Bound for Glory

May 20, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


– The Motor City Machineguns def. Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed in a pre-show match. The Machineguns have advanced to the Ultimate X match at the PPV to compete for the TNA X Division Championship.

– Jeremy Borash hosted the pre-show with Joey Fatone.

TNA Bound For Glory 5 PPV Results – 10/18/09
Location: Irvine, California
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz
Report by: Adam Martin of

– The TNA promo hits.

– A video package runs highlighting the top matches tonight at Bound For Glory including Mick Foley vs. Abyss, Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan and AJ Styles vs. Sting for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

– Guitarist Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society is shown performing the national anthem to kick off the show.

TNA X Division Championship – Ultimate X
The Amazing Red (c) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley vs. Suicide vs. Homicide vs. Daniels

Mike Tenay and Taz noted that “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero was scheduled for this match and was in Irvine, CA tonight, but was called away due to a family emergency.

The bell rings and everyone starts climbing up the steel structure. Lots of brawling. Suicide sends Shelley into the corner. Suicide with a side russian leg sweep on Shelley. Homicide tosses Sabin over his head with a big overhead belly to belly. Red takes down Daniels with a big head scissors. Homicide is sent into the ropes and does a suicide dive taking out Daniels. Suicide with a dive to the outside. Sabin does the same. They are almost knocking into the announce table every time. Red with a snap huracanrana on Daniels off the top turnbuckle into the Machineguns. The Machineguns double team Red with a big dropkick to the head. Daniels takes out The Machineguns with a clothesline and bulldog combo. Homicide is up on the cables and gets near the belt. Suicide springboards off and jumps up hanging onto the cable. Suicide pulls Homicide down with a huge inverted DDT. Shelley with a shot to the chest of Daniels off the top turnbuckle. Red sends a Sabin dropkick into Shelley and then takes out Sabin with a big revolution inverted DDT. Homicide with a neckbreaker on Red.

Homicide is back up on the cables, Daniels grabs his legs, pulls him down and hits a death valley driver. Daniels plants Suicide with a big twisting powerbomb. Daniels and Sabin are both up on the cables exchanging shots. Both come down, land and Sabin takes out Daniels with a big kick and springboard DDT. Shelley with a Sliced Bread #2 on Suicide. Homicide plants Shelley with a front suplex. Daniels counters a Gringo Killa attempt, but is taken out by Red coming off the top rope. Big Tower of Doom spot from the corner structure. Daniels with a BME on Sabin. Suicide climbs to the top of the Ultimate X truss structure. Daniels and Red follow him up. A loud “PLEASE DON’T DIE” chant starts up. Daniels teases a suplex on Suicide up top, but Suicide counters. Daniels slides down into the middle where the belt is hanging. Daniels reaches down, but Suicide is stepping over his head and onto the cables. Daniels and Suicide come flying off the middle of the cables and are down. The Machineguns work their way up on the cables where Red is. Red kicks Shelley off and grabs the X Division Championship.

Winner & STILL TNA X Division Champion: The Amazing Red

After the match, Don West walks out and celebrates with The Amazing Red who is handed the TNA X Division Championship. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, we see another shot of Red holding up the title.

– Backstage, Lauren was with The Beautiful People. Velvet Sky talks about how the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships were created for The Beautiful People and how Taylor Wilde and Sarita don’t deserve to be champions.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Taylor Wilde and Sarita. Wilde said The Beautiful People can continue to make excuses while they make history. Sarita said gold is more beautiful than The Beautiful People.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships
Taylor Wilde & Sarita (c’s) vs. The Beautiful People

Before the match, Lacey Von Erich kissed the referee and then allowed her to sit at ringside. Referee Earl Hebner ran down and Lacey attempted the same kiss with him. Hebner then gave her a big kiss and still sent her to the back. The bell rings and Taylor Wilde rolls up Velvet Sky for a two count. Wilde with arm drags on Sky. Sarita takes out Madison Rayne on the ring apron, but it allows Sky to get in a quick shot. Tag to Rayne who mounts Sarita and gets in a few shots. Rayne with a quick dropkick to Sarita. Sarita is then double teamed by The Beautiful People. Pinfall by Sky who gets a two count on Sarita. Sarita fights back planting Sky. Tags to Rayne and Wilde. Wilde with a series of clotheslines and dropkick on Rayne. Sky breaks up a pinfall attempt. Sarita with a huge dropkick to Sky. Sarita with a springboard dropkick into the face of Rayne who is given a german suplex into a bridge for the pinfall.

