle misses a charge on Cage and Cage goes for the Unprettier. Angle counters, misses an Angle Slam, but then gets the Ankle Lock applied on Cage. Cage counters into a quick pinfall that results in a close two count. Cage with a quick inverted DDT on Angle.

Cage is up top, Angle springs up, Cage bites his head, Angle falls, Devon low blows Cage, Cage falls towards Devon who sends Cage into Ray and they connect with a 3D through a table at ringside! Styles with a big right hand on Angle, but Ray hits him with a trash fan. Angle picks up Styles, but Angle takes out Devon by accident and Styles kicks Angle in the back of the head. Ray with a huge superkick on Styles. Ray looks at the camera and yells, “Bet you didn’t know I had that one did ya!” Ray sets a table up in the corner and then chops Styles. Styles comes back with chops of his own. Devon slides another table into the ring. Ray puts Styles on the table, goes up to the top, Styles jumps off and low blows Ray. Styles then grabs Ray by the shirt and drives him hard through the table! Styles then sends Devon into the table in the corner! Styles then connects with the Styles Clash on Angle, cover, 1…2…Angle kicks out! Johnny Devine is in the ring with a kendo stick, misses a shot on Styles and Styles hits the Pele Kick on him. Styles grabs the kendo stick and cracks it over the head of Devine. Styles points the stick at Trigg. Angle grabs Styles and hits the Angle Slam. Cover by Angle and Styles somehow kicks out!

Angle leaves the ring and puts another table inside. Angle levels Styles with a big uppercut and then sets a ladder up near a corner. Angle pushes the referee into the corner and referee Earl Hebner grabs his ankle in pain. Angle attempts an Angle Slam on the table on Styles, but Styles counters out of it and plants Angle on the table. Frank Trigg says, “Enough of this crap.” Trigg hits the ring with a kendo stick and cracks it over the head of Styles who was climbing up the ladder. Angle climbs up and gives Styles an Angle Slam off the ladder through the table. Angle hooks the leg on Styles and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Kurt Angle & Team 3D

After the match, Frank Trigg smiles from the bottom of the entrance ramp as Kurt Angle gets to his feet and points to Trigg smiling. Angle celebrates the win as we see a shot of Styles through the smashed table. Angle hugs Brother Ray as we head to the back.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA World Champion Samoa Joe. Borash said everyone is here tonight for Booker T in his hometown and most people think Joe doubts he can actually beat Booker. Samoa Joe says the only doubt created was by Kevin Nash. Joe said Booker would have to take his life to take this belt off his shoulder. Kevin Nash walks up and extends his hand saying he is in his corner. Joe believes him, but says if he really is his partner, he asks for one favor, no matter what happens, you stay back here. Nash agrees and said he will stay in the back tonight. Joe and Nash shake hands.
– They played brief video packages for the challenger Booker T and the champion Samoa Joe.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Booker T

Pretty big reaction for Booker T in his hometown crowd. They showed Sharmell at ringside with Booker’s PWA students. Some fairly loud boo’s for Samoa Joe during his entrance (he even had some trash thrown at him as he walked down the ramp). Jeremy Borash did ring introductions for the challenger Booker T and the champion Samoa Joe.

The bell rings and both Samoa Joe and Booker T stare each other down. They back off and a loud “BOOKER T” chant starts up. Joe moves forward with a few left hands. Booker catches Joe with a slap to the face. Lock up and Booker backs Joe into the corner. Chop by Booker to Joe and an elbow. Joe fights back with some chops of his own. Booker with more chops as well. Joe nails Booker face first off the corner and gets booed loudly. Wow, this is sure different. Big chops by Joe on Booker followed by a body charge. Joe then catches Booker with a big kick to the head that sends Booker to the ground. Joe headbutts Booker, but Booker comes back with a rake to the eyes. Booker with a chop, irish whip, misses an axe kick and Joe responds with a huge jumping knee. Joe covers Booker and gets a quick two count. A loud “LETS GO BOOKER, LETS GO” chant starts up as Joe starts to play the heel more and work Booker on the ground with some boots. Joe with a snapmare take down and a slap to the back. Joe nails Booker face first off the corner, but Booker counters and sends Joe to the outside through the ropes. The two exchange shots on the outside and Booker sends Joe into the ring barricade. Booker then clotheslines Joe on the outside as well.

