No Surrender

May 20, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


TNA No Surrender PPV Results – 9/20/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz
Report by: Adam Martin of

– The TNA promo hits.

– A video package opens highlighting how nice things could be in TNA, but in reality they are the exact opposite. Events leading into the top matches tonight are shown including the main event of Kurt Angle defending the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Matt Morgan, AJ Styles and Sting.

– A graphic opening hits welcoming us to No Surrender. We go live to the Impact Zone in Orlando where a series of pyro goes off in the entrance area.

– A graphic of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Tournament hits the screen and Taz says that match is up next to crown the first ever TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

Finals of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament
Taylor Wilde & Sarita vs. The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne)

Before the match started, referee Mark “Slick” Johnson was sent to the back by referee Earl Hebner due to Johnson favoring The Beautiful People in the past. The bell rings and Sarita lays out Velvet Sky. Roll up by Sarita on Sky and she gets a two count. Sarita with a backslide pin and another two count. Another nearfall by Sarita that Rayne breaks up. Tag to Taylor Wilde who is flipped back onto Sky that results in a two count. Wilde drops a few elbows and tags in Sarita who drops a big elbow of her own. Sarita with a dropkick into Rayne and Wilde hits a german suplex into a bridge to get the pinfall.

Winners & NEW TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Taylor Wilde & Sarita

– At ringside, Tenay and Taz rundown the card scheduled for tonight.

– Backstage, Lauren is with the first ever TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Taylor Wilde and Sarita. Wilde said she knew they had great chemistry and now they are champions. Sarita said they plan on having these belts for a really long time.

– A video package runs highlighting the events between Hernandez and The World Elite leading into tonights match between Hernandez and Eric Young.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Eric Young and The World Elite. He asks what makes Young feel Hernandez will actually join The World Elite. Kiyoshi pushes JB aside and asks the same question to Young. Young said Hernandez has no choice but to join them since they are his family. He said he isn’t even dressing to wrestle tonight because he is that confident. Young asks Hernandez to take his best shot at him if he disagrees.

Eric Young vs. Hernandez

Hernandez hits the ring and starts attacking Eric Young right away. Hernandez powers Young with a huge shoulder block in the corner sending Young over and to the outside. Hernandez tosses Young back inside and gives him a big headbutt to the sternum. Hernandez lifts Young up and hits a huge Border Toss. Hernandez covers Young and gets the quick pinfall.

Winner: Hernandez

After the match, Hernandez grabs his World Title shot briefcase and heads to the back immediately.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Matt Morgan and how he stated earlier that tonight is every man for himself. Morgan said tonight is about violence and that the head games are all gone. He said tonight is all about him and Kurt Angle despite the involvement of Sting and AJ Styles. Morgan said tonight is The Olympic Gold Medalist vs. The Blueprint.

– A video package runs highlighting the events between Samoa Joe and Daniels leading into tonights match for the TNA X Division Championship.

TNA X Division Championship
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Daniels

The bell rings and both men circle the ring. Lock up and Joe pushes Daniels to the corner. Daniels then moves and gets in a few rights on Joe. Daniels with a few shots and two dropkicks to Joe. Joe stays up and then takes out Daniels with a huge shoulder block. Joe with some big shots to Daniels in the corner. Joe keeps Daniels down and then puts him up on the top turnbuckle. Daniels jumps off and takes out Joe with a big huracanrana. Daniels follows that up with a big suicide dive on Joe. Daniels with a drop toe hold on Joe and then drops his knee over the back of Joe’s head. Daniels with right hands to Joe up on the turnbuckle. Daniels goes up top, but Joe catches him in mid air and slams him back down with a modified Rock Bottom. Joe dropsa knee over the head of Daniels, covers and gets a two count. Joe works over the shoulder of Daniels cutting off the nerves. Daniels fights to his feet and hits a few elbows to Joe. Daniels hits the rope, but Joe levels him with a big back elbow. Joe with a huge snap powerslam on Daniels that results in a two count. Joe with some jabs and chops to Daniels. Daniels fights back with a big kick to the head. Daniels with big slaps to the face of Joe, misses a chop and then levels Joe with a big jumping leg lariat. Daniels with a bulldog from the corner.

