No Surrender

May 20, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


TNA No Surrender PPV Results – 9/14/08
Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Adam Martin of

– The TNA “Cross The Line” promo hits.

– A video package runs looking at the role of a pro wrestler is more than just being a “performer” and how they put their bodies on the line. The video then focuses on Kurt Angle, Booker T, Christian Cage and TNA World Champion Samoa Joe. This was very well done.

– A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to No Surrender. We go live to the General Motors Centre in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada where a series of pyro goes of.

– Sting’s music hits to kick off the show. Sting walks out to a huge reaction. Sting grabs a mic and lets out a WOOOOOOOO. The music cuts and we hear a loud “TNA” chant. Sting said it feels too good to be back in Canada. He adds, “Stiz-ing in the Hizz-ouse.” Wow, probably wouldn’t have said that at his age, but we’ll go with it. The crowd starts up a “YOU’RE A LEGEND” chant. Sting thanks them and said he has finalized contract negotiations to face the winner of tonight’s Four Ways to Glory match at Bound For Glory next month. He said he wants to talk about something he has been mentioning recently. Sting said tonight you will see tons of wrestling talent. He said just because you have talent doesn’t mean you are the best at your game or the best at life. Sting said you have to walk the walk and talk the talk as one of his good friends told him. The fans let out a “WOOOOOOO.” Sting brings up respect and said he can’t let this one go. He said what separates the men from the boys is respect. Sting said there are some true men backstage, but there are also snot nosed baby brats back there as well. He said he brings his cause all the way to Canada because 10 years ago, another man fought for the same cause he is fighting for and someone you can all identity with. Sting says this man was Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Big reaction. He said Bret fought for the same thing he is fighting for right now and will take up where Bret left off. Sting said he is not even going to think about retirement until people like Samoa Joe and AJ Styles know what respect is all about. Sting ends it saying, “AJ and Joe, it’s showtime!” Sting’s music hits and he heads up the ramp to the back.

– We see footage from earlier today of Christian Cage arriving to the arena.

– At ringside, Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to the PPV. Tenay brings up that Booker T was not able to make it to Canada tonight for the PPV due to issues with Hurricane Ike. They wish the best to everyone in that area and a speedy recovery. Both rundown the card for tonight’s PPV.

The Rock N’ Rave Infection (Lance Rock, Jimmy Rave & Christy Hemme) vs. The Prince Justice Brotherhood (Curry Man, Shark Boy & Super Eric)

We start with Super Eric and Jimmy Rave. Lock up and Super Eric pushes Rave away. Rave with a go behind on Super Eric, but Super Eric throws him back down. Rave with a shoulder block, but Super Eric trips him up and steps over him. Big right by Super Eric, irish whip by Rave, Rave jumps at Super Eric, Eric dodges it, Rave flies over and Eric jumps over the top rope taking him out. Eric rolls out, throws Rave back inside, cross-body from the top and Eric gets a two count. Tag to Lance Rock. Double clothesline to Rock and Rave. Tag to Shark Boy who tempts a Lou Thesz Press on Rock. Rock holds on and Eric hits a dropkick to drop them down. Elbow drop by Shark Boy on Rock. Rock with a knee to Shark Boy and tag back to Rave. Shark Boy with a high back body drop on Rave. Shark Boy with the Stone Cold stomps in the corner on Rave. Tag to Curry Man and he headbutts Rave. Curry Man grabs Rave’s hand and tags in Christy Hemme. Curry Man lifts Christy into the ring and she headlocks Curry Man. Curry Man loves it and does the boob squeeze motion.

Christy sees this and goes to work on Curry Man’s arm. Curry Man with a go behind and likes this more. Curry Man slaps Christy on the butt and then Shark Boy tags himself in. Tag to Rave and Shark Boy takes out Rave with a few punches, but Rave then lifts Shark Boy over the top rope to the outside. Rock grabs Shark Boy and launches him into the guard railing. Rock rolls Shark Boy in, cover by Rave, but only a two count. Tag to Rock and they drop a double elbow. Cover by Rock on Shark Boy and a kick out at two. Shark Boy with a jawbreaker on Rock. Rock knocks Eric off the ring apron and then plants Shark Boy face first into the mat. Tag to Christy Hemme, she gets up on Rock’s shoulders and Rock drops her down in a body slash over Shark Boy. Shark Boy crawls under Christy’s legs to tag in Curry Man. Christy bails and Curry Man takes out Rock and Rave. Curry Man with a backbreaker on Rave and splash on Rock. Curry Man grabs Christy, kisses her, she smiles, he rolls her up, but Rock breaks up the pinfall.