Booker then grabs Joe and sends him face first into the steel steps. Joe is busted open at this point as Booker catches him with some right hands as they head back into the ring. Booker with a big side kick on Joe as the blood continues to pour down Joe’s face. Cover by Booker, but only a two count. Booker with a big right hand that sends Joe to the mat. Booker mounts Joe and gets in some right hands. Booker picks up Joe, misses an axe kick, Joe with an atomic drop, big boot, but misses a body splash. Booker catches Joe with an axe kick, hooks the leg, but Joe kicks out after two. Booker with a few big chops to Joe. Booker with a big kick to the head, hooks the leg and again Joe gets a shoulder up after two. Booker and Joe exchange elbows on their feet. Joe with a huge knee to the face on Booker coming off the ropes. A bloody Joe gets to his feet, catches Booker with an elbow, big boot and a huge dropkick off the second rope. Cover by Joe and Booker kicks out after two. Joe catches Booker with a quick powerslam, but Booker kicks out after two. Blood is still pouring down Joe’s face as both men are down. Joe chops Booker, hits the ropes, Booker catches him for a Book End, but Joe counters into a T-Bone Suplex.

Joe covers Booker and gets another two count. Joe puts Booker up on the top rope, but Booker slides off and drives some knees into the gut of Joe. Booker misses an axe kick, goes off the ropes and hits the referee taking him out. Joe backs up, Booker rolls over, gets to his feet and Joe levels him with a huge clothesline using his left arm. Joe picks up Booker and throws him over the top rope to the outside. Joe grabs Booker and chops him against the ring barricade near Sharmell. Joe puts Booker on a chair, backs up, runs and slams his foot across Booker’s face. The fans boo as Joe looks at Sharmell. Joe sends Booker face first into the steel ring post. Sharmell yells at Joe to stop. Sharmell then slaps Joe. Joe then takes out some of the PWA wrestling school students at ringside. Joe grabs Booker and rolls him back into the ring. Booker is busted open over his forehead at this point. We have a new referee as Joe works on the bloody head of Booker. A third referee hits the ring and they tell Joe to stop. Joe clotheslines one of the referee’s and then gives another referee a DDT. Joe then goes back and works on the head of Booker. Sharmell leaves her seat when TNA officials come from the back to try and make Joe stop.

Joe grabs Booker and slams him down hard in the corner. TNA Security hit the ring and Joe takes them all out. Sharmell hits the ring and she tells Joe to stop. Joe picks up Booker and applies the rear naked choke. Sharmell screams for help when Sting’s music hits. Sting appears at the top of the ramp and heads to the ring with his bat in hand. Joe stares down Sting, turns his back on him and then goes back to hitting Booker with right hands. Sting tells Joe he is taking it too far. Sting grabs Joe and tells him to come to his senses. Joe leaves the ring as Sting heads back up the ramp. Joe then stops, hits the ring and goes back to work on Booker T. Sting hits the ring, pulls Joe off and said he made his point. Joe flips off Sting. Sting then hits Joe with his bat in the gut and then over the back. Booker then draps his arm over Joe and Sharmell counts to three. Sting stares down at Joe as Booker T and Sharmell roll out of the ring. Sharmell grabs the TNA World Title and puts it over his shoulder. Mike Tenay said Booker T didn’t beat Samoa Joe, but he now has possession of the TNA World Title.

Winner: No Contest

The PPV goes off the air with Sting leaving the ring as we see a shot of a bloody Samoa Joe in the ring and Booker T and Sharmell walking up the ramp with the TNA World Title over the shoulder of Booker T.

Source: Adam Martin,


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