Daniels then goes up top and connects with a big leg drop. Daniels then connects with a split leg springboard moonsault off the top rope onto Joe. Daniels stays on the outside, but takes a big shot from Joe and Joe sends Daniels shoulder first into the steel steps. Joe clips Daniels who is standing up on the ring apron. Joe is back inside the ring, drags Daniels out and gets in a few kicks to the taped knee of Daniels. Daniels with right hands fighting back, Joe cathces Daniels as he comes off the ropes and then drops Daniels down on his knees in the middle of the ring in something real unquie. Joe with big kicks to the leg of Daniels and a roll through into a knee bar. Daniels is able to reach out and get to the bottom rope to break it up. Joe with a big powerbomb into a pinfall that Daniels kicks out of and Joe rolls that over into an STF. Joe then breaks the hold and goes into single leg Boston Crab. Daniels again reaches out and gets the bottom rope. Joe with more kicks to the bad knee of Daniels against the turnbuckle. Daniels is able to get in a brief comeback dropping Joe on his head. Daniels with clotheslines, dropkick and spin kick on Joe. Daniels trips Joe up in the corner and comes off top with a big clothesline leading to a two count with the pinfall attempt.

Daniels with a codebreaker on Joe, hooks the leg and Joe kicks out after two. Joe blocks Daniels and hits a half nelson back suplex, covers and Daniels gets a shoulder up. Joe is shocked that Daniels got a shoulder up. Daniels attempts a BME, but crashes down on his bad knee and Joe catches him with a kick to the head. Joe has Daniels up for a Muscle Buster, Daniels counters off, goes for an Angel’s Wings, Joe counters that, Daniels counters Joe, Joe counters out and gets in a rear naked choke. Joe falls to his back with the choke still locked in, Daniels is reaching out for the ropes, but has no choice and taps out.

Winner & STILL TNA X Division Champion: Samoa Joe

After the match, we see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, we see Samoa Joe celebrating on the ramp posing for the camera with the TNA X Division Championship. We see a shot of Daniels recovering in the ring staring down Joe.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley. Foley is upset and reveals to JB that the “Tweak and Tweet Connection” picture has been ruined. JB assures him that he has copies, but Foley said you should never ruin an original. Foley will announce Abyss vs. KeviN Nash match with the $50,000 Bounty against the TNA Legends Championship later tonight.

– A video package runs highlighting the recent events between “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero and Suicide. We get a special PPV “bonus match” tonight between Dinero and Suicide in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

– Backstage, Lauren is with “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero and said that due to an outcry from fans they are having a rematch tonight from this past week’s TNA Impact. Dinero gets upset about what “the fans” think and decides to take a drink from some Stacker 2. Suicide is then seen behind him and starts attacking Dinero. We go live to the Impact Zone where the referee calls for the bell and runs to the back.

Falls Count Anywhere
“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. Suicide

We go to a shot backstage of Dinero and Suicide brawling. Dinero gets the upperhand and slams Suicide on top of some production boxes. Dinero then climbs up an area with stacked boxes and drops a big elbow over Suicide. Dinero favors his elbow in pain and then covers Suicide resulting in a two count. Suicide is fighting back sending Dinero into the wall. Suicide with a small package that results in a two count on Dinero. More brawling between the two and Dinero gives Suicide a headbutt. Suicide fights back giving Dinero a back body suplex into a dumpster. Suicide covers Dinero and gets a two count. Suicide dumps Dinero into a crane. Taz adds, “How much stuff do we have backstage? A crane? A dumpster? Red headed referees?” Nice. Dinero gets in a golf cart and drives right at Suicide who dodges him and wraps on a rear naked choke. Dinero breaks free and runs away. Dinero is trying to crawl up a fence and gets to the top when Suicide stops him. Suicide pulls down the pants of Dinero and then pulls him back down right into a series of boards on the ground. Suicide covers Dinero and gets a two count. Suicide places Dinero on a cart and hits a quick bodyslam for a two count. Taz said he feels like he is watching a Ric Flair match. The two head into the backstage area of the Impact Zone as the cameras follow.