Rock then plants Curry Man with a huge scoop slam and Christy follows it up with a leg drop (that they call the fire crotch guillotine). Kick out by Curry Man. Shark Boy is in and Christy slaps him after he takes out Rave. Shark Boy with a Stunner on Christy. Big boot from Rock to Shark Boy. Rock grabs Eric, but Eric sends Rock into Rave who is up on the corner. Eric puts Rock and Rave on his shoulders and hits a double death valley driver. Curry Man covers Christy and gets the pinfall.

Winners: The Prince Justice Brotherhood (Curry Man, Shark Boy & Super Eric)

After the match, Curry Man attends to Christy Hemme as Super Eric and Shark Boy celebrate the win.

– A video package runs highlighting the events leading to tonight’s match between Awesome Kong and ODB.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Awesome Kong vs. ODB

Before the match started, ODB grabbed a few beers from fans in the crowd and chugged them. Raisha Saeed attacked ODB at the end of the entrance ramp and then Awesome Kong walked up kicking ODB to get the match started. Kong threw ODB into the ring and landed a few chops. Big takedown by Kong on ODB. Kong misses a body splash on ODB and ODB jumps on her right away hitting some right hands. ODB leaves the ring and pulls a table out from under the ring. ODB slides it in and drops it over Kong’s back. ODB sets the table up against a corner of the ring. ODB attempts an irish whip on Kong, but Kong stops this and clotheslines ODB. ODB bails to the outside and Kong follows. ODB grabs Kong and throws her over the guard railing into the crowd. The two begin brawling into the crowd. ODB picks up a garbage can and hits Kong with it. Kong fights back catching ODB with an elbow. Kong grabs the garbage can, puts it over ODB and get in a big right hand leveling ODB. Kong then grabs ODB and tosses her onto the entrance ramp.

Kong with a scoop slam at the bottom of the ramp on ODB. Cover by Kong, but ODB kicks out after two. Kong fights off any offense from ODB and then throws her into the steel ring post. Few more chest chops by Kong on ODB. Kong attempts a clothesline, but ODB moves and Kong wraps her arm around the steel ring post. ODB then drops Kong face first off the steel ring steps. ODB climbs up the steps and tackles ODB into a cover that results in a two count. ODB slaps Kong on the butt for some reason and then grabs a steel chair from under the ring. ODB sets the chair up in a corner between the top and middle turnbuckle. Kong enters the ring and ODB catches her with a boot to the gut. Shove by ODB to Kong. ODB yells, “Come on bitch!” as Kong charges, ODB moves and Kong hits the steel chair face first. Cover by ODB and Kong kicks out after two. ODB then grabs the table from the corner and sets it up in the ring. ODB tries to pick up Kong, but Kong counters, gets ODB ready for a powerbomb, lifts her up, ODB drops down and Kong clotheslines her.

Saeed grabs a steel chair at ringside as Kong is up on the top turnbuckle. ODB sees this, goes under Kong, powerbombs her off the turnbuckle and into the table! The table doesn’t break as Kong rolls back and ODB moves off her. Cover by ODB, but Kong kicks out. Saeed pulls ODB out of the ring, but ODB grabs her and sends her into the guard railing. ODB is up on the top turnbuckle as Kong gets to her feet. ODB jumps, Kong catches her, quick small package by ODB, but Kong kicks out. Kong with a splash in the corner on ODB and a huge spinning back fist! On the outside, Saeed grabs another table from under the ring and puts it into the ring. Kong grabs the table and places it in the corner of the ring. ODB has her flask out, takes a drink, Kong picks her up and ODB spits it in her face. ODB chops Kong a few times, hits the ropes, Kong grabs her and gives her a huge spinebuster into the table in the corner crashing through it. Kong pulls ODB away and covers her for the win.

