Turning Point

May 20, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, December 2, 2007 in Orlando, FL

– The TNA promo hit.
– Backstage, we see the Angle Alliance. AJ Styles asks Kurt Angle why he refused to join up with Christian Cage as well. Angle agrees to the idea, but said Cage had to play by his own rules.
– A video package airs hyping tonight’s PPV with a Christmas theme.

– Team 3D & Johnny Devine defeated The Motor City Machineguns & TNA X Division Champion Jay “Black Machismo” Lethal in a Six Man Tag Team Tables Match. There are lots of tables setup at ringside. Big spot early on saw Shelley, Sabin and Lethal all dive over the top rope and take out Team 3D and Devine. 3D slid a table into the ring and it hit Lethal who was standing at ringside. Shelley and Sabin responded by dropkicking the table into the face of 3D. Shelley and Sabin also went after Devine with some double-team moves. Ray moved a table that was setup when Sabin and Lethal hit Brother Devon with a suplex. 3D took out Shelley and Sabin later on with a big double-team slam and leg drop. They did a referee bump when Lethal charged at Ray, but Ray moved and Lethal took out the referee. Lethal got a kendo stick and started hitting Devine with it, but Devine on a table and then connected with the flying elbow from the top to break the table. The finish saw 3D take out Lethal, Shelley and Sabin with the X Title and 3D put Devine on top of Lethal over the broken table when the referee came to, so the referee gave the win to 3D and Devine.

– Backstage, Crystal was with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Hall hasn’t arrived to the PPV yet. Nash assured Joe that Hall would be there. He then started joking about how the only reason he was hanging out with Kurt Angle was to be around his wife Karen. Joe took the mic and said the critics of Nash are true. He said when Hall shows up and he wants to get serious, he can find him in his locker room. Nash called Joe a super serious Samoan.

– Angelina Love & Velvet Sky defeated ODB & Roxxi Laveaux. Tenay and West had a conversation about what ODB stood for (One Dirty Bitch). During the match, Sky gave ODB a wedgy. ODB gave the referee a wedgy as well. ODB put Sky in a tree of woe in the corner and stepped on her. Sky and Love give Roxxi a double Russian Leg Sweep to get the win. The finish saw Love kick Roxxi as Sky held her to get the win.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle as Angle goes to confront Christian Cage. Borash tries to get Angle to calm down by doing a breathing technique. He said he learned it from Karen. Kurt tells him to stay away from his wife. Angle goes in and talks with Cage, saying he and Roode can join the Alliance. Angle talked about how they don’t have to like each other, but that they could co-exist and that he would be the leader of the group. Cage said that all sounds good except for the last part. Cage left and told Roode to follow his lead. Roode called Cage an asshole when he left, to which Ms. Brooks said that it takes one to know one.

– Eric Young defeated James Storm. They worked an angle before the match where Jackie Moore didn’t allow Storm to have any beer before the match. When Young got in a series of offense on Storm during the match, Tenay and West wondered if it had to do with Storm not getting his usual dose of beer. The action spilled to the outside of the ring and Storm worked on Young’s shoulder against the ring post. Storm then continued to work on Young’s shoulder for the rest of the match. Storm attempted a superkick, but Young countered and hit a powerslam. The finish saw Jackie try to spit beer in the face of Young, but Young dodged it and she spit it in Storm’s face instead. Storm then took the beer bottle, drank some of it and then tried to hit Young, but the referee took it away and Young rolled up Storm for the win. Orlando crowd was really into the match.

– Mike Tenay and Don West previewed the rest of the card tonight.
– Backstage, Crystal was with LAX. Homicide was upset about TNA not giving them a title shot lately and that they are going to start taking what they want. Crystal brought up the Latino Nation member taking out Christy Hemme recently and how that may not have helped matters.
– The “Feast or Fired” match is up next. Four briefcases will be hanging from four corners of the ring and the winner must get the briefcase and have possession by having their feet planted on the floor. The TNA stars involved include: Senshi, Elix Skipper, Christopher Daniels, Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy, Lance Hoyt, Jimmy Rave, Petey Williams, Chris Harris, BG James, Kip James, Homicide, Hernandez and Scott Steiner. They are going to reveal whats inside of the briefcases this Thursday on Impact.

– Petey Williams, BG James, Senshi & Scott Steiner won the “Feast or Fired” Match. TNA described this as an anything-goes brawl. Petey Williams got the first case. Kip James took down the next case and tossed it to BG James on the outside of the ring. Senshi got the third case after he was launched into the corner by Hernandez. Christopher Daniels got the last case, but dropped it before he could reach the floor. Kip James took down Daniels and then Scott Steiner grabed the case and got to the outside to get the win. As noted earlier, the Pay Per View paying audience has to wait until Thursday on Impact to find out what is inside of the cases – being either title shots or a pink slip.

– Backstage, Crystal was with TNA Women’s Champion Gail Kim. Kim said she takes pride in being the Women’s champion of TNA and that Kong only cares about hurting people. She said Kong was going to have to kill her to take the title away from her.

