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Sunday, April 13th in Lowell, MA

– The new “Cross the Line” TNA promo hit.
– We open with Mike Tenay inside the Six Sides of Steel pointing out that more is on the line tonight than just the TNA World Title. Tonight could be Samoa Joe’s final stand in professional wrestling if he doesn’t win.
– A video package then runs focusing on steel and how it will play a facor tonight at Lockdown in the Six Sides of Steel with all those involved. Focus is also put on Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe, Booker T vs. Robert Roode and Team Cage vs. Team Tomko.
– A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Lockdown. We then go live to the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, MA where a series of pyro goes off in the entrance area.
– Don West is among the fans and he asks fans who will win tonight – Kurt Angle or Samoa Joe. Most fans go with Samoa Joe with only one guy behind Angle. West passes it on to Jeremy Borash who is up in the stands with fans. More mixed reactions from fans between Angle or Joe. Borash passes it on to Mike Tenay who is soon to be joined by Don West.
– Out first is Curry Man to kick off the show.

– “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal retained the TNA X Division Championship in the Xscape Match. The order of entry for the match was Curry Man, Johnny Devine, Consequences Creed, Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy and the TNA X Division Champion “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal. We will see eliminations by pinfall or submission until only two men remain. The final two men will then try to escape from the cage to win. We start with Dutt and Devine with Dutt taking him out with some quick offense. Lethal then launches Dutt onto Curry Man. More double-team work by Lethal and Dutt on Creed and Shark Boy. Huge pyramid spot in the corner that Devine dodges. Devine then gets tossed off by Creed. Continued double-team work by Lethal and Dutt on Creed. Shark Boy with a Stunner on Lethal, but Dutt breaks up the pin. Devine then rolls up Dutt and gets the pinfall. Sonjay Dutt is eliminated. Shark Boy with offense on Devine. Creed with a big modified suplex on Shark Boy. Curry Man with a big splash on Creed in the corner. Creed with a hammerlock DDT on Shark Boy and he gets the pinfall. Shark Boy is eliminated. Creed with a flying knee and clothesline on Curry Man. Curry Man goes up to the top of the cage and Devine trips him up. Devine goes up and Lethal does as well. Devine knocks Lethal off. Devine attempts a shooting star press, but Lethal dodges it. Curry Man is still up top, jumps off and takes out Creed and Devine with a huge flip dive! Curry Man with a Spice Rack on Creed and gets the pinfall. Consequences Creed is eliminated. Big clothesline on Devine by Lethal. Quick pinfall by Curry Man on Lethal that gets a close two. Curry Man with a Spice Rack on Lethal, but Devine breaks up the pinfall. Devine with a Tiger Driver on Curry Man and gets the pinfall. Curry Man is eliminated. We are now down to Jay Lethal and Johnny Devine with escape rules. Devine sends Lethal face first into the cage. Devine then ties Lethal’s wrist to the ropes and starts hitting him with hard rights. Dutt is still at ringside and he makes sure Devine can’t walk out the cage door. Devine gives up and starts climbing up the cage. Dutt gives Lethal an object to free himself from the ropes. Devine is up top looking on. Dutt opens the door and Lethal leaps out and hits the floor first before Devine can. Lethal retains the X Division Title.

After the match, Lethal celebrates his victory with Sonjay Dutt and So Cal Val as Devine looks on frustrated. We then see highlights from the match showing each elimination and then the finish involving Lethal and Devine.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Frank Trigg. Trigg said Kurt has been in big matches before, while Joe has failed three times before to beat Angle. He predicts Joe will hang with Angle, but feels Angle will retain tonight. Trigg said nothing against Marcus Davis, but Joe didn’t do enough to get the job done tonight. He said it is probable tonight Joe could win, but it is also probable he could become President of the United States.

– Roxxi Laveaux won the “Queen of the Cage” Match. Order of entry was Christy Hemme, Salinas, Jacqueline, Traci Brooks, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Rhaka Khan and Roxxi Laveaux. The Knockouts have to fight their way into the cage and the first two that do that will compete for the Queen of the Cage crown. All the Knockouts begin to brawl around the ring. Angelina Love is the first to climb the cage and get into the ring. Roxxi is the next to get in so we will now see Roxxi vs. Angelina Love. Roxxi takes out Angelina with a big elbow, splash in the corner and then a big boot. Angelina with a jawbreaker on Roxxi and then bounces her head off the ring numerous times. Angelina then starts choking out Roxxi. Angelina then chokes Roxxi against the ropes as well. Angelina counters a powerbomb attempt and then plants Roxxi with a faceplant. Angelina with a few chops, rollup, but Roxxi sends her into the cage. Roxxi then hits Angelina with her new finisher that is a guillotine choke-like plant onto the mat to get the pinfall.

