May 20, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


TNA Lockdown Preshow:

– This live feed was streamed on mycontent.com. TNA has never streamed anything like this via the internet in the company’s history and it was a very cool feature. They should really look into making this a regular offer every month before PPV events or even offer the PPV for purchase through this service as well.

– The live feed opens with Jeremy Borash previewing the upcoming Lockdown PPV tonight in Philadelphia. Footage was shown of Danny Bonaduce arriving to the arena on a motorcycle. Borash then runs down the rest of the card tonight.

– A video package airs highlighting tonight’s Sting vs. Mick Foley match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in the main event.

– Backstage, Lauren was with Danny Bonaduce and she asks what his motivation is tonight to get inside the Six Sides of Steel. Bonaduce said they are in Philadelphia, his hometown and all he has to do is get inside the cage with Eric Young and do his best. Lauren points out he has a tooth on a necklace around his neck. Bonaduce said this is Jonny Fairplay’s tooth when he knocked it out of him, how Fairplay tried to sue him for $10 million, lost and he took his tooth from his lawyer and ended up getting more out of Fairplay than TNA did when he worked for them briefly.

– Footage is shown from the brawl between Danny Bonaduce and Eric Young in his radio show studio a few weeks ago in Philadelphia.

Danny Bonaduce vs. Eric Young

When Bonaduce walked out, a “fan” got in his face at ringside and Bonaduce bite his finger. Security took the guy away as Bonaduce laughed. This should be rather entertaining.

The bell rings and here we go. Bonaduce pulls out some nunchucks and Young ended up dropkicking him away. Young lifted up Bonaduce and threw him against the side of the cage. Young with kicks to Bonaduce on the mat. Young gets up Bonaduce up in a suplex and Young bounces Bonaduce back first into the cage two times. Young then slams Bonaduce down, covers and Bonaduce kicks out after two. Young with forearm shots to Bonaduce in the corner. Bonaduce catches Young with a big boot in the corner when Young charges in. Bonaduce goes up to the top turnbuckle and hits a swanton bomb. Bonaduce with a cover and Young kicks out after two. Young with a quick clothesline to Bonaduce. Young with a powerbomb on Bonaduce. Young attempts a moonsault, but Bonaduce moves out of the way. Bonaduce grabs his nunchucks again, tries to hit Young with them, misses and Young gets in a (botched) small package on Bonaduce to get the pinfall.

Winner: Eric Young

After the match, Eric Young and Danny Bonaduce shake hands. When Young goes to leave he gets hit over the back by Bonaduce with the nunchucks. Bonaduce starts choking Young on the mat. Rhino then runs out and takes out Bonaduce with a Gore. The segment ends with Rhino holding up Young’s arm as the fans cheer loudly in Philadelphia.

– A promo for Lockdown tonight airs.

– Back live, we see a shot of Danny Bonaduce leaving the ring as Jeremy Borash and Lauren look on. Both put over the Six Sides of Steel Cage structure.

– A video package airs highlighting tonight’s Team Angle vs. Team Jarrett Lethal Lockdown match.

– Footage is shown from the TNA Interaction Fanfest yesterday in Philadelphia. Jeremy Borash then introduces TNA President Dixie Carter. Carter talks about how lucky they are to have the best fans in the world and the Fanfest is one way to show their thanks. Borash said it has been an amazing seven years and even more amazing in the last three months with the record TV ratings on Spike TV. Carter thanks everyone for “crossing the line” over to TNA programming recently.

– A video package airs highlighting tonight’s Team 3D vs. Beer Money Philadelphia Street Fight match with the IWGP and TNA World Tag Team Championships on the line.

TNA Lockdown PPV Results – 4/19/09
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

– We see video of earlier today of AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels arriving. They are teasing the team could be divided by showing up without Jeff Jarrett. We then see the Main Event Mafia all arriving at the same time.

– Footage is then show from earlier today of Team 3D walking the famous “Rocky” steps in Philadelphia. Ray said Team 3D was born in Philadelphia and said he wouldn’t want to be Beer Money tonight. Brother Devon promises they will walk out victorius tonight.

– The TNA HD promo hits.

– A video package runs featuring Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins doing some freestyle to video highlighting tonight’s Lockdown PPV. Sting vs. Mick Foley and Team Angle vs. Team Jarrett. Very good video package.

– A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to Lockdown. We go live to Philadelphia where a series of pyro goes off in the entrance area.

– “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal is out first to kick off the show.