Winner: Awesome Kong

– Backstage, Lauren is with Christian Cage. Cage said the last time he checked, this wasn’t an episode of The Hills and this was TNA live for the first time from Canada. He said he is a wrestler, it’s what he does and it’s what he is. Cage said everything in his life that is good is because of wrestling. He said he grew up dreaming of becoming a wrestler and all his dreams started right here in Canada. Cage said he was the kid who said he wanted to be a wrestler, people laughed at him and said you will never be a wrestler. He said he proved them wrong, but they said he would never make it to the top. Cage said he proved them wrong again standing here a two-time Heavyweight champion. He said the first time he won that belt he had a flashback of all the things he did in his career to earn that title belt. Cage said as he held the title up he said to himself that it wouldn’t get any better than this…until tonight, right here, in front of his Canadian peeps, family and friends. He said tonight his dreams come true again and said there is no surrender for him tonight.

– A video package airs highlighting the events between Abyss, Matt Morgan and Team 3D leading into tonight’s tag team match.

Abyss & Matt Morgan vs. Team 3D

The bell rings and we start with Abyss and Brother Ray. Lock up and Abyss pushes Ray to the corner. We get a break and Ray shoves Abyss away. Ray retreats to the corner and yells at the referee to keep Abyss away. Brother Devon pulls on the hair of Abyss and drops down allowing Ray to go after Abyss with a few elbows to the head. Ray with a kick to the face off the ropes and Abyss fires back with a big boot. Ray catches Abyss with an elbow in the corner and follows it up with a modified Rock Bottom on Abyss that results in a two count. 3D with a double shoulder block on Abyss after a tag to Brother Devon. Devon with some stiff right hands to Abyss. Abyss fires back with a clothesline taking down Devon. Tag to Matt Morgan. Morgan and Abyss splash Devon and Morgan hits a side slam on Devon. Morgan and Abyss with a double suplex on Ray. Ray and Devon bail to the outside and start to walk out on the match. Ray grabs a beer from a fan and throws it all over the fans on the other side. Abyss and Morgan run out to grab 3D and bring them back.

Abyss brings Devon to ringside and throws him into the guard railing. Devon is thrown into the ring, Morgan and Abyss follow and Morgan is sent to the ring apron with Abyss being the legal man apparently. Ray comes in and chop blocks Abyss allowing 3D to double team him with some kicks to his leg. Devon drops an elbow across Abyss’ leg that was chopped earlier. Devon with more kicks to Abyss’ leg as he gets up. Devon trips up Abyss, drags him towards Ray, tags Ray in and Ray goes to work on Abyss’ leg as well. A loud “WE WANT TABLES” chant starts up as Ray continues to work on Abyss’ leg. Tag to Devon. Devon misses a splash on Abyss and Abyss and Ray meet in the center of the ring giving each other a double clothesline. Tag to Morgan who takes out 3D. Morgan with a big boot to Ray and a flying shoulder block on Devon. Fans are booing Morgan. Morgan with a splash in the corner on Devon followed by a leg drop. Cover by Morgan and Devon gets a shoulder up after two. Morgan attempts an Old School on Ray, but jumps over Ray and takes out Devon with a cross-body.

On the outside, Abyss lands a few rights to Ray. Morgan levels Devon with a huge big boot. Morgan covers, but Ray pulls the referee out. Johnny Devine runs out and cracks a steel chair over the back of Morgan. Devon covers Morgan, but Morgan kicks out after two. Devine can’t believe it at ringside. 3D comes in and give Morgan a 3D. Cover by Devon and Morgan again kicks out! 3D can’t believe it. Morgan gets to his feet using the ropes. Morgan explodes hiting a double clothesline to 3D. Tag to Abyss. Abyss takes out Devine who runs in and drops him down in a Torture Rack! Abyss with a splash to Devon in the corner. Abyss goes up on the turnbuckle with Devon. Abyss lands a few rights, but Ray puts Abyss on his shoulders and starts to back up. Devon goes up top and takes out Abyss off Ray’s shoulders. Cover by Devon and Morgan breaks up the pinfall. Morgan throws Ray out of the ring and takes him out with some forearms to the back. Morgan with a big boot to Ray outside of the ring. In the ring, Abyss connects with a chokeslam on Devon. Cover by Abyss and Devon gets a shoulder up after two.