– Backstage, a new TNA announcer is with Samoa Joe. She talks about tonight’s main event. Joe talks about giving his life to this sport and said Angle will not take this away from him. He said there was a reason he left Angle alone at Impact because he wanted him at his best tonight and that is what Angle will get from him.
– A video package runs highlighting the feud between BG James and Kip James.

– BG James defeated Kip James. The match kicks off with Kip landing a huge right on BG and then landing numerous punches and kicks on the ground. Kip continues to kick BG on the ground. BG fires back with jabs, but Kip jumps in and hits a quick stunner to prevent the last big shot from BG. Kip then throws BG against the side of the cage a few times. BG with an elbow on Kip, but Kip fires right back with a big knee to the midsection. Kip then grounds the action and applies a sleeper on BG. BG fights back to his feet and Kip lands another shot to the gut. Kip then launches BG face first into the cage. Kip then connects with the Fameasser, covers, but BG some how kicks out. Kip goes up to the top rope and attempts another Fameasser, but BG dodges it and BG low blows Kip! The two then begin to exchange right hands. BG with an elbow, jabs and then launches Kip into the cage three times that finishes with a huge right hand. BG drops the knee over Kip’s jaw, covers, but Kip kicks out. BG crotches himself on the middle rope trying to splash Kip. Kip attempts a splash in the corner, but BG moves and rolls up Kip to get the pinfall.

After the match, BG extends his hand to Kip. BG helps Kip up and the two talk a bit. Kip then raises the arm of BG…and then levels him with a big clothesline. Kip stands over BG and does the DX crotch chop over him.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA World Champion Kurt Angle. Angle talked about taking out everyone they threw at him in WWE. He talked about watching the competition and noticed Samoa Joe out of everyone else. Angle said on the four occassions that he faced Joe, he took it to him and he took everything Joe gave to him. He said tonight isn’t only about business, it is personal – very personal. Angle said in order to prove he is the very best, he needs to make him tap out and he needs to beat him. He needs to end the career of Samoa Joe. Angle said it isn’t about winning or losing, it is about survival.

– Super Eric won the “Cuffed in the Cage” Match. Lance Hoyt & Jimmy Rave were out first. They went backstage after Eric Young and Kaz didn’t come out. We then saw Black Reign and Rellik attacking Young and Kaz. Young was knocked out, so Kaz is forced to come out by himself. Out next were Black Reign & Rellik, The Motor City Machineguns, LAX and Scott Steiner & Petey Williams. Steiner had fun telling people to f’off during his entrance. The referees forced Kaz to get in the cage despite not having a partner. The bell rings and brawling starts off everywhere. Steiner took out a few people with overhead suplexes. LAX double-team on Steiner. Everyone gangs up on Steiner and handcuffs him to the cage. Scott Steiner is the first cuffed to the cage. Eric Young makes his way down the ramp, but Black Reign and Rellik scare him off. Alex Shelley is the second cuffed to the cage. Sabin gets thrown into the cage and double-teamed. Chris Sabin is the third cuffed to the cage. williams gets double-teamed by Rellik and Black Reign. Petey Williams is the fourth cuffed to the cage. Huge double-team move by LAX on Kaz with a Gringo Cutter. Border Toss by Hernandez, but Jimmy Rave counters off. Hernandez then launches Rave over his head into the cage! Huge spot off the top rope that saw Kaz hit the Flux Capacitor on Rave. The cameras missed it, but Hernandez and Homicide have been cuffed. Hernandez and Homicide are the fifth and sixth cuffed to the cage. Huge spot saw Hoyt chokeslam Kaz off the top rope to the mat below! Kaz is the seventh cuffed to the cage. Super Eric then comes out, goes to the top of the cage and takes out Black Reign, Rellik, Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave in the ring! Super Eric handcuffs Jimmy Rave and Lance Hoyt. Jimmy Rave and Lance Hoyt are the eighth and ninth cuffed to the cage. We are down to Black Reign, Rellik and Super Eric. It appeared Super Eric was being cuffed to the cage, but he cuffed Rellik instead. Rellik is the tenth cuffed to the cage. Super Eric then takes out Black Reign with his death valley driver and cuffs him to the cage. Black Reign is the last cuffed to the cage. Super Eric is left standing tall and the winner.

After the match, Super Eric breaks the handcuffs keeping Kaz cuffed to the cage and they celebrate in the middle of the ring posing.

