Final Resolution

May 20, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, January 6, 2008 in Orlando, FL

– The TNA promo hit.
– A video package runs highlighting various TNA wrestlers and discussing how things will no doubt change within the company in 2008. It then focuses on Christian Cage’s shot at the TNA World Title against Kurt Angle, AJ Styles & Tomko defending the TNA Tag Team Titles against Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash and Gail Kim defending the TNA Women’s Title against Awesome Kong. “It is the dawn of a new year” ends the package.
– A graphic opening then welcomes us to Final Resolution. We then go live to the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios. A series of pyro goes off above the ring and in the entrance area.
– Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave w/ Christy Hemme kick off the show.

– LAX defeated Lance Hoyt & Jimmy Rave. They showed how a “mystery member” of LAX has been attacking Christy Hemme recently. Solid reaction for LAX in Orlando. Mike Tenay notes how this is the first PPV match of 2008. Rave gets in a quick pinfall attempt on Homicide early in the match, but Homicide breaks out and responds with a big overhead press slam. Hoyt got involved quickly and hit Homicide with a big overhead suplex. Hernandez then stared down Hoyt. Hoyt attempts shoulder blocks on Hernandez but he won’t go down. Hoyt gets tossed to the outisde. Rave with a big takedown on Homicide right on the ring apron that ends with a loud thud. Hernandez then dives over the top rope and takes out Hoyt to get a big reaction. Catapult, clothesline and splash double-team move by LAX on Rave. Hoyt shows his strength and face plants Homicide in the ring with a side walk slam move. Hernandez with a dual clothesline over the top rope on Hoyt and Rave. Hernandez with a big powerbomb on Rave, but Hoyt responds with a moonsault off the top taking him out. Homicide with a suicide dive through the ropes on Hoyt. Christy Hemme prevents a powerbomb attempt by Hernandez on Rave by pulling Rave off his shoulders. Finish sees Hernandez hit Rave with a Border Toss off the top rope for the pinfall.

After the match, the “mysterious” LAX member hits the ring. She reveals herself to be Shelly Martinez aka the former Ariel in WWE/ECW. She takes off her clothes to reveal an LAX t-shirt and short shorts. Crowd in Orlando gave her a pretty good response.

– We go to footage from last night featuring a drinking contest between Eric Young and James Storm. Jeremy Borash, Crystal and Jackie Moore are also there. Game 1 is the “never have I ever” drinking game. They both agree on seeing Ms. Brooks’ boobs. James Storm has been to the moon in 1997, killed a lion and some other stuff I didn’t catch. Storm wins Game 1.
– Back live, Mike Tenay and Don West go over the card tonight.
– Backstage, Crystal is with AJ Styles and Tomko. Tomko yells at AJ and says he will have more problems if they don’t focus on their tag team title match tonight against Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash. They still want a “decision” from AJ on the Kurt Angle/Christian Cage situation. Didn’t we get that on Thursday night?

– Kaz defeated Black Reign. Kaz with lots of quick offense early on including a springboard elbow taking out Reign. Kaz catches Reign with a jumping clothesline off the ring apron. Reign responds sending Kaz back first into the guard railing. Reign misses a spear attempt and hits the guard railing as well. Kaz starts kicking Reign up the ramp. Don West also said Kaz is “kicking him the ass” for the best line of the night so far. Kaz favors his hip after catching it on the ramp when he was tossed off. Reign drags Kaz back to the ring and drops his head onto the map through the second rope. Kaz hangs on so Reign leaves the ring and cracks him with a big punch to send him into the ring. Reign plants Kaz again in the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. Reign with a snapmare into a neck submission on Kaz. Kaz attempts a comeback, but Reign kills it with a knee to the gut. Reign hits Kaz with a modified stunner, but Kaz gets a shoulder up during the pinfall attempt. Kaz makes a comeback with a series of kicks on Reign followed by a spinning neckbreaker. Big spot saw Kaz springboard into the ring and catch Reign with a big DDT. Kaz misses a springboard leg drop and Reign hits a modified Pedigree. Kaz counters a reverse DDT attempt by Reign and counters it into a reverse DDT of his own to get the pinfall.

After the match, Kaz grabs the cage with Misty the Rat in it and leaves with it. Reign sees this and screams out at Kaz to come back.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kurt and Karen Angle. Borash said he couldn’t understand why AJ Styles would do this to them. Angle said Borash is just an interviewer and that there is no “we” here. Karen tells Kurt she will take care of business tonight and leaves. Kurt makes Borash follow her.

