Destination X

May 20, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


TNA Destination X PPV Results – 3/15/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Adam Martin of

– The TNA HD promo hits.

– A video package runs highlighting the hardships with the economy right now. This transitions into what will take place tonight featuring Sting defending the TNA World Heavyweight Title against Kurt Angle with Jeff Jarrett as the special guest referee and Mick Foley as the special guest enforcer.

– A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to Destination X. We then go live to the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL where a series of pyro goes off.

– The Beautiful People are out first to kick off the first match of the night.

The Beautiful People & Madison Rayne vs. Taylor Wilde, Roxxi & The Governor

The match starts with Velvet Sky and Taylor Wilde. Taylor then turns around and tags in The Governor, who will will refer to as The Gov. Sky goes right after The Gov hitting a snapmare, tagging in Angelina Love and Love hits a big kick to the face. Roxxi gets the tag and levels Love with a few rights and a big scoop slam. Tag to Taylor Wilde who jumps off Roxxi who lifts Wilde up and back onto Love. Tag back to Roxxi who hits a sledgehammer on Love from the top turnbuckle. Madison Rayne knocks Roxxi off the top rope and gets the tag. Rayne hits a few kicks and elbows on Roxxi. Rayne with some stiff elbows to Roxxi on the mat who mocks Wilde and tosses Roxxi back to the corner as The Beautiful People get in some cheap shots with the referee distracted. Cover by Rayne and Roxxi quickly kicks out. Tag to Sky who applies a full body submission on Roxxi. Roxxi counters out and kicks Sky in the face. Love goes back to work on Roxxi sending her to the corner. Roxxi comes back with a big spinebuster. Tags to Wilde and Rayne. Wilde takes out Rayne, Love and Sky with clotheslines and dropkicks when they hit the ring. Wilde with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Love. Wilde with a crossbody block on Rayne that is broken up by Love and Sky. The Gov jumps over Roxxi taking out Sky and Lov on the outside. Rayne with a kick to Roxxi sending her out of the ring. Wilde with a german suplex into a bridge on Rayne and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Taylor Wilde, Roxxi & The Governor

Backstage, Lauren is with Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley. She said the Main Event Mafia feels they will come out stronger than ever tonight. Jarrett said that is wishful think and feels Sting will show the world where he really stands tonight. Lauren asks if he will be fair tonight. Jarrett said he will go out there, call in right down the middle and the best man will win.

Back live, Brustus Magnus has issued another open challenge. Jessie Neal, a special guest ring announcer from the military, introduced his opponent…Eric Young.

Note: I was experiencing some technical difficulties with my feed for a few minutes so we are picking up the match as it is in progress.

Brutus Magnus vs. Eric Young

The bell rings and here we go. Magnus with a few right hands and big elbow taking Young down. Magnus is up top and misses a body splash with Young rolling out of the way. Young with a comeback and hits a high back body. Young attempts a death valley driver and connects. Cover and Magnus is able to kick out. Young hits the corner, flips up, goes to the opposite corner, climbs up, Magnus jumps up, Young pushes him away, jumps and connects with a flying elbow. Young with another cover and Magnus again gets a shoulder up. A few pinfall attempts between Mangus and Young, including one where Magnus used the ropes for leverage. Young is back up top and Magnus crotches him. Magnus with a big uppercut and puts Young on his shoulders. Magnus hits his Tormentum finishing move from the top turnbuckle on Young, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Brutus Magnus

– At ringside, Mike Tenay and Don West. They rundown the rest of the card tonight.

– Sheik Abdul Bashir walks out, surprising Tenay and West as this was not scheduled. Bashir said he was sitting backstage watching another TNA PPV in 2009 where he wasn’t booked. He asks why he was left out. Bashir said 2009 is supposed to be about America changing with Barack Obama becoming President. He said despite this so called change, he remains a victim and the American people continue to disrespect him. Jim Cornette walks out and said he hears Bashir’s questions and he has some questions. He said Bashir is not part of the PPV tonight because he isn’t a great wrestler. The reason why he isn’t on the PPV is real simple – he doesn’t like him. Cornette said he doesn’t like him, the wrestlers don’t like him and everyone in the Impact Zone do not like him either. He said Bashir is always whining and complaining. Cornette said the fans don’t hate him for his race, creed, religion or color. They hate him because he is a jerk. Cornette said he isn’t going to fire Bashir or tear his contract up. He tells Bashir to get the hell out of his building. Cornette has Officer Neal enter the ring and tells everyone in teh Impact Zone to stand up. He said Bashir had music coming out and he will have music going away. Officer Neal sings “God Bless America” along with the crowd as Bashir drops his mic and heads to the back.