Winners & STILL TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Taylor Wilde & Sarita

– A video package runs highlighting the events between the World Elite, Hernandez and the Main Event Mafia leading into tonight’s TNA Legends Championship triple threat match involving champion Kevin Nash, Eric Young and Hernandez.

– Backstage, Lauren is with TNA Legends Champion Kevin Nash and Eric Young. Young talks about how he can agree with Nash that Hernandez is a problem that needs to be eliminated. Nash talks about how it is a win-win situation for him tonight as he walks out champion and $60,000 richer.

TNA Legends Championship – Triple Threat
Kevi Nash (c) vs. Hernandez vs. Eric Young

Hernandez tosses Eric Young inside the ring right away and takes out Kevin Nash on the ring apron. Hernandez then levels Young with a big shoulder block sending Young to the outside. Hernandez goes after Young with more chops and Nash gets involved using his power on Hernandez. Nash and Young start double teaming Hernandez sending him into the side of the ring. Hernandez fights back sending Nash into the steel ring post. Young rakes the eyes of Hernandez and tosses him back inside. Hernandez with shots to Young in the corner. Hernandez with a one arm powerbomb on Young, attempts a pinfall and Nash breaks it up. Nash and Young take turns taking shots at Hernandez in the corner. Nash breaks up a vertical suplex attempt by Hernandez on Young. More double teaming from Nash and Young on Hernandez. Young ends up trying to pin Hernandez and Nash breaks it up. Nash gets in Young’s face wondering why he just tried to go for a pinfall. Young holds his arms up and apologizes. More double teaming by Nash and Young on Hernandez hitting a series of clotheslines in the corner. Hernandez with a huge dropkick off the top on Nash and that sends Nash flying back. Hernandez with a springboard shoulder block on Nash and takes out Young with a big clothesline. Huge overhead back body drop by Hernandez on Young. Hernandez with a double clothesline on Nash and Young. Hernandez with a suicide dive on the outside that takes out Young. Nash catches Hernandez with a big boot as he got up on the ring apron. Young tosses him back inside and connects with a huge springboard elbow drop. Young pulls down the straps of Nash (which Taz calls a little weird) and calls for the Jacknife Powerbomb. Young then uses Hernandez to low blow Nash and Young pins Nash to get the pinfall.

Winner & NEW TNA Legends Champion: Eric Young

After the match, Eric Young runs up the ramp and is handed the TNA Legends Championship. Hernandez gets on his feet and stares down Young who is holding up the title and heading to the back.

– Backstage, we see a shot of Beer Money, The British Invasion and Booker T & Scott Steiner all arguing backstage. Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus calm everyone down saying they all need to take out Team 3D and once that is done “may the best team win.”

Full Metal Mayhem – TNA & IWGP Tag Team Championships
Booker T & Scott Steiner (TNA Tag Team Champions) vs. The British Invasion (IWGP Tag Team Champions) vs. Beer Money vs. Team 3D

The bell rings and all of the teams begin brawling. Three of the teams are going after Team 3D. Brother Ray and Brother Devon are being taken out by The British Invasion, Beer Money and Booker T & Scott Steiner. It is basically a 3-on-1 scenario on Ray and Devon. Steiner sent Devon into the steel guard railing on the outside and appeared to trip as he did so. Booker and Ray are exchanging shots on the outside. The British Invasion setup two ladders under the two tag belts. Beer Money break it up and knock the ladders over. Steiner dumps Devon over the steel guard railing at the top of the entrance table. Beer Money sends Magnus into a steel chair setup in the corner. Roode with a catapult into a DDT double team involving Storm. Booker T is in and plants Storm with a modified spinebuster and takes out Roode with a kick. Booker sets up a ladder, but Roode knocks it over after pulling Booker off. Booker with an Axe Kick to Roode. Booker hits a spinarooni, but Beer Money recover and hit the DWI to take him out. Steiner double clotheslines Beer Money and Magnus. Overhead belly to belly suplexes on Beer Money and British Invasion. Steiner hits the Frankensteiner on Williams and then a suplex off the top on Magnus. Steiner with another suplex on Roode.

