Against All Odds

May 20, 2010 - by Adam Martin


TNA Against All Odds PPV Results – 2/14/10
Location: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz
Report by: Adam Martin of

– The TNA opening hits.

– Backstage, we see an upset Ric Flair yelling about how Eric Bischoff has been named the referee of tonight’s main event for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and that he is looking for him.

– A video package runs highlighting AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and the big eight man tournament to crown a new #1 contender.

8 Card Stud Tournament – First Round Match
Desmond Wolfe vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

Wolfe was getting in all the offense early on including a big DDT. Dinero attempted a few comebacks including a big jumping cross body. Dinero with a quick neckbreaker in the corner. Dinero got the win with a jumping running knees to the back on Wolfe in the corner. Quick match, but decent opener.

Winner & advancing to the Semi-Finals: “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

– Backstage, Ric Flair got in Eric Bischoff’s face in his office.

– Backstage, TNA World Tag Team Champions Hernandez and Matt Morgan talked about how they are still the champs, but getting a chance for a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship is just as important. Jeremy Borash was back doing the interviews.

8 Card Stud Tournament – First Round Match
TNA World Tag Team Champion Matt Morgan vs. TNA World Tag Team Champion Hernandez

Lots of power exchanges early on with Hernandez getting the better of if pushing Morgan into the corner. Morgan choked Hernandez over the top rope and then dropped a leg over the chest and neck of Hernandez when he fell to the mat. Morgan with a series of clotheslines on Hernandez. Morgan is favoring his ribs. Hernandez hit a slingshot shoulder block from the ring apron. Hernandez with a body splash in the corner on Morgan followed by a quick spinebuster. Hernandez showed his power executing a vertical suplex on Morgan and holding Morgan in the air for a good 20 seconds. Hernandez then hit the ropes and jumped over the top rope landing on Morgan on the entrance ramp. Hernandez started favoring his shoulder and the referee was about to count him out when Morgan stopped it. Morgan allowed Hernandez to return to the ring only for Morgan to launch Hernandez shoulder first into the corner and then cover him for the pinfall holding his tights.

Winner & advancing to the Semi-finals: Matt Morgan

After the match, Matt Morgan got the TNA World Tag Team Championships and handed one to Hernandez. Hernandez appeared upset and shoved Morgan away and walked off with his tag team belt.

– A video package runs highlighting the events from last month’s Genesis PPV when Ric Flair helped AJ Styles retain his title over Kurt Angle.

– Backstage, Kurt Angle says he owes a huge apology to Hulk Hogan. He said he doubted Hogan’s character and decisions, but this past Thursday night he proved that he had his back and would never doubt him again. Angle said he will mow through everyone in this tournament and will start with Ken Anderson first.

8 Card Stud Tournament – First Round Match
Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson with a few kicks to the legs of Angle early on. Angle with a big headlock takedown on Anderson early on as well. More quick offense from Angle on Anderson and back to the headlock takedown. Angle with a high back body drop on Anderson. Angle with 10 big right hands over Anderson in the corner. Anderson dodges a charge from Angle and Angle hits the corner with force. Anderson used a metal necklace that Angle wore to the ring and put on the corner to bust open Angle. Anderson with a quick DDT dropping a bloody Angle across the mat. Anderson with a headlock takedown on Angle and starts squeezing the head of Angle as blood continues to pour down his face. Angle fires back with a release overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Angle with four big german suplexes on Anderson. Angle attempted an Angle Slam, but Anderson rolled through and hit his flipping senton that resulted in a close two count. Anderson then tries to expose a turnbuckle pad, but the referee sees it and stops him. As the referee fixes the pad, Anderson goes to the other side of the ring and removes another. Angle is almost sent into that exposed turnbuckle, but counters and hits an Angle Slam on Anderson that results in a close two count. Ankle Lock by Angle on Anderson and Anderson kicks him away. Angle goes head first into the exposed steel missing a charge and Anderson hits the Mic Check. Anderson covers Angle and gets the pinfall.

Winner & advancing to the Semi-finals: Mr. Anderson

After the match, Mr. Anderson leaves the ring and picks up the metal necklace he used to bust open Angle. He returns to the ring with it in hand and stands over Angle dropping it on his chest. Anderson then spits on Angle’s chest and the fans boo.