TNA X Division Championship – Xscape Match
Suicide (c) vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Kiyoshi

The bell rings and Suicide kicks Bashir right into the corner. Suicide attacks Kiyoshi and sends him to the corner (almost forgetting to take his X Division title off his waist). The action is pretty much all over the place as usual in these matches. Lethal goes after Kiyoshi, but Lethal takes him out with a takeover and dropkick to the face. Lethal with rights to Kiyoshi. Creed is kicking Bashir on the mat in the corner. Suicide comes in, attacks Lethal, drops a leg, covers and Creed breaks up the pinfall. Creed flips over Bashir and takes him out with a big kick to the head. Suicide with an inverted atomic drop on Kiyoshi, but Kiyoshi comes back hitting an inverted DDT on Suicide. Suicide with shots to Bashir who returns with some of his own. Creed and Lethal dropkick Bashir and Suicide away. Lethal and Creed with a dropkick and clothesline combination on Bashir in the corner. Lethal puts Bashir up on his shoulders and Creed jumps off the top with a modified bulldog. Creed with a russian leg sweep to Suicide and dropkick to the face with Lethal holding. Lethal with a kick to Kiyoshi and Creed capitalizes putting him on his shoulders hitting a cutter. Lethal off top with a flying elbow, cover and Kiyoshi is gone.

Kiyoshi is eliminated.

Bashir goes after Creed choking him with his boot in the corner. Suicide grabs Lethal and throws him against the cage. Creed with a flipping clothesline on Bashir. Creed with a few shots to Bashir in the corner. Creed and Lethal throw Bashir up in the air, Bashir slams down, cover by Lethal and Bashir kicks out after two. Lethal gets Suicide up in a suplex, Creed jumps off the top with a crossbody and this results in a two count. Creed with more shots to Bashir in the corner. Suicide with a shoulder flipping dive on Lethal. Bashir with a huge DDT on Creed, hooks the leg and Creed is done.

Consequences Creed is eliminated.

Bashir goes after Lethal chopping his chest. Lethal comes back with some chops of his own. Lethal and Bashir exchange right hands. Lethal with the Lethal Combination on Bashir. Suicide with a clothesline on Lethal, Lethal stays up and Suicide throws Lethal to the corner hitting some quick kicks. Suicide with numerous clotheslines to Lethal in the corner. Suicide has Lethal up on his shoulders, Lethal counters into a rollup and Suicide kicks out after two. Lethal with another rollup on Suicide and Suicide kicks out. Suicide with a huge clothesline on Lethal! Suicide with a cover on Lethal and Lethal gets a shoulder up after two. Lethal with a kick to Suicide, springboard moonsault attempt and Suicide moves out of the way. Suicide with the Suicide Solution on Lethal. Bashir then runs up, throws Suicide into the cage, covers Lethal and gets the pinfall.

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal is eliminated.

We are now down to Suicide and Sheik Abdul Bashir. The rules are now you must leave the cage either through the door or by climbing out. Suicide sends Bashir into the cage, Bashir sees this, dropkicks the door away and almost gets to the floor when Suicide grabs him. Suicide throws Bashir back into the ring. Suicide is up top trying to climb out when Bashir catches up with him. Bashir pulls Suicide down and throws him face first into the cage a few times. Bashir with a big back drop suplex on Suicide from the top turnbuckle back to the mat. Bashir with a DDT attempt, Suicide counters and throws Bashir face first into the second corner turnbuckle. Suicide climbs up top, gets on leg over, Bashir jumps up, gets one leg over as well and both are up top exchanging punches. They start exchanging chops as well. Bashir almost falls off, holds on and stays up. Bashir then falls over holding on by his arm. Suicide with a headbutt that sends Bashir off the top back to the mat. Kiyoshi then runs back down, climbs up the cage and security grab him pulling him down. Suicide then stands up on top of the cage, jumps and takes out Kiyoshi and security at ringside getting the win as the bell rings!

Winner & STILL TNA X Division Champion: Suicide

After the match, Suicide gets on his feet right away and holds up the TNA X Division Championship. We see a quick replay of how the finish went down. We see a shot of a frustrated Shiek Abdul Bashir in the ring.

– Backstage, Lauren is with TNA Legends Champion AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. She asks if they are all on the same page tonight. Styles said they are definitely on the same page. Daniels said it is good to be home and said he stands before the world as a man reborn. They walk away before they can answer about Jeff Jarrett.