– Backstage, Kurt Angle and the Main Event Mafia are shown. Kurt Angle is talking about his match with Sting tonight. Booker T said he can’t worry about that as he has to worry about AJ Styles tonight. Scott Steiner then tells Angle to take care of Sting on his own since he has to worry about Samoa Joe. Booker and Steiner leave. Angle complains to Kevin Nash who tells him to calm down. He said what is happening tonight is his fault and to take some responsibility. Nash said Angle started and now he has to make it right. Angle promises everyone will see where Sting stands tonight when the bell rings.

– A video package airs highlighting the events between Matt Morgan and Abyss leading into tonight’s Match of 10,000 Thumbtacks tonight.

Match of 10,000 Thumbtacks

The bell rings and Matt Morgan goes after Abyss right away. Morgan is in full control hitting lots of elbows and knees to Abyss’ body. Morgan tosses Abyss over the top rope to the outside. Abyss grabs Morgan and crotches him into the steel ring post pulling his legs forward. On the outside, Abyss grabs a black bed full of thumbtacks and places it near the area below the entrance area. He does this a second time with another bed full of tacks. Morgan then grabs Abyss and sends him directly into the steel guard railing. Morgan tosses Abyss back in the ring, goes for a pinfall, but the referee tells Morgan he can’t pin to win the match as the winner must put his opponent through thumbtacks. Morgan with a big scoop slam on Abyss. Morgan places Abyss against the ropes, hits the ropes and hits a big body splash over Abyss. Morgan then goes up and pulls a bag full of thumbtacks that was hanging on a poll near the corner. Morgan pours the tacks out in a pile near the ropes, grabs Abyss and tries to drive his face into the tacks. Abyss fights back with elbows on Morgan. Abyss attempts a chokeslam on Morgan, but Morgan hits a few elbows.

Abyss comes back with a quick clothesline and body splash on Morgan. Abyss hits the ropes and drives his body into Morgan’s head with force. Abyss then climbs up the opposite corner and grabs another bag full of tacks. Abyss holds the bag up and the fans cheer. This allows Morgan to get to his feet and take out Abyss with a big running kick to the face. Morgan leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair. Morgan places the chair between the top and middle turnbuckle in a corner. Morgan tries to send Abyss into the chair in the corner. Abyss counters, Morgan attempts a float over, Abyss hits a low blow kick to Morgan and then drives Morgan’s face right into the steel chair. Abyss then grabs his bag of tacks and adds them to the pile Morgan made earlier. Abyss then grabs Morgan and looks to attempt a powerbomb. Morgan counters out, hits the ropes and Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam. Morgan then bails from the ring and goes up the ramp. Abyss follows up and hits Morgan over the back. Abyss with big right hands and Morgan teases he is losing balance.

Abyss charges and almost goes flying off into the tacks below, but holds on to the side of the ramp. When Abyss gets to his feet and turns around, Morgan charges and kicks Abyss right in the face sending Abyss off right into the two beds full of tacks.

Winner: Matt Morgan

– Backstage, Booker T is with Jim Cornette who said he never agreed to put his TNA Legends Title up for grabs tonight against AJ Styles. Cornette said that doesn’t matter since Booker T already signed the contract. Sharmell points out that Cornette convinced him to sign the contract and that wasn’t legal. Cornette said they can bring a lawyer in first thing tomorrow morning, but tonight there will be a title match on the PPV. Booker and Sharmell storm out of the office upset.