– Backstage, Mick Foley and Abyss are with Eric Bischoff in his office. Bischoff said he expects a great match from these two tonight and wants no games. He said if he sees any games being played then Abyss’ mask will be removed. Bischoff makes their match No DQ rules and brings out Foley’s barbed wire bat so the PPV viewing audience gets their money’s worth. He adds if that barbed wire bat isn’t used then Abyss’ mask will be gone. Foley grabs the bat and promises it will be used, while Abyss says he could never harm Foley.

8 Card Stud Tournament – First Round No DQ Rules Match
Mick Foley vs. Abyss

Abyss with a headlock and shoulder charge on Foley early on. Foley tried to pick up the barbed wire bat and Abyss kicked it away quickly. Abyss with a body splash on Foley in the corner. The crowd starts a loud “USE THE BAT!” chant. Abyss picks up the barbed wire bat and then drops it as the fans boo. Foley walks up and slaps Abyss. Taz said this is just tough love. Foley yells at Abyss to use the bat and starts punching Abyss. Abyss fires back with some right hands sending Foley through the ropes to the outside. Foley grabs a steel chair while on the outside and cracks it over the back of Abyss while adding a quick, “BANG! BANG!” Foley then sends Abyss into the steel ring steps and yells at Abyss to use the bat as he tosses him back inside the ring. Foley picks up the bat, charges at Abyss and Abyss catches Foley with a big boot. Foley with a swinging neckbreaker on Abyss. Foley with a headbutt and right hands to Abyss in the corner. Foley hits his trademark running knee to the head on Abyss. Foley then grabs a black bag and pours out thumbtacks across the ring mat. Abyss grabs Foley and looks to chokeslam him over the thumbtacks, but decides against it and chokeslams Foley on the other clear part of the mat. Foley catches Abyss with a double arm DDT when Abyss tried to use the mandible claw using Foley’s sock. Foley then knocks down the referee and takes his sock off to apply the mandible claw on Abyss. Foley has Abyss down and Abyss is fading. The referee lifts the arm of Abyss twice and attempts a third when Foley breaks the submission and grabs the barbed wire bat. Foley then charges at Abyss when Abyss grabs Foley and hits the Black Hole Slam over the thumbtacks. Abyss hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner & advancing to the Semi-finals: Abyss

After the match, a concerned Abyss lifts up Mick Foley and begins pulling thumbtacks out of his back.

– Backstage, Christy Hemme is with The Nasty Boys. Brian Knobbs admits they are in TNA because of Hulk Hogan, but that doesn’t mean they were handed anything in this business. Jerry Sags said they do not start at the bottom and if they can’t beat Team 3D tonight then they have no business being here.

– A video package runs highlighting the events between Team 3D and The Nasty Boys in TNA from the last few weeks.

Team 3D vs. The Nasty Boys

3D charged the ring right away and Knobbs and Sags cut them off. Knobbs went after Brother Devon in one corner, while Sags went after Brother Ray in the other. 3D starts firing back with shots of their own sending Knobbs to the outside. Sags is sent out next and The Nasty Boys regroup as they stare down 3D. I guess we can call this fat guy timeout. Knobbs takes his corner and Sags is the legal man for his team, while Brother Ray is the legal man for his team. Sags connects with a big corner clothesline on Brother Ray. Knobbs is knocked off his corner with force and Ray hit a side suplex and leg drop combo on Sags. Brother Devon gets the tag and we get more stalling. Devon levels Knobbs with a big clothesline, but Sags pulls down the top rope when Devon charges at him. Devon crashes on the outside and Sags starts choking him with his shirt. Ray with a shot on Sags on the outside sending the camera man flying. Back in the ring, Knobbs hits a scoop slam on Devon and then drops an elbow. Tag to Sags who tries working over Devon in the corner, but Devon makes a comeback with a few right hands. The Nasty’s double team Devon with the referee trying to push Ray back in his corner. Hot tag to Ray who takes out Knobbs and Sags with big scoop slams. Ray stacks them up in the corner and hits a huge body splash. Ray attempted a Rock Bottom on Sags, but Sags no sold it. Ray throws down Knobbs and gets him setup for a headbutt from Devon from the top turnbuckle and Devon connects. 3D on Sags. Jimmy Hart then appears and cracks Ray with a helmut. Knobbs holds Devon back in the corner and Sags covers Ray to get the pinfall.