Queen of the Cage Match
ODB w/ Cody Deaner vs. Madison Rayne vs. Daffney vs. Sojo Bolt

The bell rings and Sojo goes right after ODB. Daffney then takes it to Rayne. Daffney with big rights and kicks to Rayne as Sojo chokes ODB with her boot. Daffney with a big suplex into a bridge that gets broken up. Sojo shoves Rayne away, Daffney rolls up Sojo and gets a two count. ODB with a double clothesline on Sojo and Rayne. Daffney jumps on ODB’s back and ODB flips her off to the mat. ODB with kicks to Daffney until Sojo and Rayne take her out from behind. Sojo with a modified full nelson on ODB. Sojo and Rayne catapult ODB right into the side of the cage. Sojo and Rayne then focus on Daffney, but Daffney takes them out with a double crossbody. Daffney with an uppercut to Rayne as Sojo goes after ODB in the corner. Daffney with a neckbreaker on Sojo and another uppercut to Rayne. Daffney with kicks to Rayne in the corner. Daffney comes off the top turnbuckle with a flying elbow, Rayne moves and Daffney lands hard on the mat. Cody Deaner gives ODB some “liquid courage” as Tenay calls it and ODB hulks up taking out all the girls in the ring. ODB sends Sojo and Rayne to the corner and hits a double body splash. ODB picks up Sojo and hits a fallaway slam. ODB flips up, taunts, grabs Rayne and hits a big side slam. ODB with a cover on Rayne and Rayne kicks out after two. Sojo with a cover on ODB and Daffney breaks it up. Daffney with a twisting neckbreaker on Sojo, cover and Rayne breaks it up. Daffney sends Rayne face first into the mat after hitting the ropes. West is mad that ODB is drinking more and said she shouldn’t bring some if she doesn’t share. ODB spits the liquid in Sojo’s face, hits a powerslam and gets the pinfall.

Winner & Queen of the Cage: ODB

After the match, ODB celebrates her win and Cody Deaner joins her. ODB picks up Deaner and carries him around the ring. ODB then puts Deaner’s face in her chest and he gives a smile and thumbs up.

– At ringside, Mike Tenay and Don West look at the rest of the card tonight. Tenay decided to drop the tux for tonight’s show.

– We then see footage of Jeff Jarrett arriving to the arena.

IWGP Jr. Tag Team Championships Match
The Motor City Machineguns (c’s) vs. No Limit vs. LAX

The bell rings and we see lots of brawling among the six men involved in this match. Naito takes out Shelley with a big crossbody. Shelley slaps Naito over the back when he goes up top. Hernandez is choking Sabin in the corner. Shelley with a sliding dropkick to Naito. Homicide takes down Yujiro with a big flying elbow. Sabin with big rights to Hernandez along with some big kicks. Sabin jumps over the back of Hernandez and attempts an octopus like submission. Hernandez breaks it up, but takes some big chops from Sabin. Hernandez ends up throwing Sabin with force right into the side of the cage when Sabin came charging in an impressive spot. Shelley with chops to Hernandez. Shelley attempts a suplex, but Hernandez counters, lifts Shelley up in a high vertical, Sabin kicks at Hernandez, Shelley comes back down and The Guns double team Hernandez attempting a double suplex, but Hernandez counters and suplexes them both! No Limit with a double team on Shelley. Yujiro with a leg drop on Shelley and Naito with a follow up summersault splash. LAX then go after No Limit. LAX take out Naito in the corner with a double body splash, slam and dropkick by Homicide.

Hernandez sends Yujiro into the side of the cage, holds on over his knees and Homicide drops an elbow that results in a two count. Homicide and Shelley are climbing up the side of the cage exchanging shots. Shelley kicks Homicide away crotching him on the top rope allowing Sabin to hit a huge dropkick on Homicide. Sabin with a clothesline to Hernandez, drops down, Shelley leaps off, hits a clothesline of his own and then double kicks to Hernandez when he falls forward. Sabin puts Homicide on the shoulders of Hernandez, Sabin dropkicks Homicide in the back and Shelley drops Homicide down face first. Sabin with a huge tornado DDT on Homicide, covers and Yujiro breaks it up. The Guns and No Limit with shots to Hernandez in the corner. This turns into Shelley taking some shots from No Limit with Hernandez finishing with a big body splash. Hernandez with a huge overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Shelley. Hernandez has Yujiro positioned over the top rope and Homicide comes flying down off the top turnbuckle with a leg drop, covers and Yujiro gets a shoulder up barely after a two count. Hernandez catches Sabin in the air, attempts a powerbomb, Sabin holds on and flips off.

Hernandez then picks Sabin up and gives him an overhead belly-to-belly suplex right into the side of the cage which looked nasty. Hernandez with a Border Toss to Shelley right into the side of the cage as well. Naito with a quick slam on Homicide. No Limit lift Hernandez up and then slam him back down with force. Cover and Homicide breaks up the pinfall attempt. Yujiro with another big spinning takedown on Hernandez that ends in a two count. Sabin gets slammed down hard by Yujiro, Yujiro goes up top attempting a diving headbutt and Sabin moves away. Naito attempts a moonsault on Sabin and Sabin again moves out of the way. Homicide gets crotched in the corner. The Guns are both up top and drop legs over Yujiro. Pinfall attempt and the pinfall gets broken up by Hernandez. Hernandez with an overhead half nelson suplex on Shelley. Homicide with a dropkick to Naito and Yujiro fights back with a clothesline on Homicide. Hernandez gets Yujiro on his shoulders and Homicide jumps off the top grabbing Yujiro hitting a huge cutter. The Guns then double team Homicide and Hernandez really fast. The Guns have Naito up on the corner and hit a huge double team finisher (Made in Detroit) from the corner, cover and get the pinfall.