Abyss sees a steel chair and picks it up in the ring. Abyss seems reluctant to use it when Ray comes in and hits him from behind. Devon now has the chair. Morgan swings him around and punches the chair into Devon’s face. Black Hole Slam by Abyss on Devon, cover and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Abyss & Matt Morgan

After the match, Abyss picks up the steel chair as Matt Morgan lifts his arm in the air. Brother Ray comes in, low blows Abyss, grabs the steel chair and cracks it over the back of Matt Morgan. Team 3D bails to the outside along with Johnny Devine and head up the entrance ramp. Abyss has the steel chair when Mogan recovers. Morgan thinks Abyss hit him over the back with the chair. Abyss and Morgan argue. Morgan heads to the back upset as Abyss looks on confused.

– A video package airs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s TNA X Division Title match with Petey Williams defending against Consequences Creed and Sheik Abdul Bashir.

TNA X Division Championship Match
Petey Williams (c) vs. Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

Crowd is very pro-Petey Williams tonight for obvious reasons. The bell rings and Petey Williams levels Sheik Abdul Bashir right away. Consequences Creed misses a splash on Williams who takes the action to the ground right away. Loud “YOU SCREWED BRET” chant starts up at referee Earl Hebner. Creed with a double dropkick to Williams and Bashir followed by a double elbow drop to the backs. Creed with lefts to Bashir and clotheslines to Williams. Bashir grabs Creed and sends him into the corner with force. Williams with a leg drop on Bashir that was set up with a baseball slide from Creed to Bashir. Creed with a huge dive over the top rope taking out Williams and Bashir. In the ring, Bashir takes out Creed with a huge back suplex. Williams comes in and chops Bashir who taunted to the crowd. Williams with a roll up on Bashir that is followed by a sunset flip by Creed. Williams with a springboard knee to the chest spot on Creed. Williams follows that up with a springboard huracanrana on Creed to the outside! Bashir with a dropkick through the ropes on Williams.

Bashir throws Creed into the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. Creed and Bashir exchange elbows. Creed then lands a huge kick to the back of the head on Bashir. Williams with a dropkick on Creed and a few clotheslines on Bashir. Scoop slam by Williams on Bashir, elbow to Creed and then bulldog on Creed to the knees of Bashir. Williams with a russian leg sweep and face drop on Creed and Bashir at the same time! Williams looks to be attempting a double Canadian Destroyer when Bashir breaks it up. Bashir drops Creed’s head off the top rope. Bashir positions Williams up on the top turnbuckle. Bashir connects with a superplex allowing Creed to hit a double leg drop on Bashir and Williams off the top rope that results in a double two count. Creed lifts up Williams, but Bashir pulls back on Creed who drops Williams over his knees. Bashir with a cover, but only gets a two count. Creed counters a Destroyer and Bashir hits a DDT on Creed. Williams with a Sharpshooter on Bashir! They point out Earl Hebner as the referee in Canada.

Bashir goes for the ropes, Williams keeps his arm back, Don West says, “What do you say Earl?” and Creed comes in to break it up. Creed counters a Destroyer dropping Williams on his head into a cover that Williams somehow kicks out of. Williams catches Creed with an elbow. Williams with a Canadian Destroyer on Creed! Cover by Williams, but Bashir pulls Williams out and throws him into the guard railing. Bashir jumps into the ring, covers Creed and gets the pinfall.

Winner & NEW TNA X Division Champion: Sheik Abdul Bashir

After the match, we see a shot of a surprised and upset Petey Williams at ringside.

– Backstage, we see a shot of TNA World Champion Samoa Joe arriving to the arena.

– A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s TNA Knockouts Title match between champion Taylor Wilde and challenger Angelina Love.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match
Taylor Wilde (c) vs. Angelina Love

Kip James or “Kute Kip” is back to the short haircut look. Velvet Sky was also out with Angelina Love. Before the match, Taylor Wilde got on the mic and said she wouldn’t allow Velvet Sky and Kip James to interfere. She introduced her backup for tonight. Out comes Rhino and he will be in Taylor’s corner tonight. The bell rings and the two start brawling. Wilde with two big shoulder blocks on Love. Wilde with a big knee to Love and then mounts her hitting some big rights. Traci Brooks is at ringside monitoring the match as Love bails out of the ring trying to avoid Wilde. Wilde chases after Love and this allows Velvet Sky to level Wilde with a makeup kit to the face. Traci begins writing something down on a piece of paper. Wilde is thrown back in, Love covers, but only gets a two count. Love slams Wilde’s face down on the mat and then rubs her face against the ropes. Love takes out Wilde with a neckbreaker, another cover and Wilde gets a shoulder up after two. Wilde fights back with a few elbows, but Love comes in with some of her own.