Sharmell is walking down and TNA referees come out to check on Booker T who is “injured.” Steiner has a ladder up and is taken out by Magnus and Williams. EMTs are out and are going to put Booker on a stretcher. British Invasion mock Team 3D and give Steiner a headbutt to the groin. Team 3D are now up and are taking out Magnus and Williams with big chair shots. Devon levels Beer Money when they hit the ring. 3D take out Magnus, Williams, Roode and Storm. At ringside, Zakk Wylde throws beer in the face of Magnus and then hits him with a steel chair. Devon puts Williams through a table in the ring. Devon with a headbutt to Magnus from the top. Team 3D call for the tables and the fans in Irvine are popping huge for it. Devon slides two tables in the ring while another table was already setup near the ring apron on the outside. A third table is brought in and we now have three tables setup in the ring. 3D with double chokeslams on Roode and Storm through the two tables. Steiner comes in and cracks a steel chair over the heads of Devon and Ray. Steiner leaves the ring and tosses a ladder inside. Steiner hits shots on Devon and Ray using the ladder. Steiner is now climbing up the ladder and 3D pulls him off sending him crashing into the third table in the ring.

3D setup the ladder and Devon reaches up. Rhino then hits the ring with a chair and takes out Ray. Devon gets the IWGP Tag Team belt as Rhino hits him with a chair. Devon falls off and Rhino connects with more chair shots. Magnus and Williams are back in and they take out Devon with a huge chair shot. Big double team spot from Magnus and Williams on Devon. Two ladders are now setup next to each other. Roode and Storm are on both and Magnus is on the opposite side. Beer Money grab Magnus and give him a double suplex over the top and back down. Magnus comes back and hits Roode on the back with a steel chair. Storm takes a sip of some beer, spits it in the face of Magnus up on the ladder and hits a huge sunset flip powerbomb on Magnus. Williams with a chair shot on Storm and tosses one ladder aside. Williams is climbing up when Roode cuts him off. Roode punches Williams off. “Big” Rob Terry jumps in and grabs Roode lifting him over the top rope and press slams Roode into the table at ringside crashing through it. Rob Terry then puts Williams on his shoulders, lifts him up on the ladder and Williams pulls down the TNA Tag Team Title belt.

Winners & NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: The British Invasion
Winners & NEW IWGP Tag Team Champions: Team 3D

– Backstage, we see a shot of Bobby Lashley and Samoa Joe warming up for their match tonight.

– A video package runs highlighting tonight’s triple threat for the TNA Knockouts Championship between champion ODB and challengers Tara and Awesome Kong.

TNA Knockouts Championship
ODB (c) vs. Tara vs. Awesome Kong

The bell rings and Awesome Kong levels ODB right away. Tara goes after Kong with some big right hands. ODB and Tara take turns getting in shots on Kong. Kong with a huge double clothesline on ODB and Tara. Kong sends Tara and ODB into each other in the corner and follows it up with a big double splash. Kong misses a body splash from up top on ODB and Tara when they roll away. ODB and Tara both flip up and then take out Kong. ODB with a fallaway slam on Tara. Tara with a tarantula submission on ODB against the ropes. Kong then breaks it up. Tara catches Kong with a big boot and ODB gets a roll up for a close two count. Tara off the top with a moonsault to ODB, cover and ODB kicks out after two. Kong lifts Tara up and over the top rope to the outside. When Tara is recovering on the outside, we see her arguing and going after a blonde haired woman. Looks to be Kim Couture. Crowd got real quiet and ODB and Kong sold it from the ring. Tara then walked off to the back. Tenay said this is now a one-on-one match. In the ring, ODB gets Kong on her shoulders somehow and executes a samoan drop. Cover and Kong kicks out after two. Well that didn’t last long as Tara is now back out in the arena. Kong tosses her away and hits a huge body splash from the top on ODB. Kong covers and Tara barely breaks up the pinfall. Kong again tosses Tara to the outside and then hits the Implant Buster on ODB. Cover…1…2…ODB kicks out! We then see Raisha Saeed walking out and she slides a steel chair into the ring. Kong kicks the chair away. Saeed tosses it back at her. Kong again kicks it back at Saeed. Saeed slides it back in, ODB counters a powerbomb attempt into a facebuster on Kong right over the steel chair. ODB covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: ODB

After the match, Raisha Saeed can’t believe what just happpened as ODB heads up the ramp celebrating with her title. Awesome Kong is just starting to recover as she looks on in frustration.

