Hard Justice

May 20, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, August 10th in Trenton, NJ

– The TNA “Cross The Line” promo hits.
– A video package runs highlighting the issues between Kurt Angle and AJ Styles, Team 3D and Christian Cage & Rhino and tonight’s main event between Samoa Joe and Booker T for the TNA World Heavyweight Title in a Six Sides of Steel filled with weapons. They also tease Sting’s involvement in last month’s Victory Road PPV main event.
– 15 minutes ago: We see footage of Sting arriving to the arena. He isn’t wearing makeup, gets out of his car with a bat in hand and heads inside the arena. Sting blows off Lauren as she tries to interview him.
– A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Hard Justice. We go live to Trenton, NJ when Flithee and Grandmaster Caz come out to kick off the show. Ice T is no where to be seen as they finish the live performance. A series of pyro goes off in the entrance area to kick off the show.
– We go to the ringside area where Mike Tenay and Don West rundown the card for tonight. They also wonder what role Sting will play tonight after just arriving.
– Consequences Creed is out first to kick off the show.

TNA X Division Championship Match
Petey Williams (c) w/ Rhaka Khan vs. Consequences Creed

The bell rings and the two circle the ring. Creed with a headlock and shoulder block. Creed with a hip toss on Petey. Creed applies a headlock and Petey tries to roll through numerous times. Petey misses a cross-body and Creed returns with an elbow to the back. Cover by Creed, but only a two count. Petey with an armdrag, attempts a Canadian Destroyer, but Creed counters out quickly. Shoving between the two as Petey backs to the corner as the referee breaks it up. Creed with a press slam and then driving his knees into the gut of Petey. This gets a big reaction from the crowd. Petey bails to the outside to recover. Creed jumps over the top rope with a flip taking out Petey. Creed hit the back of his head on the ring apron during this spot. Petey recovers with a leg drop over Creed on the ring apron. Crowd is really behind Petey. Petey with a springboard over the top rope into a codebreaker on Creed. Cover by Petey, but only gets a two count. Creed with a few left hands, does the splits and Petey takes him out with a big dropkick to the face. Loud “PETEY” chant after this. Petey with some right hands in the corner on Creed. Creed slides out under the ropes after an irish whip. Petey with a baseball slide into Creed who falls off and hits his head on the ring apron. Petey with a springboard over the top rope and catches Creed with a huracanrana. Crowd is insanely behind Petey. Petey with a dropkick to the back of Creed against the ropes. Petey with a rake to the eyes on Creed. Creed catches Petey with a huge superkick out of no where! Petey with a small comeback, but Creed is back up and catches Petey with a huge clothesline. Creed with lefts, splits and a final big punch. Creed covers, but Petey kicks out after two. Petey with a big russian leg sweep. Petey goes for the Destroyer, but Creed counters and Petey hits a jawbreaker. Creed responds right away with a huge clothesline. Petey catches Creed with a shoulder block from the ring apron, jumps over the top, but Creed catches him on his shoulders. Petey with a quick rollup that results in a two count. Another rollup by Creed that gets countered. Creed flips over the back of Petey and catches Petey with a kick to the head. Creed lifts up Petey, but Petey counters and applies the Sharpshooter in the center of the ring. Creed reaches for the bottom rope and Petey holds his arm back. Creed breaks free and gets to the ropes to break it up. Creed with a splash and knee to the head on Petey in the corner. Creed with a huge DDT, goes up top, jumps and connects with the leg drop on Petey. Cover by Creed and Petey barely gets a shoulder up. Khan jumps into the ring to distract Creed. Creed lifts her up and drops her with an RKO off his shoulders. Petey jumps in, attempts a Destroyer, but Creed counters and drops Petey on his head behind his back. Cover by Creed and Petey again somehow kicks out! Abdul Bashir (formerly Daivari) walks out with a steel chair and cracks it over the back of Creed. This allows Petey to hit the Canadian Destroyer on Creed and get the pinfall.