– Backstage, Lauren (the new TNA announcer) is with Samoa Joe’s family. Joe’s dad said win or lose, he still loves his son and feels he accomplished a lot already in TNA.
– A video package runs highlighting the events leading into Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed vs. Gail Kim & ODB tonight.

– ODB & Gail Kim defeated TNA Women’s Champion Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed. The match kicked off with Kong and ODB. ODB gets in a few quick shots, but Kong fights back launching ODB by her hair across the ring. Gail Kim got the tag and demanded that Kong tag in Raisha Saeed. Kim works on the back of Saeed, but Saeed fights back throwing Kim’s elbow against the mat numerous times. Kim with some elbows, but Saeed with a takedown. Saeed with more elbows to Kim’s face followed by a big scoop slam. Saeed with a bridge suplex on Kim. Kim fights back with a dropkick and head scissors take down. Saeed sends Kim into the corner, Kim jumps up to block, but Kong grabs her by the head and slams it into the cage. Saeed with a slap to the face on Kim and then puts her boot across the face of Kim. Saeed then slams the head of Kim into the cage numerous times. Kong gets the tag and splashes Kim in the corner. Another tag to Saeed, pin attempt, but Kim kicks out. Saeed misses a splash and Kim takes out Saeed with a spear. ODB gets the tag and takes out Saeed and Kong. ODB with a fallaway slam on Saeed. Saeed attempts a powerbomb on Kim, but Kim counters that into a huge huracanrana! Kong then takes out Saeed by accident with a spinning back fist. ODB with a splash on Saeed and gets the pinfall. After the match, Kim and ODB celebrate the win.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Karen Angle. Borash brings up how she has been split from Kurt for the last month. She reminds Borash that despite that, he is still the father of her children and she is supporting him tonight.

– A video package runs highlighting the feud between Booker T and Robert Roode leading into tonight’s mixed tag team match.

– Booker T & Sharmell defeated Robert Roode & Payton Banks in a Mixed Tag Team Match. We start with Booker T and Robert Roode. Roode goes after Booker right away with some kicks, but Booker comes back with some chops. Roode comes back with some chops as well. Booker with a spin kick to the jaw of Roode. Booker with a few rights on Roode in the corner, but Roode throws him off and connects with a dropkick. Roode continues to go to work on Booker keeping him grounded with elbows and knees. Booker fights out of a sleeper and levels Roode with another big spin kick. Roode then fires back with a huge spinebuster. Booker with an elbow to Roode and another kick to the head. Booker with a quick roll up on Roode that results in a close two count. Still no tag to the ladies yet. Booker with a spinebuster of his own on Roode. Roode dodges an Axe Kick attempt, Roode goes for a sulpex, Booker dodges that, Roode dodges a kick from Booker and then launches Booker into the side of the cage with force. Sharmell then tags herself in and starts slapping Roode. Roode then grabs her by the hair, tags in Payton Banks and holds her. Banks then accidentally slaps Roode in the face and Sharmell rolls up Banks to get the pinfall.

After the match, Booker T and Sharmell celebrate. Payton Banks tries apologizing to Robert Roode and Roode yells in her face. Roode teases hitting her, but turns his back on her and leaves.

– Backstage, Lauren is with UFC fighter Marcus Davis. Davis talks about training Samoa Joe and getting him prepared for Kurt Angle. He said Angle is a great athlete and said Joe needs to stick to the plan that they came up with.
– A video package runs highlighting tonight’s Lethal Lockdown between Team Cage and Team Tomko.

– Team Cage defeated Team Tomko in the Lethal Lockdown Match. Out first was Christian Cage for Team Cage. Out next was Tomko for Team Tomko for the first five minutes, but when the lights came out AJ Styles was in the ring and he leaped off the top rope taking out Christian Cage! Tomko smiles and backs off. Mike Tenay said we were all under the impression it would be the two team captains kicking off the match. Styles continues to take it to Cage as we approach three minutes left. Huge dropkick by Styles on Cage. Cage fires back with some chops and shots in the corner. Styles attempts a springboard inverted DDT, Cage blocks with some punches, but Styles locks it back in and drops Cage in the inverted DDT. We are at the two minute mark as Styles applies a neck submission on Cage. Cage fights back with some big clotheslines on Styles. Cage misses a frog splash attempt when Styles moves. Cage with an inverted DDT of his own on Styles. Cage with a counter into a powerbomb on Styles. Cage launches Styles into the side of the cage, goes for the Unprettier, but Styles counters into a Pele Kick!