– Gail Kim defeated Awesome Kong to retain the TNA Women’s Championship in a No DQ Match. Awesome Kong goes right after Gail Kim at the start, knocking her off the ring apron. They brawl on the outside and Kong continues to dominant Kim including a big clothesline on the ground. Kong throws some papers off the announcers table upsetting Tenay and West. Tenay cheers on the comeback by Kim, but Kong sends her back first into the ring apron. Kong starts choking out Kim on the mat with her boot. Kong tosses Kim by the hair across the ring and then goes back to choking Kim with her boot. Kong applies a sleeper on Kim and then throws her around a few times before dropping her on the back. Kim catches Kong with a boot in the corner, another boot, but Kong catches Kim with a spinning back fist. Kim favors her knee when she falls to the outside. Kim attempts a comeback with some forearms to the head, but Kong slaps her down. Kong lifts up Kim by her legs and then launches her head first into the guard railing. Kong signals for the crowd to move as she tosses Kim over the guard railing. They brawl into the crowd. Kim makes a comeback with kicks and punches. They continue to brawl in the crowd. Kim grabs a plastic Coke bottle and starts hitting Kong over the head with it. Kong goes shoulder first into a part of the set. Kim then tosses Kong over the guard railing to the ringside area. Kong grabs a steel chair, but Kim kicks it back in the face of Kong. Kim attempts a crossbody off the top rope, but Kong catches her and slams her back into the ring. Kim counters the Awesome Bomb and Kong misses a sitdown splash. Kim kicks out of a pinfall following a faceplant. Kong gets in the face of the referee and gives him an Awesome Bomb! Kong grabs the steel chair and hits the referee over the back. Kim takes it away from her, shot to the body, two shots to the head and frog splash off the top. Hot crowd in Orlando for the close pinfall when another referee runs down. Kong with a chokeslam, but Kim kicks out. Kong then grabs the other referee, looks to hit a powerbomb, but Kim rolls Kong up, the referee falls off, counts and Kim gets the pinfall to retain the Women’s Title! After the match, Kim and Kong start to brawl. Security comes in to break it up. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky also run out to bring Kim out. They showed highlights as well. Very good match with a hot crowd helping.

– Backstage, Karen Angle is going into the Men’s bathroom as Jeremy Borash follows. Karen starts kissing Styles and says he needs to get rid of some tension he has built up. The toilet flushes and ODB walks up with a cigar in her mouth and newspaper. She tells them to light a match. Karen continues to kiss Styles on the cheek and promises to help him out if he wants it. She leaves and Styles says “she really likes me” to Borash. Styles then goes into the stall to end the segment.
– Crystal is with James Mitchell backstage. Judas Mesias is standing in the background. Mitchell talks about the “secret” that Abyss is afraid to reveal.

– Judas Mesias defeated Abyss. Mesias went after Abyss right away – hitting him with a few chops in the corner. Abyss makes a brief comeback with a few clotheslines. Abyss clotheslines Mesias over the top rope and Abyss follows. Mesias gets in a few punches and kicks on Abyss, but Mesias is quickly sent into the steel steps. Mesias trips up Abyss inside the ring and then slams his knees against the steel post. Mesias hits a few boots to the knees of Abyss and then applies pressure to his knee holding it up and reigning back on it. Abyss then lifts Mesias high in the air and Mesias falls back in a quick spot. Abyss looks under the ring for his bag of tacks or glass, but he can’t find it. We see a shot of James Mitchell holding it in his hand. Abyss goes after Mitchell, but this allows Mesias to chop block him from behind. Back in the ring, Mesias goes up to the top, jumps, but Abyss catches him in a choke. Mesias fights out, but gets a boot to the face for his trouble. Splash by Abyss in the corner and then a splash shot to the head of Mesias. Abyss grabs a steel chair and positions it in the corner. The referee yells at Abyss that he can’t do that. Mesias gets in a few hard rights on Abyss. Abyss sends Mesias into the corner, Mesias jumps up and back, but Abyss hits him with a low blow kick. Abyss then sends Mesias face first into the steel chair. At ringside we see Mitchell return with a black bag and drops it at the end of the ramp. Abyss goes to the outside and pulls out a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire. The referee then takes the chair away. This allows Mesias to get the other chair and crack it over the head of Abyss. Splash by Mesias off the top rope on Abyss. Abyss connects with a Black Hole slam on Mesias, but Mitchell distracts the referee. The finish sees Mesias spray a red mist into the face of Abyss and then drop Abyss face first over the barbed wire steel chair to get the pinfall.