Winner & STILL TNA X Division Champion: Petey Williams

After the match, Bashir gets into the ring and drags a camera man over to a knocked out Consequences Creed. He said this represents the United States. Bashir calls himself the Middle Eastern Nightmare.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA World Champion Samoa Joe. Kevin Nash is sitting nearby. He asks him if he will be distracted since Sting is here tonight. Joe said he is tired of the hocus pocus and games Sting is playing. Nash, who looks to be in great shape right now, tells Joe he will have his back tonight if Sting tries to get involved.

TNA Knockouts Champion Taylor Wilde, Gail Kim & ODB vs. Awesome Kong & The Beautiful People

We start with Velvet Sky and ODB. Sky sprays some air freshener on ODB. ODB takes out Sky with a shot to the crotch, sprays her own crotch with the perfume and throws it at Traci Brooks, who is the special guest referee. Gail Kim gets the tag and takes out Sky. Tag to Angelina Love and a tag to Taylor Wilde. Wilde with some big side dropkicks on Love. Wilde begs them to tag in Awesome Kong. Kong gets the tag and levels Wilde. Tag to Kima nd Kong lifts her up and slams her down. Tag to ODB and she chops Kong. ODB attempts a few takedowns, but Kong takes her out with a big clothesline. Kim and Wilde then get a double clothesline from Kong. Double-team work by Kim and Wilde to take Kong out. Kong gets tossed to the outside. Sky and Love help her back up. ODB cuts off Kong as she gets into the ring. Kong grabs ODB by the hair and tosses her to the other corner. ODB spits in Kong’s face. Kong then splashes ODB in the corner. Traci then sends Raisha Saheed to the back and this upsets Kong. Sky gets the tag and applies a full body submission on ODB. Kim gets the tag along with Love. Love kicks Kim off the ring apron and Kim hits the ring barricade with force. Love continues the assault on Kim, covers, but only gets a two count. Love starts choking Kim and then mounts her hitting some right hands. Kicks to Kim in the corner. Love shoves referee Traci Brooks. Traci shoves her back. Wilde gets the tag and takes out Love and Sky with big dropkicks. Cover by Wilde and Kong breaks it up. Kim with a huge kick to the face of Kong. All six women are brawling now. In the ring, Love takes out Wilde with a huge kick. Wilde then reverses Love and gets a quick rollup for the pinfall.

Winners: TNA Knockouts Champion Taylor Wilde, Gail Kim & ODB

– Backstage, Lauren is following around Team 3D. They are looking for Sting up in the rafters. Brother Ray looks down and he is afraid of heights. Ray stayed up against the wall far from the ledge. Brother Devon yells out for Sting and says they are behind him. Ray says Sting can feel free to help them in the Jersey Street Fight later tonight. He said they had to go since Devon was scared of the dark.
– A video package runs highlighting the events between LAX and Beer Money Inc.

TNA World Tag Team Championships Match
LAX (c’s) w/ Hector Guerrero & Salinas vs. Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) w/ Jacqueline

Flithee performed LAX’s theme song live during their entrance.

