Destination X

May 20, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, March 9th in Norfolk, VA

– The TNA promo hit.
– A video package runs highlighting various TNA stars and the sacrifices they make in the ring to entertain us and achieve goals.
– Earlier today, we see Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and Tomko arriving. Jeremy Borash assures him that Jim Cornette will reverse the decision from Thursday’s Impact and the Six Sides of Steel match. Styles asks about Karen and Kurt tells him to shut up and focus.
– A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Destination X. We then go live to The Scope Arena in Norfolk, VA where a series of pyro goes off in the entrance area.
– LAX’s music hits to kick off the first match of the night.

– LAX defeated Lance Hoyt & Jimmy Rave and The Motor City Machineguns to become the #1 Contenders for the TNA World Tag Team Titles. The match kicked off with Chris Sabin and Homicide exchanging hip tosses and takedowns. Homicide with a big overhead suplex on Sabin. Shelley got the tag and The Guns executed a big double-team spot that saw Shelley hold Homicide’s head back and Sabin connected with a big dropkick to the face. Lance Hoyt tagged himself in and then Hernandez tagged himself in as well. Hernandez had Hoyt up in a vertical suplex while Sabin, Shelley and Homicide all took out Jimmy Rave. Shelley with a big superkick on Homicide and Sabin with a dropkick on Hoyt. Rave with a big takedown on Shelly on the ring apron and Hernandez followed that up with a big dive over the top rope on Hoyt. The Guns with another double-team move on Rave. Rave with a big spinning takedown on Sabin. Shelley follows that up driving Rave’s face into the ring. Rave follows that up with a big DDT on Shelley. Homicide with a T-Bone Suplex on Shelley, two suplexes next on Shelley and then sets Hernandez up to give Shelley a backbreaker. Homicide with a slingshot splash on Shelley. Hoyt and Rave with more offense on Shelley. Hoyt misses a moonsault attempt on Shelley and Shelley takes out Rave when he comes in. Hernandez with a diving double clothesline over the top rope on Hoyt and Rave. Hernandez tosses Rave by his head using his shirt across the ring and then a big slam on Hoyt. Hernandez with a huge sitdown powerbomb on Rave, but Shelley drops Hernandez with a reverse DDT. Hoyt takes out Shelley, Sabin with a DDT on Hoyt and Homicide with a gringo stunner on Sabin. Homicide with a dive to the outside taking everyone out allowing Hernandez to hit the Border Toss on Rave to get the pinfall. Great opener. After the match, they show highlights from the match. Joel and Jonny Fairplay from Survivor are shown at ringside as LAX celebrates.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is outside the office of Jim Cornette. Borash talks about the controversial finish to the Six Sides of Steel match on Thursday’s Impact between Kurt Angle and Christian Cage. We see footage from other angles on how the match finished and who hit the ground first. Should Jim Cornette overturn Earl Hebner’s decision is the question being asked of the fans tonight.
– A video package runs highlighting TNA X Division Champion “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal and his title defense against Petey Williams tonight.

– “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal defeated Petey Williams to retain the TNA X Division Championship. Petey Williams was accompanied to the ring by Rhaka Khan. Mike Tenay noted that Brian Hebner is the acting referee for this match. Match kicks off with Lethal taking down Williams in a quick arm drag. Williams fights back with a takedown of his own. Williams and Lethal roll around countering each other. Lethal attempted the Lethal Combination, but Williams countered and attempted his famous piledriver, but Lethal countered out of it. Lethal with an axe handle from the top rope on Williams. Impressive spot saw Lethal flip back and then flip again catching Williams with a huracanrana. Lethal took out williams on the outside and Rhaka Khan got in Lethal’s face. Williams fights back with some quick offense on Lethal. Williams with a shoulder block from the ring apron and then a springboard spot driving his knees into the face of Lethal. Williams then goes to work on Lethal’s arm and applies a headlock. Williams drops Lethal’s head off the top rope and then connects with a springboard huracanrana over the top rope to the outside. Williams throws Lethal back in the ring and applies a front facelock to slow the action. Lethal fights back with some right hands and an elbow. Lethal drops Williams on his face and Williams somehow kicks out during a pinfall attempt. Williams drops Lethal across the ropes and Williams connects with a big dropkick. Williams with a side russian leg sweep and then calls for the Canadian Destroyer. Williams counters a huracanarana attempt into a powerbomb. Lethal fights back and gets a close pinfall on Williams. Lethal misses a dropkick and Williams applies a Sharpshooter. Lethal tries to go for the ropes, but Williams holds him back. Williams breaks the hold and goes for a Canadian Destroyer, but Lethal counters into the Lethal Combination. Rhaka Khan distracts the referee and Lethal gets thrown off the top rope by Scott Steiner. Williams then connects with the Canadian Destroyer, hooks the leg, but So Cal Val pulls the referees leg. Rhaka Khan goes after Val, but Sonjay Dutt runs out to protect Val. Williams then turns his attention back to Lethal and Lethal gets him in a small package to retain the X Division Title. After the match, Lethal celebrates with Sonjay Dutt and So Cal Val.