After the match, James Mitchell gets a mic and asks Abyss if he is ready to tell the truth. Abyss shakes his head. Mitchell gives Abyss one more chance. Abyss again shakes his head. Mitchell then leaves, grabs a black bag and then opens it to reveal a gasoline container. Judas Mesias pours the gas all over Abyss and Mitchell holds up a match ready to go when security hits the ring to break it up. Mitchell spits on Abyss as Mesias stares him down.

– Backstage, Crystal is with Kevin Nash. She brings up how Samoa Joe talked badly about Scott Hall last month. Crystal also mentions how Nash eliminated himself on Impact to help Joe in the end. Nash said that is the kind of guy he is – smack you one day, kiss you the next.
– After a video package, Crystal is with Booker T and Sharmell. She notes how Sharmell isn’t a wrestler. Booker T says not to be fooled because she can handle herself tonight.

– Booker T & Sharmell defeated Robert Roode & Ms. Brooks. During Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks’ entrance, we see a shot of the girl who has been “stalking” Roode lately in the TNA crowd. Crowd in Orlando is really behind Booker. The match kicked off with Booker and Roode. Roode avoided locking up with Booker a few times until Booker got a slap to the face in. Roode gets in a few chest chops, but Booker turns that around and gets in some chops of his own. Roode counters a suplex attempt by Booker and gets in a few shots to the back. Booker gets in a few kicks on Roode, but Roode comes back with a quick DDT. Booker comes back with a spin kick that levels Roode. Another big spin kick by Booker on Roode. Roode catches Booker with a few chops and then a quick dropkick. Roode sends Booker to the corner and lands a few kicks as the fans in Orlando chant for Booker. Roode tells Ms. Brooks to leave if she won’t get in a few cheap shots on Booker. Ms. Brooks then trips up Booker on the outside with an upset look on her face. Roode gives Booker a backbreaker across the knee and works on his back a bit more. Booker crotches himself on the top rope missing a spin kick on Roode. Roode then tosses Booker over the top rope to the outside. Roode tosses Booker back in the ring, gets a nearfall and then goes to work on his back some more. Roode with a Blockbuster off the top rope on Booker and gets a close two count. Roode holds back the arms of Booker and forces Ms. Brooks to slap him. She goes it, but again with an upset look on her face. Roode gets back in the face of Ms. Brooks and tags her in by accident. Sharmell gets the tag and she tackles Brooks. Roode throws Sharmell off Brooks and then takes out Booker on the outside. Pinfall by Brooks on Sharmell, Sharmell kicks out, Brooks falls back into Roode who gets knocked off the ring apron and then Sharmell rolls up Brooks to get the pinfall.

After the match, an angry Robert Roode gets in the face of Ms. Brooks. Brooks slaps Roode and then Roode pushes her away when she goes for more. Roode grabs Brooks by the hair and Brooks tries to fight him off when Sharmell hits the ring and grabs Roode. Roode swings back and takes out Sharmell. Sharmell hits the ring with a thud and the Orlando crowd gives a huge reaction to this. Roode starts to say he is sorry right away and they go to a camera shot of Booker at the top of the babyface ramp who can’t believe what he just saw. Booker charges the ring and Roode runs off yelling that he is sorry. Booker attends to Sharmell as Ms. Brooks is upset as well. Don West left his post at the announcers table to check on Sharmell. TNA referees and Booker help Sharmell to the back.

– Backstage, Crystal is with Christian Cage and she can’t believe what they just saw with Sharmell. Cage says, “Yeah, yeah, it’s a tragedy, ask me questions.” Cage talks about seeing potential in AJ Styles and talks about giving him tough love. He talks about Karen Angle being a cougar in heat trying to seduce Styles earlier tonight. Cage called Karen a joke and that her seduction ways won’t work tonight because tonight he will defeat her husband to become the next TNA World Champion.
– Back live, Mike Tenay and Don West do the “soft tone” talking about Sharmell. They introduce the next part of the beer drinking contest.
– Game 2 is on between Eric Young and James Storm. They have bottles of beer taped to their hands and can’t get up to go to the bathroom. Young wins when it is revealed that Storm wet himself. Storm said his pants were just made that way until Jackie Moore smells the area in question to confirm. We are tied 1-1 in the beer drinking contest.

– Back live, we see the TNA crew setting up the Ultimate X structure. They are using the Ultimate X setup with the ring ropes. Tenay and West talk about the game plan for the two teams involved in this match next.
– Before the match, Brother Ray took the mic and talked about how Team 3D are in great shape for tonight’s match. He also talked about how “Brother Devine” was made for a match like this. Ray puts over Team 3D as the greatest tag team in wrestling history. We see Devine putting the X Division Title on the ropes forming the X above the ring as Ray gets cut off by the music of Jay “Black Machismo” Lethal.