Wilde and Love start exchanging elbows. They both hit each other with a double face plant in the center of the ring after hitting the ropes. Clotheslines by Wilde on Love followed by a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that results in a two count. Wilde with a charge to Love in the corner, lifts her up to the top turnbuckle, Love rakes the eyes of Wilde, lifts Wilde up and slams her down face first. Love covers Wilde two times and Wilde kicks out each time. Wilde with a roll up on Love that results in a close two count. Big kick to Love’s head from Wilde. Kip James runs in and Rhino levels him with a Gore! Velvet Sky has Wilde, Wilde moves, kicks Love into Sky and Wilde hits a fisherman’s suplex into a bridge to get the pinfall.

Winner & STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Taylor Wilde

After the match, Taylor Wilde is handed the TNA Knockouts Title and celebrates with Rhino giving him a hug.

– A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s Ladder Match between “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt involving So Cal Val.

“Ladder of Love” Match
“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt

The stipulation is that whoever climbs the ladder and gets the ring hanging above the ring will get So Cal Val. Before the match, So Cal Val was introduced to ringside. Sonjay Dutt also brought a rose to Val. Jay Lethal also brought flowers out for Val and threw Dutt’s rose away. The bell rings and here we go. Lethal levels Dutt with a few clotheslines, hip toss and a dropkick. Dutt with a jawbreaker to Lethal. Huge overhead full nelson suplex with a release by Lethal on Dutt. Lethal then sends Dutt into the ring barricade at ringside. Lethal grabs Dutt and does this a second time. Lethal drops Dutt chest first over the guard railing as Mike Tenay informs us that Jackie has attacked Salinas backstage. Lethal places a ladder from the ring apron to the guard railing and drops Dutt over it. Lethal repositions the ladder and goes after Dutt who is walking around the ring. Lethal again sends Dutt into the ring barricade. Lethal goes for the second ladder when Dutt hits a few forearms and sends Lethal face first into the steel ring steps.

Dutt slides Lethal back in the ring. Springboard leg drop by Dutt on Lethal. Huge spot with Lethal tossing Dutt over the top rope causing Dutt to land back first over the ladder that was positioned over the ring apron and steel barricade! Lethal sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring, starts climbing, Dutt is up, springboards to the other side of the ladder and then drops Dutt face first off the top rope! Dutt then sets the ladder back up, begins climbing, Lethal grabs Dutt in a powerbomb position, slams him into the ladder and then throws him away. The ladder is still up as Lethal starts climbing again. Dutt hits a forearm to Lethal’s back, grabs the other ladder, hooks it into the standing ladder, pulls Lethal back and Lethal lands back first on that ladder! Dutt then goes up top, jumps and connects with a body splash on Lethal over the ladder! Impressive stuff here. A loud “THIS IS AWESOME” chant starts up. Lethal gets to his feet and puts the non-standing ladder across the top. It seems to be locked as Dutt checks on it.

Lethal catapults Dutt into the two ladders and Dutt barely catches it. Lethal positions a ladder across the ropes in the corner and Lethal grabs Dutt by the legs driving him up into the ladder a few times. Lethal is back climbing the other standing ladder when Dutt cuts him off and drops Lethal over the ladder crotching him. Lethal appears to be stuck in the ladder as he sees Dutt climbing up the standing ladder. Lethal breaks free, springboards off the ropes and dropkicks the ladder sending Dutt off into the corner. Dutt counters a drop toe hold and sends Lethal face first into the ladder in the corner. Dutt gets Lethal trapped in a tree of woe with Lethal’s head stuck inside the ladder. Dutt hits a huge dropkick to the ladder with Lethal’s head inside! Dutt grabs two steel chairs and sets them up placing ladder across them. Lethal cuts off Dutt and chops him. Lethal grabs Dutt, Dutt counters with a kick, grabs Lethal by the head and drops him over the ladder with a neckbreaker. Dutt screams out in pain just as much as Lethal after the spot!