Winners: The Nasty Boys

After the match, Jimmy Hart laughs and puts on his helmut as he celebrates with The Nasty Boys.

– Backstage, Eric Bischoff is with Samoa Joe. Joe said AJ Styles is not a champion this company can believe in. Bischoff said he couldn’t agree more and talks about his history with Ric Flair. He said he should be calling this right down the middle tonight and he is representing TNA. Joe tells Bischoff to take care of Flair and he will take care of AJ. Bischoff asks Joe to keep his temper under control and get the job done.

8 Card Stud Tournament – Semi-finals Tournament Match
“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. TNA World Tag Team Champion Matt Morgan

Lock up and Morgan shows his power early on tossing Dinero away with force. Another lock up and Morgan again throws Dinero away into the corner. Dinero tries sending Morgan into the ropes, but Morgan counters grabbing Dinero and tossing him over the top rope. Morgan beats up Dinero against the steel guard railing and then tosses him back in the ring. Morgan pushes Dinero into the corner and hits his repeated elbows to the head that is followed up with a body splash and dropping side slam combo. Morgan starts choking Dinero across the top rope. Morgan then hits the ropes and drops his body over Dinero’s back with force. Morgan then applies a bear hug on Dinero trying to wear him down. Dinero attempts a comeback, but Morgan counters hitting a big fallaway slam. Dinero fires back with a quick DDT on Morgan. Dinero with some big offense bringing Morgan to his knees and drops some big elbows. Dinero with a pimp slap on Morgan and Morgan appears to hulk up and drop Dinero with a huge clothesline. Morgan with headbutts to Dinero in the corner, misses a Carbon Foot Print, Dinero takes the advantage jumping and driving his knees into the back of Morgan. Dinero covers Morgan and gets the pinfall. Morgan can’t believe it.

Winner & advancing to the Finals: “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

After the match, Dinero celebrates his win heading up the ramp and a frustrated Matt Morgan is still in the ring and can’t believe he lost.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Mr. Anderson. Anderson has JB repeat that he defeated Kurt Angle earlier tonight. He then promises to beat Abyss tonight and then defeat The Pope to head to Lockdown to get his shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

8 Card Stud Tournament – Semi-finals Tournament Match
Abyss vs. Mr. Anderson

Lots of brawling on the outside of the ring near the steel barricade. Abyss tossed Anderson back in the ring, attempted a running body splash, but Anderson caught Abyss with an elbow and then a dropkick to the knee. Anderson hits some big ground and pound on Abyss over the mat until the referee broke it up. Anderson with a chop block on Abyss and then starts choking him with his boot in the corner. Abyss fires back with some big right hands on Anderson. Abyss with a body splash in the corner and side slam combo. Abyss gets a close two count on Anderson. Anderson attempts a Mic Check, but Abyss counters and drops Anderson with the Shock Treatment over his shoulders. Abyss with a cover and Anderson kicks out after two. Anderson with another chop block on Abyss. Anderson stands up on the corner, attempts a sledgehammer, Abyss catches Anderson, attempts a chokeslam, Anderson grabs the mask of Abyss and turns it around to blind Abyss and then connects with the Mic Check. Anderson covers Abyss and gets the pinfall.

Winner & advancing to the Finals: Mr. Anderson

– Backstage, Christy Hemme is with TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles and Ric Flair. Styles said someone like him comes around once in a lifetime. Flair said he likes that, once in a lifetime. He said they will walk that aisle tonight and the greatest champion in the history of TNA will continue his reign.

– A video package runs highlighting the events involving TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles and his new partnership with Ric Flair.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Special Guest Referee: Eric Bischoff
AJ Styles (c) w/ Ric Flair vs. Samoa Joe

Styles was sporting a new Ric Flair robe during his entrance. Jeremy Borash did ring introductions for the challenger Samoa Joe and champion AJ Styles.