They appear in front of the crowd finally and Dinero sends Suicide into the timekeepers bell. Dinero rings the bell right over the head of Suicide and Suicide grabs his head falling back. Dinero yells out, “Nothing wrong with a little bit of Jinge Bells.” Suicide blocks a shot from Dinero and tosses him back in the ring. Dinero catches Suicide with a knee, but Suicide recovers and hits a springboard dropkick. Suicide with a hook of the leg and Dinero kicks out after two. Suicide with a dive over the top to Dinero on the outside. Dinero slides back in the ring and Suicide is pulling a table from out under the ring. Dinero kicks the table into the chest of Suicide who goes flying back. Dinero sets the table up near the entrance ramp. Dinero levels Suicide with a big kick and then hits a big suplex over the ramp. Cover and Suicide kicks out after two. Dinero is dragging Suicide towards the table, hooks him in a suplex, Suicide counters and hits Dinero with a big right hand. Suicide with a clothesline on Dinero and a cover that results in a two count. Suicide attempts his finisher, but Dinero counters and hits Suicide backing him to the edge of the entrance ramp. Dinero takes his knee pads down backing up, but Suicide runs forward and hits a huge dropkick on Dinero.

Dinero is favoring his elbow as Suicide goes backstage and pulls out another table. Suicide sets the table up near the heel tunnel. Suicide puts Dinero on his shoulders, attempts a rolling senton into the table, but Dinero counters. Suicide has Dinero back up and hits the rolling senton over the top of the ramp. Suicide grabs Dinero and puts him on top of the table. Suicide looks up and crawls up to the top of the babyface tunnel. Suicide jumps attempting a flying leg drop, but Dinero moves and Suicide crashes through the table. Dinero falls over the top of Suicide and the referee counts the pinfall.

Winner: “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

After the match, we see highlights leading to the finish.

– A video package runs highlighting the events between ODB and Cody Deaner over the TNA Knockouts Championship.

TNA Knockouts Championship
ODB vs. Cody Deaner

The bell rings and ODB rubs Cody’s “King of the Knockouts” shirt over her crotch. She does the same to his hat and gets in a few slaps to the face. Daner misses a chop to the chest and ODB gets in a series of her own. ODB with more slaps to Deaner. Deaner gives ODB a low blow, but he realizes there is nothing to hit and ODB levels him with a big clothesline. Deaner rolls to the outside, ODB goes up top, jumps and takes out Deaner. ODB throws Deaner face first into the ring. ODB pulls Deaner away and does this a second time. ODB rolls Deaner back in the ring, catches him with a big boot, but Deaner pulls her down and ODB lands flat on her back. Deaner comes off top attempting a double sledgehammer, but ODB claws his crotch and then hits a body splash in the corner. ODB sends Deaner’s face into her crotch 12 times and hits a Lou Thesz Press into a pinfall resulting in a two count. Deaner rolls up ODB using the ropes, but the referee sees it and stops the pinfall. Deaner gets in a fight with the referee and the referee slaps him back leading into a close roll up by ODB. ODB with a sunset flip on Deaner, holds on and grabs the ropes. He yells at the referee calling him an idiot and to break it up. The referee kicks Deaner’s hands away and ODB gets another roll up for a close two count. Deaner with a big right hand on ODB, hooks the leg and ODB gets a shoulder up. Deaner goes up top, jumps and misses a splash. ODB with a TKO from her shoulders on Deaner and gets the pinfall.

Winner & NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: ODB

After the match, we see highlights leading to the finish. ODB said there was no way she was going to let Cody Deaner win this title. She said this was for all the broads in the back, the TNA fans and all of her fans in prison!