Another “THIS IS AWESOME” chant starts up. Don West said, “I hope she is worth it!” In the ring, both ladders are set up. Dutt and Lethal are on each. Dutt is knocked down and Lethal lays across both stomach first. Dutt then jumps back up and applies a Camel Clutch! Lethal flips Dutt off the top and Dutt crashes on the mat below! Lethal reaches up, but he can’t get to the ring. Lethal drops down the ladder and Lethal’s leg is caught. So Cal Val sees this and enters the ring. Val breaks him free from the ladder. Dutt asks her what she is doing and tells her to leave the ring. Val is standing near the corner when Lethal comes to attend to her. Lethal sees Dutt going back up and takes off after him. Lethal is up when Val walks up and low blows him. Lethal falls off as Val smiles and Dutt grabs the ring smiling. Val continues to smile as the bell rings.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt

After the match, Sonjay Dutt falls to one knee and puts the ring on So Cal Val’s finger. Dutt and Val then start to aggressively make out.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle and brings up Booker T not being able to compete in tonight’s main event. Angle said Booker T or not, he is in a very serious mood and is a man on a mission. He said he wants to bring back what belongs to a true champion. Angle takes credit for TNA’s success and says, “I am this business!” He said tonight at No Surrender he will erase Samoa Joe’s name forever from the TNA World Title. Angle said he knows this is Christian Cage’s home country and calls it a toilet bowl. He said he hasn’t forgetten about Double J and said tonight all the gold comes back to Kurt Angle.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
Beer Money, Inc. (c’s) vs. LAX

James Storm was wearing a football beer helmet during Beer Money’s entrance. The bell rings and here we go. We start with Homicide and Robert Roode. Roode bails to the outside right away as Homicide calls for him to get back in. Roode does, but tags in James Storm. Kicks from Homicide to Storm. Storm fights back with a few shots of his own. Storm with a hip toss to Homicide and he yells out, “USA!” The fans boo. Blind tag to Hernandez who sling shots in over the top rope hitting a shoulder block on Storm. Hernandez with a back body drop on Storm. Storm with a flying knee to Hernandez after Jackie interfered. Hernandez misses a splash allowing Roode to level him with a clothesline from the ring apron as the fans cheer. Tag to Roode and Roode gets in a few boots to Hernandez. Roode with a few chest chops to Hernandez in the corner. Roode with a snapmare and then a blockbuster over Hernandez on the mat. Roode with an atomic drop on Hernandez that Storm follows up with a backcracker after getting the tag.

Homicide breaks up a pinfall by Storm on Hernandez. Storm attempts a cross-body, but Hernandez catches him, transitions to a powerbomb, but Roode runs in and chop blocks Hernandez. Storm and Roode with a double suplex on Hernandez and they do the great “BEER” and “MONEY” pose. Quick tags between Beer Money with Storm now the legal man. Hernandez with a huge snap toss over his head on Storm as Storm came off the top rope. Tag to Roode and he taunts at Homicide. Hernandez with a back body drop on Roode and tag to Homicide. Homicide levels Storm on the ring apron and then goes after Roode with some stiff right hands in the corner. Homicide counters a back suplex and hits a snap suplex of his own on Roode. Homicide with a knee to the head in the corner on Roode. Roode counters a corner attempt by Homicide going up with Homicide. Homicide fights back, hooks the head of Roode and drives Roode down DDT-style from the top to the mat with force. Cover and Storm breaks up the pinfall.

Homicide crotches Storm on the top rope, but Roode fires back with a spinebuster on Homicide. Hernandez tosses Storm over and clotheslines Roode to the outside. Jackie hands Storm a beer, he takes a drink, Hernandez tosses Homicide over the top rope and Homicide takes out Roode. Hernandez goes up to the top, but Storm spits beer in his face. Storm then powerbombs Hernandez off the top rope. On the outside, Homicide sends Roode into the steel steps. Homicide tries to hit Roode with a beer bottle, but Roode moves and Homicide crashes the bottle over the steel steps. Hernandez flies over the top rope and takes out Storm. Homicide is in the ring as Roode follows. Rights by Homicide to Roode. Roode with a kick, attempts The Payof, Homicide counters and hits the Gringo Stunner. Roode is up, Homicide attempts a Gringo Cutter, but Jackie runs in and powders Homicide. Roode with a Payoff to Homicide into a bridge and gets the pinfall.