– Gail Kim defeated Awesome Kong via DQ; Kim retains the TNA Women’s Championship. You wouldn’t believe how over this match was with the Orlando crowd. Probably got the biggest reaction so far all night. Early on, Kong sent Kim to the outside and right into the announce table. Back in the ring, Kong applied a Camel Clutch on Kim. Kim mounted an offense of dropkicks taking down Kong. The finish saw Kong choke Kim in the corner. The referee tried to stop her, but Kong pushed the referee away and he called for the bell. Kong went crazy when she was DQ’ed and gave the referee a powerbomb. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love hit the ring to help Kim. Kong took out Sky and then punched a steel chair that Love brought into her face. Kong then gave Kim a powerbomb over the steel chair. The Orlando crowd called for ODB to run out.

– Backstage, Kurt Angle tells AJ Styles that his meeting with Christian Cage didn’t go well at all. Styles said he couldn’t function without Christian and tells Angle he is done with the Alliance. Karen then offers an idea to talk to Samoa Joe to turn on Nash and Hall since he is upset with them. Kurt said that might work and leaves to go talk to him.

– Abyss & Raven defeated Black Reign & Rellik in a 10,000 Tacks Match. Mike Tenay and Don West mentioned that Rhino was injured and that Raven would be taking his place tonight. All four brawled on the outside to begin the match. Early on, Abyss attempted to chokeslam Reign through a table of tacks but was unsuccessful. Abyss later busted open Reign with his “Darkness Falls” weapon. Rellik later shoved tacks into the mouth of Raven. Abyss and Raven later took out Reign and Rellik with kendo stick shots. Big spot saw Raven send Reign through a table full of tacks. In the ring, Rellik dumped out a bag full of tacks. Abyss attempted to chokeslam Rellik on the tacks, but Rellik spit a mist into the eyes of Abyss to counter. The finish then saw Abyss catch Rellik with a Black Hole Slam on the tacks to get the pinfall.

– Backstage, Kurt Angle confronts Samoa Joe and said Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are only using him to get over in TNA since they are old and can’t go anymore. Joe listened to what Angle said and they teased Joe turning on Hall and Nash later tonight.
– Backstage, Crystal is with Booker T and she talks about him having a “bullseye” on him since he debuted in TNA. Booker talked about facing Christian before many times and knowing him well. He talks about Bobby Roode having a good future in TNA, but that tonight it wouldn’t go his way. Sharmell said his name is Robert Roode. Booker said whatever.

– Booker T & Kaz defeated Christian Cage & Robert Roode. Very good match between these four. Match kicked off with Cage and Kaz exchanging chops. Double-teaming by Cage and Roode later on Booker. Kaz got the hot tag and took out Cage and Roode with a dropkick. Big spot saw Kaz hit a big flip over the top rope on Cage and Roode on the outside. They showed the Robert Roode fan in the crowd looking on. Kaz took out Cage and Roode with a big double-reverse DDT and tagged in Booker. Cage dodged an Axe Kick attempt by Booker. Booker took out Cage with a dropkick from the top rope. The finish saw Roode try to take out Booker with a steel chair, but Roode took out Cage by accident. Kaz hit Roode with a dropkick to the outside and Booker connected with the Axe Kick on Cage for the pinfall. After the match, Cage and Roode argue and then start to brawl. AJ Styles runs out and breaks it up.

– Backstage, Kevin Nash informs Samoa Joe that Scott Hall still hasn’t arrived to the PPV. Joe, who is still upset, asks if Hall was too drunk to start his car and come to the event. Nash assures Joe he will have his back tonight. Joe tells Nash he is going to get some back up tonight.
– Before the match, Samoa Joe got on the mic and informed the fans in Orlando that Scott Hall no-showed tonight’s PPV. Joe talked about the difference in wrestlers at TNA – the ones who bust their asses every night and the others who just come in for money. Joe tells Hall to kiss his ass and said he didn’t care if he upset TNA for what he was saying. Joe then talked about talking to all the wrestlers backstage and asking who wanted to be in the main event. He picked Eric Young and they teased that Joe will only tag in Young since he is upset with Nash.

– Samoa Joe, Eric Young & Kevin Nash defeated The Angle Alliance (TNA World Champion Kurt Angle & TNA World Tag Team Champions AJ Styles & Tomko) in a Six Man Tag Team Match. The match kicked off with Joe and Styles. Joe took the action to the ground and then tagged in Eric Young. Kurt Angle got the tag as well, but Young quickly tagged in Kevin Nash. Angle bailed and tagged in Tomko. Tomko and Nash traded shots. They continued to bring up how Joe and Nash wouldn’t be tagging each other in. Styles attempted a suplex off the top on Young, but Young countered into a faceplant and tagged in Nash. Joe and Young brawled with Styles and Tomko on the outside, while Angle applied the Ankle Lock on Nash in the ring. Joe came in and Angle yelled at him not to do it. Joe still took out Angle and Nash gave Angle a powerbomb. The finish then saw Young assist and setup a Muscle Buster by Joe on Tomko to get the pinfall. After the match, Joe and Young celebrated the win as Nash walked off to the back.

– A promo airs for the Final Resolution PPV on January 6.

credit: Adam Martin, wrestleview.com


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thumbs down – 29%

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Best match?

6 Man Tables Match – 8%

Knockouts Tag Team Match – 5%

Storm v. Storm – 3%

Feast or Fired – 9%

Knockouts Championship Match – 22%

Match of 10,000 Tacks – 21%

Cage & Roode v. Kaz & Booker T – 21%

Main Event 6 Man Tag – 11%

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