– We go to ringside where Mike Tenay and Don West look at the rest of the card for tonight.
– Backstage, Crystal is with Samoa Joe, Christian Cage and Kevin Nash. She asks what they think Jim Cornette’s decision will be tonight regarding Thursday’s Six Sides of Steel match. Joe said no matter what decision is made, tonight, they will take out The Angle Alliance. Cage said as far as he is concerned, his hand was raised on Thursday and he won. He added that it didn’t really matter in the end. Nash said the last thing The Angle Alliance would expect would be for him to start the match tonight and that we could see just that.
– A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s Kaz & Eric Young vs. Black Reign & Rellik tag team match.

– Kaz & “Super” Eric Young defeated Black Reign & Rellik. The match kicked off with Kaz and Rellik. Kaz with a dragon screw takedown on Rellik followed by a quick arm drag. Rellik broke it up with a rake to the eyes and tagged in Black Reign. Kaz took out Reign with a big dropkick and then tagged in Eric Young. Reign backed up and the fans cheered for Young to take him on. Young took out Reign with a slap to the face followed by a low blow kick that got a big reaction from the fans. Young then quickly tagged Kaz back in and Kaz took out Reign in the corner with a big dropkick to the chest. Kaz with a rollup on Reign and then a side suplex on Rellik that turned into a double-pinfall that both kicked out of. Great spot right there. Rellik follows it up with a big boot to the face on Kaz. Rellik then mounts Kaz and gets in a few right hands. Rellik with a huge overhead suplex on Kaz. Reign got the tag and took out Kaz with a spinning neckbreaker. Quick tag back to Rellik and he applies another sleeper on Kaz. Kaz flips over the head of Rellik and then takes out Rellik with a quick dropkick. Reign then goes after Young and Young jumps off. This allows Rellik to take out Kaz with a huge spinebuster. Kaz fights back with two big body kicks followed by a dropkick on Rellik. Young got the tag, but he ran away when Reign and Rellik got in his face. Young ran up the ramp to the back as Rellik launched Kaz back in the ring. Reign and Rellik drop Kaz off the top rope and then power him face first into the ring. Kaz with a double-team move on Reign and Rellik. All of a sudden music hits and Eric Young comes out dressed as a superhero. He poses as pyro goes off and then hits the ring taking out Reign and Rellik with a double dropkick. Young with a cross-body on Reign, but the pinfall gets broken up. Tenay and West call him Super Eric. Young then puts Reign and Rellik on his shoulders and hits a double death valley driver. Young covers Reign and gets the pinfall. After the match, Kaz and Young celebrate and pose.

– Backstage, The Angle Alliance are in Jim Cornette’s office. Cornette leaves and said he is going to announce his decision. Cornette then runs into Team 3D and Brother Ray asks him why he continues to screw the “good guys” in TNA. He adds that maybe Cornette should be the one to get drug tested around here. Cornette leaves as everyone continues to yell at him.
– A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s TNA Women’s Title match involving champion Awesome Kong and challengers ODB and Gail Kim.