Time expires and out is Brother Ray for Team Tomko. Ray is wearing a Yankees shirt. Ray then launches the steel cage door into the head of Cage when Styles throws him into it. A loud “YANKEES SUCK” chant starts up as Ray takes out Cage with an elbow drop. Ray applies a Boston Crab and then Styles drops his body over the head of Cage. Ray then launches the back of Cage’s head into the cage a few times behind the ropes. Ray and Styles take turns chopping Cage.

Time expires and out is Rhino for Team Cage. Rhino hits the ring and takes out Style and Ray. Rhino with a huge belly-to-belly on Ray, attempts a Gore on Ray, but Styles cuts him off with a dropkick to the head! Rhino fights back launching Ray into the corner. Rhino levels Styles with a big right hand. Cage then starts choking out Styles with his boot. Cage with some knees to the chest of Ray, jumps on his back and applies a rear naked choke. Ray breaks it up dropping to the mat with Cage on his back.

Time expires and out is James Storm for Team Tomko. Storm hits the ring, gets Cage up on his back and connects with the Eye of the Storm! Storm with a kick to Rhino’s head and Cage chokes out Ray with his boot. Styles blocks a shot from Rhino and jumps on the cage. Styles climbs up and Rhino goes after him. They come down to the top rope still against the cage. Styles jumps up, kicks Rhino off, Cage quickly comes up with him and punches Styles a few times. Cage climbs over the top and gets knocked off by Brother Ray.

Time expires and out is Kevin Nash for Team Cage. Nash hits the ring and takes out everyone with big elbows. Styles jumps off the cage, Nash catches him and drops him face first over the top turnbuckle. Ray then goes to work on the knees of Nash taking him to the ground. Cage is back up on the cage and is at the top. Cage jumps off and connects with a HUGE cross-body on Brother Ray and James Storm!

Time expires and out is Brother Devon for Team Tomko. Devon goes after Cage and Rhino with some right hands. Team 3D then launch Cage into the side of the cage. 3D hits a double-shoulder block on Rhino. Ray clips Nash from behind to his bad knees. Storm is choking Cage in the corner. Storm with a dropkick to the back of Cage’s head into the cage.

Time expires and out is Matt Morgan for Team Cage. Morgan hits the ring and takes out all the heels on Team Tomko. Morgan with a big boot on Styles, big boot on Ray and headbutt to Devon. Morgan sends Devon into the side of the cage and looks to do more damage. Ray starts chopping the knees of Morgan. Morgan takes out Team 3D with a double clothesline. Morgan has Styles, Styles flips out of a chokeslam attempt, but Morgan eventually plants him on his face. Wow, what a counter for Styles to pull off. Very impressive.

Time expires and out is Tomko (captain) for Team Tomko. Tomko is carrying a steel chair, but the referee takes it out of his hands. Cage tries to tackle Tomko, but Tomko takes him down. Tomko and Cage roll around hitting lots of punches and shots to the head. Devon with a leg low blow on Morgan. Devon is busted open at this point from a shot into the cage. Everyone is brawling around the ring for each respective team. Eventually Team Tomko is left standing.

Time expires and out is Sting for Team Cage. All team members are now involved. Sting is taking everyone out with elbows. Sting with a low blow on Styles and then a takedown on Storm. The top of the cage is then lowered and Lethal Lockdown has officially begun. Everyone jumps up and grabs some weapons. Don West mentions how hard this will be to call since the action is literally everywhere. Storm climbs up and gets to the top of the cage. Cage follows him up and Storm hits Cage with a trash can lid. Cage counters a suplex attempt and Storm’s leg busts through the ceiling of the cage. Cage hits Storm over the head numerous times with a trash can lid. 3D takes out Rhino in the ring. Nash and Morgan hit double-chokeslams at the same time. Dropkick by Sting on Tomko and then applies the Scorpion Deathlock on Tomko. Styles breaks it up with a kendo stick shot to the head of Sting. Styles hits the members of Team Cage with the kendo stick. Up top, Cage sets up a table. Styles gets up and hits Cage with a trash can lid. Styles puts Cage over the table. Styles then sets up a ladder up top. Styles starts climbing up the ladder, but Cage gets off the table. Cage takes out Storm and climbs up the other side to punch Styles. Storm is under the ladder, pushes it over and Cage and Styles crash through the ladder! Storm leaves the top of the cage and gets back in the ring. Storm gets his beer bottle and smashes it over the head of Morgan. Rhino with a Gore on Storm! Cover by Rhino on Storm and he gets the pinfall. Team Cage are the winners.