Lock up and Styles bails to the outside early on when Joe had him tangled up in the corner. Styles with a high knee and headlock combo on Joe. Joe caught Styles with a big shoulder block in the middle of the ring and Styles went flying back into the ropes. Styles charges again and Joe again is a brick wall for Styles. Joe then levels Styles with a huge shoulder block. Joe with some right hand jabs to Styles in the corner. Joe with a body splash and high kick to the head on Styles in the corner. More right hand jabs by Joe on Styles. Joe connects with a high knee on Styles in the corner. Styles with a jawbreaker on Joe and then follows up with some chest chops. Joe fires back with a huge knee to the jaw of Styles. Joe with kicks to Styles, but Styles grabs the knee of Joe and hits a quick dragon screw. Styles with a snapmare and kick to the back combo. Styles looks to go for a Figure Four on Joe, but Joe counters kicking Styles away through the ropes to the outside. Joe with a suicide dive on Styles on the outside. Flair yells at the crowd to shut up when they start a loud “TNA!” chant. Styles recovers and starts landing some right hands and chest chops on Joe against the ring. Styles sends Joe head first into the steel ring post and breaks the count a few times.

Styles then starts tearing up the padding surrounding the ring to expose the concrete floor. Bischoff jumps out of the ring as Styles attempts a suplex on Joe over the exposed concrete floor. Joe counters a few attempts, gets Styles up for a suplex, Styles floats over and Joe connects with a huge chest chop sending Styles flying back. Flair helps Styles up and tosses him back in the ring. Joe starts walking towards Flair and then gets back in the ring when Styles catches Joe with a kick to the jaw. Styles with a reverse chinlock applied on Joe. Joe fights to his feet and Styles catches him with a huge extension dropkick. Styles starts to strut around the ring after executing it perfectly. Styles and Joe start exchanging chest chops in the corner as the fans chant “WOOOOOOO!” along with him on each chop. Styles puts Joe up on the top turnbuckle and lands a big overhand right. Styles starts climbing up to the top turnbuckle, attempts a huracanrana, Joe hangs on, Styles lands on his feet and Joe jumps off connecting with a big side kick to the body. Joe with a cover and Styles kicks out after two. Joe with a big chop to Styles and then catches Styles in the corner with a huge body slam. Styles screamed, “I’m going to kill you, you stupid Samoan son of a b*tch!” as he ran at Joe when Joe executed the slam.

Flair gets in a few cheap shots on Joe as Bischoff was distracted by Styles. Styles with a big chop block on Joe. Styles takes advantage and starts dropping elbows to the knee of Joe that Flair worked over. Styles bridges back and applies an Indian Deathlock into a back bridge submission on Joe. Joe finds a way to break it up and Styles goes for the Figure Four and gets it applied. Joe falls to his back screaming out in pain and Bischoff counts the pin as Joe gets his shoulders up after two. Flair tries to interfere and Bischoff sees it this time breaking up the Figure Four that Styles had applied on Joe. Styles then takes off charging at Joe and Joe lifts Styles high up and over the top rope as Styles crashes to the outside. Styles slides back in the ring and Joe levels him with a series of clotheslines. Joe with an atomic drop, big boot and senton back splash combo on Styles that results in a close two count pinfall attempt. Joe with a huge snap slam on Styles and another close two count. Joe props Styles up in the corner and hits a few chops. Joe elevates a charging Styles to the ring apron. Styles connects with a springboard flying forearm and then mounts Joe hitting a few right hands. Styles with a big springboard inverted DDT on Joe, covers and Joe again finds a way to kick out. Styles can’t believe it.

Flair yells at Styles to get on Joe right away and not waste any time. Joe counters a Styles Clash attempt into a standing rear naked choke. Joe then drops Styles with an overhead back suplex. Joe props Styles up on the top turnbuckle, attempts a Muscle Buster, Flair pulls Bischoff out of the ring and Joe connects with the Muscle Buster. Joe has the pin ready when Flair again pulls Bischoff out of the ring. Bischoff then decks Flair with a big right hand dropping him on the outside. Joe leans out and pulls Bischoff in the ring. Joe asks Bischoff what he is doing. Joe pushes Bischoff and Bischoff pushes Joe back. Joe shoves Bischoff in the corner and yells at him to do his job. Styles then connects with the Pele Kick on Joe and connects with the Styles Clash. Styles rolls Joe over, Bischoff counts the pin and Styles gets the three.