– Team 3D & Johnny Devine defeated The Motor City Machineguns & Jay “Black Machismo” Lethal in an Ultimate X Match. The match kicked off with all six men brawling in the ring and then brawling to the outside. Shelley is with Ray, Sabin is with Devon and Lethal is with Devine. 3D works on the injured wrists of Sabin and Shelley. 3D grab a table from under the ring and set it up at ringside. They grab a second table and place it next to the other. 3D grab Sabin and shelley, but Lethal breaks it up. Shelley is the first on the ropes, but he falls down and favors his wrists. Sabin takes out Ray with a springboard clothesline. Sabin also goes up on the ropes, but he can’t climb it either grabbing his wrists. Lethal is the next up and he goes across the ropes. Devine grabs Lethal and takes him out with a big death valley driver! Devine then gets up on the ropes, but Sabin and Shelley swing him off and Devine nearly lands on his head in a scary moment. 3D are left standing and they both try to jump up to get the belt. Ray boosts Devon up, but Ray can’t do it and favors his back as the fans laugh in Orlando. A loud “HE’S TOO FAT” chant starts up. Sabin tries to take out 3D, but Ray tosses him to the outside. Ray gets up on the top rope, reaches up, but Lethal springboards off the top rope and gets on the rope taunting and waving at Ray. Lethal falls off and Ray gets knocked off. Lethal with a dropkick to Ray on the top. Ray pushes Lethal off, attempts a flying elbow, but Lethal rolls out of the way. Lethal is back up, Devine pulls him down, lifts Lethal in the air and then drops him across his knees in a big spot! Devine is now on the ropes, but Shelley spears him off. Sabin with a springboard tornado DDT on Devine! Ray dodges a splash attempt by Shelley over the top rope. Ray grabs the kendo stick and cracks it over the hand of Shelley. Devon then cracks the kendo stick over Sabin as well. Ray tells Devon to stand on his shoulders from the corner. It starts working, but Ray gets kicked in the face and falls back. Devon holds on and Lethal pulls Devon off to the mat. Big spot say Devine on Ray’s shoulders and Lethal huricanranas Devine off Ray to the mat! Ray gets a ladder out from under the ring and Devon sets it up under the belt. Sabin and Shelley take out 3D with kicks to the head. Devine comes in with the kendo stick and takes out Shelley and Sabin with it. Devine climbs up the ladder, Sabin pushes him off, but Devine doesn’t break through the tables and bounces off. 3D gets the ladder, Devon climbs up, gets the belt, Ray removes the ladder and Devon hangs on as the referee gets back to his feet calling for the bell.

– Backstage, Crystal is with Samoa Joe. Joe talks about maybe being wrong about Nash and even Scott Hall. He said he has learned an a lot about mind games working with Nash in the last few weeks heading into tonight’s tag team title match. Joe said tonight, maybe the new guard and the old guard will make history tonight.

– AJ Styles & Tomko defeated Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championships. The match kicked off with Styles and Joe exchanging takedown attempts. Joe with a few takedowns on Styles and then applies a leg submission before Styles gets to the ropes. Nash got the tag and lifted Styles high in the air from the corner and slammed him back to the mat hard. Styles dropkicks Nash on his bad knee and then goes to work. Nash kicks Styles away and Tomko got the tag. Tomko levels Nash with a few shots to the head. Nash fights back working on Tomko in the corner with a few elbow shots. Tomko kicks Nash in the knee and then levels him with a clothesline. Tomko drops down and applies an ankle lock. Tomko breaks the hold, tags in Styles and Styles flips in landing on the knee of Nash. Quick tag back to Tomko, but Nash counters a charge into a side slam. Joe and Styles get the tag. Joe with an atomic drop and senton splash on Styles. Samoan drop by Joe on Tomko. Big boot by Nash on Tomko and Joe follows it up with a big overhead suplex. Styles springboards off the top rope and dropkicks Joe on the back. Styles drills Joe with a big dropkick to the face after a series of counters off the ropes. Tomko stays on Joe applying a neck submission. Tomko tags in Styles before Joe can tag in Nash. More quick tags between Styles and Tomko. Tomko with big chops to Joe followed by a falling DDT. Lots of exchanges between Joe and Styles. Joe with a powerbomb on Styles when Styles springboarded off the top rope. Powerslam by Joe on Tomko. Joe crawls to the corner to tag in Nash, but Nash pulls his hand back and flips off Joe. Nash jumps off the ring apron and walks to the back. Styles and Tomko attempt a double team move, but Joe counters and takes out both. Joe slams Styles in the corner and then kicks Tomko in the head. Joe gets Styles up and connects with the Muscle bBuster. Cover…1…2…Tomko breaks it up. Styles with a Pele Kick on Joe. Tomko and Styles get Joe up and hit the double team combo for the pinfall to retain the tag titles.