– Jeremy Borash is in the ring and said it is now time to find out who will win a night with ODB. Borash introduces ODB to the Impact Zone. Her drummer is also at ringside, which is awesome. Borash brings up that ODB has narrowed the contest down to three men. They introduce the first contestant: Cody Deaner. Contestant number two is: Shark Boy. And the final contestant: Bernie Weber. Question #1 to the contestants is: Why do you think you deserve a hot, steamy night with the O-D-B? Cody Deaner said he doesn’t need the whole night and can get it done in 60 minutes. We get a drummer reaction for that joke. Hayo! Shark Boy said whatever Deaner can do in 60 minutes he can do in 20 to 25 minutes and may even twice. Another drummer reaction and hayo! Bernie Weber said he would take care of her since he is rich. Another drummer reaction and Borash said that wasn’t a joke. Question #2 is ODB wants to a see a dance off between the three contestants. Bernie Weber did a series of moves that Borash called and said he had more moves than the Octo-mom has babies. Hayo. Shark Boy was up next and Borash said quote, “Drop me something phat!” Shark Boy did a Norman Smiley dance along with a few other great dances finishing, “You just got shelled…biotch.” Cody Deaner was up last and he dedicated his dance to the late Dale Earnhardt. Borash called his last move Hammer Time and Mullet Mania with Deaner finish, “ODB…this hair is not the longest part on my body!” Drum reaction and another well deserved hayo! Borash asks the crowd who should win. Boos for Bernie Weber. Cheers for Shark Boy. Mixed reaction for Cody Deaner. ODB takes one last look at her three contestants. She tells Borash her final decision and the winner is…Cody Deaner. Borash said the TNA cameras will capture every moment of Cody’s big date with ODB.

– Backstage, Lauren is with TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money, Inc. Robert Roode said he is tired of hearing people repeat themselves about how many times Team 3D has won tag team titles. He said that was then and this was now. Roode said 3D had to run away to Japan to even get gold right now. He said the myth of Team 3D comes to a crashing halt tonight. James Storm said he keeps hearing the word “respect” being tossed around backstage and yet Beer Money is not getting any of it. He said maybe it is because they don’t brown nose management or brown nose the fans. Storm said they don’t give a damn about management or the fans. He said it doesn’t matter if it is Brother Ray or Brother Devon who goes home tonight. Storm said they were a great tag team, but tonight they cement Beer Money as the greatest tag team alive today.

– A video package runs highlighting Sojo Bolt and Awesome Kong leading to tonight’s TNA Knockouts Championship match tonight.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match
Awesome Kong (c) w/ Raisha Saeed vs. Sojo Bolt

The bell rings and Awesome Kong pushes Sojo Bolt into the corner right away. Bolt fights back with a few kicks on Kong. Bolt botches a springboard crossbody from the corner and Kong levels her with a big clothesline. Kong then tosses Bolt across the ring and starts choking her against the ropes. Kong grabs Bolt and flips her around her body tossing her to the mat very hard. Bolt dodges a body splash by Kong. Bolt attempts a running knee who overpowers Bolt sending her flying back. Kong grabs Bolt and plants her in the middle of the ring with a huge chokeslam. Kong with a big scoop slam on Bolt, sits up on the top turnbuckle, attempts a splash and Bolt rolls out of the way. Bolt with a quick rollup on Kong that results in a two count. Another pinfall attempt by Bolt that results in a two count. Raisha Saeed holds the legs of Bolt back. Bolt kicks Saeed away. Kong charges and Bolt pulls the top rope down allowing Kong to flip over to the outside. Bolt tries to jump at Kong from the ring apron, but Kong blocks it and tosses Bolt back in the ring. Bolt gets in a few kicks, goes up top, jumps and hits a sledgehammer. Bolt is up top again, jumps, attempts a huracanrana, but Kong holds on, lifts Bolt up and slams her back down hard again with a huge Awesome Bomb. Cover and Kong gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Awesome Kong

– A video package runs highlighting Samoa Joe’s career in TNA, how things changed and his return dubbing his new goal the “Nation of Violence” in TNA leading into his match with Scott Steiner tonight.

Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner

Samoa Joe is out last and runs down the ramp going after Scott Steiner right away. Joe is sporting a new look with long pants and sahved head. Steiner is already busted open on the top of his head as Joe continues to tackle him and hit some stiff right hands. Steiner stops the attack from Joe and drives his face down to the mat with force. Steiner leaves the ring, grabs a steel pipe, drops it in the ring and Joe drives his knee into Steiner’s head numerous times. Joe grabs the steel pipe and hits Steiner with it. Joe then grabs the referee and tosses him over the top rope. Another referee runs down and Joe takes him out. They call for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Scott Steiner

After the match, Scott Steiner is celebrating his win on the outside when Samoa Joe sees this, jumps over the top rope and takes out Steiner. Joe dumps Steiner over the steel guard railing into the crowd. Joe continues beating on Steiner wiping some of his blood away and putting it on his face. Joe grabs Steiner and takes him out of the Impact Zone and the cameras do not follow. Tenay and West call Joe insane.

– Backstage, Lauren is with AJ Styles. Styles thanks Rhino and Team 3D for standing by the TNA originals when they needed help against the Main Event Mafia. He said he can’t allow them to fight for them anymore. Styles said tonight the young lions take the company back and he will prove that to Booker T.

– A video package runs highlighting the events between Booker T and AJ Styles leading into tonight’s TNA Legends Title match.

TNA Legends Championship Match
Booker T (c) w/ Sharmell vs. AJ Styles

The bell rings and Booker T and AJ Styles circle each other. Fans in Orlando are really behind Styles. Lock up and Booker pushes Styles to the corner. Styles gets right in Booker’s face, Booker pushes him away and Styles pushes Booker to the corner. The referee breaks it up and Styles taunts Booker. Lock up and Booker goes to work on Styles’ left arm. Styles counters and goes to work on Booker’s left arm. Booker breaks out and Styles then applies a front face lock. Booker pushes Styles to the corner, gets in a few knees, forearms and chops to Styles. Styles counters and gets in some chops on Booker. Booker with more knees to the body of Styles. Booker levels Styles with a big clothesline. Booker with a kick to Styles, hits the ropes, Styles jumps over, turns and levels Booker with a huge dropkick. Styles with a countered springboard to the ring apron landing. Styles then jumps a second time and takes out Booker with a big lariat to the head. Styles tosses Booker back in the ring, hooks the leg and Booker kicks out after two.

Styles with a backbreaker on Booker, another cover and Booker again kicks out after two. Booker attempts a few suplex attempts by Styles and gets in a big knee. Booker then drops Styles off the top rope and follows that up with a big spin kick. Cover by Booker and Styles gets a shoulder up after two. Booker with a lock on Styles’ arm. Styles counters that into a Samoan Drop, but Booker continues to hold on and pull back. Booker with a side kick on Styles taking him out. Styles catches Booker with a big boot in the corner and follows up with a few clotheslines. Styles with a flying splash on Booker in the corner. Styles then drops Booker with a big back suplex using a hammerlock to drop Booker’s weight over his arm. Booker with a rollup on Styles from the corner and Styles tries to counter into a Styles Clash. Booker hits Styles over the head, both are up and Booker catches Styles with a big kick to the head. Cover by Booker and Styles kicks out after two. Styles with a Full Nelson that he counters into a german suplex into a bridge for a two count.

Styles with forearms and kicks to Booker on the mat near the corner. Booker lifts Styles to the ring apron. Styles springboards back in, but Booker catches Styles in mid air with a big side kick. Booker with a spinarooni to get back to his feet despite favoring his knee. Booker misses an Axe Kick attempt that Styles counters into a Pele Kick! Styles hits the Styles Clash on Booker, turns Booker over, cover and Styles gets the pinfall.

Winner & NEW TNA Legends Champion: AJ Styles

After the match, AJ Styles is handed the TNA Legends Championship and holds it up high. Sharmell is furious at ringside. Styles goes into the crowd, walks up into the risers and celebrates his title win with the fans in the Impact Zone.

– Backstage, we see Samoa Joe (covered in what appears to be mud) showing his knife and it has blood on it. Lauren asks where Scott Steiner is. Joe said he introduced Steiner first to his “Nation of Violence” and that he will be scared for life. He said he will do so to the rest of the members of the Main Event Mafia and that Joe will kill them.

– A video package airs highlighting tonight’s “Off the Wagon Challenge” between Beer Money, Inc. and Team 3D with the TNA World Tag Team Championships on the line.