Winners & STILL IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machineguns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)

After the match, we see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Shelley and Sabin are holding up the IWGP Jr. Tag Team Championships as they celebrate.

– Backstage, Lauren is with Abyss. She talks about how Matt Morgan wants to hurt Abyss tonight. Abyss tells Lauren he gave Dr. Stevie his word on not using weapons, but tonight is about survival and if it is one thing he knows how to do it is to survive. He said tonight he will take everything Morgan has to dish out and then give more.

– A video package airs highlighting tonight’s Abyss vs. Matt Morgan Doomsday Chamber of Blood match.

Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match
Abyss vs. Matt Morgan

Before the match, Matt Morgan grabbed a steel chair from under the ring along with a black bag.

The bell rings and Abyss punches the steel chair into the face of Matt Morgan. Abyss with right hands to Morgan in the corner. Abyss with a clothesline to Morgan and then a body splash in the corner. Abyss follows with a body splash to the head of Morgan in the corner when Morgan fell down. Morgan fights back with some right hands of his own. Morgan with a big boot to Abyss. The crowd in Philly starts a “WE WANT BLOOD” chant. Abyss then grabs the steel chair and Morgan ends up kicking it right in his face. Morgan grabs the steel chair, climbs up to the top of the cage and throws it out of the ring. Morgan then mounts Abyss who is now busted open over his head at this point. Morgan grabs Abyss and sends him into the side of the cage, hooks the leg and Abyss kicks out after two. Morgan puts Abyss up in the corner, puts his back to him and hits a few elbows to the body. Morgan with a big dropkick to Abyss. Morgan hooks the leg and Abyss kicks out again after two. Morgan with some quick right hands to the forehead of Abyss. Morgan grabs the black bag, opens it up and out comes broken glass. Morgan spreads it across the mat and grabs Abyss. Morgan grabs Abyss by the head and tries to drive his face into the glass.

You can see Abyss’ blood pouring from his head and falling over the glass. Morgan grabs a big piece of glass, tries to drive it into the head of Abyss and Abyss blocks it. Abyss with shots to Morgan as he gets to his feet. Abyss with a big shoulder charge to Morgan. Abyss sends Morgan face first into the side of the cage four times. Abyss with a big chokeslam on Morgan, hooks the leg, but the referee makes it clear that Abyss can’t pin Morgan until he is bleeding. Well I can’t blame Abyss for maybe forgetting because I did too. Welcome to the world of TNA stipluations that you don’t understand! We then see a shot of Morgan going up to the top turnbuckle, jumping, Abyss moves and Morgan takes out the referee with a huge crossbody. We see a quick replay of this going down. Back live, Abyss has a piece of glass and crushes it across the forehead of Morgan. Morgan is now busted open. Abyss and Morgan then begin to exchange right hands. Abyss with a Black Hole Slam when Morgan was attempting a running dropkick. Abyss covers and the referee is still down. Another referee runs down, counts the pin and Morgan kicks out after two. Abyss sits up and is frustrated.

Abyss then opens up the cage door and grabs the steel chair that Morgan threw out earlier. Abyss returns to the ring when Dr. Stevie (Stevie Richards) walks down. Richards takes the steel chair away from Abyss. Abyss is surprised, turns around and Morgan levels Abyss with a big running kick to the head. Morgan covers and Abyss somehow kicks out after two. The crowd starts a loud “ECW” chant. Abyss with a knee to the gut on Morgan. Abyss stares down Richards from the ring and tells him to give him back the steel chair. Richards refuses to. Abyss then grabs a bag from under the ring, stares down Richards and returns to the ring. Abyss opens up the bag and pours out the thumbtacks. Richards gets up and gets into the ring getting into Abyss’ face. Richards begins slapping and hitting Abyss telling him to stop. Morgan with a low blow on Abyss and then slams Abyss down over the tacks! Abyss sits up and his back is covered in tacks. Morgan covers Abyss and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Matt Morgan

After the match, “Dr. Stevie” leaves the ring and heads to the back. Matt Morgan, whose face is covered in blood, gets to his feet and celebrates his win.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett asking him which side he will be on when the Lethal Lockdown match goes down later tonight. Borash brings up Jarrett’s talks with Scott Steiner, his frustration with Mick Foley and asks what he will do tonight. Jarrett said he knows what everyone is saying about him and thinks his teammates need to worry about themselves. He said it looks like Jeff Jarrett needs to start worrying about himself more and that is doing the right thing. Jarrett opens the door to leave when Samoa Joe walks in with his knife in hand. Joe tells Jarrett, “No tricks Jeff. No tricks.” Jarrett walks off shaking his head.