Winners & STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm)

After the match, Robert Roode and James Storm head up the entrance ramp with the TNA World Tag Team Titles in hand along with Jackie.

– A video package runs highlighting tonight’s MMA/Amateur Wrestling Match between AJ Styles and Frank Trigg.

Mixed Martial Arts/Amateur Wrestling Match
AJ Styles vs. Frank Trigg

Before the match, Frank Trigg took the mic and insulted the Canadian crowd. Trigg walked out with an American flag over his shoulder with his entrance looking very Tito Ortiz-like. Trigg said it won’t be his fault for what he does to AJ Styles tonight. Trigg and AJ Styles are both wearing MMA gloves. They reiterated that the match can only finish by knockout or submission.

First Round: The bell rings and they are making this legit MMA style. Nothing like Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe at Lockdown. They attempt some striking and Trigg got in a big double-leg takedown. This is scheduled for three five minute rounds. Styles attempts some jabs, but Trigg is all over him. Styles shoots for a double-leg and they fall to the outside. The referee jumps out to break this up. Both stare each other down and then return to the ring. Back in the ring and Trigg gets another big double-leg takedown on Styles. Trigg keeps Styles down and drives some knees into him. Trigg starts slapping Styles around. Trigg gets on Styles and attempts an arm bar. The fans chant “WE WANT WRESTLING” loudly. Both are back up and Trigg catches Styles with a big kick to the ribs. Trigg clinches with Styles and gets in a few shots to the chest. Styles with a big overhand right to Trigg. Trigg backs off and then takes out Styles with a big judo toss. Trigg drives his knees into the shoulders of Styles. Fans starting a “FIRE RUSSO” chant. Both are back up. Lock up and Styles takes Trigg down into an arm bar as the bell sounds.

Second Round: Despite my feed cutting, we were able to get some more details about how the second round went. The finish saw Styles taking out Trigg with an accidental low blow and ruled the match a no contest. Styles then left the ring and grabbed a kendo stick. Styles returned to the ring and hit Trigg over the back many times with the kendo stick. Styles bailed to the ringside area and complained that he did all he could do yelling this at Don West. West agreed and gave him credit for taking part in Trigg’s profession.

Winner: No Contest

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA World Champion Samoa Joe talking about tonight’s main event. Borash asks him if he is mentally ready for tonight. Samoa Joe asks him to define “mentally ready” and said he doesn’t know what he will do until he goes out there. Joe said Sting is just as much apart of his match tonight as Kurt Angle and Christian Cage are. He calls out Sting for not doing the TNA schedule like he does, saying he works the very least of all the veterans in TNA and said he would respect him if he actually did that schedule for a change.

– A video package runs highlighting tonight’s main event for the TNA World Title which will feature champion Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage. As noted earlier, Booker T will not be competing in the match tonight.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage

They ran video packages for the challenger Christian Cage, challenger Kurt Angle and champion Samoa Joe. Sting walked out after Samoa Joe’s entrance. Joe left the ring and approached him. Joe punched Sting. Sting backed off and then got back in his face. Joe hit Sting with another punch. The two started brawling until AJ Styles ran out and backed Joe off. Joe returned to the ring. Jeremy Borash did ring introductions for the challengers Christian Cage and Kurt Angle and the champion Samoa Joe.

The bell rings and here we go. Mike Tenay noted how Samoa Joe was muttering the words “Stay focused” during his introduction. Samoa Joe and Christian Cage go after Kurt Angle right away. Joe uppercuts Angle with Cage holding him. Cage chops Angle a few times in the corner. Joe with a body splash and kick to the head on Angle. Cage catches Angle with a corkscrew elbow off the turnbuckle. Angle is tossed to the outside and Joe approaches Cage. Cage turns around. Cage and Joe face off. Lock up and Joe with a shoulder block after sending Cage into the ropes. The fans boo. Cage gets right back up and gets in Joe’s face. Joe shoves him away. Cage slaps Joe. They go at it with slaps and chops. Chest chops by Cage on Joe. Joe with a flying knee to the head on Cage off the ropes. Joe with an atomic drop on Cage, but Cage dodges a dropkick attempt by Joe. Cage then drops Joe with an inverted DDT, cover, but only a two count. Cage with a few rights to Joe, hits the ropes, Angle grabs Cage, pulls him out, Angle hits the ring and Joe drops Angle in the rear naked choke right away.