The match kicks off with Hernandez going after James Storm and Homicide going after Robert Roode at ringside. Hernandez sends Storm back first into the ring barricade, while Homicide nails Roode’s head off the steel steps. Storm fights back sending Hernandez into the barricade breaking it apart. The bell rings when Homicide rolls Roode into the ring and takes him out with a big elbow to the sternum. Hernandez hits the ring and LAX hit a double splash in the corner. Hernandez follows it up with a big body splash in the center of the ring. Hernandez catapults Roode into Homicide who hits a clothesline. Roode falls back down and Homicide hits a big elbow drop. Spinning neckbreaker by Homicide on Storm. Hernandez with a big vertical suplex on Storm as Homicide nails Roode off the ring apron. Hernandez still has Storm up and then drops him back down on the mat with force. Quick suplex by Homicide on Storm. Storm and Roode hit a double clothesline on Homicide on the outside. Hernandez follows this up with a dive over the top rope taking out Roode and Storm. Hernandez even lands on his feet after the spot, which gets a big reaction from the crowd in Trenton. Jacqueline with a cheap shot on Homicide and Storm spits the beer in the eyes of Homicide. This allows Roode to get in some shots and rake the back of Homicide. Roode snaps the neck of Homicide and Storm follows it up with a big knee to the back. Roode with a big backbreaker on Homicide. Homicide screams that his eyes hurt. Roode and Storm with a double suplex. They do the infamous “BEER” (Storm) and “MONEY” (Roode) spot. Homicide fires back with some rights on Roode, but Roode trips him up with a drop toe hold. Tag to Storm who puts Homicide on his shoulders. Storm drops Homicide’s feet against the top rope and then brings him down in a big DDT. Cover by Storm, but Homicide gets a shoulder up. Homicide attempts a comeback, but Storm levels him with a flying knee to the head. Tag to Roode and they separate the legs of Homicide. Roode with a headlock on Homicide. Homicide fights up, but Roode drops him again. Roode with the Three Amigos and then does the Eddie Guerrero taunt. Roode goes up top, but misses a body splash. Tag to Storm and tag to Hernandez. Hernandez launches himself in hitting Storm with a big shoulder block. Hernandez with high back body drops on both Roode and Storm. Hernandez with a body splash on Roode and then wraps a flag around his neck launching him. Spinebuster by Hernandez on Storm, cover, but Roode breaks it up. Roode with a sunset flip on Hernandez, but Hernandez lifts him up. Kick to the head by Storm and Roode with a neckbreaker off the top on Hernandez. Cover by Storm, but Hernandez kicks out. Double clothesline by Hernandez on Roode and Storm. Homicide gets the tag, goes up top, jumps and takes out Storm and Roode with a dual dropkick. Homicide with a suplex on Storm and goes up to the top. He knocks Jacqueline away, hits a body splash from the top and Storm somehow gets a shoulder up. Roode is in and gives Homicide a huge spinebuster. Hernandez is in and takes out Roode with a big fallaway slam. Storm takes out Hernandez with a backcracker. Homicide levels Storm with a running stunner. Hernandez then lifts Homicide up in a Border Toss and throws him over the top rope into Roode and Storm on the outside! That was a little dangerous. Roode is in, Hernandez charges and Roode pulls the top rope down. Hernandez is on the outside and Jacqueline low blows him. Salinas goes after Jacqueline and Hector breaks it up. In the ring, Homicide goes for the Gringo Killer on Storm. Roode runs in and cracks a beer bottle over the head of Homicide with the referee distracted. Storm then covers Homicide, the referee is back in and counts the pinfall.

Winners & NEW TNA World Tag Team Champions: Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm)

After the match, Roode and Storm down some beer bottles as they celebrate with the TNA World Tag Team Titles over this shoulders. We see some highlights of the match. Back live, Homicide is holding his face in pain as Hernandez, Hector Guerrero and Salinas attend to him.

– Backstage, we see Kevin Nash with Sting. Nash seems to know what Sting has planned for tonight and says there has to be another way. Sting disagrees and says there is no other way.
– A video package runs highlighting the events involving Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and So Cal Val.

Black Tie Brawl and Chain Match
“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal w/ So Cal Val vs. Sonjay Dutt