– A video package airs highlighting tonight’s Awesome Kong vs. Angelina Love vs. Taylor Wilde match for the TNA Knockouts Championship.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match
Awesome Kong (c) w/ Raisha Saeed vs. Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky vs. Taylor Wilde

The bell rings and Awesome Kong is pissed. Kong walks right over to Angelina Love who is trying to climb up the cage. Kong pulls her down and hits her with numerous punches and kicks. Taylor Wilde jumps down and gets in some shots of her own. Wilde sends Love face first into the side of the cage. Wilde sends Love into Kong who takes her out. Kong teases Wilde saying they will work together. Wilde jumps off Kong, but Kong drops Wilde over the mat instead of on top of Love. Kong chops Love hard against the cage. Kong gets Love up for a powerbomb, Love counters into a sunset flip, Kong drops down, Love moves and both Love and Wilde double team Kong. Love covers Kong and Wilde breaks it up. Wilde covers Kong and Love breaks that up. Love and Wilde get in each others faces. Love with a rollup on Wilde and Wilde kicks out. Love comes back with a big clothesline on Wilde. Kong throws Wilde with force into the side of the cage. Love drops down and grabs the leg of Kong. Kong breaks away, lifts Love up and slams her down on the mat with force. Kong grabs Love by the legs and swings her around the ring and then throws her away to the mat.

Kong then steps on the hair of Love and lifts her up by her arms. Kong then tosses Love across the ring and then tosses Wilde across the ring as well. Kong picks up Love and hits a huge chokeslam. Kong then goes up to the top turnbuckle, flips off to the mat and Love moves out of the way. The crowd pops HUGE for this as they have never seen this before from Kong. Love drops an elbow on Kong, covers and Wilde breaks it up. Love with a big kick to Wilde. Love then pushes Kong to the side of the cage and Love and Velvet Sky start tying Kong’s braids to the side of the cage keeping her trapt in the corner. Wilde with a crossbody off top on Love and Love kicks out after two. Another quick cover by Wilde and Love again kicks out after two. Raisha Saeed then walks over and chases Sky away. It looks Love got dropped on her head pretty bad and they had to change the finish as she got a fluke pin on Wilde looking to be totally out of it.

Winner & NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Angelina Love

After the match, Angelina Love is handed the TNA X Division Championship and is helped up by the referee (who she is still talking to and still appears to be out of it). We see a shot of Awesome Kong whose braids are still caught up in the side of the cage. She is furious as Love celebrates her win and Velvet Sky cheers her on from ringside.

– Backstage, Lauren is with Team 3D among the TNA fans. Team 3D take in the fans and Brother Ray finishes it saying, “Welcome to Kill-adelphia!”

– A video package airs highlighting tonight’s Team 3D vs. Beer Money Philadelphia Street Fight match with the IWGP and TNA World Tag Team Championships on the line.

TNA & IWGP Tag Team Championships – Philadelphia Street Fight
Beer Money Inc. (TNA champions) vs. Team 3D (IWGP champions)

They accidentally had Beer Money listed as the IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champions on the graphic. Team 3D made their entrance through the crowd. Brother Ray threw the steel steps away when they entered the cage. They have created a great atmosphere for this match.

The bell rings and here we go. Brother Ray and Robert Roode face off, while James Storm and Brother Devon face off. Devon with a big clothesline to Roode and Ray with a body splash to Storm. Roode get thrown from the ring to the floor by Ray. Storm is out next to the ground. They leave the cage to get the Street Fight rules going. All four men start brawling into the crowd and we get a split-screen view of this taking place. Ray is on Storm and Devon is on Roode. Just tons of brawling among all four men in the crowd. The crowd is going crazy in Philadelphia. It appears Devon and Roode have left the arena and have fought to the backstage area. Storm and Ray are now up top in a luxury box brawling. Ray is hitting Storm with some stiff right hands. Devon and Roode then brawl to the area where Ray and Storm are. The action is just all over the place. Roode gets crotched over the hand rail by Ray. Storm grabs a drink from a fan and throws it in the face of Devon. They start brawling down the steps heading back to the ringside area. We see a shot of Devon biting Storm on his head and Storm screaming out in pain. Ray drops a few big elbows to the head of Roode near the ringside area.