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle and mentions Matt Morgan can’t wait to get his hands on him tonight in the main event in addition to Sting and AJ Styles. Angle said Morgan is big, bad and brainless. He said if height and body mass were the true test of a champion then Morgan would have been champion by now. Angle said he could have made Morgan a somebody, but now he won’t live up to his potential. He said as far as Sting and AJ Styles goes, he loves a fairytale like everyone else, but tonight will not have a happy ending.

$50,000 Bounty vs. TNA Legends Championship
Abyss vs. TNA Legends Champion Kevin Nash

Mick Foley walked out and is joining Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary. Foley added that what happened on Impact with Abyss interfering in his match with Kevin Nash was a “minor bump on the friendship highway.” The referee had a bag with the $50,000 Bounty inside as Kevin Nash entered the ring. Taz added, “Hey, there is the red headed referee with the red bag!”

The bell rings and Kevin Nash goes after Abyss with some big shots and big elbows. Abyss makes a brief comeback, but gets leveled with a big clothesline from Nash. Nash drives his knees into the body of Abyss in the corner. Nash chokes Abyss with his boot in the corner. Taz and Foley are having fun on commentary as Taz got in a mention of Foley feeling his pain of being yelled at in your headset. On the outside, Nash sends Abyss face first into the steel steps. Nash grabs a steel chair from the timekeepers area and misses a shot on Abyss hitting the steel ring post instead. Abyss fights back sending Nash face first into the guard railing. As Abyss got back in the ring, he turns back and sees Dr. Stevie sitting at the top of the ramp sitting down on a steel chair. Nash then catches Abyss with a big boot in the middle of the ring. Nash props Abyss up in the corner and hits some big knees to the body. Nash drops an elbow over Abyss two times, hooks the leg and Abyss gets a shoulder up after two. Abyss with a big flying clothesline on Nash as he came off the ropes. Abyss with a body splash in the corner on Nash and a big side slam into a pin that results in a two count. Dr. Stevie leaves his chair and heads to the ringside area. The red headed referee cuts Dr. Stevie off from getting any closer. We then see Daffney in the ring with a taser. Abyss gives her a Black Hole Slam. Abyss sees the taser, picks it up and Dr. Stevie runs in taking it away. Dr. Stevie appeared to have given a steel chair to Nash as he walked by and Nash cracks the steel chair over the head of Abyss. The referee pushes Dr. Stevie back up the ramp, returns to the ring, counts the pinfall and Abyss kicks out. Nash drops the straps and calls for the end. Abyss counters a powerbomb attempt into a chokeslam, covers Nash and Nash somehow kicks out after two. Abyss then turns and yells at Mick Foley to give him the barbed wire bat that he brought to the ring. Foley said he will do it even though the referee can see it. Foley hands the bat to Abyss who grabs out for it, but Foley drops it as the referee pushes him away and Abyss’ fingers get caught up in the barbed wire. Nash then uses the taser on Abyss low blowing him and getting the pinfall.

Winner: Kevin Nash

After the match, the referee hands Kevin Nash the TNA Legends Championship and the bag full of $50,000. Dr. Stevie gets in the ring and takes the bag of money away trying to change the deal. Nash then gives Dr. Stevie a powerbomb and leaves with the money and his belt. Tenay and Taz note how Foley made sure it was hard to hand that bat to Abyss.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA World Tag Team Champions Booker T and Scott Steiner. Steiner cut another money promo saying he hates foreigners and how they don’t get along with members of The World Elite. Booker says something and promotes the Lethal Lockdown match tonight.

– A video package runs highlighting the Lethal Lockdown and tonights match involving Team 3D, Beer Money, TNA World Tag Team Champions Booker T & Scott Steiner and IWGP Tag Team Champions The British Invasion.