Cage is in to break it up. Angle with belly-to-belly suplexes on Joe and Cage. Angle with a huge overhead release belly-to-belly suplex on Cage over the top rope! We see a replay of this and how Cage landed right on his knee. In the ring, Joe with a kick to the back, chop to the chest, leg drop, cover and Angle kicks out. Joe chops Angle against the ropes. Angle catches Joe in a sleeper as Joe came off the ropes. Angle catches Joe with an elbow when Joe hit the ropes, covers, but only gets a two count. Angle goes right back to the sleeper on Joe. Tenay notes Joe is currently in his fifth month as TNA World Champion. Joe gets to his feet, hits Angle with some elbows and catches Joe with a big elbow. Cage reaches in and crotches Angle into the steel ring post. Cage with a cross-body off the top on Joe, covers, but only gets a two count. Cage then starts choking Joe against the second rope. Cage is up top again, Joe tries to suplex him off and Cage bites his head. Angle with a german suplex on Joe and then jumps up and suplexes Cage off the top as well! Cover by Angle and Cage kicks out. Joe with a powerslam on Angle, cover and another kick out.

Cage grabs Angle and attempts an Unprettier, but Angle counters into one german suplex, a second german suplex, attempts a third and connects as Angle lets go. Angle drops the straps as Joe stands up and locks him in a choke. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, Joe counters and takes out Angle with a huge release overhead suplex! Joe knees Cage in the corner, has him up for the Muscle Buster, Cage counters out, Angle spears Cage off the ring apron and Angle catches Joe with an Angle Slam. Angle covers and Joe kicks out after two. Cage is up on the top rope, but Angle hops up. Cage cuts him off with some punches. Joe goes under Angle and they do a Tower of Doom spot from the corner. Joe covers Cage and Cage kicks out. Joe with a cover on Angle and Angle also kicks out. Angle dumps Joe to the outside through the ropes. Angle attempts an Angle Slam on Cage, but Cage counters and hits an arm drag. Angle then tries to german suplex Cage off the ring apron. Cage holds on using the ropes. Cage with some elbows, attempts a kick holding the ropes, but Angle grabs the ankle, slides through the ropes and gets the Ankle Lock in.

Joe rolls up Angle from behind and gets a two count. Angle then gets the Ankle Lock on Joe! Angle trips up Cage and gets a double Ankle Lock on both Joe and Cage! Joe and Cage roll through to break it up. Joe has Cage up for a Muscle Buster and connects! Joe covers and Angle pulls down on referee Earl Hebner’s shirt to prevent him from counting. Hebner breaks free, counts the pin and Cage kicks out after two just barely. Joe sends Cage through the second rope who takes out Angle at ringside. Joe hits the ropes and dives over the top rope taking out Cage and Angle! Angle is the first in with Joe. Joe chops Angle and looks to hits a Muscle Buster, but Angle breaks it up and hits an Angle Slam on Joe. Cage is up top and jumps over Cage hitting a Frog Splash on Joe! Cage sends Angle out and hits The Unprettier on Joe. Cover by Cage, but Angle pulls referee Earl Hebner out and drives him head first into the ring barricade! Angle grabs a steel chair, Cage cuts him of with a boot, tries to use the chair, but Angle low blows him and Angle hits Cage with the chair. Angle sends Cage to the outside, hits Joe with the steel chair and then applies the Ankle Lock. As this goes down, Jeff Jarrett walks down the ramp with a guitar in hand. Jarrett hits the ring, stares at Angle and then smashes the guitar over his head! Joe has Angle up and connects with the Muscle Buster. Joe covers Angle and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL TNA World Champion: Samoa Joe

After the match, Jeff Jarrett grabs the TNA World Title and puts it over the shoulder of Samoa Joe. It looks like Joe has a swollen eye. We see a shot of Kurt Angle on the mat who is looking up with blood streaming down his face. Joe continues to celebrate with Jarrett as Mike Tenay reminds us that Samoa Joe will defend the TNA World Title against Sting next month at Bound For Glory in Chicago.

– A promo for Bound For Glory on October 12 airs.


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