TNA World Tag Team Championships – Off the Wagon Challenge
If any member of Team 3D is pinned, they are gone from TNA
Beer Money, Inc. (c’s) vs. Team 3D

The bell rings and we start with Robert Roode and Brother Devon. Lock up and Roode gets in a headlock. Devon then works on Roode’s left arm. Roode takes Devon down, slaps his head a few times and then mocks him backing up and doing some jumping jacks. Devon with a takedown on Roode. Roode counters out and hits a few forearms to Devon’s back. Devon with a kick to the face on Roode and Brother Ray gets the tag. Ray is tripped up by Roode who walks over Ray’s back and tags in James Storm. Storm gets in a quick jab on Ray and backs off taunting him. Ray backs Storm up to the corner, the referee breaks it up and Storm gets in another cheap shot. Storm wants a test of strength. Ray goes along with it, but raises up his other arm. He does this a few times until he is bringing both arms up and they both appear to be dancing. Ray then taunts Storm, slaps his ass and then takes out Storm. Devon hits the ring and they double team Beer Money. Devon gets the tag and looks to hit a headbutt from the top when Roode throws Devon off the top.

Tag to Roode which sees Beer Money give Devon a double suplex. They do the “BEER”…”MONEY” taunt spot. Roode with a big standing dropkick to Devon, cover and Devon kicks out after two. Quick tag to Storm who drops a knee over Devon. Quick tag back to Roode and they work on Devon yet again. Devon comes back with a big double clothesline. Tag to Ray who goes after Roode and Storm with big right hands. Ray with a high back body on Roode and yelling “Beer Money sucks!” as he executes it. Ray with a double splash on Roode and Storm in the corner. Storm falls down first on all fours and Roode falls down behind him. Storm freaks out and yells at Roode. Roode pushes Storm away and Ray with a Rock Bottom on Roode. Ray hits a big Dusty Rhodes elbow on Storm. Roode fires back snapping the neck of Ray, covers and Ray barely kicks out after two. Ray with a big boot to Roode and big right elbow to Storm. Ray is up top, Ray punches Roode away from the ring apron, Storm goes up with Ray and hits a big huracanrana off the top turnbuckle.

Roode follows it up with a big splash, cover and Ray is able to power out after the two count. Ray with a Full Nelson Slam on Roode, hooks the leg and Roode barely kicks out after two. Storm has beer in his mouth and spits it in the face of Roode by accident. This allows Team 3D to hit the 3D on Roode, cover…and Roode barely kicks out after two. 3D can’t believe it. Storm grabs a steel chair as they go for another 3D. Storm cracks the steel chair over the back of Ray and the referee calls for the bell.

Winners via DQ: Team 3D
Still TNA World Tag Team Champions: Beer Money, Inc.

Jim Cornette then walks out and demands the match be restarted with No Disqualification rules.

The bell rings and here we go again. Devon sends Storm back into the ring. 3D on Storm, cover…1…2…Roode pulls the referee out. Roode pulls Storm out, puts him on his shoulders, grabs the tag title belts (which Don West handed to them) and starts leaving the Impact Zone. The referee starts the count and gets to 10 leading to the finish.

Winners via Count Out: Team 3D
Still TNA World Tag Team Champions: Beer Money, Inc.

After the match, an upset Team 3D leave the ring and complain to Mike Tenay. Tenay said they were screwed. Don West said it wasn’t against the rules. Brother Ray gets in West’s face and said he better watch himself since he knows what just happened wasn’t right.

– Footage is shown from earlier tonight of Chris Sabin talking about the Ultimate X match and his experience with the match itself. TNA X Division Champion Alex Shelley talks about how hard it is to prepare yourself for a match like this, let alone with an opponent like Suicide who we have never seen in a TNA match yet. Consequences Creed said he has never been in a match like this before and can’t imagine what it will be like when he gets up on the X cables tonight. Jay Lethal said everyone wants to be the champion and they will go to dangerous lengths tonight to do so.

– A video package then runs highlighting the Ultimate X match tonight with the TNA X Division Championship up for grabs between Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed and Suicide.