The rules of the match is that Lethal and Dutt will be chained together. You can win the match by pinning your opponent or by removing the tux off his back. Wow, really? They showed Lethal’s family at ringside cheering him on. The referee chained up Lethal first. When the referee chained up Dutt, Lethal removed his chain and tied it to the ropes. Lethal got in some cheap shots on Dutt and smiled. The referee broke it up and demanded he get tied up. The referee tries to restore order hauling the chain back, but that allows Lethal to hit a clothesline. Lethal then agrees to get chained up and Dutt moves the chain under him, crotching him when it gets put on and the bell officially rings. Dutt then starts removing some of Lethal’s tux. Dutt drives his foot into the head of Lethal a few times. Lethal gets to his feet and takes out Dutt with a big elbow to the head. Lethal removes some of Dutt’s tux as well. Lethal tosses Dutt over the top and then jumps over himself taking out Dutt. Dutt catches Lethal with a knee to the gut. Dutt goes into the crowd, but Lethal drags him back to the ringside area. Lethal props Dutt against the steel ring post and wraps the chain around him. Lethal then starts removing Dutt’s tux. Lethal attempted a big right hand, but Dutt ducked and Lethal connected with the steel ring post. Dutt nails Lethal’s head off the ring apron a few times. They get back into the ring and Dutt catches Lethal with a big kick to the face. Lethal fights back with a big right and then starts choking Dutt with the chain. Lethal then pulls the chain back and Dutt is being hung. Val screams at Jay to stop. Val then heads to the back upset as Lethal looks on. Dutt then pulls Lethal to the corner shoulder first into the ring post two times. Dutt then puts Lethal in a tree of woe in the corner and starts removing his tux clothing. Dutt mocks Lethal and then tosses him out of the ring shirtless. Dutt mocks Lethal’s family hitting some right hands on Lethal in front of them. Dutt with a big charge on Lethal taking him out. Fairly loud “BORING” chant starts up. Dutt with a backbreaker on Lethal, springboards off the top rope and Lethal pulls on the chain launching Dutt in mid-air to the mat. Lethal uses the chain to whip Dutt around the corners. Lethal with a knee to the head and then plants Dutt on his face. Dutt with a counter on Lethal taking him out with a big inverted DDT flying over his head. Loud “FIRE RUSSO” chant starts up. Dutt misses a dive from the top and Lethal fires back with a big fishermans suplex. Lethal mounts Dutt and gets in some stiff right hands. Lethal screams “YOU RUINED MY LIFE” and hits the Lethal Combination on Dutt. Lethal goes up top, connects with the flying elbow and gets the pinfall on Dutt.

Winner: “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal

After the match, we see a shot of Lethal’s family cheerly loudly at ringside.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Booker T and Sharmell. Borash mentions Sting is in the building tonight. Booker complains about having to dress in a lockerroom. He calls Sting and himself the crown jewels of pro wrestling and says Sting has issues that he will take care himself personally, especially involving Samoa Joe. Booker said he doesn’t respect Joe and knows Sting doesn’t either. He said Sting and himself paved the way for guys like Samoa Joe and said he is nothing but a backyard, trailer park, wannabe, independent worker. Booker said he will prove tonight why he deserves the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.
– A video package runs highlighting the events between Team 3D and Christian Cage & Rhino.