– Backstage, Lauren is with Matt Morgan. Morgan said Kurt Angle tried to use him and those days are over.

Submission Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe

The bell rings and Samoa Joe comes out first with a big kick to Bobby Lashley. Lashley attempts a single leg takedown and Joe dodges it. Lock up and Joe pushes Lashley to the corner. Joe with a few slaps to Lashley, hits the ropes, Lashley jumps over Joe and then plants Joe with a HUGE spinebuster. Lashley then goes for an armbar and Joe turns out of it. Joe then gets a leg bar locked in on Lashley. Lashley rolls out of that. Lashley with a single leg takedown on Joe. Kristal Lashley is shown at ringside watching the match. Joe bails to the outside when Lashley starts pushing the pace. Joe returns to the ring and hits a few kicks on Lashley. Joe ends up catching referee Earl Hebner with a kick and Joe hits a big kick that sends Lashley through the ropes to the outside. Joe with a suicide dive on Lashley. Joe then sends Lashley back first into the side of the ring. Joe tosses Lashley back in the ring and Lashley gets in a few rights. JOe cuts Lashley off with a rake to the eyes and connects with some big kicks to the ribs. Joe applies an abdominal stretch on Lashley. Lashley with a hip toss to break it up. Joe with a quick snap powerslam on Lashley and then locks on an arm bar on Lashley. Lashley breaks it up and starts some big ground and pound on Joe. Joe with a shoulder block into Lashley in the corner. Joe with a big slap to Lashley and a few right hands. Lashley with a full nelson slam on Joe. Lashley with a quick T-Bone suplex on Joe after a series of quick offensive moves. Joe catches Lashley in the corner with a big plant. Lashley with a sweep on Joe and Lashley locks on a triangle choke around the neck of Joe. We don’t see Joe tapping out, but referee Earl Hebner calls for the bell as it appears Joe had passed out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley. Foley said tonight Abyss is going to learn things the hard way and that you can’t just put a flannel shirt on and pretend you are him.

– A video package runs highlighting the events between Mick Foley and Abyss.

Monster’s Ball: Hardcore Extreme
Special Guest Referee: Dr. Stevie
Mick Foley vs. Abyss

Mike Tenay reminds us that if Abyss uses thumbtacks in the match that he will be disqualified. As Abyss made his entrance, Mick Foley ran out and hit him with the barbed wire bat over the back. Foley continues to hit Abyss with the bat on the entrance ramp and then brings him to the top hitting a quick neckbreaker. Foley then starts climbing up a steel truss on the entrance set. Abyss follows Foley up and Foley hits him with some stiff right hands. Abyss falls off and goes crashing through the floor of the entrance set! Referee Dr. Stevie walks up and hands Foley the barbed wire bat. Foley backs up, runs and drops the barbed wire bat over the head of Abyss in the broken part of the set. Foley climbs up and heads down the ramp with Dr. Stevie. We then see Abyss busting through the top of the entrance ramp and takes out Foley with a big clothesline on the ramp. Abyss grabs a barbed wire board and places it across the ring apron and steel ring barricade. In the ring, Abyss cracks a trash can over the head of Foley a few times. Abyss grabs another barbed wire board and brings it in the ring. Foley counters and gives Abyss a double arm DDT into the board. Foley grabs the barbed wire bat and slices the top of Abyss’ head with it. Foley then hits Abyss in the arm with the barbed wire bat.

Foley props one of the barbed wire boards against the corner and starts choking Abyss. Abyss is busted open at this point. Abyss counters an irish whip and sends Foley back first into the barbed wire board. Abyss attempts a splash and Foley moves. Abyss is now in the barbed wire and Dr. Stevie pushes him back into the other barbed wire board. Abyss is now sandwiched between both boards. Foley drops an elbow over Abyss. Foley then grabs a black bag and pours thumbtacks out. Abyss goes to chokeslam Foley on the tacks, but Dr. Stevie reminds Abyss that if he uses tacks he is disqualified. Abyss then grabs Dr. Stevie and gives him a Torture Rack. Daffney runs down and tosses a taser at Foley. Foley grabs it and shocks Abyss. Pyro goes flying off the taser and Foley calls for another referee. Foley covers Abyss…and gets a full three count pinfall. Looks like they messed up as they continue on. Dr. Stevie takes out the referee. Daffney is up on the ring apron and Abyss tosses her into the barbed wire board that was over the ring apron and steel barricade! Abyss then gives Dr. Stevie a Black Hole Slam over the thumbtacks! Abyss with a chokeslam on Foley over the barbed wire board. Abyss grabs Dr. Stevie, drags him over, covers Foley and uses Dr. Stevie’s arm to count the 1…2…3.