TNA X Division Championship – Ultimate X Match
Alex Shelley (c) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Suicide

Suicide came flying in for his entrance as the bell rang. The action is all over the place as usual. Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin were double teaming everyone as quickly as possible. The Guns double team Lethal and then do so to Creed as well. Sabin plays guard as Shelley starts climbing up the steel struture. Suicide goes after Sabin and then pulls Shelley down. Lethal with a big elbow on Suicide. The fans in Orlando started a loud “Fallen Angel” chant at Suicide. Lethal counters a Slided Bread #2 attempt by Shelley. Shelley cut off Lethal afterward bounching his head off the corner. Creed tosses Shelley off the top turnbuckle when Shelley was trying to climb up. Sabin then takes out Creed and springboards himself up onto the X cables. Creed pulls Sabin down, flips over his back and hits a big kick. Sabin with a big knee to Creed and then a twisting neckbreaker with Creed up on the top rope. Suicide is back in and takes out Sabin by his legs. Suicide with knees to Sabin, but Shelley catches Suicide with a big boot. Lethal with a big kick to Shelley on the outside.

Shelley counters a springboard splash by Lethal sending Lethal to the floor. Sabin then hits a suicide dive taking out Lethal. Shelley kicks Suicide in the face when he attempts a suicide dive. On the ring apron, Suicide has Creed up on his shoulders and flips off taking out Shelley, Sabin and Lethal! Suicide is now up on the X cable and starts climbing across. Lethal jumps up and dropkicks Suicide off the cables. Creed is up, Lethal hesitates and The Guns are back in to take them out. Suicide is up on the X cable again. He drops down allowing Lethal to hit the Lethal Combination. Lethal boosts Creed up to the middle of the X, but Sabin leaps off Shelley’s back and tackles Creed down in a very impressive spot! Sabin is crotched by Lethal over the top rope. Shelley gets knees when he attempts a frog splash on Creed. Suicide starts climbing up the steel structure holding up the cables when Creed cuts him off from behind. Sabin is now up with Creed and Suicide. Lethal walks up as well. We see a Tower of Doom, but Suicide holds onto the X cable as everyone falls back.

Suicide then wraps his legs around the X cable and tries moving across when Lethal jumps up. Lethal grabs Suicide and powerbombs him back down to the mat! Sabin with a big kick to Lethal that is followed up by a double kick by The Guns to Lethal. Sabin with a big german suplex on Creed. Suicide with a dropkick to Sabin sending him back to the corner. Shelley with a frog splash on Suicide. Lethal drops Shelley with a big face first drop. Sabin then catches Lethal with a Tornado DDT. Creed with a Pumphandle Slam on Sabin. Shelley with a brainbuster on Creed. Shelley then starts climbing up the turnbuckle when Lethal cuts him off. Sabin jumps up and flips Lethal backward in a big back suplex. Suicide goes after Shelley and Creed takes out Suicide. Sabin grabs Creed, attempts a powerbomb and they all fall back with Shelley hitting the Sliced Bread #2 and Sabin hitting the powerbomb in a big combo from the corner. Suicide with a big flipping face plant on Sabin. Shelley is climbing up the steel truss and Suicide is up with him. Shelley locks Suicide’s leg locked up in the truss.

Creed climbs up, grabs Shelley and drives him back down to the mat over his shoulders. Lethal, Sabin and Creed are all up onthe X cable. We then see Suicide who has broken free and climbed to the top of the steel truss. He jumps and lands in the middle of the X causing Lethal, Sabin and Creed to all fall down. Suicide unhooks the X Title and falls down.

Winner & NEW TNA X Division Champion: Suicide

After the match, we see a highlight of the finish involving Suicide. Back live, Suicide is celebrating with the TNA X Division Championship.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA World Champion Sting. Sting said he has a job to do tonight and that is defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He said everything is up to Kurt Angle saying they can wrestle, fight or they can bring tables, ladders and chairs inside. Sting tells Angle to bring his A game because he is bringing his. Borash wants Sting’s thoughts on Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley being involved tonight. Sting said it is very simple – Foley will make sure no one gets involved and Jarrett will count the 1-2-3 when he beats Angle tonight.

– A video package runs highlighting the events between Sting and Kurt Angle leading to tonight’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship match with Mick Foley as special guest enforcer and Jeff Jarrett as special guest referee.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Special Guest Enforcer: Mick Foley
Special Guest Referee: Jeff Jarrett
Sting (c) vs. Kurt Angle

They did video package introductions for Kurt Angle and Sting. Jeremy Borash did ring introductions for the challenger Kurt Angle and champion Sting. Big reaction for Sting.