– Awesome Kong defeated ODB & Gail Kim to retain the TNA Women’s Championship. The match kicks off Kong pushing Gail Kim and ODB away when they charge at her. Kim and ODB try to irish whip Kong, but Kong throws the two into each other and then follows it up with a double clothesline. Kong sends Kim and ODB both into the corner, but only splashes Kim when ODB moves out of the way. ODB dropkicks Kong against the ropes and then trys to throw her over the top rope. Kim goes up to the top rope and drops a leg over Kong’s head to send her over in a cool spot. Kim gets in a few pinfall attempts on ODB, but ODB comes back with some pinfalls of her own. Kim breaks it up dropping ODB in a neckbreaker. Kim attempts a cross-body onto Kong at ringside, but Kong catches her. ODB then dives through the ropes and takes out Kong and Kim. ODB throws Kim back in the ring, chops her and then powers her down to the ring. Kim fights back with a few elbows and forearms. ODB counters with a fallaway slam on Kim. Kim then takes out ODB with a huge spear! Kim then tosses ODB over the top rope and Kong is back in the ring. Kong takes out Kim with a huge clothesline after sending Kim into the ropes. Kim dodges a splash from Kong in the corner and gets in a few chops on Kong. Kim attempts a crucifix pin on Kong, but Kong counters and goes for a spinning back fist. Kim dodges that and drops her knees into the face of Kong. ODB is back in and dropkicks Kong in the knees. Kong then lifts up ODB and slams her back down hard on the ring. Kim and ODB exchange rights on Kong. ODB drinks from her flask and Kim does so as well. Kim and ODB take out Kong with a double dropkick. Kim covers, but ODB breaks it up. ODB covers and Kim breaks that up. Kim takes out ODB with a clothesline, goes after Kong, but Kong catches her in a cross-body attempt. Kong gets tripped up but the pinfall gets broken up. Kong drops Kim face first into the ring and then splashes Kim with a huge frog splash! ODB breaks up the pinfall and then chops Kong a few times. Kong with an Implant Buster on ODB. Kong goes up to the top rope, but ODB rolls away and avoids the splash. Kong’s manager trips up ODB allowing Kong to hit ODB with the Awesome Bomb to get the pinfall and retain the TNA Women’s Title.

– We see footage from earlier today of Rhino walking on top of the Elevation X structure above the ring. Rhino cut a promo on James Storm and their match tonight. They didn’t cut the video soon enough as we heard Rhino add, “How was that?” at the end.
– Back live, Jim Cornette is in the ring. He said if Team 3D make weight tonight then they won’t have to weigh-in ever again. However, if they don’t make weight then their contracts with TNA will be terminated. Cornette then announced that after viewing the footage from Thursday, Kurt Angle’s foot did touch the ground first and did win the match. He said he is hesitant to use video footage to make a new decision for the first time in wrestling so he asks the TNA fans what they should do tonight. The fans boo for giving the advantage to The Angle Alliance and cheer when Cornette said he wants to go backstage to tell them to suck it up. Cornette then announces that the decision from Thursday stands.
– A video package runs highlighting the events between Team 3D and Shark Boy & Curry Man leading into tonight’s tag team match.
– Before the match, referee Earl Hebner brought the scales into the ring to weigh Team 3D. Brother Devon is up first and he makes weight. Brother Ray is up next and he makes weight as well. Team 3D celebrates

– Shark Boy & Curry Man defeated Team 3D in a Fish Market Street Fight (Team 3D made weight so they aren’t fired). The match kicks off with Shark Boy and Curry Man rolling up Team 3D and getting close pinfalls. Shark Boy and Curry Man take out Brother Ray with a high back body drop followed by a double-dropkick on Ray as well. Team 3D then start to walk up the ramp to leave when Shark Boy and Curry Man chase them down. Shark Boy gets a fish and hits Devon with it. Curry Man drops Ray face first into a table full of fish. Curry Man then drives a fish into the chest of Ray. Shark Boy hits Devon with some more shots using a fish at ringside until Devon catches him with a quick uppercut. Curry Man then puts a Ho-Ho on a fishing pole line and Ray goes after it putting it in his mouth. Curry Man with a cross-body on Ray over the top rope. Curry Man puts fishing net over Ray’s head and slap Ray with another fish. Ray then fights back giving Curry Man a high back body drop over a table full of fish. Ray then starts throwing fish into the crowd and the crowd even throws them back! Ray bites one of the fish and throws it at Tenay and West. Devon sets up a table at ringside when Johnny Devine hits Shark Boy with a kendo stick. Devine gets Shark Boy wrapped up in fishing line as Team 3D double-teams Curry Man in the ring. Ray licks a fish and then low blows Curry Man with it. Devon puts Curry Man in the tree of woe and Ray hits Curry Man with a rowing paddle. A loud “We Want Tables” chant starts up. Team 3D misses a splash on Curry Man. Shark Boy is up top and takes out Team 3D with a double clothesline. Shark Boy then gets leveled with a clothesline by Devon. Devon with a reverse DDT on Curry Man. Shark Boy then drops a fish across the crotch of Ray and Curry Man connects with a cross-body on Devon. Shark Boy and Curry Man with two facebusters on Team 3D. They follow that up with two tornado DDT’s on 3D as well. Curry Man gets dumped out by Ray and Ray puts Shark Boy on his shoulders. Devon is up and connects with the Doomsday clothesline. A trash can gets brought in and Curry Man hits Ray with it. Devine tries to powder Curry Man, but hits Ray instead and Devine gets sent into a table over the top rope! The finish saw Ray assist in a 3D, but Ray was still blinded and he gave Devon a 3D and Shark Boy got the pinfall for his team.