Jersey Street Fight Match
Team 3D vs. Christian Cage & Rhino

All four men started brawling right away. In the ring, Rhino takes out Devon with some rights and a big shoulder block. Rhino with a big clothesline on Devon after countering a hip toss attempt from Devon. At ringside, Ray throws Cage back into the ring after they had been brawling earlier. Ray with a big right hand to Cage, but misses a charge and Cage chops him. Ray with a huge high back body drop on Cage. Ray cracks a sign over the head of Cage. They do a split-screen trying to follow Rhino and Devon heading into the crowd. Cage and Ray also brawl into the crowd. The action is all over the place, but the split-screen helps. Rhino takes beer from some fans and pours it all over Devon. Fans are getting in the way as Rhino and Devon head to the backstage area it would seem. Cage and Ray are brawling up the steps in the crowd. Ray and Cage get near Rhino and Devon up in the high rafters of the arena. Atlas Security is trying to maintain order as Cage splashes Ray from the top of the steps. Rhino and Devon brawl to the ringside area with Devon sending Rhino over the ring barricade by the ring. Ray and Cage are coming down the steps. Ray has a crazy look on his face and embraces with the fans chanting “TNA” loudly. Ray with a sledgehammer on Cage off the steps. Rhino and Devon are now near the entrance ramp and Rhino sends Devon into a road work sign. All four are near the ring now. Cage and Ray are in the ring and Cage brings in a sign, cracking it over the head of Ray. Devon levels Cage with a clothesline. Rhino is in and hits a shoulder block in the corner on Devon. Cage and Rhino with a back body drop on Ray. Double suplex by Cage and Rhino on Devon. Ray takes out Cage and Rhino with a street sign as Devon was down in the corner. Ray goes to the outside and tosses in the steel ring steps. Devon picks up the steps and drives them into the head of Rhino. Ray sets the stairs up near a corner. Ray grabs Cage and sends Cage into the steps face first. Ray puts Cage over the top of the stairs and chops his chest. Ray goes up top, but Cage cuts him off with a few rights. Cage grabs Ray and drives him face first into the steel steps. Cage with a shot on Devon using a street sign. Cage stands over Ray, misses a shot using a street sign and Ray connects with a full nelson slam on Cage off the steel steps! Cover by Ray, but Cage gets a shoulder up. The crowd in Trenton start another loud “TNA” chant. Ray grabs another street sign and hits Cage with it. The crowd chants for tables. Rhino takes out Ray with a clotheslines, but Devon was waiting for him and takes him out. Devon charges at Cage, but Cage holds up stop sign and Devon stops. Rhino with a Gore on Devon! Cage with a cross-body on Ray, cover, but only a two count. Cage attempts an Unprettier on Ray, but Ray counters into an electric chair. Ray is sitting on the top rope. Rhino grabs Devon and drives his head into Ray’s crotch a few times, rolls up Devon, but only gets a two count. Rhino and Devon catch each other with a double clothesline. Ray screams “MY BALLS!” as the fans laugh and Cage gets to his feet. Cage attempts a huracanrana, but Ray counters into a huge powerbomb off the top rope! Cover by Ray and Cage kicks out. Ray with a shot to the back of Rhino using a street sign. Another chant for tables from the crowd. Devon slides a table in and the fans cheer loudly. They prop a table up in a corner as Rhino gets to his feet. They irish whip Rhino into the table, but Rhino stops himself and double clotheslines Team 3D. Cage then slides a ladder in and Rhino takes out 3D with it. Rhino sets the ladder up near the corner. He yells at Cage to get up there. Cage climbs up the ladder, gets to the top and connects with a frog splash on Ray! Ray stands up favoring his chest and Rhino takes him out with a Gore through the table! Rhino covers Ray and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Christian Cage & Rhino

After the match, Johnny Devine runs out and hits Rhino over the back with a kendo stick. Brother Devon is hitting Rhino over the back of his head. Brother Ray grabs the kendo stick and holds it up as Abyss’ music hits. Abyss runs down the ramp, hits the ring and takes out 3D. Abyss stares down Devine. Devine grabs the kendo stick, misses and Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam. Abyss grabs the kendo stick. The fans chant “USE IT”, but Abyss drops it and poses. Abyss then heads to the back.

– Backstage, Lauren is with AJ Styles. She asks if he got a chance to talk to Sting. Styles said they had some issues, talked and everything was cleared up. She asks about his match with Kurt Angle tonight. Styles said Angle has put him through a lot in the last few months and tonight is personal. He said Kurt wants to hurt him and he wants to hurt Kurt. Styles said he is leaving it all out there in the ring. He said he might be a better wrestler, but he is not the better man. Styles begs Kurt to keep getting back up tonight and promises he will be the last man standing tonight.
– A video package runs highlighting the events between Kurt Angle and AJ Styles.