Beer Money then starts getting the better of 3D when the get to the ringside area near Tenay and West. Storm grabs a beer and spits it in the face of Devon. Storm sends Devon into the steel guard railing, while Roode used the cage door and threw it into the face of Ray. Beer Money grab the steel steps and place them at the end of the entrance way. Storm grabs a table and sets it up near the steel steps. Beer Money put the table right by the steel steps. Beer Money grab Devon, stand at the top of the steps, attempt a suplex and connect crashing Devon right through it! Roode ended up going down along with Devon flipping over his body in what could have been a dangerous spot. Beer Money then return to the ring and throw Ray inside. Ray is busted open over his forehead as they double team him. Roode with a cover on Ray and Ray kicks out after two. Ray with big chops to Roode and Storm. Ray with a big double clothesline on Beer Money. Ray with a scoop slam on Roode, goes up to the top turnbuckle, Storm walks up, climbs up with Ray, Ray with a few chops, Ray with chops of his own to Storm, Storm trips and crotches himself over the top rope. Roode then gets up, hits Ray and climbs up.

Roode with right hands to Ray. Ray with shots of his own, grabs Roode, hooks the arms and hits the Bubba Bomb from the top turnbuckle! Ray with a cover on Roode and Roode barely gets a shoulder up after two. Storm with an inverted DDT on Ray off the ropes, cover and Ray gets a shoulder up after two. The crowd is calling for Devon who is still recovering on the outside. Devon jumps into the ring, throws Storm away and they hit an inverted 3D on Roode. Cover by Ray and Roode barely kicks out after two. Storm is over Devon in the corner hitting some rights when Ray walks up and puts Storm on his shoulders. Devon goes up top, jumps and takes out Storm with a top rope clothesline. Cover by Devon and Storm gets a shoulder up after two as well. Roode with a clothesline on Ray and a shot to Devon. Ray comes back giving Roode a scoop slam. Ray holds the legs of Roode up and Devon hits the headbutt to the crotch from up top. Ray then slaps Devon and calls for the tables as the fans in Philly chant along. Devon leaves the ring, grabs a table and slides it in. Storm then dropkicks Devon when he tries to get back in. Ray sets up the table as Beer Money give him a double back suplex.

Storm has Devon up on his shoulders and Roode comes off the top rope hitting a blockbuster. Cover and Devon is able to kick out after two. Ray is down, Roode misses a diving headbutt and Storm misses a flipping dive. Roode with a spinebuster on Ray and then a neckbreaker on Devon. Roode grabs Devon, tells Storm to get ready on the outside, Storm has the cage door open, Roode goes to send Devon into the opening area so Storm can slam the cage door in his face, Devon counters, throws Roode in the area instead and Storm throws the cage door into the face of Roode. Roode then turns around and takes a 3D through a table. Cover by Ray and Team 3D get the win.

Winners & NEW TNA World Tag Team Champions & IWGP Tag Team Champions: Team 3D

After the match, the crowd in Philadelphia cheers loudly. James Storm realizes what happened and is furious at ringside. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Tenay and West mention that Team 3D are now 22-time tag team champions as they celebrate in the ring.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle and the rest of Main Event Mafia. He asks about what Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner have been discussing lately. Angle said anything they talked about has nothing to do with tonight. He builds his teammates Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash and Booker T tonight. Angle said people call them over the hill, but the young punks are inexperienced. He said they know something the young guys don’t – you win with your head and not with your heart.

– A video package airs highlighting tonight’s Team Angle vs. Team Jarrett Lethal Lockdown match.

Lethal Lockdown Match
Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Booker T, Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner) vs. Team Jarrett (Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles & “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels)

We start the match with Kurt Angle and Christopher Daniels. The bell rings and Angle shoves Daniels away. Daniels with a takedown and then stands over the head of Angle. Daniels slams the head of Angle down over the mat with his boot. Angle with a kick and big forearm to Daniels. We are at five minutes left until the next participant will enter. Daniels with another takedown on Angle working on his left arm. Daniels with a headlock, Angle tries to throw Daniels into the ropes, but Daniels holds on and keeps the headlock applied with force. Angle with a back suplex on Daniels, but Daniels keeps the headlock applied. Angle breaks away, but Daniels comes right back with a big right hand. Daniels with a huge flying side kick to Angle. Fans are very pro-Angle in Philly. Daniels catches Angle with a boot in the corner and then drives his boot down into the chest of Angle. Daniels places Angle up on the top turnubuckle and gets in a few shots. Daniels flips Angle off the top and back into the ring with force. Angle with a big right hand to Daniels and quick suplex. Angle applies a headlock, but Daniels fights to his feet. Angle with forearms to Daniels. Daniels comes back locking on a submission on Angle.