Lethal Lockdown
Team 3D & Beer Money vs. TNA World Tag Team Champions Booker T & Scott Steiner & IWGP Tag Team Champions The British Invasion

Note: This is actually an eight man tag team match featuring Team 3D & Beer Money vs. TNA World Tag Team Champions Booker T & Scott Steiner & IWGP Tag Team Champions The British Invasion despite it being listed otherwise on

Out first for The British Invasion is IWGP Tag Team Champion Doug Williams and Beer Money’s James Storm. Williams goes after Storm right away and Storm spits beer in the face of Williams. Storm sends Williams into the steel ring steps and inside the ring. Williams fights back with an uppercut. Williams sends Storm into the cage a few times until Storm fights back with a big right hand in the corner. Storm drops Williams with a big clothesline. Williams starts choking Storm with his t-shirt. Storm with a high back body drop on Williams. Storm with the Eye of the Storm on Williams. Storm blocks a suplex attempt from Williams and hits a big clothesline.

Time expires and out next is The British Invasion’s IWGP Tag Team Champion Brutus Magnus. Storm kicks the cage door into the face of Magnus. Magnus then opens the door and closes it into the face of Storm when Williams sent him in that direction. Magnus hits the ring and they double team Storm with a double arm takedown. Magnus and Williams send Storm face first into the cage and then drop knees and legs over his head. Storm is busted open at this point. Magnus hits some big rights to the forehead of Storm that is now busted open.

Time expires and out next is Beer Money’s Robert Roode. Roode storms the ring and drops Magnus and Williams with some right hands and clotheslines. Roode with a high back body drop on Williams and spinebuster on Magnus. Roode with kicks to Williams and takes an elbow from Williams when he charges. Roode with a catapult on Williams into Storm who hits Williams with a DDT. Beer Money double team Magnus with a snap of the neck and knee drop.Roode with an atomic drop on Magnus and backcracker by Storm. Roode sends Magnus and Storm into the side of the cage.

Time expires and out next is the Main Event Mafia’s TNA World Tag Team Champion Scott Steiner. Steiner with overhead belly-to-belly suplexes on Roode and Storm. Steiner with a Frankensteiner on Roode! Steiner and Magnus send Roode head first into the side of the cage. They do the same to Storm as well.

Time expires and out next is Team 3D’s Brother Devon. Devon levels Magnus and Williams with right hands. Devon with a shoulder block on Steiner and clothesline on Williams. Devon with a Lou Thesz Press with right hands on Magnus. Roode is choking Williams with his boot. Devon is working on Steiner in the corner choking using his boot. Devon and Roode hit a double clothesline on Steiner. Roode is choking Steiner on the mat.

Time expires and out next is the Main Event Mafia’s TNA World Tag Team Champion Booker T. Booker is taking his time and actually poses at the top. That was awesome. Booker hits the ring and takes out Roode with a big side kick and goes after Devon with big high knees. Booker with a big side kick on Devon. Booker with a superkick on Storm. Booker is pressing down on Roode’s head near the cage.

Time expires and out last is Team 3D’s Brother Ray. As Ray was coming down the entrance ramp, “Big” Rob Terry drills Ray sending him over the steel guard railing and into the crowd. Terry grabs a steel chair and cracks it over the back of Ray. Terry yells to have the top of the Lethal Lockdown lowered and the technician does so. The top of the cage has lowered and weapons are now legal. Magnus is using a crutch pressing down on the back of Devon’s head. On the outside, Ray cracks Terry with a steel chair and returns to the ring leveling people with chair shots. Devon pulls down a garbage can and places it over Booker T. Ray grabs a crutch and cracks it over the trash can over Booker. Magnus crawls up to the top of the Lethal Lockdown and Storm is following him up. Roode is now crawling up top and hits Magnus with a crutch. Roode and Storm give Magnus a double suplex over the top of the steel roof. They even do the “BBER!” and “MONEY!” salute up top. In the ring, Booker levels Ray with a Book End, cover and the pin gets broken up. Storm and Roode come down from the top and Booker takes out Williams. Roode and Storm hit the DWI on Williams and get the pinfall.