Winner: Abyss

After the match, we see a shot of Daffney who is still stuck in the barbed wire at ringside and freaking out. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish.

– A video package runs highlighting Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan tonight.

Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan

The bell rings, Matt Morgan moves forward and Kurt Angle rolls out of the ring. Angle returns to the ring and again rolls out when Morgan approaches him. Angle is back in the ring, they lock up and Morgan tosses Angle with ease into the corner. Another lock up and Morgan powers Angle over the top rope to the outside. Angle is back in and catches MOrgan with a quick kick. Angle counters a chokeslam attempt from Morgan, but Morgan comes back with a high elbow. Morgan with rapid fire elbows to Angle in the corner. Morgan lifts Angle high up and drops him face first off the corner. Angle falls into the ropes and Morgan drops his weight over his body. Angle fights back sending Morgan into the barricade. Angle jumps at Morgan, Morgan catches him and sends Angle into the steel ring post. Morgan tosses Angle back in, goes up top and connects with a cross body that results in a two count. Morgan misses his Carbon Foot Print big boot and Angle hits a big sweep taking Morgan down. Angle with right hands to Morgan. Angle drops an elbow over the leg of Morgan and then attempts a single leg Boston Crab. Angle breaks that up and instead gets a Figure Four applied. Angle wrenches back and Morgan screams out in pain. Morgan is trying to twist to his side to break it up, but Angle gets Morgan on his back.

Morgan gets turned over and breaks it up. Morgan catches Angle with a huge clothesline from his knees. Morgan with a big side slam on Angle, cover and Angle kicks out after two. Angle with big uppercuts on Morgan, goes up top, jumps, Morgan catches Angle and hits a big fallaway slam. Angle counters a chokeslam in mid air into a roll up for a close two count. Morgan finally hits a chokeslam, covers and Angle gets a shoulder up after two. Angle with three german suplexes on Morgan. Angle Slam attempt, Morgan counters and catches Angle with the Carbon Foot Print. Cover and Angle somehow kicks out after two. Morgan misses a splash in the corner and Angle connects with the Angle Slam. Cover and Morgan gets a shoulder up after two. Angle drops the straps and gets the Ankle Lock applied. Morgan counters out kicking Angle away. Morgan with a kick to Angle, lifts him up for a powerbomb, Angle rolls through and gets another Ankle Lock applied. Morgan twists out and Angle still hangs on. Morgan finally kicks Angle away, Angle charges and misses a splash in the corner. Morgan with the Hellevator on Angle, cover and Angle gets a shoulder up after two. Morgan can’t believe it. Morgan stands up and is still frustrated. Morgan grabs Angle, attempts a Tombstone Piledriver, Angle rolls through and gets the Ankle Lock applied.

Morgan tries twisting out and Angle still holds on. Morgan again kicks Angle away and hits a big clothesline. Cover and Angle kicks out. Morgan is now going up top, Angle jumps up and gives Morgan a huge overhead belly to belly off the top rope. Angle with the Angle Slam on Morgan. Angle is now going up top and hits a frog splash off the top rope. Cover…1…2…Morgan somehow kicks out! Morgan puts Angle on his shoulders, Angle rolls through and gets the roll up pinfall.

Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match, Matt Morgan slaps the ring mat and is frustrated about his loss. Kurt Angle celebrates his win and then extends his hand to Morgan. Morgan hesistates, but then shakes Angle’s hand. Angle raises up Morgan’s arm and then walks off to the back. The crowd is giving both a huge ovation.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
AJ Styles (c) vs. Sting

Jeremy Borash did ring introductions for the challenger Sting and champion AJ Styles.