Time expires and out next for Team Angle is Booker T. Booker T hits the ring and breaks up the submission. Booker punches and chops Daniels against the ropes. Booker with some big knees to Daniels. Daniels with rights and a big dropkick to Booker as Booker came off the ropes. Daniels shoulder charges Booker into the corner. Booker then sends Daniels into Angle who takes out Daniels with a huge uppercut. Booker with a big kick taking out Daniels in the middle of the ring. Booker then holds Daniels allowing Angle to get in some stiff right hands to the body.

Time expires and out next for Team Jarrett is TNA Legends Champion AJ Styles. Styles hits the ring and takes out Booker and Angle with big punches and kicks. Booker catches Styles with a left hand. Daniels then charges and takes out Booker with a flying clothesline. Daniels has Angle up and Styles comes down over Angle with a big forearm. Daniels sends Angle into the corner with force as Styles hits Booker with some big shots in the corner.

Time expires and out next for Team Angle is Scott Steiner. Steiner helps Angle and Booker completely dominate over the course of the next few minutes.

Time expires and out next for Team Jarrett is Samoa Joe. We wait for the entrance of Joe, but he is no where to be seen. We then see a shot of Joe backstage being told something before he walks out. Joe then runs out and takes out Steiner, Booker and Angle. Joe with a big overhead suplex on Angle. Joe takes out Steiner with a chop and senton splash.

Time expires and out last for Team Angle is Kevin Nash. Nash walks up the steps and Joe kicks the cage door right in his face! Nash falls down and Joe walks out hitting Nash with some big right hands. Nash grabs Joe and sends him into the steel ring post. Nash gets into the ring, grabs Styles and slams him down hard. Nash with a side slam on Daniels. Joe is back in and goes after Nash. Styles with a Pele Kick to Steiner. Joe gets Nash down allowing Daniels to connect with the BME (Best Moonsault Ever). Angle with a german suplex on Joe.

Time expires and out last for Team Jarrett is Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett hits the ring and takes out Angle and Booker. Jarrett with a double clothesline on Angle and Booker. The lights go out and the top of the Lethal Lockdown cage starts to lower which is covered in weapons. The top lowers and everyone starts grabbing weapons to use. Jarrett hits Nash with a garbage can lid. We then have a six video shot split-screen so it is up to you what you want to watch. Back to the normal view and Joe takes out Steiner with some help from Jarrett. Jarrett with a kendo stick over Nash and Steiner. Angle climbs up to the top of the Lethal Lockdown top. Angle is up top and Styles follows him up. Styles and Angle have a stare down. Both exchange some right hands. Angle attempts a suplex on Styles, but Styles holds on. Styles almost hits Angle off the top of the cage. Angle rakes the eyes of Styles to break it up. Angle drops down from the top and back inside the ring with Styles still up top. Angle Slam by Angle on Jarrett. Styles stands back up, jumps high, come crashing through the top of the cage and takes out Angle, Steiner and Booker! That was crazy. They show a replay and Styles landed pretty hard. Daniels with a big takedown on Angle. Steiner with a belly-to-belly on Daniels. Joe with an inverted atomic drop on Steiner, puts him up on the turnbuckle, walks out and hits the Muscle Buster. Booker with a big kick to Joe. Booker with a spinarooni to get up. Styles somehow gets to his feet, but Booker hits him with a knee to the gut. Booker misses an Axe Kick attempt, Jarrett moves forward and hits Styles with a steel chair with what appears to be by accident. Angle covers Styles and Styles somehow kicks out. Joe gets in Jarrett’s face. Angle Slam on Joe, cover and it gets broken up. Daniels with the Angel’s Wings on Angle, cover and that gets broken up. Steiner with a face driver on Daniels. Jarrett pulls down a guitar from the Lethal Lockdown top. Jarrett stares down Booker and then Styles who stands up. Jarrett then hits Booker with the guitar, Styles covers Booker and gets the win.

Winners: Team Jarrett

After the match, Team Jarrett celebrates the win when the lights go out. Some new music and a new video intro plays. Out walks Bobby Lashley. We see a shot of Jeff Jarrett who appears concerned. Kurt Angle sees this and is smiling and laughing. Lashley points down to the ring at the top of the ramp.

– Backstage, Lauren is with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting. Sting said he will not roll over and die tonight because the TNA World Title means that much to him. He said if the belt ends up in the wrong hands then it will spell the end for TNA. Sting said there might be a lot of miles on his body, but that will not stop him. He said they are in Philadelphia where anything goes and tonight it will be showtime.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley who is holding a barbed wire bat. Borash asks him if he thought he would be headling Lockdown against Sting for the TNA World Title. Foley said that “Mick” was not able to attend tonight’s Lockdown, but Cactus Jack was able to. He then said he is going to borrow something from Mick and “tweak” the main event tonight saying that the cage will be locked tonight and there is no way to escape if Sting wants to.