– Game 3 of the drinking contest between Eric Young and James Storm is up now. They are doing shots this time playing the high card/low card game. Storm takes the first shot. Young has to take the second shot. Young has to take the third shot and loses. They have Young do it through a beer bong. Storm spikes Young’s drink and then passes out. James Storm is the winner and gets to choose the kind of match they will have at Against All Odds.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA World Champion Kurt Angle. Borash said no answer from Styles yet despite the best efforts of Karen. Kurt asks what he means. Borash said she tried to seduce Styles. Kurt laughs and said no one can turn his wife down and that things will work out tonight.

– Kurt Angle defeated Christian Cage to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Jeremy Borash does the ring introductions for both challenger Christian Cage and champion Kurt Angle. Crowd in Orlando is really behind Cage tonight. Lots of mat wrestling and exchanges between the two until Cage gets to the ropes to break it up. Angle attempts an overhead suplex, Cage counters, Angle slams Cage down, Angle drops an elbow, Cage moves and both are back up ready to go again staring each other down. Angle with a quick elbow to the chest of Cage sending Cage to the mat. Cage plants Angle face first and Angle favors his arm/shoulder after the takedown. Angle hits the corner with force when Cage moves, Cage attempts the Unprettier, but Angle counters out and applies a headlock on Cage on the mat. Cage throws Angle out and a frustrated Angle kicks the steel steps. Angle gets on Cage’s face and then slaps him. Cage spits in Angle’s face. Angle comes back with an uppercut. Cage fights back with some shots of his own taking Angle down. Cage kicks Angle in the head on the ring apron with his body inside the ring over the second rope allowing him to lean back for the kick. As Angle gets to his feet on the outside, Cage hits a springboard splash taking him out near the guard railing. Big spot saw Angle give Cage an overhead suplex over the top rope to the outside. Big scoop slam by Angle on Cage. Angle applies a front facelock on Cage when Cage tries to get up. Another overhead suplex by Angle on Cage. Angle grounds Cage with a body lock in the middle of the ring. Crowd tries to pump up Cage for a comeback. Cage finally gets up and catches Angle with a sleeper. Spear by Cage, cover, but only a two count. Cage is up on the top, Angle comes up, Angle back body drops Cage off the top, Angle stands up and hits a HUGE moonsault off the top. Angle covers, but Cage gets his shoulder up after two. Angle lifts Cage up and Cage counters into a quick DDT. Cage catches Angle with a reverse DDT, goes up to the top, jumps attempting a frog splash, but Angle moves, Angle rolls up Cage, but only a two count. Angle with three german suplexes on Cage. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, Cage counters out, Ankle Lock on Cage, Cage counters, another Ankle Lock, more counters, another Ankle Lock, pin by Cage and Angle kicks out. Cage goes up to the top and Angle applies the Ankle Lock. Cage kicks Angle away, but Angle jumps up and takes out Cage with a big superplex from the top. Ankle Lock on Cage. Cage trips up Angle and then applies a Sharpshooter. Angle counters that into another Ankle Lock. Reverse DDT on Angle after two Unprettier attempts. Frog splash by Cage on Angle. Low blow by Angle beind the back of the referee, Angle Slam, cover, but Cage somehow kicks out! Unprettier on Angle, cover, but Angle gets a shoulder up. Reversals between Angle and Cage until Cage gets the Ankle Lock. Angle is tapping out but Karen is distracting the referee. AJ Styles comes out and removes Karen from the ring apron. Styles hugs Cage on the ring apron. Styles then springboards off the top rope and hits Cage in the back. Angle hits the Angle Slam and covers Cage for the pinfall.

After the match, Kurt Angle is handed the TNA World Title and he hugs AJ Styles. Angle and Styles celebrate in the ring and hug yet again. We go to highlights from the main event and what went down going into the finish. Back live, Angle and Styles are on the ropes smiling and celebrating as we see a knocked out Cage on the mat.

– The TNA promo hits to conclude the PPV.

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What did you think of Final Resolution?

thumbs up – 23%

in the middle – 12%

thumbs down – 19%

didn’t see it – 46%

Best match?

Kim-Kong – 41%

Mixed Tag – 2%

AJ/Tomko-Joe/Nash – 5%

Ultimate X – 11%

Abyss-Mesias – 4%

Cage-Angle – 31%

LAX-Hoyt/Rave – 3%

Kaz-Black Reign – 3%

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