After the match, fans were laughing at Team 3D. Brother Ray then gets in the face of Joel from Survivor and pushes him down. Joel tries to go after Ray, but security interferes and takes him away.

– Backstage, Kurt Angle gets in AJ Styles’ face and tells him to stop worrying about Karen and to focus on taking out Samoa Joe, Christian Cage and Kevin Nash. They all leave and Jeremy Borash tells Styles that Karen Angle has a “bombshell” to drop on Impact this week.
– A video package runs highlighting the events between Booker T and Robert Roode leading into tonight’s match.

– Robert Roode defeated Booker T in a Strap Match. Before the match, Booker T came out with the strap already around his wrist. The referee calls Robert Roode into the ring and puts the strap around his wrist as well. Roode bails outside of the ring, but Booker pulls him back in and hits Roode with some forearms and chops. Booker with a high back body drop on Roode and he continues to pull him towards the middle of the ring with the strap. Booker with a quick spin kick on Roode who goes down fast. Roode fights back with some right hands and then starts choking Booker with the strap. Roode with some shoulder charges in the corner on Booker. Booker comes back with some stiff chops on Roode. Roode responds with a forearm to the back and a quick russian leg sweep. Roode drags Booker across the mat with the strap and puts the boots to him. Booker gets a burst of energy and takes out Roode with some chops and then a big suplex. Roode counters an Axe Kick attempt by Booker into a DDT. Booker takes out the referee when Roode lights him up with rights and lefts and then both hit each other with a double-clothesline. On the outside, Traci Brooks takes out Payton Banks and takes her handcuffs. Brooks tries to throw them in to Booker, but Roode intercepts and puts them on his knuckles. Roode then takes out Booker with the handcuffs, throws them out and covers Booker to get the pinfall.

After the match, as per the stipulation it was announced that Traci Brooks must take 10 shots with the strap since Booker T lost. Atlas Security from the ECW days hit the ring and take Booker T to the back. Robert Roode and Payton Banks celebrate in the ring as the fans boo. Traci Brooks reluctantly gets into the ring. Payton Banks then hits Traci ten times, but continues to hit her more after the tenth shot. Traci then grabs the strap from Payton Banks until Roode hits the ring. Roode grabs her by the throat and throws her down. Roode teases he is going to leave, but turns around and slaps Traci over the back yet again. Sharmell then runs down and starts hitting Roode over the back repeatedly with the strap! Sharmell then goes after Payton Banks and she even hits security when they hit the ring. Jim Cornette runs down and tells her she can’t do this. Sharmell then hits Cornette over the back with the strap and security finally takes her away.

– Backstage, Crystal is with James Storm and Jackie Moore. She says this match could be a career ending match for him tonight. Storm agrees and said he has thought about that before. He then tells Rhino that he is The Cowboy and doesn’t back down from anybody. Storm adds that he hasn’t drank all day and didn’t think it was a good idea to be drinking before a match like this. He said he will not be held responsible for what happens to Rhino tonight.
– A video package runs highlighting the Elevation X.
– Back live, we see the Elevation X structure lowering above the ring.

– Rhino defeated James Storm in the Elevation X Match. James Storm was out first and he climbed to the top of the Elevation X structure. Storm had a rope with him and brought a six-pack of beer up to the top of the Elevation X. Rhino was out next and also climbed up (almost falling down on his way up). As Rhino reached the top and the bell rang, Storm climbed down and was shaking his head. Rhino grabs the six-pack of beer at the top and starts throwing the beer at Storm on the ground. Rhino then starts to climb down and goes after Storm. Rhino sends Storm into the steel guard railing two different times. Rhino pulls out a table and tosses it into the ring. Rhino puts a second table and trash can into the ring. Rhino throws Storm in the ring and sets up a table in a corner. Storm tries to send Rhino into the table, but Rhino dodges it. Storm almost gets sent into the table as well, but jumps over the top rope and lands on ring apron. Storm cracks the trash can over the head of Rhino and sets up the other table. Storm puts Rhino on the table, but Rhino jumps off and goes after Storm on the top rope. Rhino with a belly-to-belly suplex on Storm. Jackie Moore tries to hold Rhino back from doing a Gore. She slaps Rhino and then starts to climb up the Elevation X structure. Rhino follows her up and Jackie is on top. Jackie crawls to the other side, Rhino follows and Storm is also climbing up. Rhino turns and sees Storm at the top with him. Rhino dares Storm to crawl out to the middle. When Storm gets close, Rhino rakes the eyes and slams his head on the padding over the structure. Both get to their feet, Rhino almost falls off, but he hits the other side in time. Storm rakes the eyes of Rhino and bounches his head off the top a few times. Storm then climbs down the side and hides under the red padding at the top so Rhino can’t see him. The fans help Rhino figure out where Storm is. Rhino removes the red padding and sees Storm laying down on the structure. Storm spits beer in the face of Rhino and then hits him with a few rights as he stands up. Storm then low blows himself across a bar at the top of the structure. Storm then loses balance on the bars and barely holds on. Rhino starts kicking down on his gut. Storm still holds on. Rhino continues to kick Storm down and Storm finally lets go and falls from the structure crashing through the table as the bell rings to end the match.