– A video package runs looking at the history behind Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe leading into tonight’s TNA World Title Match.
– Back live, TNA officials are cleaning up the ring after Lethal Lockdown. Karen Angle is shown sitting at ringside.
– At ringside, we see Frank Trigg joining Mike Tenay and Don West on commentary.
– We see a shot backstage of Samoa Joe making his way to the arena. Frank Trigg along with Tenay and West provide commentary. Has a very UFC feel to it, but it looks good. A quick video runs profiling Samoa Joe and his history in TNA Wrestling. Back live, samoan fire dancers hit the entrance area as Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring. Marcus Davis accompanied Joe to the ring as well.
– We then see a shot backstage of TNA World Champion Kurt Angle making his way to the arena. Angle has his hands taped up. They run another video profiling Kurt Angle and his history with TNA Wrestling as well. I can’t remember a TNA main event being built up so well before in the history of this company. Angle is wearing MMA shorts and not his normal ring attire.
– Jeremy Borash did ring introductions for the challenger Samoa Joe and the champion Kurt Angle. Marcus Davis will be presenting the winner with the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

– Samoa Joe defeated Kurt Angle to become the NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Before the match started, Kurt Angle demanded to have Karen Angle removed from the ringside area. Karen complains that she came here for him. She drops an f bomb at the security that everyone can hear. The bell rings and here we go. Well, they are definitely doing the MMA styles that we thought. Lots of circling, few jab attempts by Angle on Joe and Joe clinches against the ropes. Big kick to the leg by Angle on Joe. Angle with a kick on Joe, but Joe blocks it and kicks Angle a few times. They go to the ground and Angle applies a leg lock. Angle gets to the ropes. Takedown by Angle on Joe. Angle tries getting in the guard, but Joe gets to the ropes to break it up. Another takedown by Angle. Angle mounts Joe and gets in a few stiff shots until Joe reaches the ropes. Another takedown attempt by Angle, but Joe blocks it and kicks Angle right in the head. Joe gets in Angle’s guard and starts dropping bombs. Angle pulls Joe’s head down and then the referee breaks it up. Both lock up, Angle with a few knees and Joe with a big hip toss. Angle comes back with a huge side suplex on Joe. Angle mounts Joe and applies a side choke on Joe. Joe gets his foot on the bottom rope to break it up. Angle with a knee to Joe’s head. Angle gets in some stiff punches to Joe in the corner and applies a headlock. Joe fights back with some jabs, but Angle launches him in a huge overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Angle with a big uppercut on Joe. Angle mounts Joe and then goes for an armbar! Joe locks his hand with his other to prevent it from getting locked in. Joe breaks up the armbar attempt and backs off. Angle approaches hitting a few shots. They drop down and Angle applies a Figure Four on Joe! Joe eventually turns it over and Angle reaches for the ropes to break it up. Angle with some stiff kicks to the body and knee of Joe. Angle goes right for the knee. Joe chops him across the chest and Angle drops the knee attempt and applies a headlock. Joe blocks an overhead belly-to-belly suplex with a double-arm slap to Angle’s head followed by a huge clothesline! Joe with a big knee to the head on Angle. Angle with an elbow, but Joe kicks Angle in the head on the top rope! Joe has Angle up in the Muscle Buster, but Angle counters and applies the Ankle Lock. Crowd is on their feet for this one. Joe rols over and kicks Angle away to break it up. Joe with a huge slam plant in the corner on Angle. Joe catches Angle with a kick, huge powerbomb and then turns Angle over into a Boston Crab! Joe has his knee over the back of Angle’s head to apply it even more! Angle breaks away and then Joe applies a Crossface while still keeping Angle’s knee locked up! Joe pulls back more on the Crossface until Angle grabs Joe’s knee and applies the Ankle Lock again. Joe rolls over and is back in the Crossface on Angle. Angle breaks away and gets to the ropes. Angle charges and Joke takes him down into another Crossface. Angle rolls through to his feet and hits an Angle Slam on Joe! Cover and Joe kicks out. Angle with the Ankle Lock on Joe. Joe looks to tap out, but turns over and gets Angle down in the rear naked choke! Angle grabs the referee by the shirt to pull himself and get to the ropes. Joe counters an Angle slam and sends Angle into the cage. Joe with a superkick, puts Angle up on the top rope, he has him up and Joe hits the Muscle Buster! Joe covers…1…2…3! Samoa Joe is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

After the match, Marcus Davis hands Samoa Joe the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Joe holds the title high up in the air in the middle of the ring. Joe hugs Marcus Davis as the referee attends to Kurt Angle on the mat. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Samoa Joe is up on the corner holding the TNA World Title high in the air as the PPV goes off the air.

– A promo for TNA Sacrifice on May 11 airs.

Source: Adam Martin, wrestleview.com


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