Last Man Standing Match
Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles

The bell rings and Kurt Angle slowly gets into the ring. When AJ Styles charges, Angle bails from the ring and goes back to the ringside area. Angle smiles at Styles as Styles begs him to return to the ring. Angle walks back up and tells the referee to keep him back. Angle gets in, Styles charges again and Angle again leaves the ring. Styles then chases Angle and this alows Angle to get the advantage, hitting Styles over the back and leveling him with some big right hands and kicks. Quick suplex by Angle on Styles into a headlock. Styles fires back with some stiff right hands of his own sending Angle to the ground in the corner. Angle with a rake to the eyes, big uppercut, but Styles fires back with a huge dropkick on Angle. Styles dumps Angle over the top rope. This is followed up by Styles flipping over the top rope and taking out Angle! Styles with some stiff right hands on Angle and sends Angle into the ring barricade. Big kick from Styles to the chest of Angle. Angle slides back into the ring and gives Angle a scoop slam. Styles drops his knee across the head of Angle, covers, but Angle kicks out after two. Angle fires back with some punches and uppercuts of his own on Styles. Angle irish whips Styles into the ring barricade. Styles leaps over, then springboards off, Angle catches him, shakes his head, turns around and launches Styles over his head back first into the ring barricade! Pinfall by Angle, but Styles kicks out. Mike Tenay reminds us that a pinfall is required for the referee to start his 10 count. Styles with some big rights on Angle. They brawl up to the ramp. Angle attempts a suplex, but Styles counters and hits a suplex of his own across the ramp. Cover by Styles, but Angle kicks out. They fight to the top of the ramp near the screens. Styles with some stiff right hands. Angle suplexes Styles back off the top of the ramp! Styles somehow flips back and lands on his feet, but catches some spotlights near the ramp. Angle then flips off the ramp and hits Styles, landing on his feet! Impressive spot by Angle. Angle drags Styles from the ramp and throws him back into the ring. Angle with a huge kick to the ribs of Styles. Backbreaker by Angle on Styles, cover, but Styles kicks out. Angle applies a headlock on Styles. Styles fights to his feet again. Styles with a huge kick to the head on Angle. Angle falls to the mat and Styles kicks the ribs of Angle as well. Styles with some chops on Angle in the corner. Styles with another big chop when Angle did a float over from the corner. Angle fires back with a huge release overhead suplex! Angle with a scoop slam, cover on Styles and Styles kicks out yet again. Angle again goes back to the headlock to keep the action grounded. Styles screams out in pain as he fights back to his feet. Styles with some elbows, chops and right hands. Styles throws some knees to the body as well. Both meet in mid-ring hitting a double cross-body. Styles takes out Angle with a series of clotheslines. Styles with a springboard shoulder block from the ring apron. Styles with a torture rack on Angle and then spins him off his shoulders landing hard on the mat. Cover by Styles and Angle somehow kicks out. Styles gets Angle up for the Styles Clash, but Angle counters into an ankle lock. Styles counters that and hits a big spinebuster on Angle. Styles goes up top. Angle jumps up with. Styles catches him with an elbow, Styles jumps, but Angle catches him and hits a powerbomb! Angle tries to give Styles the Styles Clash, but Styles counters into an ankle lock on Angle! Angle reaches for the ropes, but Styles pulls him back out and drops down to apply more pressure. Angle taps out. Styles stands up and the referee starts the count. The referee gets to 9 and Angle stands up on one leg. Angle elevates Styles over the ropes to the ring apron. Styles back in, springboards back, but Angle gives him a low blow. Styles is down as Angle grabs him, hits one german suplex, a second german suplex, a third german suplex and a fourth german release suplex. Cover by Angle and Styles kicks out. Angle drops the straps, Styles counters an Angle Slam and Styles hits the Pele Kick! Both men are down and Styles then covers Angle for a two count. Styles is back up top. Angle follows and Styles elbows him off. Styles looks to hit a moonsault, but Angle jumps up and flips Styles off with force! Angle covers Styles and gets the pinfall. The referee starts the count. The referee gets to 7 and Styles is up. Angle with an Angle Slam, cover and pinfall. The referee starts the count again. Angle holds his arms up. The referee gets to 9 and Styles is up. Angle tries an Angle Slam, but Styles counters and hits the Styles Clash. Styles rolls Angle over and gets the pinfall. The referee starts the count. The referee gets to 9 and Angle is barely up. Styles with a charge on Angle, lifts Angle up to the top rope, Angle punches Styles’ ribs, Angle looks to suplex Styles off the top to the outside, but Styles counters and pulls Angle off the top hitting a huge DDT! Styles covers Angle and gets the pinfall. The referee starts the count. Both men are down. Styles is the first up at 9 and Angle is still down. The referee gets to 10 and Styles is your winner.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, AJ Styles holds on to the ropes celebrating his win. The referee then checks on Kurt Angle and the referee calls for help. Medical officials walk out and put a neckbrace on Angle. They lift him up and put him on a stretcher when Styles turns around and sees this. Styles runs down, hits the ring, grabs Angle and hits him with another huge suplex. Styles yells into the ear of Angle and then heads up the ramp. When Styles gets to the top of the ramp, the lights go out in the arena and we can barely see Styles. When the lights come back on, Sting has Styles and drops him with a Scorpion Deathdrop. Kevin Nash appears at the top of the ramp and asks Sting, “What was that?” They show highlights of the match leading to the finish and the antics that went down afterwards.