– A video package airs highlighting tonight’s Sting vs. Mick Foley match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in the main event.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Sting (c) vs. Mick Foley

They did video introductions for Mick Foley and Sting. Ring introductions also took place in the ring with the challenger Mick Foley and champion Sting.

Referee Earl Hebner took the barbed wire bat away from Foley before the match started. We see referees locking the cage door and the bell rings. Foley starts punching himself in the face and busts himself open. Foley with a big running right on Sting that drops Sting. Foley with a big boot to the head of Sting. More boots from Foley to Sting. Foley starts climbing up the cage as Sting walks forward and jumps up with Foley. Sting knocks Foley off the top turnbuckle and crashing to the ring below. Sting jumps down and starts hitting Foley with some kicks. Sting then rubs Foley’s face against the side of the cage. Foley with some big rights to Sting. Foley takes Sting down with a big forearm to the back. Foley then kicks Sting in the face and begins climbing up the side of the cage again. Sting is back up and chops Foley a few times. Sting grabs Foley, locks his arms around him and drives him back to the mat with a huge back suplex. Cover by Sting and Foley gets a shoulder up after two. Sting tries to send Foley face first into the cage, but Foley blocks and hits Sting with some big rights. Foley then drops down and starts choking Sting in the corner until the referee breaks it up.

Foley walks to the other corner and starts climbing up that side of the cage. Sting splashes his body against Foley’s leg which gets caught up in the turnbuckle when Foley falls back. Sting pulls Foley off the corner and Foley grabs his ankle in pain. Sting then drops his body across Foley’s bad ankle two times. Sting kicks Foley in the leg as Foley climbs up the side of the cage. Sting hits the ropes and then drives an elbow into the leg of Foley causing Foley to fall back. Sting drives Foley’s bloody face back into the side of the cage yet again. Foley then grabs Sting and sends him into the side of the cage. Foley is favoring his bad ankle as his kicks Sting on the mat. Foley pounds on his knee so he can put some weight on it. Foley picks up Sting and hits a swinging neckbreaker, covers and Sting gets a shoulder up after a two count. Foley with a boot to Sting and a double arm DDT. Another cover by Foley on Sting and Sting gets a shoulder up again after two. Foley grabs the legs of Sting, attempts a Scorpion Deathlock, Sting tries fighting it off, but Foley gets Sting turned over to his stomach. Sting then breaks it up, but lets out a scream of pain.

Foley then yells at the referee to open the door. Earl Hebner refuses and Foley pushes him down. Foley hits Sting with a big right when he gets to his feet. Foley then takes out the camera man who had his camera through one of the holes in the cage. Foley then tries escaping the cage by climbing through the hole. Sting sees this, pulls him back out and locks on the Scorpion Deathlock. Foley starts screaming out in pain, reaches out and gets his body through the hole. Foley yells at the camera man to give him his barbed wire bat. The camera man does so reluctantly and Foley brings the barbed wire bat inside. Sting goes to charge, but stops himself when he sees Foley holding the barbed wire bat. Foley swings and misses. Foley continues to swing and miss as Sting dodges Foley. Sting fights back with some big punches on Foley. Sting starts climbing up the side of the cage when Foley catches him in the leg with the barbed wire bat. Foley with another shot to Sting’s leg with the barbed wire bat and Sting falls back to the mat. Sting with a drop toe hold on Foley whose hand falls over the barbed wire bat! Foley holds his hand in pain as blood starts coming out.

Sting grabs the barbed wire bat and hits Foley repeatedly with it in the stomach and over the back. Sting picks up Foley still holding the bat and Foley drives the bat into the face of Sting. Foley then runs at Sting and hits him in the face with the barbed wire bat. Foley then drops the barbed wire bat over the chest of Sting. Sting is busted open at this point. Foley then grabs a sock, wraps the barbed wire around the sock and hits Sting in the head with it. Foley with more right hands to Sting whose face is covered in blood. Foley then backs up and drives the barbed wire bat into the head of Sting in the corner. The crowd starts a loud “FOLEY” chant. Foley then starts climbing up the side of the cage. Sting fights to his feet and Foley gets over the top of the cage. Sting climbs up and gets over the top as well, with Foley slightly ahead. They fight to drop off the cage first and Foley hits the ground first.

Winner & NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Mick Foley

After the match, we see a shot of a beat up Mick Foley on the ground as TNA referees drop the TNA World Heavyweight Championship over his body. Foley stands up, kisses the title belt and his hand is raised high as we see a shot of Sting heading up the ramp frustrated as the PPV goes off the air.

– A promo for TNA Sacrifice on May 24 airs.


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