Winners: Beer Money & Team 3D

After the match, Team 3D and Beer Money celebrate their win in the ring.

– Backstage, Lauren is with Rhino and asks if he has any last minute comments. Rhino said Lashley didn’t make any pre-match comments because he is saving himself from embarassment. He said he doesn’t care what Lashley has done in MMA since “real men put on boots and fight.” Rhino said no gloves or kick pads will be allowed like in MMA. They wear kick pads in MMA? That is news to me. He said tonight he will rip Lashley in half with a Gore…Gore…Gore!

Bobby Lashley vs. Rhino

The bell rings and Rhino attempts the first shot, but Bobby Lashley counters and is taking out Rhino with big strikes in the corner. Lashley with a quick body splash on Rhino and snap suplex on Rhino. Cover and Rhino kicks out after two. Rhino catches Lashley with an elbow, but Lashley fires back with a big clothesline. Rhino rolls out and Lashley catches up with him hitting a few shots to the back. Rhino sends Lashley back first into the steel guard railing. They return to the ring and Rhino connects with a big spinebuster on Lashley that results in a two count. Rhino with forearm shots and kicks to Lashley in the corner. Rhino starts choking Lashley in the corner as well. Rhino with a shot to the lower back of Lashley. Rhino again chokes Lashley, but this time with his boot. Rhino with a big right hand that drops Lashley and Rhino continues to wear him down applying a chin lock. Lashley attempts a comeback, but Rhino again brings the action to the mat applying the chin lock. Lashley breaks up the chin lock, Rhino hits the ropes and Lashley drops him with a big spinning back elbow. Lashley with a hip toss on Rhino and back elbows. Lashley with shoulder charges to Rhino in the corner, lifts Rhino to his shoulders and drops to his knees. Rhino is busted open at this point. Lashley backs up, attempts a Spear, but he takes out the referee instead when Rhino moves. Rhino with a Gore on Lashley, hooks the leg, a new referee jumps in and Lashley barely kicks out after two. Rhino attempts another Gore, but Lashley drops Rhino with a big knockout punch. Lashley covers Rhino and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After the match, Bobby Lashley heads up the ramp slapping hands with some TNA fans celebrating his win.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with AJ Styles and Sting. JB asks Styles for comments. Styles said the only thing on his mind tonight is winning. He said when Sting woke him up, he promised to make no more excuses and prove he is the best at what he does. Sting asks AJ if he is ready and said it is showtime. He tells AJ to make sure tonight is the first day of the rest of their lives for one of them.

– A video package runs highlighting the events between Kurt Angle, Matt Morgan, Sting and AJ Styles heading into tonights main event for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

They did individual video packages for AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, Sting and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle before their entrances. Jeremy Borash did ring introductions for the challengers AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, Sting and the champion Kurt Angle.

During Kurt Angle’s introduction, Hernandez comes out and said he didn’t come to No Surrender to wrestle for five minutes. He announces he is cashing in his World Title shot briefcase right now. Kurt Angle leaves the ring and yells that this is supposed to be a four way.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angle (c) vs. Matt Morgan vs. Sting vs. AJ Styles vs. Hernandez

Hernandez shoves Angle down and then tosses him across the ring using his t-shirt. Hernandez has Angle up in a vertical suplex, holds him there for a good 20 seconds and then drops him down with force. Hernandez then clotheslines Angle over the top rope. They officially ring the bell and AJ and Sting take turns rolling up Morgan. Morgan fights back tossing Styles to the corner. On the outside, Hernandez suplexes Angle onto the entrance ramp. Hernandez has Angle up for a Border Toss as the top of the entrance ramp, but Eric Young runs out and uses a club chop blocking him. Young then gives Hernandez a piledriver on top of the ramp. Young stands up smiling and yelling down at Hernandez. In the ring, Morgan is working on Sting with a headlock. Sting breaks out and AJ and Sting take turns hitting right hands on Morgan. Styles and Sting give Morgan a double suplex. Morgan rolls out of the ring. We see a shot of a TNA official checking on Hernandez. In the ring, Styles and Sting begin wrestling and Styles catches Sting with a big dropkick. We see a shot of Hernandez starting to sit up when Styles dives out taking out Angle and Morgan. Angle took the brunt of it as Morgan stands up and pulls Sting out. Morgan headbutts Sting and sends him into the steel guard railing.