– A video package runs highlighting the events between Samoa Joe and Booker T along with Sting’s involvement.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Six Sides of Steel with Weapons
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Booker T

We see Booker T making his way to the arena with Sharmell backstage. A video package is played highlighting Booker T’s career in TNA. We then see Samoa Joe making his way to the arena. A video package also plays highlighting Joe’s career in TNA. Jeremy Borash did ring introductions for the challenger Booker T and the champion Samoa Joe. Booker still brought the belt with him to the ring and showed it off. The bell rings and Joe and Booker circle each other. Lock up and Joe pushes Booker away. Booker grabs a hockey stick, but Joe cuts him off with a few chops. Booker catches Joe with a big elbow in the corner and Booker gets in a few shots of his own. Booker grabs a kendo stick, but Joe cuts him off with shots to the gut. Joe with an elbow and kick to the head on Booker in the corner. Joe pulls down a trash can, snapmares Booker, puts the can between Booker’s legs, kicks the can in Booker’s face and then splashes his body on Booker over the trash can! Joe with a kendo stick and cracks it over the head of Booker. Joe with some right hands to the face and more shots to the body. Booker with an irish whip on Joe in the corner and Booker gets in some shots of his own. Booker grabs a trash can and cracks it over the head of Joe. Booker misses a shot with a hockey stick and Joe fires back with a big kick to the head. Joe grabs two trash can lids and crack them against the head of Booker a few times. Cover by Joe, but Booker kicks out after two. Joe grabs a steel chair, misses and Booker hits a spin kick sending the chair into the face of Joe! Joe stands up and Booker cracks the chair over the head of Joe. Joe is busted open at this point. Booker places a trash can lid over the head of Joe and connects with a leg drop to the face. Blood is falling down the face of Joe at this point as Booker chokes Joe against the ropes. Booker climbs up the cage and Joe comes up with. Joe locks the head of Booker and jumps off hitting a modified stunner off the top rope to the mat! Joe with some rights to Booker when they both stand up. Joe sends Booker face first into the side of the cage. Joe then climbs up the cage, but Booker pulls Joe off and hits a back suplex. Cover by Booker, but Joe gets a shoulder up after two. Booker with a guillotine choke on Joe. Joe gets his foot on the bottom rope and the referee breaks it up. Booker throws a trash can lid at Joe, Joe catches it and Booker kicks it into his face. Cover by Booker and Joe grabs the bottom rope to break up the pinfall. Booker starts climbing up the cage and Joe catches up with him on the top rope. Booker and Joe trade blows. Joe then jumps off the rope and kicks Booker right in the head. Joe lands with a thud on the mat. A dazed Booker falls off and crotches himself on the ropes. Joe with a snap slam on Booker in the middle of the ring into a cover, but Booker kicks out after two. Joe plants Booker with a powerbomb and then transitions into a crossface. Booker gets his feet on the ropes to break it up. Joe puts two chairs on top of each other in the middle of the ring. Joe puts Booker up on the top rope. Joe with a big kick to the head on Booker. Joe has Booker up for the Muscle Buster, but Booker counters and gives Joe a Book End over the two chairs! Booker covers Joe and Joe somehow gets a shoulder up after two. Booker does the spinarooni, kicks Joe in the gut and connects with the Axe Kick. The lights then go out in the ring. When the lights come back on, Joe has a guitar in his hand and he smashes it over the head of Booker. Joe hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Samoa Joe

After the match, Samoa Joe picks up the guitar and smiles. Joe leaves the cage and reclaims his TNA World Heavyweight Championship. We see a shot of Booker T recovering on the mat. Don West yells, “Does this mean Mike what I think it means. Does this mean that he is back?” The PPV goes off the air with Joe walking up the ramp with the TNA World Title and Booker T staring at the guitar with a shocked look on his face.

Source: Adam Martin, wrestleview.com


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