Winner & STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: AJ Styles

After the match, Ric Flair gets in the ring and hands the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to AJ Styles. Flair hugs Styles and then calls for a microphone. He yells at Eric Bischoff to raise the hand of the world champion. An upset Bischoff does so and Flair likes what he sees. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish.

– Mike Tenay and Taz review all of the tournament matches tonight with our first initial winners “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero, Matt Morgan, Mr. Anderson and Abyss all advancing to the semi-finals. We then see “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero and Mr. Anderson advancing to the finals.

– Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Mr. Anderson. Anderson said he is just one match away from becoming the #1 contender for the most important title in wrestling today. We move to Jeremy Borash who is with “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero. Dinero said the world is going to stand still when he steps into the ring and accomplishes his goal of becoming #1 contender. Scott Hall and Sean Waltman show up and start beating down Dinero. Security tries to break it up, but Hall and Waltman fight them off. More security show up and Hall looks into the camera saying he heard Hulk Hogan was having a party and to never turn his back on the Wolfpack.

8 Card Stud Tournament – Finals Match
“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. Mr. Anderson

They play the music of D’Angelo Dinero, but he doesn’t come out. Mr. Anderson is out next and when he enters the ring he demands the referee start the count. The referee gets to 7 when Dinero is seen crawling out to the entrance ramp. Anderson takes off after Dinero cutting him off and leveling him with some big kicks. A smiling Anderson picks up a dazed Dinero and continues beating him down. Anderson starts mocking Dinero and Dinero slaps him across the face. Dinero fights to his feet and starts hitting Anderson with some kicks and right hands. Anderson slides in and out of the ring trying to get away from Dinero. Anderson cuts off Dinero with a high knee and forearms to the back. Anderson then launches Dinero knee first into the steel ring steps. Backstage, we see a shot of TNA World Champion AJ Styles and Ric Flair looking on. Anderson continues to beat down Dinero on the outside and slides back in the ring yelling at the referee to just count out Dinero. Dinero climbs up to the ring apron, Anderson charges and drives his knee into the stomach of Dinero. Dinero falls off the ring apron and starts screaming out in pain. Dinero fights his way back into the ring and starts going after Anderson. Dinero tries hitting a suplex on Anderson, but is unable to favoring his ribs and Anderson gives Dinero a suplex instead.

Anderson grabs Dinero and launches him chest first into the corner. Anderson follows that up with a headbutt and stomp to the head. Dinero fires back with a big slap and small package on Anderson. Anderson breaks it up and levels Dinero with a big clothesline. Dinero attempts a comeback lighting up Anderson with lefts and rights in the corner, but Anderson breaks it up dropping Dinero and choking him on the mat until the referee breaks it up. Anderson with a high knee to Dinero, cover by Anderson and Dinero still kicks out. Anderson with right hands to Dinero and a short arm clothesline. Anderson grounds the action applying a side headlock as Dinero fights back to his feet. Dinero with right hands, forearms and clotheslines on Anderson. Dinero with an atomic drop and big shoulder block on Anderson. Dinero with a suplex, german suplex, Anderson breaks it up, Dinero drives Anderson down and gets a close two count. Dinero floats over Anderson in the corner, hits a big uppercut, backs up, attempts a DDE, connects on the chest, covers and Anderson somehow kicks out. Pope can’t believe it. Anderson then drops Dinero with a clothesline, raises his arm and has the mic lowered. Anderson said we are one Mic Check away from the next #1 contender, picks up Dinero and hits the Mic Check. Anderson covers Dinero and Dinero somehow kicks out.

Anderson can’t believe it and starts exploding on Dinero with kicks. Dinero fights to his feet in the corner and Anderson attacks. Anderson goes up top and misses a senton splash attempt. Dinero is up in the corner, dodges a charge from Anderson and connects with the DDE. Dinero covers Anderson and gets the pinfall. Dinero has won the 8 Card Stud Tournament.

Winner of the 8 Card Stud Tournament & new #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

After the match, The Pope leaves the ring and stands on the entrance ramp as money starts to fall. He smiles as the crowd in Orlando cheers him on. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. The PPV goes off the air with Pope celebrating in the ring.

– A promo for TNA Destination X on March 21 airs.

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