The bell rings and here we go. Angle avoids a lock up and bails to the ring apron. Sting backs off and Angle gets back in the ring. Lock up, Angle takes Sting’s back and hits a big forearm. Angle with big right hands to Sting backing Sting up to the corner. Angle then hits some big kicks as well. Sting comes back with a big boot on Angle. Sting with some big kicks to Angle while Angle tries to recover on the mat. Sting with a clothesline on Angle sending Angle over the top rope to the outside. Angle gets to his feet and Mick Foley yells at him to get back in. Angle is back in, kicks Sting in the knee and gives Sting a big uppercut. Angle charges at Sting and Sting lifts Angle over the top rope and to the outside landing with a big thud. Sting sends Angle right into the steel ring barricade, pulls him off and then sends him into the ring barricade on the other side of the Impact Zone. Angle flips over into the crowd and Sting follows. Sting throws Angle back first into the wall cracking it in the crowd. Angle quickly gets back into the ring and Sting follows.

Sting with a right and then jumps up leaning over Angle hitting 10 big right hands. Angle rakes the eyes of Sting and hits a big back suplex. Angle with kicks to the gut on Sting. Sting with a big suplex on Sting, cover and Sting gets a shoulder up after two. Angle then stares down Jarrett and then goes to a headlock on Sting. Angle with a big belly-to-belly suplex, cover and Sting gets another shoulder up after two. Angle with a backbreaker on Sting, cover and Sting gets a shoulder up after two. Angle then applies a full body submission on Sting keeping the action grounded. Double crossbody by Sting and Angle in the middle of the ring. Jarrett starts the count. Both get to their feet at six. Angle and Sting start exchanging punches. Angle gets in a big kick. Sting hits a botched clothesline on Angle. They follow it up with another series of clotheslines to make up for it. Stinger Splash on Angle in the corner followed by a snap suplex. Cover by Sting and Angle gets a shoulder up after two. Sting counters an Angle Slam attempt.

Sting with a HUGE powerbomb on Angle. Cover and Angle gets a shoulder up barely after two. Angle with the Ankle Lock on Sting. Sting pushes off, misses a right and Angle hits a german suplex. Angle with a second german. Angle hits a third and final german suplex with a release. Angle hooks the leg of Sting and Sting kicks out after two. Sting counters an Angle Slam, misses a Sting Splash and this time Angle hits the Angle Slam. Angle hooks the leg and Sting gets a shoulder up after two. Angle is up top, hits the moonsault, cover and Sting kicks out yet again after two. Scorpion Deathdrop on Angle, cover and Angle gets a shoulder up after two. West added, “These guys just refuse to lose.” Angle runs attempting a clothesline, Sting ducks and Angle takes out referee Jeff Jarrett. Sting has the Scorpion Deathlock on Angle. Mick Foley is checking on Jarrett and Angle is tapping out! Sting breaks the hold thinking he won. Sting then checks on Jarrett and Angle hits the Angle Slam on Sting. Angle yells at Foley to count the pinfall, covers Sting and Sting kicks out after two. Angle then low blow kicks Foley. Angle leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair. Angle is back in with the chair and Foley grabs it as he swings back. Foley has the chair, tries to hit Angle and Foley hits Sting by accident. Angle with an Angle Slam on Foley. Angle hooks the leg of Sting, Jarrett is back up…1…2…Sting somehow kicks out! Angle argues with Jarrett over the pinfall and spits in his face. Sting gets fired up, Angle looks back, Angle then turns and gets in a cheap shot on Jarrett. Sting then hits the Scorpion Deathdrop on Angle, covers, Jarrett counts the pinfall and Sting gets the win.

Winner & STILL TNA World Champion: Sting

After the match, Sting is holding up the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and has some discussion with Mick Foley. Jeff Jarrett is walking up the ramp as Kurt Angle leaves the ring. Angle is shown yelling at Jarrett saying he did it again. The PPV goes off the air with Sting celebrating with the TNA World Title in the ring.


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