After the match, EMT’s come to ringside with a stretcher. They attend to James Storm as Rhino climbs down the structure and celebrates his win. They show highlights of the finish and how Storm fell.

– A video package runs highlighting the events between The Angle Alliance and Samoa Joe, Christian Cage and Kevin Nash leading into tonight’s six man tag.

– Samoa Joe, Christian Cage & Kevin Nash defeated The Angle Alliance (TNA World Champion Kurt Angle & TNA World Tag Team Champions AJ Styles & Tomko) in a Six Man Tag. As per the stipluation, this match will start as a 3-on-2 Handicap for the first five minutes seeing Samoa Joe, Christian Cage and Kevin Nash vs. AJ Styles and Tomko until time expires and Kurt Angle will join the mix. The five minute counter has started as Joe goes after Styles and Nash takes out Tomko. Cage takes care of Styles in the ring with a big corkscrew elbow. Tomko gets the tag and he gets chops from Cage. Tomko lifts Cage above his head, but Cage jumps off and gets a close pinfall. Tomko fights back slamming Cage hard on the ring. Joe and Nash hold Tomko back in the corner as Cage gets in some rights and lefts to Tomko’s gut. Styles runs in and Cage levels him with a huge spear! Joe gets the tag and goes to work on Tomko with rights and a big kick to the head. Nash gets the tag, scoop slams Tomko and then drops an elbow. Styles gets the tag and Cage catches him with an elbow. Styles tosses Cage off the top rope and then connects with the Spiral Tap! Nash then hits the ring and chokeslams Styles. Tomko then takes out Nash and Joe takes out Tomko with a big snap powerslam. Time expires and Joe waits at the end of the ramp for Kurt Angle. Angle appears and stares down Joe. Angle runs at Joe and the two exchange rights and lefts. Joe knees Angle in the gut a few times. The action spills to the ring and Angle sends Joe through the ropes to the outside. In doing so, Joe takes out Tomko on the outside. In the ring, Cage connects with a Frog Splash on Angle! Angle then responds sending Cage over the top rope with an overhead suplex. Styles then goes to work on Cage in the ring. Styles takes out Cage with a big dropkick off the ropes. Tomko gets the tag and he goes to work on Cage as well. Cage fights back with some chops. Tomko with a big fallaway slam on Cage. Angle gets the tag and then applies an Ankle Lock on Cage. Joe comes in to break it up. Cage rolls through and gets a close pinfall on Angle. Cage with a reverse DDT on Angle when Styles missed a clothesline attempt. Nash gets the tag and he levels everyone. Nash with a big boot on Tomko and a Jacknife Powerbomb on Angle. Styles takes out Nash with a big dropkick to the knee. Joe and Tomko get the tag. Joe with a knee to the face on Tomko and then a big powerbomb on Styles in mid-air! Joe has Styles up in the Muscle Buster, but Angle low blows Joe. Pele Kick by Styles on Joe. Unprettier by Cage on Angle. Nash sends Styles over the top rope. Tomko levels Joe with a clothesline, but Joe won’t go down long and locks on the rear naked choke on Tomko! Tomko taps out and Joe gets the win for his team.

After the match, Samoa Joe, Christian Cage and Kevin Nash celebrate their victory over The Angle Alliance. We see a shot of a frustrated Kurt Angle at ringside. They show highlights from the main event leading to the finish. Back live, Joe, Cage and Nash are still celebrating as we see a shot of Kurt Angle clutching the TNA World Title at the top of the ramp staring down Joe.

– A promo for the Lockdown PPV on April 13 airs.

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