Morgan helps up Angle and thanks him for taking that dive from Styles. They bump fists and Morgan said he will take care of Sting if Angle takes care of Styles. In the ring, Angle gets an Ankle Lock applied on Styles. Styles rolls through into a pin for a two count. Styles with a head scissors takedown on Angle. Styles attempts a baseball slide, Angle holds on, pulls Styles out and Styles takes Angle down with another head scissors. In the ring, Morgan has Sting up in the corner and hits his elbows to the head. Morgan with a body splash on Sting and then drops Sting in the side slam standing up. On the outside, Angle takes out Styles with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Angle rolls in the ring and assures Morgan he isn’t going for him. Angle and Morgan take turns hitting Sting with some right hands. Morgan holds Sting allowing Angle to get in some right hands to the face and body. Angle holds Sting next allowing Morgan to get some shots in. Angle then knocks Styles off the ring apron when he tries to get back in. Morgan keeps Sting down pressing down on his head with his boot. Styles with a springboard forearm on Angle to get back in the ring. Styles with right hands on Morgan, jumps at him, Morgan catches Styles and hits the fallaway slam. Sting with kicks to the knees of Morgan.

Sting clotheslines Angle out of the ring, but Morgan levels Sting with a clothesline. Morgan covers Sting and gets a two count. Styles kicks Morgan and hits some rights in the corner. Angle with a release belly-to-belly on Styles. Angle with a big scoop slam on Styles. Morgan hits a huge scoop slam on Styles as well. Morgan with a leg drop on Styles. Angle with an uppercut to Styles into the corner. Angle misses a charge in the corner hitting his shoulder on the ring post. Morgan with a big dropkick on Styles. Styles catches Morgan with a Pele. Angle with a release german suplex on Styles and Sting levels Angle with a dropkick from the top! Sting favors his shoulder as he gets in shots on Angle and Morgan. Sting with scoop slams on Angle and Morgan. Stinger Splash on Angle and Stinger Splash on Morgan. He is favoring his shoulder after hitting them. Sting with right hands to Morgan in the corner. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Sting, hooks the leg and Styles breaks it up. Styles counters an Angle Slam into a Styles Clash, pinfall and Morgan breaks it up with a big boot to Styles. Styles with a big dropkick on Morgan. Styles walks up and hits Morgan with a big right hand in the corner. Morgan catches Styles with another big boot as Styles was coming off the top rope.

Morgan hits the Hellavator on Styles, covers and Sting breaks it up. Sting has Angle down and locks in the Scorpion Deathlock. Angle counters into an Ankle Lock. Sting gets close to the ropes, but Angle pulls him back out. Morgan then levels Angle with a big boot. Sting sends Morgan over the top rope to the outside. Morgan might have injured himself on that one as he let out a loud, “F*ck!” Sting is left in the ring with Styles and Angle. Angle is still down and Sting looks at Styles and leaves the ring on purpose taking out Morgan. Styles then hits a springboard 450 and pins Angle. AJ Styles is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion!

Winner & NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion: AJ Styles

After the match, confetti starts falling in the Impact Zone as AJ Styles is handed the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Pyro goes off as Daniels hits the ring and starts celebrating with Styles. TNA fans hit the ring and help celebrate with Styles as well. We see a replay of the end of match leading to the finish. Back live, Styles is still celebrating his huge win along with Daniels, Jeremy Borash and TNA fans.

– A promo for TNA Bound For Glory on October 18 airs.

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