The bell rings and we get a quick handshake between Styles and Sting. Lock up and Styles goes to the side headlock. Sting counters into a side headlock of his own. Styles with a big hip toss on Sting and goes back to the side headlock. Sting with a big hip toss of his own on Styles. Crowd in Irvine is really getting into this match. Sting with a side headlock on Styles, blocks a hip toss from Styles, sends Styles to the ring apron, Styles springboards back in and Sting dodges it. Both take a second to smile and stare each other down. Lock up into a side headlock from Sting. Sting with a shoulder block on Styles, misses an elbow drop, Styles misses a knee drop and both are back up staring each other down. Styles with a snapmare and kick to the back of Sting. Styles with a scoop slam and knee to the head on Sting. Cover and Sting kicks out after two. Sting sends Styles with force back first into the corner and Styles bounces back off. Sting does this a second time and Styles bounces off the corner with force. Sting with a clothesline that sends Styles over the top rope to the outside. Styles gets to his feet and Sting opens the ropes for him to get back in. Styles gets back in they lock up. Styles with a big kick to the back of the head on Sting. Styles with a big suplex on Sting, cover and Sting gets a shoulder up.

Styles with shots to Sting in the corner. Sting catches Styles with a big kick to the head and a quick face plant. Sting catches Styles with a huge overhead back body drop. Lots of counters that ends with Styles catching Sting with a huge dropkick. Sting quickly rolls out of the ring. Sting dodges a springboard dive attempt from Styles. Styles lands on the ring apron, jumps at Sting, Sting moves and Styles crashes into the steel ring barricade. Sting attempts a Stinger Splash on Styles against the guard railing and Styles also moves out of the way. Styles rolls back in the ring and calls for Sting to return. Sting is back in the ring, counters between the two, Sting with some big right hands on Styles and Styles answers back with some of his own. Styles misses a charge in the corner, catches Sting with a high elbow, Sting with a big boot, Styles is down, Sting is up top, Styles puts Sting on his shoulders into a Tombstone Piledriver position, Sting counters and hits Styles with a Tombstone Piledriver of his own. Cover by Sting and Styles somehow finds a way to kick out. Styles rolls to the ring apron, recovers, hits a springboard flying forearm, covers Sting and Sting kicks out. Styles with a backbreaker on Sting, cover and Sting still gets a shoulder up. Styles with some more elbows to the head of Sting.

Styles attempts a springboard inverted DDT, Sting counters looking to hit a Scorpion Deathdrop, Styles counters that into a snapmare, Sting is back up and finally hits the Scorpion Deathdrop. Stinger Splash on Styles in the corner and a second Scorpion Deathdrop. Cover by Sting…1…2…Styles somehow gets a shoulder up. Sting attempts a Scorpion Deathlock, turns it over and gets it applied on Styles. The referee asks Styles if he gives up, he screams no and breaks it up. Sting and Styles start exchanging chops. Sting then hulks up and levels Styles with a big clothesline. Cover and Styles kicks out after two. Sting has Styles positioned up on the top rope. Styles headbutts Sting off him and then falls down off the turnbuckle to the ring apron. Styles then catches Sting with a Pele Kick on the ring apron, Sting falls back, Styles hits the springboard body splash, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: AJ Styles

After the match, AJ Styles is handed the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and celebrates. Sting gives Styles a hug and then exits the ring. Mike Tenay and Taz wonder if that was Sting’s last match. Sting heads to the back and AJ Styles gets on the mic telling him to wait. They have some mic problems and then get it sorted out. Styles said he has been wrestling for 23 years and this ring is his spotlight in his home state of California. Sting returns to the ring as Styles yells, “This is your time right now.” The fans chant “PLEASE DON’T GO” at Sting. We see a shot of AJ Styles clapping for Sting on the entrance ramp. Sting gets in the ring and says, “Thank you. Thank you. I really didn’t expect to be back here right now because this moment is not about me it is about our new World Champion. But if I’m gonna lose, I’m glad that I could lose to somebody like AJ Styles. And if I can lose, I’m real glad to lose at home.” The fans chant, “YOU’VE STILL GOT IT.” Sting continues, “Thank you, thank you. I suppose that since I have this platform right now I should probably cover what people have been asking me the last couple months and at Fanfest yesterday. I’ve gotta tell ya…(the fans chant “ONE MORE YEAR”)…I’m not pulling a Brett Favre on you, but I was not prepared to make some kind of announcement tonight. All I can say is, I’m being real serious, I don’t know if I’m going to come back.” He closes saying the fans make him want to stay forever and his music hits as the PPV goes off the air.


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